This page will provide you all the information about the usage, collection, and disclosure of any kind of personal data that has been collected or shared by you during the usage of our website

The data is only used to improve the service quality and by visiting any page or sub-page of the website, you agree with the policy in regards to the collection and usage of the data. By using the website, you also agree to the data collection as per the policies of the website.

Data Collection & Data Usage

Below is the type of data that we may collect when you visit the website. However, it should be noted that the data collection is not limited to the details listed below

  • Name, Email Address, Phone Number
  • Complete Address
  • Usage Data
  • Cookies

Using this data, we can even contact you with the promotional material and any other kind of marketing material. You can choose to opt-out of receiving the material as well. We can also analyze the usage data of the website which will help us in understanding the usage pattern of the website. This information can include the device type, browser type, IP address, Time of Visit, Date of Visit, Time Spent on Pages, Diagnostic Data, and other such information.

We are also going to use the cookie but you can restrict this by changing the internet settings of your browser. This can restrict you from using some sections of the website. The website can use a session cookie, Preference cookie, Security Cookie, and even Advertising Cookie.

Further, we can use your data to offer interactive services or for diagnostics purposes as well.

Data Retention & Transfer

The website is going to retain the data as per the internal policies for the purpose shared above. We may also retain the data to comply with the legal obligations of the land. We may even transfer this data to a geographical location outside the national or international boundary. If you have any specific requirements in terms of the security of the data then you need to contact us and we will help you in ensuring that the data is treated securely.

By visiting the website, you also agree with to abide by the privacy policy of the website. You are requested to leave the website if you do not agree with any of the policies or terms and conditions.