10 Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

No one likes pests at their home, and the fact is that these pests can cause significant damage to the property and the furniture. They can even infest the food and this can be very unhygienic. You can opt for pest control treatments and every other remedy, but the fact is that the pests would return at some point in time. What can you do to avoid this? Well, we can recommend a humane way to keep the pests away. This can be a long term solution as well. As per the researchers, the pests have sensitive ears and ultrasonic sounds can keep them away. Based on this principle, there are ultrasonic pest repellers available in the market that can keep the pests away from your hours.

These pest repellers are designed not to kill the pests but to keep them away. They have gained a lot of popularity since their launch because they work very efficiently. Moreover, when you go for pest treatment, it brings in a lot of toxicity with it. These pest repellers are a non-toxic way to keep the rodents and pests away from your house. Some of the machines also come with a combination of insects and pests repeller. Those are even better because they will also keep the mosquitoes and other insects away from your property.

To help you in choosing the right pest repeller, we have compiled a list of the best models available in the market. Our experts have also reviewed these models for you so that you can choose something safe. Below is the list of the top ten rated ultrasonic pest repellers along with a short review. Go ahead and check them out now.

1. Mapogiant Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Mapogiant Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The first product in our list is from Mapogiant, and this is available in a pack of 6 repellers. It keeps all types of pests and insects away with the help of the ultrasonic sound that it generates. You would not experience any infestation from insects, ants, mice, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, roaches, or any other pest after you install this repeller. In addition to this, you can install the repeller indoor in any of the rooms. These devices are capable of covering an area of 7200 sq. feet. A single device covers an area of 1200 sq. feet and the combined strength can cover the whole of your property. The frequency range of this pest repeller is between 24 kHz to 84 kHz, and the power rating is less than 3 watts.

If you wish to use it for keeping away the pests and insects, then you need to install it at a height of 20 cm to 30 cm, whereas to keep away the mosquitoes, you need to install it at a height of 80 cm to 100 cm. This device is 100% safe for kids and pets and it is also very compact.  You just need to plug it into the wall socket to get it working. With all these features and specifications, it becomes one of the best pest repeller available in the market so go ahead and check this one out to keep the pests away from your house.

2. Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Indoor Pest Repellent

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If you are trying to find a nice looking ultrasonic pest repellent, then check out this product from Neatmaster. This one is available in black and white color and it also looks pretty amazing. This pest repellent can keep mice, ants, bugs, roaches, spiders, and mosquitoes away from your property. This device can work in triple power so you will be able to select the power mode depending on the infestation. If you have a minor infestation then you can turn it to the lowest power setting in which the green LED lights up. If you have a middle-level infestation, then this repellent can work on the second mode in which the blue LED lights up. For the really bad infestations, you can turn it on to the full power mode in which the red LED lights up.

A single device can cover up to 800 sq. feet to 1200 sq. feet and hence it can cover your whole apartment easily. This device uses bionic waves along with EM waves and ultrasonic waves to function. The device is safe for the pets and it is available at an affordable price as well. You can even install these devices in offices, warehouses, and even restaurants. Be assured that it is not going to trouble any human or any pet. It is just going to keep the insects and the pests away from your property. It is advisable to use a green or blue mode when humans are in the vicinity of this device.

3. KEXMY Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

KEXMY Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Moving on to number 3, we have an ultrasonic pest repellent from Kexmy. It is one of the best-selling devices in the market and this specific model is available in a pack of 6. It works great in repelling the bests and it works without creating any toxicity in the environment. It can easily repel mice, rats, spiders, ants, bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes.  The device is very light and the dimensions are 3.54 inches x 2.16 inches. The manufacturer uses the latest technology to provide you with the most efficient experience. Apart from this, there is a status light integrated into the repellent which tells you about the status of the repellent. It works very silently as humans can’t hear the sound at ultrasonic wavelength. This ultrasonic pest repellent is also pet friendly so you would not have to worry about causing trouble to the pets. You can use it continuously to experience a change. Within 3 weeks, you notice a substantial decrease in the pest infestation.

It is a low power device with a wide application. You can use it in residential as well as commercial places to keep the pests away. The coverage area offered by this repellent from Kexmy is 1200 sq. feet and it keeps the pests away without killing them. You can install these 6 devices at different places in your property and that would enhance the coverage to 7200 sq. feet. Kexmy also offers a money-back guarantee for the people who are not happy with the quality of this device.

4. MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

MaxMoxie 2020 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The next one on our list is from MaxMoxie and this is for the people who are looking for smaller packs. We have talked about models that have as many as 6 devices, but for the smaller apartments, you might not just need that many devices. For such a scenario, here is a product that is available in a pack of 2. It is an effective ultrasonic pest repeller that keeps away fly, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, and even rats. It doesn’t kill the pests but it drives them away. In addition to this, pest repeller is safe for pets and humans. You just need to plug this into any of the sockets and it will start showing effect from day 1 onwards. The sound waves generated here to have a frequency between 22 kHz to 60 kHz.

It can be powered into a socket that supplies anywhere between 90 V to 240 V. The power rating of this device is 6 W to 8 W and it fits into the standard wall plug-in. Even if you install the device in your bedroom, you will not feel the slightest of discomfort because the ultrasonic sound waves are not audible to you. The brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee on the device so if you are not happy with the usage, then you can simply return the pest repeller and get a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

5. ZEROPEST Ultrasonic New Pest Control

ZEROPEST Ultrasonic New Pest Control

We have reached the mid-point of our list and at number 5, we have an ultrasonic pest repeller from ZeroPest. This is also available in a pack of 6 and it is the upgraded version that works very efficiently in keeping the pests away. This device also uses ultrasonic technology to keep the pests away. It is known to be effective against cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, flies, fleas, mice, spiders, insects, rodents, and ants. This device is also safe for the pets and it starts showing effect within 3 to 5 days of the installation. Within 3 to 4 weeks, there is a drastic reduction in the infestation. The device not only helps In driving away from the existent pests but it also helps in keeping away the pests that may try to enter your property.

The device is pest friendly and it doesn’t harm the babies either. With the help of this device, you can get rid of cruel methods like the glue traps and chemical pest control. Apart from this, the brand offers a 90-day guarantee with this device. If you do not notice a significant improvement in 90 days then you can go ahead and claim a refund by returning the device. You can install the device at a height of 20 cm to 30 cm and it works very effectively. Overall, this is a reliable pest control device with a huge range.  You can install these devices in different rooms and it will certainly help you in achieving the desired results.

6. Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Pack

Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If you are looking for a fast and effective pest repeller, then you can also consider this one from Bell + Howell. This one is available in a pack of 4 and it is a great help in keeping the mice, spiders, rats, roaches, and ants away from the property. These are very sleek and they are very effective in keeping the best away. The best part is that there are no chemicals and toxins involved in doing the job. You will be able to choose between the pack of 4 devices and a pack of 6 devices. There is a LED indicator on top of the pest repeller that would tell you about the functionality of the pest repeller. If you have a medium-sized property, then you can opt for 4 devices and if you have a large apartment or warehouse, then you can opt for a pack of 6 devices.

Another amazing part about this device is that it uses electromagnetic waves combined with the ultrasound waves to keep away the pests. The power input required for this device is 120 volts so you would not have to worry about the compatibility with the sockets as well. The device is available at an affordable price and it is very effective in keeping the rodents away. You can save your food and furniture with the help of this pest repeller without killing the pests. Do check out this device and we are sure that you will notice the effectiveness from day 1 onwards.

7. Brison Ultrasonic Pest Reject Repeller

Brison Ultrasonic Pest Reject Repeller

Moving on to number 7, we have a device from Brison and this is a pest reject repeller that works on a combination of ultrasound waves and electromagnetic waves. It can effectively keep away rats, mice, bed bugs, rodents, insects, and spiders. It is available in a pack of 1 or a pack of 4. You can choose this, depending on the size of your property. In addition to this, a single device can effectively cover 1100 sq. feet of space. It can easily be plugged into any standard wall socket and it is also safe for humans as well as pets. As per the manufacturer, it takes 3 weeks to repel the pests completely. The power rating of the pest repeller is 4W to 6 W and it has an output frequency of 24 kHz to 65 kHz. Another thing that we love about this pest repeller is the fact that this repeller is very compact in size. The body is made of fire retardant material.

You would not have to worry about cleaning the corpse of the pests after installing this device as it repels them instead of killing them. Overall, if you are looking for a compact and efficient pest reject repeller, then this can be a good choice for you. You will be happy with the performance and within 3 weeks, you will notice a drastic improvement in the pest infestation. You can install this in any indoor unit, including the residential and commercial complexes.

8. HAZKO Ultrasonic Pest Repellent 6 Packs

HAZKO Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

We also have an ultrasonic pest repellent from Hazko. This is yet another efficient pest repellent in our list and it can keep away all types of insects, including mosquitoes, mice, ants, spiders, roaches, rats, bugs, and flea.  The size of this pest repellent is 3.54 inches x 2.16 inches and it has silent operations. This is also pet friendly as the ultrasonic sound doesn’t harm the pets or even humans. Once you install the pet repellent, you will start noticing the effect from 1 week onwards. Within 2 to 3 weeks, there will be a substantial decrease in pest infestation. Overall, the quality of this pest repellent is quite good and since it doesn’t emit any toxins or harmful waves, it is also the safest one for your family.

You will be able to install this pest repellent in the house, warehouse, office, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, farms, and even hospitals with a coverage area of 1200 sq. feet, it is very effective and easy to use. For large spaces, you can install the devices at different sockets to get larger coverage. Hazko also offers a warranty so you will be able to return the device if you are not satisfied with the device or if you do not get the desired result. You must go ahead and check out this pest repellent and we are sure that you are going to like this as it offers the right value for money.

9. BagoroUltrasonic Pest Repeller

BagoroUltrasonic Pest Repeller

Are you looking for a device where you can adjust the power delivery? Well, we have one such amazing device you for that can make a lot of difference in repelling the pests. There are 5 power modes in this pest repeller and you can switch between the modes with the press of a button. If you long-press the button, then the pest repeller would turn itself into the automatic mode where it will adjust the power delivery automatically. The dimensions of this device are 2.2 inches x 1.18 inches x 3.54 inches. It not only repels the pests but it also repels the insects. You will easily get rid of rodents, spiders, ants, cockroaches, Musca, and mosquitoes by installing the device. Talking more about the 5 modes, the first mode (Ultrasonic mode) produces sound frequencies of 25 kHz to 65 kHz and this acts on the rats.

The second mode (Bionic Mode) works on 19 kHz to 25 kHz and it works on the cockroaches. The third mode (Ultrasonic Mode) acts on cockroaches but it is a low power mode with an output of 22 kHz to 25 kHz. The fourth mode is the Infrasound mode that works between the frequency of 1 kHz to 100 kHz that works on cockroaches and rodents. The fifth mode is a combination of ultrasonic and bionic waves that works between the range of 19 kHz and 65 kHz and it works on rodents and cockroaches. The device is for indoor use and you can install it anywhere you experience pest infestation.

10. SUPTEMPO Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

SUPTEMPO Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The last product on our list is from Suptempo and this is also available in a pack of 6 devices. It is effective in repelling pests like Mice, Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Flies, and Fleas. You can install this in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or the attic without any issues and it will work very effectively.  A single device can cover an area of 800 sq. feet to 1200 sq. feet depending on the obstructions in the way. This means that you will be able to cover your whole house or large apartment with these 6 devices. If your main concern is the pests then we would recommend you to install this at a height of 20 cm to 30 cm whereas, if your major concern is mosquito then we would recommend you to install this device at a height of 80 to 100 cm.  This is an eco-friendly way to repel the insects and pests out of your house.

There is no battery required and to use the device, you just need to plug it into the power socket. The brand also offers a 180-day quality guarantee to the customers under which you are free to return the device if you face any kind of issues during this period of time. The brand will also refund you if you do not get any effect after installing the device. Overall, this is an affordable and compact pest repeller that you can install at your home and get rid of the pests.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Buyer’s Guide – What To Check?

Here are some question answers you should read before purchasing ultrasonic pest repeller:

  • Do you need a Pest Repeller?

If you had been going for chemical treatments and if you are tired of the damage caused by the pests then you must surely opt for ultrasonic pest repellers. They are going to make a lot of difference for you and at the same time, these pest repellers are also going to ensure that there is no toxicity around you. These are safe for pets, kids, and all other people at home. Because of all these reasons, it will be a wise decision to purchase a pest repeller. You can move on to the next section and have a look at the factors that you must consider while purchasing a pest repeller for yourself.

  • Factors that help you choose the best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The market is flooded with the pest repellers. It can be difficult to know what you need if you are not aware of the factors that you must consider to buy a good quality pest repeller. In this section, we have listed some of the points that you need to consider while purchasing the pest repellers. Go ahead and check them out below –

  • Distance Covered

The most important factor here is the distance covered by the best repeller. Check out the range of the best repeller and this will help you in understanding how many of these would you need for your property. You will find a maximum number of devices with a range of 200 mm but then you will also find the ones that can work at a higher range. The higher the range, the better the repeller is.

  • Safety

The next thing to consider is safety. Ensure that the device that you are buying complies with the safety standards. The pest repeller must also be safe for the kids and pets. Some of the machines have a very high frequency that can trouble the pets so you must avoid those machines and check these details before making the final purchase.

  • Cost

You must also look at the cost of these pest repellers. This is an important factor to be considered for the ultrasonic pest repellers and it is an important consideration for all the customers. The cost may vary depending on the design and the features but you can have a budget in place before you start looking out for the pest repellers.

  • Versatile

Another factor that you must check while buying the pest repeller is the versatility. You can check if the machine is capable of repelling the insects as well as pests. These types of ultrasonic repellers will give you a better advantage when compared with only the pest repellers.

Bottom Line

This was all about the ultrasonic pest repellers. You can now select one of the models listed above buy before purchasing the pest repellers, just ensure that you have been through the buying guide. The guide will help you in shortlisting the ultrasonic pest repeller by highlighting the features that you need to consider while making the purchase. For any other information, you can even visit the product link associated with the ultrasonic pest repeller as this will take you to the Amazon Page.

Over there, you will find more information about the particular model that you are looking at. You can look out for the deals, and based on the distance covered by the ultrasonic pest repeller, you can also buy a pack of 2 or more repellers. With this, we will conclude this page and for any questions, reach out to us in the comments section. We will get you the answers to your queries at the earliest. Thank You.