10 Best Wall Sconces 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Interior designing is an integral part while you are decorating your new house. But sometimes they will seem expensive, and you will end up spending more than expected. To make sure sure you don’t spend too much, you can have some different ideas for decorating your house. One of the ideas is having sconces at the right points because they add an extra amount of light, charm, and ambiance. Whoever comes to your house will concentrate more on the attractiveness of the sconces and their lightings. Sconces are a way to make sure your interior designing cost, won’t exceed out of the budget, but still, make your house an interesting and pretty.

But what are scones? Sconces are light fixtures that are directly attached to the wall instead of the ceiling. They have their base for support. The sconces are at around 3/4th distance on the wall, up the floor. The different styles of scones are country, modern, traditional, transitional, and industrial. It can be placed in any room of your house. The most popular place is inthe bathroom, each side of the mirror. In the bathroom, they help with the lighting and grooming. You can use any type of bulbs and LEDs. We can add dimmer to the scones making it more attractive. Sconces with lamp shades produce more beautiful and softer light.

We have researched and listed around 10 best wall sconces that will make your home beautiful and pleasing. Let’s look into them right away.

1. Rustic Grey Mason Jar Sconces for Home Decor by GBtroo

Rustic Grey Mason Jar Sconces

The first product we’re reviewing is brought to you by GBtroo. This sconce is perfect for your home décor. Some of the characteristics of this product are it has LED strip lights, iron hooks, provides a 6-hours timer and has silk hydrangea. The product is available in a pack of 2. The package consists of 2 mason jars, 2 LED string fairy lights, 2 hydrangeas, and 2 reclaimed wood. The LED works with 2AA or CR2302 flat batteries, which are not included in the package. This product is a decorative piece that will bring warmth and beautify any room. It is handmade with love and care.

The mason jars are purposely made to look distressed so that it brightens the room and provides an antique look. This can be hanged and used anywhere you want, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. It provides an elegant look by highlighting tranquility and harmony. The wood has a rustic grey finish and ‘sweet home’ is engraved. The iron hooks provide support to the mason jars. Also, the jars are filled with faux hydrangeas that can be removed or interchanged.

It makes a great impression by helping you decorate your home. It can be gifted on different occasions such as anniversary, homecoming, Christmas, or thanksgiving. Different applications where this can be used are between mirrors in the bathroom or living room, kitchen windows, above the couch, or to highlight paintings. The seller promises the best customer experience. If for any reason you don’t like the product, or if it doesn’t meet your standards, you need to contact the customer service, and they will send a replacement or provide a full refund. The ratings for this are excellent, with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

2. Wall Sconces by JACKYLED

Wall Sconces by JACKYLED

The next product we’re reviewing is brought to you by JACKYLED. It is an industrial vintage black hardwired wall fixture lamp. It has been given bronze finish, with arm swinging lights. Some of the specifications are; Input voltage 110-250V, Max wattage 100W, and Socket type E26/E27. The package includes a 4W bulb. It can be used for commercial and residential purpose, but have to be used only indoors. It has a 240-degree adjustable head; we can maximize the focus by just adjusting the head, as required. You can use this even as a ceiling light if necessary.

It is made of premium quality iron and brass, making this a very firm and strong sconce. It won’t fade easily and the material is rust-free. The package that you receive includes canopy, metal base cap, brass socket, screws, and bulbs. We need to connect via hardwire as this sconce doesn’t have an on\off switch. This is perfect for any kind of room, such as corridor, living room, bedroom, bathroom, coffee shop, or office. The package also includes 2 pcs of Edison styled 4W LED bulbs, and it can be replaced with other E26\E27 bulbs.

To ensure that you have a pleasant experience while shopping, the customer service is top standard. For any issues, the customer service desk can be contacted. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, they provide a 12-month warranty for any issues related to product quality. The average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The customers have appreciated the sturdiness, ease of installation, and affordable price. Around 76 percent of users have provided 5 stars for this product. As the product is tagged under Amazon’s choice, you can easily rely on it.

3. Modern 12W Wall Sconce by ChangM

Modern 12W Wall Sconce

This is a set of 2 LED wall Lamps brought to you by ChangM. The seller brings a wall lamp that is ideal for any type of room, café, hotels, office, shop, restaurants, study, living room, bedroom, bathroom, staircase, or bar kitchen. The lamp is constructed using pure aluminum and acrylic. It has 12W LEDs and can light up to 30000 hrs. The outside appearance looks much advanced and fancy. It is available in two colors and they are warm white and cool white. The installation is quite easy with the instructions provided.

The product is designed to be environmentally friendly and also saves energy bills. Though it is easy to install, the seller always recommends the customer to take assistance from a licensed electrician. Some of the features and applications of the product are; reading books, watch tv on the sofa, above your bed, in the dining room, and many more. The technology used will keep your eyes safe from glare and flash. It can easily light up the complete room in the night.

The package includes 2 wall lights, 2 gloves, along with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customer reviews are excellent for this sconce light. They appreciate the intensity of the light, style, and affordable price. 72 percent of users have given 5-stars for this product. Also, on average, it has 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

4. Bathroom Vanity Light by KingSo

Bathroom Vanity Light by KingSo

The next product is a modern bathroom vanity light by KingSo. It has 3 lights in one fixture. It is an industrial indoor lamp. This evokes factory lights during the early 20th century. Complementing your décor it adds a retro appeal. This has an E26 base that uses 3 incandescent bulbs of maximum 60W. It has a golden rim with the surface in a dark bronze structure. The seller provides a warranty for 12-months. Once you buy this, if you face any issue with the product, you can contact the seller by providing the Order ID and emailing cecvosus@zoho.com.cn.

You can brighten your space by installing this at various places such as the hallway, foyer, powder room, living room, mirror cabinets, vanity table, dressing table, powder room, dining room, bathroom, vanity, or kitchen. It can easily be installed as it is hardwired and fits any standard fixture. The seller guarantees that you won’t be disappointed after installing and using this sconce. Some specifications of the lamp are; Operating voltage of 110V, Bulb Model is E26, and heat resistant material.

Some of the things to take care while installing this are; take assistance from a licensed electrician, cut-off power supply before installation, until fully assembled don’t connect to the electricity, don’t touch the bulb while it is switched on and ensure to keep flammable materials out of the bulb’s reach. The ratings for this product is quite good, with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Customers have appreciated the sturdiness, style, ease of usage, and affordability.

5. Dimmable Wall Sconce by Licperron

Dimmable Wall Sconce

The next product is a vintage dimmable sconce by Licperron. It has a UL-certified dimmer plug-in and switch. It enhances the atmosphere around you by creating a different kind of ambiance. The sellers take care of users’ safety and convenience. The specifications of the sconce are; voltage of 110-120V, maximum wattage of 60W, bulb base is E26\27, hardwired, the bulbs can be used are halogen\incandescent\LED, has adjustable cable and the style is vintage, industrial and Edison. The head can be adjusted for around 240-degrees. The product is high in demand.

We can install this anywhere we want, such as kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, hotel, café, or hallways. It has a baking paint finish, with a high-quality dimmable cord. The design and the workmanship of the sconce will make sure it is durable for a long time. The package includes everything that needs to installed, which are, fittings, lampshades, canopy, and light socket.

The seller provides a 1-year warranty with unlimited after-sales service. Customers can contact the customer service for any issues related to the product. It is easy to install, but the seller always recommends this to be installed by a licensed electrician. It needs hard-wire to connect. The ratings are average for this product with 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Customers have appreciated the seller’s effort for providing all installation instructions, to make sure the product is easy to assemble. Around 60 percent of users have provided 5-stars for this product. It has an antique finish and is available in a pack of 2.

6. Modern LED Wall Sconce by ChangM

Modern LED Wall Sconce

This is the second ChangM product we’re reviewing today. Called as Modern LED Wall Sconce, it has 7W warm white light. The specifications of the product are; Voltage is 100-240V, wattage is 7W, the Color temperature is 2700K, No of LED lights is 88, and Lumen is 710. The package includes 1 G9 7W LED Bulb, 1 Hollow Lampshade, 4 Screws, and 1 Glove. The body of the lamp is made of a material called gypsum. Gypsum is pollution-free, produces smoother and softer light, rust-free, and much durable.

The installation is easy, with instructions for installation is provided by the seller, let’s briefly look at it. Punch two holes in the wall, as per the size of the lamp. Take two screws and secure the holder of the lamp to the wall. Connect the wires as instructed, to the circuit of your home. In the end, insert the lamp into the socket and tighten the screw. The seller suggests taking the assistance of an electrician, to prevent accidents. You need to use the glove during installation to prevent any mishaps. For any more questions, you can check the instruction manual and also check with other customers in Amazon, for clarification.

It can be used at multiple places such as bedrooms, living rooms, stairs, corridors, kitchen, restaurants, hallway conservatory, or any other places you feel appropriate. If you are facing any issues, don’t hesitate to contact ChangM customer support. Service to the customer is their highest priority. Overall, customers have provided excellent reviews for this product. The average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. This product is also tagged under Amazon’s choice, which makes it a reliable product. Around 75 percent of customers have provided 5-stars for this sconce.

7. Dimmable Wall Lamp by Kingmi

Dimmable Wall Lamp

The next product is sold by Kingmi. It is a dimmable wall lamp that comes in a set of two. It has an industrial design that has a cord to plug-in and an on\off switch to toggle. The specifications are; color is black, maximum wattage 60W, requires one E26 base bulb, voltage 110-120V, metal construction, and hardwired. It is compatible with bulbs such as incandescent, Led, and halogen. The black plate of the fixture is 4.8 inches in diameter. This can be considered for different styles such as retro, cottage, traditional, rustic, art decor, and industrial.

The package consists of 2 black wall lamps, 2 sets of mounting hardware, and 1 instruction manual in English. The inside of the plate is painted white so that more light will reflect and look brighter. There are two possible ways to install this wall lamp. One is by plugging the cable into a wire socket. Second is by connecting it through the hardwire. Whichever is convenient for you, would be fine.

The socket, switches, wires, and all the materials of this product comply with UL safety standards. Also, the seller provides two years of warranty, for any issues with the quality of the product. There is no risk at all to buy this product, as they take care of all the standard requirements. Customers have provided good reviews with 70 percent of them giving 5 stars. This product is also tagged under Amazon’s choice. Customers have also appreciated the ease of assembly and installation and affordability.

8. 5W Triangle LED Wall Scone by Lemonbest

5W Triangle LED Wall Scone

The next product we’re about to review is ideal for studio, theatre, or restaurants. This is sold by Lemonbest and has the style of the modern sconce. The specifications are; Voltage is 86-256V, AC Power Supply, Power output is 5W, 120 degrees beam angle, made of aluminum material and color options are silver and black. The light color options are white(2700-3200K), yellow(2700-3200K) and multicolor(purple,blue,green,red,warm white).

It doesn’t work through a plug or battery, it needs to be connected via hardwire. The package includes a triangle LED wall lamp and setting tools. Installation instructions are provided. The average life ofthe product is 50000 hours. The ratings are rather average for this product with only 45 percent of users providing 5 stars. But Amazon has tagged this product under their recommended list. Along with restaurants and studios, this product is can be used in the bathroom, hallway, bedroom, aisle, and other places as well.

Installation is easy, but the seller insists on taking assistance from a licensed electrician for support with the installation. Never install this with electricity at home powered on. The average rating for this product is 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

9. Dimmable Wall Sconce by Elibbren

Dimmable Wall Sconce by Elibbren

The next product is a vintage-looking wall sconce by Elibbren. Connected via hardwire, this product is a wire cage wall light. The specifications are; E26 base, Maximum Wattage is 60W, 180 degrees adjustable, and 5.9 FT in cord plug. The design is antiquely caged, which will improve the quality of your home. You can adjust the head for around 180 degrees, to know which angle gives maximum brightness. The socket is UL standard and the style of the product is vintage dimmer.

It is perfect for all the rooms, such as living room, study room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or hotels, and restaurants. The package consists of 2 vintage walls sconces with plug, 2 accessories, and 1 user manual. It enables smooth and soft ambiance in your bedroom. You cant ask for anything more, as the look if this sconce is soothing.

The seller has provided a warranty for 1 year. If you come across any quality-related issue, the customer service at Amazon and the seller’s customer service will assist you in any way possible. Customers have appreciated the product, stating that they’re affordable, easy to install and assemble. On average, around 65 percent of users have provided 5-stars. Also, this sconce is tagged under Amazon’s choice, making it reliable.

10. Vintage Rustic Bronze Wall Sconce by Eurus Home

Vintage Rustic Bronze Wall Sconce

The last product has a vintage rustic look, brought to you by Eurus Home. It is a bronze wall sconce that comes in a set of two. The other specifications are; Voltage of 110V, Maximum Watts is 60W, Base is E26, compatible with incandescent\CFL\halogen\LED\edison bulbs. The light bulb is not included in the package. The dimensions of the sconce are 4.75 inches wide, 13 inches height, and 4-inch extension. A trial bulb is included in the package, you can test it and then order them as required. The bulb is called a T10 bulb.

The durability is quite high for this product, as they are made of premium quality steel. The steel is rust-free, the color of it brightens and decorates your home. They are ideal for any type of room or place, living room, TV room, bedroom, bathroom, beside the grooming mirror, near staircase, aisle, bar, café, restraint, office or hotels. Therefore, it can coordinate with any kind of room.

All the safety standards are taken care of while developing this sconce and this is UL certified. It is easy for anyone to install, but the seller always recommends the assistance of licensed electricians so that no accidents occur. User ratings are quite excellent for this product with an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. This sconce is also backed by Amazon and is listed under its recommended list.

Wall Sconces Buyer’s Guide – Factors To Consider

When you are buying a product, you need to look into many different factors so that you buy the best quality and a well-designed product. Many questions will arise whenever you are buying a product because there are many products available in the market and you will be confused about which is the right one for you. The upcoming list of factors will help you buy the perfect product, according to your requirement. Please look at the factors so that you choose the best.

  • Safety

We are looking at an electrical appliance, hence safety matters all the time. We need to buy a product which meets all the safety standards. These sconces should be certified by UL, which is a standard for electrical products. These are quite easy to install and setup as the seller provides all instructions. But for the sake of safety, you need always to take help from a good licensed electrician, so that no accidents occur.

  • Styles

There are many different styles of sconce available such as modern, transitional, and industrial, country, rustic, and traditional. You need to check what your requirement is, the place, or the room you want to install the sconces. Depending on the room’s color and design, you can decide on the style of the sconce.

  • Maximum Power

The output power of all these products ranges from 40W to 60W. More wattage means more intensity; therefore you need to check how much brightness you would require because at different rooms require a different level of brightness is needed.

  • User reviews

Customer reviews are always important whenever you are buying a product. Because reviews tell us about the pros and cons of the product. When a product is having a good rating even after many people reviewing, then that product is decent to buy. Sometimes some users experience a different issue with the same products, so check the reviews and then select.


Our target was to help you find the best sconce for your home. Hence we have listed the best ones available in the market. Sconces are amazing products that lighten up your space as needed. We hope the above-listed products were able to meet your requirements. The buying guide will help you choose better. Preview each product delicately and then target the right one. Take assistance from your electrician during installation or for any suggestions while buying. You can always call the customer service of Amazon or any products for any questions you have. Light up your life with these beautiful sconces.