10 Best Wall Clocks 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Along with the functionality, wall clocks are also meant to enhance the design of your home. If you are not sure about how to utilize the empty wall, just hang a wall clock and your wall is set!  Wall clocks are popular since the time they were discovered. It is very convenient for people to have access to time. All you have to do is just roll your eyes! This eliminates the need to check your wrist or mobile phones every time.

Wall clocks are successfully running in our era back from the 14th century. Though the digital and alarm clocks evolved after wall clocks with outstanding features, but none of them could replace the wall clocks. This is because of their excellent portability and lightweight. All these features make a wall clock more convenient to the users.

Wall clocks easily match with your room’s surrounding and shade. Modern interior designers suggest a large-sized wall clock. This occupies a lot of space. In this way it eliminates the need for other decorative items. It is also eye catchy due to its large details. If you want to update your room in a budget-friendly way, what else could be better than a wall clock? It is comparatively cheaper and affordable than wall décor items.

As the days are passing, variations in wall clocks are increasing tremendously. You can find wall clocks in every color and texture. From modern 3D clocks to LED and neon clocks, wall clocks come in every form. We are well aware of the fact that wristwatches can be worn in arms only & grandfather clocks are entirely sedentary. But when it comes to wall clocks, they offer a wide variety of use, right from home to office. Some fancy clocks are exclusively designed for children. It is also used in quadrangles, bridges, and towers.

Astrologers also believe that wall clocks bring good fortune to your house. They also claim that hanging a wall clock spreads positive energy in your house. A wall clock should immediately be changed if it has stopped working. So if your wall clock has stopped functioning, you must consider buying a new wall clock. Here is some amazing collection of wall clocks that can brighten up your room like anything:

Best Buy Wall Clocks Reviews

Let us look at some antique wall clocks. They are the following:-

1. Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock

Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock

The first wall clock in our list is from Bernhard. Every wall clock is unique on its own. This clock is perfect for classic use. It comes in various sizes, from 10 inches to 13 inches. Not only this, it enables you to select colors too. There are two color options- one with a white base and another with a black base. In both cases, digits are in contrast with the base. This makes it easier for people to read the time even from a far distance. The quartz quality delivers the right time to the users. You don’t have to worry about the variability of time. Sometimes, in a quiet environment clock’s tickling can produce a dreadful fear inside you, just like we see in horror movies. This clock has soft sweeping movements. This ensures a calm environment for your house as the clock doesn’t make tickling noise. It is very lightweight. This makes it convenient for you to carry it anywhere.

You can also shift it from one position to another to make small changes to your interior decor. It is also very easy to hang due to the depression present on its back. It can be secured in the wall with the help of a small screw or nail. The numbers are easy to apprehend due to color contrast. Therefore, it can work in any surrounding. But it looks better in a classroom, office, or a home with classic décor. It is made up of strong plastic. It requires a 1AA battery to work, which does not come with the clock. Be tension free as it comes with a 1-year warranty!

2. La Crosse Digital Wall Clock

La Crosse Digital Wall Clock

Next up in our list is a digital wall clock from La Crosse. Yes, we know it is rare to find a digital wall clock. We are accustomed of seeing digital wristwatches, but not wall clock! Hence, we have brought an exclusive pick for you. This clock serves all the purposes at once. From bring stylish to functional, it is everything that a customer needs. It has two options of setting time; a 12 hours standard time and a military-based 24 hour. Not only this, but it can also analyze the temperature of your room and display it in numerical form. The demonstration will be in the form of Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can choose one from either option. It is operated with 1 AA battery that is not included in the clock’s accessories. This wall clock is multifunctional. If you are short of a calendar in your home, you don’t have to worry. This clock suffices everything. It also displays day and date. It is very easy to use and carry along with you. It comes with a crater bracket so that you can hang it with the help of a nail.

If you are bored of seeing it as a wall hanging, you can also keep it on the table. The clock has broad platform support at the back which makes it easier to stand. It has a simple black color. It is also a great option to gift to your children; this will help them to wake up early in the morning. Wondering how? This is because it also comes with an inbuilt alarm clock. It also has a snooze feature similar to mobile phones. This helps to keep away the unhealthy habit of checking the phone as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

3. Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock

Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock

Do you want to buy a long-lasting and prototypal wall clock for your home? Then what could be a better option than Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock? It is a perfect timepiece for any place. It has amazing veracity and durability. All the credit goes to its strong and sturdy aluminum frame. Not only this, but it is also protected in front with a strong booming glass cover. This wall clock ensures complete silence to your home. This property is granted to the clock with the excellent built of its minute and hour hand. They glide so smoothly through the base of the clock. There is no tickling sound due to no pause sweeping movement of the clock. If your night sleep is getting disturbed due to ticking of your clock, it is high time you replace your clock.

This clock works without any noise and assures 100% silence. Coming to the color options, it comes in two standard colors; black and white. It is ubiquitous as it can be used in the washroom, classroom, bedroom, living room, office, and even in terminals. This wall clock measures 10 inches, which is quite a fair size. This also operates with a 1AA battery. It also includes humidity and temperature indicator. Now, everyone can be a weather forecaster of their home!

4. Fox top Silent Black Wall Clock

Fox top Silent Black Wall Clock

Once you have a glance at the features of this wall clock, it becomes quite obvious to change the adornment of your pretty little house. The Fox top silent wall clock will assure you with the correct time. You will never feel a need to second-guess yourself. It has a very modern yet authentic design. The digits contained in the clock are big and bold enough to catch your attention from a distance. We all love simple things. This wall clock has a very classic design which makes it suitable for every environment. This wall clock comes in a variety of designs and colors. Some of them are- black (normal & big digits), rose gold, gold, white, and silver. Out of all these, the black and white design is the top-selling one. It is preferred by most of people. Other clocks that have wooden bases easily absorb moisture and get damaged. This clock has a thick sheath of plastic on the base which prevents it from getting damaged in the rainy season. This clock also ensures safety as it comes with an anti-fog glass covers.

Usually, wall clocks tend to accumulate fog in from section which blocks you from seeing the number. This problem is eliminated in the glass cover of this clock. It is operated with a 1AA carbon battery as high duty battery consumes more power. It also comes with a hook and a hinge. This ensures additional safety to your wall clock. If you are still not satisfied with all these features, feel free to contact the company. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

5. Bekith Round Classic Wall Clock

Bekith Round Classic Wall Clock

Since time immemorial, we have seen round clocks are the most preferable of all. We are presenting you with one of the best-selling wall clock- Bekith Round Classic Wall Clock. It is easy to run as it requires only a single AA battery. This is not included in the package of the clock. If you want an elegant style timepiece for your home, what could be better than this? It has a vintage style round brown case, which will enhance the look of your house. The flat glass lens protecting the clock is very durable and sturdy. The 12-inch size is very appropriate as a wall clock. The clock dial has a parchment kind of look that increases its antiquity. It is very quick and easy to install due to its operating system. This wall clock efficiently saves your money and time.

This is because of its mechanic and stylish looks. The design of this Bekith clock is extremely innovative. Can you imagine getting such an amazing wall clock in this low cost? We know you can’t! Though the case may appear wooden, it is made from a strong plastic material. This prevents it from getting damaged during the rainy season. All the numbers appear crystal clear and are easy to apprehend. It can be decorated anywhere, right from your office to your home.

6. Timelike Kitchen Wall Clock

Timelike Kitchen Wall Clock

This wall clock from Timelike is exclusively made for your kitchen. Not sure why? Let us look at the features of this wall clock. This cutlery wall clock confuses many people due to its modern and unique design. You won’t be able to recognize it at once as a wall clock! You would probably think of it as a wall hanging or a cutlery tray. The clock is round in shape. But then what is so unique about it? The spherical edges of the clock contain spoon and fork protruding in front of every number. This design marks the peculiarity of it as a kitchen clock. It has 3 different color options like multicolor, silver, and white. This enables you to choose any one of them according to your kitchen’s interior. If you have children at your home, we recommend you to go for the colorful wall clock. This enables the children to learn mathematics in a fun way.

The colors make their mind to grasp the numbers easily. If you have a luxurious style kitchen, then you can go for anyone from silver and white.  This clock also needs a 1AA battery to function. It is very easy to install. It can also be decorated in the living room or study room. As this is very eye catchy, you will always have a count of time. We give you 100 percent assurance of safe packaging and delivery. We bet that it won’t go unnoticed by your guest. You will always admire this timepiece!

7. Echo Wall Clock

Echo Wall Clock

This echo wall clock is one of Amazon’s best selling products. This wall clock helps you to stay coordinated and organized. It will help you to be on time. We all have heard about smartwatches. But have you ever come across a smart wall clock? It enables you to set time in the device with your voice. That is the reason why it is named as an echo device. Whether you are doing laundry or cooking, it helps you to fix a time. Whenever you set a timer, this clock shows you the time remaining for you to complete a certain task. You don’t need to worry about getting late in any event or work. It displays a countdown animation in the last minute of your desired time. This will be an alarming sign to you, so that you can complete your work faster. This wall clock works with the help of 4AA alkaline batteries. This is the only clock that provides battery along with the device.

It completely follows your voice set up. The echo wall clock posses feature to work in harmony with other echo devices. This is an analog clock and it is easy to read. It has an LED display that can show single or multiple timers. Your command or an echo device can set these timers. It has a diameter of 10”. This is a perfect appliance for office, classroom, or home. This also contains a keyhole to mount it on the wall. Material wise it could have been better. Want to make your life more systematic? The echo wall clock is an ideal choice.

8. SMILEMARY Retro Silent Wall Clock

SMILEMARY Retro Silent Wall Clock

As we know that the modern styles are getting inspiration from our classic retro designs. All the vintage styles are repeating their way back from the 1960s to 2020. To augment the interior of your home, we present you with the ‘Smilemary Retro Silent Wall Clock’.  It comes in 3 colors; bronze black, black frame with silver bezel, and black frame with gold bezel. You can select from either of the options. All of them look very royal yet fancy. Are you a person who gets distracted from a minute sound? If yes, you must consider adding this wall clock in your buying list. It has a quiet and non-ticking sweeping mechanism. Due to this property, people prefer to hang it in an office, conference room, and bedroom. This makes their work easy without disturbing their sleep. This is one of those clocks which suits with every wallpaper and background. It contains a white dial that provides contrast against the bold black digits. It makes it easy to appreciate the numbers from a distance.

The frame assigns it a retro look to wherever it is hanged. It has a wide slot, which makes it easy for you to hang it. It requires a AA battery to function. This doesn’t come with the clock. The plastic frame is very strong. This makes it suitable for outdoor use as well. It is also waterproof. You can use it in any season or hang it in your lawn. This product comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are still not satisfied, you can get your money back! Isn’t it amazing? The choice is yours.

9. Telling Time Teaching Clock

Telling Time Teaching Clock

We have seen enough of basic and retro clocks in our list. Have you ever thought of this unique idea of making your children learn with the help of a clock? We know it’s a very rare possibility. To make it realistic for you, we have brought the next clock in our list ‘Telling time teaching clock’. This is exclusively made for your kids. Children tend to memorize faster with the help of colors. This is a natural tendency. Taking care of that, this clock has digits in every shade. It has bright colored digits such as red, green, blue, and orange. It also has details of every second mentioned in it. It is perfect for hanging in your child’s study room. You can also hang it in their playroom. This is one of the most effective ways of learning while playing. It also has some references like ‘o clock’, ‘half-past’, ‘quarter to’, and ‘quarter past’. Each quarter is named with a distinctive color.

It proves to be more eye-catchy and easy to memorized by children. To test its efficacy as a learning product, we tested it on a child. As compared to other clocks, she grasped the numbers and time from this clock earlier. It is also good for classrooms. It is very lightweight but still durable. It runs with an AA battery. The acrylic material makes it easy to clean using a cloth. Not only this, but it also has silent sweeping movements. It provides a great benefit to elementary and preschool children.

10. Stonebriar Rustic Wooden Wall Clock

Stonebriar Rustic Wooden Wall Clock

Are you tired of gazing at the same old fashioned or classic clocks? We have an easy alternative to you. Presenting the next clock that is last but not the least in our list- Stonebriar rustic wooden wall clock. It is available in two different sizes; 12 inches and 14 inches. We recommend you to choose according to your room’s dimension. It also has two color options; rustic red and bright yellow/ light blue. This wall clock is suitable for rooms with antique preppy designs. It can also be used in café or restaurants. It features a faded painted wooden texture in it. It contains black bold numbers in it to catch your attention. It gives a feel coastal décor or a vintage farmhouse feel. It is perfect for a birthday, housewarming, Christmas and weddings. It also comes with a keyhole section in the back.

This can fix it with a wall in a stable manner. Nail and screw can make its installation easy. It presents an artesian style that goes with the current trend. It has a metallic finish and LED items. It features a ceramic design in it, which looks no less than real. It is a battery-operated device. You must go to this antique style wall clock.

Wall Clocks Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

A wall clock can be multifunctional. Let us discuss the points that you need to check before buying a wall clock:

  • Type of clock

When it comes to the selection of a clock, one of the major aspects to see is the type of clock. The major categories in which wall clocks come are analog and digital. Digital clocks display the exact time and you don’t need to calculate time. On the other hand, analog clocks can be difficult to analyze correctly. This is due to the small second scales in it. People with poor eyesight must go with digital wall clocks.

  • Design of the clock

Clocks have been associated with several designs nowadays. This discovery in the clock’s world is because people are bored of seeing old fashioned regular clocks. Wall clocks come in various fashions such as vintage, classic, standard, retro, and many more. You can select according to your convenience.

  • Additional benefits

Some wall clocks not only display time, but they also come with temperature, day, and date display. It helps you to access all the vital aspects at once. It will eliminate the need for calendar and other objects. We recommend you to buy a wall clock with all these essential parameters.

  • Frame

A wall clock consists of a frame. This part is the one that is usually designed to enhance the look of your home. A-frame can be built with plastic, metal, or wood. You can select the clock according to your need. Metal and wall give a luxurious finish to your home while the plastic frame is a regular one.

  • Cover

A wall clock also has an anterior and posterior cover to protect its dial. This cover ensures the longevity of the clock. Mostly the front cover is built from glass or transparent plastic. It is recommended to choose a fog-free glass. It is more sturdy and durable. Talking of the back cover, it has a hook or cavity in it, which helps it to fix to the wall. Make sure the quality of the material is strong and durable.

  • Noise-free surrounding

We all have heard the famous phrase ‘clock is ticking’. But, in real life we don’t want our clocks to make noise. This is why we have brought the best quality wall clocks which have sweeping movements. This will ensure a noise-free surrounding. You can shift your complete focus to work now.

  • Price

Price is one of the major factors to consider. A good wall clock ranges from $10 to $18 or more. You can select the price according to your budget. Make sure it fulfills all your requirements.

  • Looking for which place?

It is very important to consider the place before buying a clock. If you are purchasing it for your kid’s room then go for a colorful one. If you want for the kitchen, then select one which is more classic and eye-catchy. Similarly, select a wall clock that goes with your surroundings.

  • Conclusion

Thank you for your patience reading! We hope you liked the collection of our wall clocks. Don’t forget to read the buying guide. Happy shopping!