10 Best Towel Hooks 2020 [For Bathroom & Kitchen]

Are you looking for a change in the appearance of your home? Want to update your kitchen and your bathroom? Want to make the area look spacious, neat, and tidy? Then here is the perfect solution for you to start the work and to make the necessary changes. The stylish and nicely designed hooks can be used mainly in the kitchen or the bathroom to organize it effectively. The changes will give an eye-catching view and a trendy appearance that certainly plays an important role in the home decor. The towel hooks are available in a variety of styles with sleek and trendy designs. The hooks can be fitted well on walls or near the shower or basin. The hooks are made of stainless steel or PVC and it remains unmoved under the heavyweight of wet clothes that are often used in the bathrooms or kitchens. The use of nicely shaped hooks is highly practical. The main purpose behind using the hooks is to get more storage area in the home.  The hooks are trendy and most of the designs match with the industrial and Scandinavian look, the mid-century modern designs and the most common Asian and Danish styles.

The towel hooks are specially designed for the bathrooms and are available various sizes and dual hook design. The hooks remain sturdy and rustproof during various seasons. The hooks never get hot during the summer and nor do they get colder during the winter. In the bathroom, the hooks can be used to hold water taps & shower, towel & clothes, glass mirrors and sideboards to keep the toiletries. The shiny hooks give a modern look to your bathroom and make it look spacious. For the kitchen, too, the hooks play an important role. The hooks made of a variety of sizes and shapes are useful in holding bags & tools, keys & calendars, utensils & kitchenware. The hooks, when placed systematically, it offers a perfect look to your kitchen.

The hooks are easy to manage and maintain. It can remain long durable and can be easily replaced when necessary. Please read the given list of branded towel hooks with its features in detail. You can select the best and the most useful towel hooks for your home.

1. Command Bath Large Double Wire Hook

Command Bath Large Double Wire Hook

Command double wire hook is the first product in the list. The hooks are large in size and are completely waterproof. So the hooks can be placed inside the shower area, which remains close while having a bath or shower .the hooks can be placed over the tiled surface or painted background. The stylish hooks are designed to remain unchanged during hot or cold conditions and humid climates. The hooks are made of superior quality material, which is time-tested and lasts longer.

You can hang the bathroom-mirrors, shelves and other bathroom amenities over the hooks which remain unmoved. The hooks are made of double wire technique and look clean and shiny. The towel rail helps in spreading the towel without any bubble for drying. Your bathroom gets an organized look. The towel hooks, when placed properly on the wall or on the painted wooden surfaces it can help in arranging the clothes and other bathroom utilities. The hooks have various shapes and are available in different sizes.

You have to get Command double wire hook of specific size depending on the available area in the bathroom. The kitchen too, gets a decent look when the hooks are placed nicely on the kitchen walls or around the basin. The kitchen requires a set of a sturdy and clean set of hooks that help in arranging the various items such as spoons, a vessel with longer handle, cups and wet clothes. The specially designed hooks offer a completely renovated look to your kitchen and bathroom. It becomes a part of the home décor.

2. HOME SO Towel Hook

HOME SO Towel Hook

HOME SO towel hook is the second product. The hook is of high-quality and offers complete support in re-organizing the limited space area of the kitchen or the bathroom.  The towel hooks are available in plenty of designs and each of the hooks has a unique look and feel. In the bathroom, when you have the towel hooks used for clothes, bathrobes, mirrors, hanging closets, to place sideboards on the wall. It offers a perfect look to the bathroom.

The hooks are easy to install with no hassles. The hooks are made of stainless steel. It works on the twist and lock technology. The hook can be fixed easily without using any hardware tools and screws. There is no need to have unwanted holes on the walls while installing the hooks. You can fix the hooks on any smooth or flat surface by twisting the knobs of the hook and fixing it tight. The towel hooks are certified to hold up to 30 lb of weight even during wet surroundings.

The kitchen also gets more space when the hooks are placed around the kitchen wall to hang the handy set of kitchenware. The hooks can match well to the background and becomes part of the kitchen décor. The HOME SO towel hook with multipurpose design has become popular among the people and it is used in homes, offices, hotels and even hospitals.

3. SUNDOKI Suction Cup Hooks

SUNDOKI Suction Cup Hooks

The third product of the list is SUNDOKI Suction cup hook. It is specially designed to be used on smooth surfaces without any difficulty. The suction cup hooks are available in a pack of 4. The hooks are designed in a curvilinear style and it allows the towel to hang without falling down. The suction cups are used to fix the hooks in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The cup remains absorptive and can get stuck on flat surfaces like a tile, cardboard, metal or glass. It can be used for hanging mirrors, frames or holding the lightweight shelves used to store kitchenware items.

The hooks are waterproof and can be placed near the shower area also. But the precaution should be taken while installing the suction cup hooks. It should be placed away from the heat. The towel hangs around the hook before or after the bath and it will get dried faster. The capacity of the hook to hold the weight is about 11 LB.  It can hold light or heavy objects properly.

The nicely designed hooks offer a tidy look to the surrounding. The suction cup hooks are designed carefully and are long durable. It is easy to assemble the hook and to mount it on the wall. If the surface is nicely cleaned, then your hooks will remain fixed for longer on the wall.

4. PRIMADA Extra-Strong Set Magnetic Hooks

PRIMADA Extra-Strong Set Magnetic Hooks

PRIMADA extra-strong set magnetic hook is the fourth product of the list. The hooks are made of sturdy metal and are useful in the kitchen. It can hold bags of grains and fruits, the baggage of grocery, tool kits, keys, long-handled utensils and damp clothes. The overall capacity of the extra strong and the nicely polished hook is about 8 LB. The metal hook looks strong and can hold various items easily.

The heavy-weight hook has a higher capacity to hold the items such as refrigerators, cupboard and even heavy kitchen equipment. It can be fitted well not only in the bathroom but also in bedrooms, drawing rooms and even garage. The multipurpose hooks are very useful and can give a sophisticated look to the surrounding. The hooks help in arranging the items and making use of open space. It saves the floor space by hanging the items over the wall.

The hook is easily placed using a set of screws that keep the metallic hook tightly fixed on the wall. The usefulness of the long durable hook is that it is highly preferred in the bathrooms, kitchen, garage, shops, hotels, schools and colleges.  The hooks once placed on the wall remains for a longe time unless it is removed or replaced. The hooks are available in various sizes and designs. The hook looks stylish and gets all attention when placed in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

5. VIS’V Suction Cup Hooks

VISV Suction Cup Hooks

VIS’V Suction Cup Hooks is the fifth product from the list of branded towel hooks available in the market in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. The brand company offers the pack of suction cup hooks. The hooks are made of high-quality plastic PET material. It supports the technically advanced high-tech locking techniques which are easy to handle and can keep the hooks on the wall for a longer time. The installation of the hooks requires no tools or no screws or nails.  You can select the area on the wall, where you have to fix the hook either in the bathroom or kitchen.  The hook should be pushed into the clean surface and rotated till it gets fixed tightly over the smooth surface.

 The hooks are easy to place and can be removed easily. It will not show any mark or indecent holes on the surface. The hooks are powerful with a capacity to hold heavyweight. The hooks have changed the way of arrangement of the household items. The hooks are easier to place and can be used to hold the items such as hanging mirrors, clothes and frames in the bathroom. It can hold bags, utensils, damp clothes in the kitchen.

The hooks organize more space in your homes by hanging the items which are scattered around over the floor, tables and sofa. The hooks are nicely designed and can match well to the decorations of your home. Most people prefer the hooks that bring a positive change in the surroundings.

6. NELXULAS Brushed Stainless Steel Short Bath Towel Hooks

NELXULAS Brushed Stainless Steel Short Bath Towel Hooks

NELXULAS towel hook is the sixth product from the list.  The hooks are made of stainless steel. The heavy-duty hooks are available in a pack of 4 items along with 12 anchors and screws. It also has a decorative cover. The hook can be drilled into the wall at a specified place in the bathroom. The hook is fitted into the wall using the screw and anchor with the help of a hammer. You can place the decorative cover round the hook to hide the screws. The towel hooks are designed using stainless steel. It enhances the longevity of the hooks and offers excellent services.

The nicely shaped and polished hooks become a part of bathroom and kitchen décor, and it can also be used in the balcony or garage. You can make use of the hooks to use it at home and to place it at the most convenient places around. The colorful decorative design conceals the screws and offers an eye-catching display of multipurpose hooks. The long and nicely shaped hooks give an extraordinary look to the kitchen.

 You can place any of the items such as wall mirrors, hanging pots, umbrellas and the delicate wardrobe that can be placed on the wall.  The display of the advanced technology by using the superior quality hooks brings an encouraging change in the atmosphere.

7. YIGII Towel Hook/Adhesive Hooks

YIGII Towel Hook

YIGII towel hook/adhesive hook is the seventh product from the list. Let us discuss it. The hooks are made of stainless steel of SUS-304 premium-grade quality. The hooks have a set of imported adhesive glue on its sides. The adhesive glue is highly useful in placing the hooks on the wall. The hooks can be fitted well on the wall without either drilling or hammering the wall. You should avoid mounting the hooks on the wallpapers or the painted walls. Once the towel hooks are mounted perfectly on the wall then you have to wait for 24 hours before you start using the hooks.

The kitchen too, gets a unique look when you place the hooks over the kitchen area. The hooks are most reliable and it can hold bags, frames, calendars, cup stands, small-sized shelves and damp cleaning cloths. The hooks can have a high capability to hold 15 LB of weight. The adhesive glue used is of high-quality and it helps the hooks remain stuck for a longer time.

The YIGII hooks remained clean, shiny and waterproof. It will not rust even when it placed near the shower area and inside the wet region. The hooks are of stylish look and available in the colors that match the surroundings. You will find the hooks can be useful to make the household looks neat and tidy.

8. iRomic Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Cups Hooks

iRomic Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Cups Hooks

iRomic heavy-duty vacuum hook is the eighth product in the list. Let us find out more about it. The iRomic heavy duty hook is available in a pack of 4 items. The hook is specially designed by keeping in mind the requirements. The hook is useful and is commonly used in the bathrooms and kitchens. It is designed to have vacuum suction and it can be useful in holding the heavy kitchen utensils and other items.

The kitchen accessory includes spoons, pans and pots. It also has strainers, cutting boards, wet clothes, napkins and towels. The hooks change the appearance of the kitchen and make it look large. The easy to mount hooks are used in the bathrooms and restrooms. The limited space of the bathroom and the set of accessories that are placed all over the place makes the bathroom look congested. The items such as clothes, coats, towels, mirrors, hanging closets should be hung over the hooks.

The material used in designing the heavy-duty hooks is ABS plastic along with TPU rubber. The chrome-based hooks are nicely polished, shiny to look at and remain long durable. The hooks with higher vacuum suction are highly useful on the smooth and polished surface. It can work effectively on wooden surfaces, plastic boards, and ceramic tile. It is also useful on the glass and mirrors backgrounds.

9. EKKONG Reusable Adhesive Hooks

EKKONG Reusable Adhesive Hooks

EKKONG reusable adhesive hook is the ninth product in the list. The reusable hooks are heavy-duty hooks. The hooks are sturdy but transparent and waterproof. The nicely polished hook looks brand new without any scratch. The hook has broad areas with thick adhesive base. It can be easily placed over a smooth surface, making it get stuck completely. The hooks remain strong and long durable.  While mounting the hooks on the wall, you have to remove the cover from the adhesive tapes and place it at the right place on the wall. It can be easily removed from one place and fixed on another.

The hook stuck on the wall with the help of adhesive tape is heavy duty and it can hold up to 22 LB of weight. The hook can be easily rotated in 180 degrees. The towel hook is made of stainless steel with PVC and it can remain useful even at high or low temperatures. The hook can be placed in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. The sticky surface around the hook is larger than its base.

The hook can be used for a long duration. Once it is fixed at a place can be removed and used again. The hook removed from one place allows no marks on the surface or no damages at all. There will be no trace of the reusability of the hook on the surface. It helps in reusing the hooks for several times. Never place the adhesive hooks near the fire or never expose it to the sunlight.

10. Delta Faucet Towel Holder Hook

Delta Faucet Towel Holder Hook

Delta Faucet towel holder hook is the tenth product in the list. The towel hook is one of the most elegant looking sophisticated hooks. The branded hook can be manufactured using stainless steel, polished chrome or Venetian bronze. The stylish look of the towel holder hook becomes a part of bathroom décor.  The easily synchronizing faucet along with the showerhead offers a perfect combination in the bathroom.

The holder hook remains unmovable under pressure. The bathroom accessories are available in plenty of varieties. The entire look of the bathroom can be changed when you make use of Trinsic Robe Hook. It is part of Delta accessories. The installation procedure is given in the form of instructions and it can be followed properly.  The main advantage is the warranty offered by the company on various accessories offered. Most of the pieces of the accessories available are most-modern European designs.

The branded towel hook is based on Spotshield technology, which is one of the most versatile techniques of designing stylish accessories. It provides faucet coordination as a part of the hardware installation. It also supports cleaning bath hardware along with easy cleaning methods. Along with the nicely designed towel hook, the other items made available are towel racks, towel rings, tissue paper holders which are of equally high quality and offer excellent services.

Towel Hook Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

To find a suitable towel hook that can bring better changes in your homes is available in the market. Before selecting the most useful product from the above-given list refer to the buying guide. It will help you to know about the product and its features well. The various factors discussed below will help you to buy the best towel hooks available in the market.

Towel Rail: The design of the hook is very important and it will decide which of the towel hooks are better. Mainly the purpose of the towel hooks is to place the towels on the towel rails supported by the hooks on both sides. If the space for the towel is more than enough, then the towel can get dry quickly. The towel hooks, when placed on the wall near the open area or a window, helps in drying faster. If the space on the towel hook is smaller than the size of the towel, then the towel doesn’t get dry at all and it starts smelling. The hooks should have a spacious area in between. Mainly the towel hooks are placed on the wall to save the floor space. The towel hooks are available with various sizes of the towel rail. It can fit a towel of any size.

Material: The material used in designing the towel hook is of variety. The material of the hook will decide the durability of the hooks. Most of the branded towel hooks are made of high-quality material which remains sturdy and allows the towel to hang properly for long. The material used in manufacturing the towel hooks is stainless steel, wood and PVC. Most commonly, the towel hooks made of steel or PVC material are preferred. Both the materials are sturdy, waterproof and has a nice finish and elegant look. Both stainless and PVC offer excellent quality towel hooks that last longer.

Hook Design: The design of the towel hook is available in a variety of styles. The shiny and sleek design of the towel hook in a curved shape is very popular among the customers.  The compact-sized hooks are available in various shapes and angles.  The dual hook design and the rotating hook are some of the most-modern designs that people prefer to have in their kitchens or bathrooms. Every brand towel hook offers plenty of trendy and modish designs.

Wall Mounting Design: There are different wall mounting designs which are part of the towel hook installation process. While installing the towel hooks, you can have three different wall mounting designs. The hooks are installed with screws and nails, the hooks that are mounted using suction cup technique and the self-adhesive towel hooks.

Price:  it is an important factor. Price can be comparative when you find a number of similar products offering various features. You have to find the quality and the performance of the product before you decide the price. Also, make sure that you get discounts and a warranty on the purchase.

Reviews: it is the most effective method of understanding a product thoroughly. The reviews are available on various e-shopping web portals and help in knowing the products well. Most of the reviews are written by the customers about the products that they purchased, advantages, disadvantages and also about the brand companies, quality of the products and the after-sales services. It certainly helps a buyer in understanding the products well.

The above given set of factors will definitely help you in making the deal. Most of the brand companies offer superior quality products at reasonable prices.

Bottom Line

The towel hooks have become part of the kitchen and bathroom décor and it has also become part of the home decoration. The availability of limited space in the kitchen and the bathroom is always a major problem that most of people face. Thanks to the stylish and heavy-duty towel hooks for helping to re-organize the homes effectively.  The hooks are highly functional and offer the most practical solutions.

You can find the best towel hook from the above-given list. You have to read the buying guide and find useful reasons which will help you to select the most suitable product.