10 Best Home Window Film 2020 [For Day & Night Privacy]

Do you want to know what the main benefits of using the home window films are? If yes, then make sure to stick with this fantastic post on this particular topic. Here we are going to explore something essential about window films. First of all, there are many scenarios present to use window films. Like if anyone wants to protect their privacy, then these window films are far better options to use instead of ordinary transparent window glass. Same as privacy, the home window films are also able to provide an excellent level of protection.

We mentioned the two most popular types of window films that many people like to buy. But there are some other reasons also available as if you want to make your house looks more attractive. In this case, you can use the decorative types of window films.  Not only this, but these home window films also play a significant role in keeping the heat out of the house. Again this is another type of these films, but mainly in the market, you will be able to find four different types of home window films. And many manufacturers provide different types on the basis of the main four types. So the main question is, how will you come to know which type or variant of window film you should buy? If you are also wondering about the answer to the same question, then you are in the right place. Here in this post, we are going to talk about the ten best home window films of 2020.

Best Buy Window Film For Home Reviews

Here we are going to cover every single point about these films that regular users should need to know about. And it is a guarantee that after reading this in-detailed post about window films, you will be able to make a perfect and robust buying decision at the end.

1. Coavas Window Film Non-Adhesive

Coavas Window Film Non-Adhesive

On the very first spot of this list, we have added the frosted finishing of window film. If you want the privacy type of film, then it is the best example for you. Also, you can consider it as a beautiful and very stylish looking film. After applying this film to your regular glass window, you will find it very attractive and elegant at first glance. The installation and application process is not that hard if you have decided to go with this window film. You only need three to four main equipment or tools to attach or install it on your regular and glossy home window.

First of all, take the measurement scale to measure the size of your window. After measuring the exact size, just cut the film exactly for those dimensions. Now it is time to apply this film on the window glass, for this just sparse a little amount of water on window glass first. After that, remove the back film of this main film, this is how you will get a main and the second sticky surface of the film. Now just stick the film on the window, and you will notice that because of the water we sprayed on the window, this process becomes straightforward. The surface of this window film is a bit unequal, that is only because of its frosted design or look. Overall it seems a great deal in terms of value to the customers and the price of the film. It is the only reason for its popularity, and you can get a great idea of its popularity by looking at its rating on online stores.

2. Gila Privacy Black Window Film

Gila Privacy Black Window Film

On the next spot, we have added the window film for people who want the privacy-oriented window film. That is why we have added Gila Privacy Black Window Film in the second position of this list. The manufacturers of this privacy-oriented film suggested that you should use this film for your bathroom windows. It’s because it is a tinted film with minimal transparency. First of all, we want to tell you that this film option comes in black color options, but there are other types of films also present by the same company. If you want to try a different kind of film, then make sure to check out window films by this particular manufacturing company as well.

Here we have listed the smaller version or smaller variant of window films, but if you want a more extended measurement of film, then don’t worry because the company has already listed that. The best part about this film that we have noticed that there is no adhesive and sticky surface present in this window film. Now you might be wondering about a question of how this is going to stick with regular window glass? Right. If you are asking the same, then don’t worry because the company claims that you can cling it with the static surface without having any issues. Not only for privacy but if you want to control the rising temperature of your house then also you can use it. It is capable of reducing the heat of sun rays by 58%.

3. Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

If you are just looking for an attractive looking and decorative window film, then do make sure to check out this one. So, on the third spot of this list, we have added the Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film. You will understand why we are suggesting this film to you after taking a first glance at this. Not only this, but it is quite popular in the market as well because of its fantastic design. You can get a firm idea of its coolness or popularity by looking at its higher ratings on the online stores. This looks stunning because of the unique design of this film, now let’s talk about what is making it so unique. The first thing that you will notice is those small and cute boxes on the front side of this film. These lovely boxes have a bit of transparency, that is why when light passes through them, then it shows different colors and effects. You will notice amazing looks because of these cute boxes, especially in the day time.

Before fixing this film on your regular glass window, do make sure to check or measure the exact dimensions. For better application, the manufacturers have provided three different size options on the online store too. If you don’t like the base transparent version of this window film, then don’t worry because the company has also listed three completely different color options. This home window film can reflect or reduce 84% or more sun rays and harmful UV rays.

4. VELIMAX Total Blackout Window Film

VELIMAX Total Blackout Window Film

If you want a home window film particularly to maintain privacy, then you should first take a look at this option. On the fourth spot of this list, we have added the VELIMAX Total Blackout Window Film only for people who want proper privacy. Do you want to know why we are saying that it is only for privacy purposes? It’s only because of its complete blackout design. To keep the privacy issues in mind, the manufacturers of this film designed it. Here you will not be going to get any type of transparency; it only comes in the complete blackout shade.

If you want the maximum percentage of light or heat blocking, then also this is only for you. And because it comes with 0% transparency, that is why sunlight or other lights can’t pass through this film. If you use this window film in a particular room where the temperature usually increases only because of sunlight. Then after applying this film to that room’s window, you will get an exceptional reduction in the head of that room. The manufacturing company claims that it is a completely waterproof film, and it can also play a significant role in reflecting the UV rays. And because of this UV ray reflection ability, the company mentioned it as an Anti-UV Blackout window film. You don’t need to use the water spray on the window before sticking this film. We are saying this because it is a static cling type of film that doesn’t require any glue or water.

5. One Way Mirror Film By WPCTEV

One Way Mirror Film By WPCTEV

On the next spot of this list, we have listed the first one-way mirror film. So, in the fifth position, we have the One Way Mirror Film By WPCTEV. It is mainly for those people who want privacy, but they don’t want to lose the beautiful look of the outdoor scenes that they can see from the standard window. Let us explain how this film actually works to maintain your privacy. When you apply this film on your regular glass of the window, then you will notice that a person on the other side of the window can’t see through the window. But the best part is you can clearly see what is going on the other side of the window. Remember one more thing that this will only work in the day time, but when the day turns dark, then the opposite effect happens. It means that at night you can’t see what is going on outside your home. But the person who stands outside the window can see everything clearly until your house’s lights are on.

Now, if you are satisfied with this one-way mirror film, then let’s talk about some important functionality of this film. So, the manufacturers of this mirror film have listed up to 12 different size options, which makes it easy for you to choose it according to your window and door’s dimensions. Other than this, there are four exciting color options also present for this one-way privacy-oriented window film. To cling it on the window, you don’t need to put extra effort because it comes with the static cling option too.

6. Artscape 01-0113 Magnolia Window Film

Artscape 01-0113 Magnolia Window Film

If you love decorations, then you are also going to love the sixth-position of decorative window film. The best thing about this window film that we liked is about its fantastic design and textures. At first look, this feels very premium and classy as well; it only looks like this because of its amazing design. Other than this, Artscape 01-0113 Magnolia Window Film supports the privacy options too. The manufacturing company of this window film has provided the flower and greenery design on this window. And if you are asking from us, then we will answer that this flower design looks just stunning. The color combination that the manufacturers have used is also very punchy and good looking too.

You can also consider it as a privacy window film because of its minimal transparency. The flowered design can cover almost all the areas of the standard window. That is why it is tough for anyone to look at anything through this window film. Besides everything, if you want a privacy window film with UV rays protection, then this also a good option that you can look at. The company claims that this window film can reduce the UV-rays from up to 50%. The standard variant of this film comes in the 24 inches by 36 inches of size. But before applying it on any window, you can also measure the dimensions of your window for perfect fitting. To stick this film on a regular glass of the window, you only just need to clean that glass; after that, you can stick it on that window.

7. BDF NA05 Window Film Privacy

BDF NA05 Window Film Privacy

Are you seeking for the premium quality of privacy window film? If your answer in a positive way, then here we have something special for you. On the seventh spot of this list, we have added the BDF NA05 Window Film Privacy. First thing first, the main motive of this window film is only to provide the high privacy to the user. We are telling you this because this privacy film comes in a complete or total blackout design. First, let’s talk about the build quality of this window film. Here the company of this film has tried to provide the maximum possible good quality and flexibility for better performance. This black shade of film has the glossy and shiny surface at the top. It is only to provide a better look at this window film.

Along with the high privacy, you can also expect some more cool and useful features from this film. We are talking about heat control or rejection. It is only possible because of its complete black colored build, that is why this film is able to reject numerous levels of heat. We are sure that after using this film in a room where you will too hot in the day time, you will get a dramatic change in the temperature. The flexibility of this film is also pretty impressive that will help you at the time of installation. It doesn’t really matter what the size of your window where you want to apply this window film is. It’s because here you will get 16 different size options from small to bigger sizes.

8. ARTSCAPE Etched Glass Window Film

ARTSCAPE Etched Glass Window Film

Did you like the first spot of frosted finishing of window film? If yes, then you are also going to love this one because it also comes with a similar type of design. The design or effect of this window film is slightly different from the first position of film. The previous one was in the frosted design with the unequal surface, but this one is more like the blurry and textured surface. And because of the blur effect, you can also consider it as the privacy-oriented window film.

The providers also have mentioned the guide about how to make it in use after purchasing this film. Let’s discuss that process briefly here, so first of all, clean the window glass where you want to fit this window film. After that, measure the dimensions correctly to cut the film exactly in particular dimensions. When you complete the measurement and cutting tasks, after that, spray some water on the window glass. Now take the other back film off from the main film. Then after sticking the main film on the window glass, and make sure to remove all the air bubbles. The size that the manufacturers have provided is 24 inches by 36 inches, in our suggestion, this seems the perfect size for normal sizes of windows.

9. Magicfly Total Blackout Window Film

Magicfly Total Blackout Window Film

Again we have another complete or total blackout of window film. This one also has very similar features to the previous blackout films of this list. So, here we want to introduce the Magicfly Total Blackout Window Film on the second last spot of this list. First thing first, it is not a regular type of window film, it is actually a premium type of film. It means you need to spend a bit more money to buy this total blackout window film. But it will be going to worth spending your money on this film. We are saying this only because it has some really great specifications that you are definitely going to like.

Other than the complete blackout shade, you will also get a matt finishing of the surface. Yes, you got it right; here you will get matt finishing of the surface on the top. Which means it is also a stylish type of window film. Besides all the visible features of this film,  this also able to control room temperature. It’s because the black color does not allow the sunlight to pass through this film. Ultimately, 0% of sunlight passes through it, and as a result, you will get cool room temperature.

10. Greenfilm Static Cling Window Tint

Greenfilm Static Cling Window Tint

We know that it is not going to be a surprise for you if we list the last window film on this list as a privacy-oriented film. So, as usual, on the previous spot of this list, we have listed the Greenfilm Static Cling Window Tint. It has very similar features as compared to other competitor window films of this list. But still, there are some points present that you need to know about it. First of all, it is a removable option, which means after this getting old, you can easily be able to replace it with a new one. In our suggestion, it is the most important and useful feature of a window tint or film.

To provide you better convenience, the manufacturers have listed seven different and pretty exact size options. So, you can choose one of them according to your window’s dimensions. The company has mentioned that it is a blackout type of film, but there is a bit of transparency present in this film. It’s only because this film allows only 20% or less amount of light to pass through it. And this clearly means that this window film is able to block up to 80% of light, it doesn’t matter the light source is the sun or a car’s headlights.

How To Choose The Perfect Home Window Film

Do you still have any confusion about choosing a perfect home window film? If yes, then we have listed this in-detailed buying guide only for you. Here we want to tell you some essential points that you should first need to consider before making any buying decisions related to window films.

  • Be Sure About Type

We have already mentioned in the introduction part about the different types of window films. But now let’s talk more about the type section of the window films. First of all, before choosing any film, you first need to look at your requirements. By doing this, you will easily get a perfect idea about which version or variant you should go with. Suppose if your primary requirement is to get the proper privacy, then you should definitely go with the privacy-oriented window films. But if you feel that you want to provide a better look at your house, then you should need to choose the decorative type of films.

No matter which type you want to go with, but the thing that matters a lot in choosing the best out of best window film. This was the main reason why we have come up with this fantastic post for you to provide the best out of the best solution related to home window films.

  • Heat Control/ Anti-UV

This is the second most important you need to look after the type option. If you have chosen a particular window film, then do make sure about its ability to control the overall temperature because of sunlight. Some good quality of window film companies also provides anti-UV options. This will help you to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Usually, UV rays can damage the eyesight, that is why we suggest you use a dark-colored window film at your house.

Here in this list, we have all the best window film products listed, you need to go through all of them to choose the best for you. Almost all window films of this list provide the Heat control and the Anti-UV features.

  • Glue And Adhesive

If you want to choose a good window film, then make sure to look at what that film is offering to you. If any film is offering the glued surface or sticky surface, then in our suggestion, you should always avoid those types of window films. We are saying this because when you use the glued surface of sticky film on plain glass. Then at the time of removal of the film, it will leave some marks on the glass. And these marks can attract or capture the dust with the time. This is how your window’s glass will become dirtier with time. So, always make sure to go with the static cling window films, because this type of film doesn’t offer any surface of the glue.

  • Dimensions

It feels very awkward and unequal when your window’s film doesn’t apply correctly. If you don’t want your house’s window also not look unequal, then make sure to measure the proper dimensions of your window. The dimensions of your window will give you an idea about how many films you need to use or cut from the overall roll.

  • Price

If you are reading this post, then you don’t need to worry about the price section. You might be wondering why we are so confident about this point. Right? It’s because we have provided all the price points of home window films in this post. Some of them you can buy at a very low price, but they will offer you great features.


This post was all about the best recommendations related to the home window films. That’s why here in this post, we have listed ten best home window films that you can buy right now in 2020. Along with this, the ending part of this post has something very special for all readers, because that will let you decide which window film is a perfect fit according to your preferences.