10 Best Toothbrush Holders 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

A toothbrush holder plays a role in any bathroom; it prevents the brush from germs and bacteria. There are many reasons why you should invest in brush holders; it makes the storage for all the brushes. There is a huge variety in the market for all. For kids, there are colorful brush holders, which makes them fun to use. When kids put their stuff in the right place, it becomes easy for parents to focus on other things rather than cleaning for their mess.

Brush holders with stainless steel are easy to clean. You can hang the holder wherever you want. With a complex design, this helps the brush to drain out all the water, which keeps it dry and clean, but before buying, check the quality of steel. Holders with wall-mounted, and cover features are easy to put in bathrooms, also are easy to travel with. There are many reviews about the portability of these holders.

Even, you can find a huge variety of toothbrush holders. It’s all on you that which product attracts you the most, whether you want to go with the one which looks like a rail or the plastic one. There are many options like stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, bronze, and silicon. Some of these have waterproofing, which increases the life of the product.

Along with all these factors, looking after the design, color, and brand is a subjective part. It is up to you which product you like and why.

Best Buy Toothbrush Holder Reviews

In this post, we are mentioning some of the great choices for this year. You can check out all of them and consider you need. Below mentioned are the top 10 best toothbrush holders of the year. Let’s have a look

1. Famistar Electric Toothbrush Holder

Famistar Electric Toothbrush Holder

A quality product for an affordable price from Famistar is definitely fulfilling the need in way effective manner. Considering this reason, you can rely on the purchase of Famistar Electric Toothbrush Holder. It is very Spacious & Large Enough to fit plenty of items inside. Having a wiring design ensures that water doesn’t stuck at any place.

This not only fulfills the need, but it also reduces hygiene-related issues making it one of the great deals in all kinds. The versatility makes it a highly reliable product of choice. That’s why you can consider it without having a single issue. Having such a sturdy design means you can expect durability from the same, and you are also paying a very genuine amount. So, there is no other way of getting any better deal.

With the Stable design for better use and perfect ergonomics to ensure versatility, you can expect premium built quality. It is made up of stainless steel, it has a large section to put all your toiletries, it comes for an affordable price, and the stand stays stable due to the bottom rubbers. The only issue is a little bit small storage compartments, which cause various trouble.

2. Joseph 70501 Easy Store Toothbrush Holder

Joseph 70501 Easy Store Toothbrush Holder

In case you want a wall-mount toothbrush holder that is highly reliable and made up of quality rubber or plastic material, then Joseph 70501 Easy Store Toothbrush Holder is a great deal. It is available in two different options, along with the color choice. It has pretty faded colors that can easily suit up to your bathroom’s theme.

It has plenty of columns for brush, and you are also able to put toothpaste in the main column. The best part is, you can use an electric toothbrush and put it into the same sections which are made for normal brushes. Due to the genuine built quality, durability is quite an easy thing to guess about this deal. The only drawback we think about this deal is the price, which is comparatively expensive.

It comes with dismantles option for cleaning, and having the Non-slip feet to place it on shelves ensures the best quality. The best part is, it is Properly Ventilated for quick drying.As water doesn’t hold inside, which ensures hygiene, you can use it without any issue. Even, it also comes with a total six storage compartments for your needs.

3. ihave Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted

ihave Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted

Wall mount toothbrush holders are always better to buy because they are highly reliable to use, and they don’t require any shelves. So, ihave Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted is a genuine product that comes with plenty of advanced features to fulfill the need. The built quality is a highly reliable and large capacity to fill all the stuff you want to add.

You can easily through nine ordinary brushes inside and get started with the use, which makes it a highly reliable deal for sure. The only problem with the wall mount toothbrush holder is with their installation, but you don’t have to worry. It is easy to install and durability of the product to ensure that you don’t have to replace the same for years. Such factors, along with the mid-range price, make it an affordable deal.

It comes with the Large Capacity for nine normal toothbrushes, and you can find a wall-mount option for an easier installation. With the help of a strong non-marking adhesive strip, Installation is absolutely easy. It doesn’t take much time in cleaning, and it is easy for Dismantles. Having a waterproof design to offer you higher durability is great about this product. Even you can find extra space or storage compartment for toothpaste, comb, and trimmers. It also has Caps to cover toothbrush and provide effective hygiene.

4. Halide Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

Halide Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

For a huge number of positive reviews and a cheaper price point, you can go with Hblife Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder. It comes with a range of features like easy to use design, genuine build quality, storage compartment for four brushes, and you can also place toothpaste into the same. All these features are enhancing the overall usability of the same; that’s why you can consider it.

The multifunctional design is a great advantage that you can gain for a lower price. It is easy to clean, and water doesn’t hold into the same. It has rubber tips on the bottom to avoid any drag or fall. It sticks to the surface quite effectively; that’s why anyone can consider the purchase without a single issue. The only issue is lightweight design due to a little bit of poor built quality.

With the help of Four small slots for toothbrushes and multifunctional design, it is easy to use the product. Even it has a very lightweight design. The best part is the affordable or cheap price point. We love the absolutely easy to use design with rubber grip on the bottom. It has enough space for four brushes to use with ease. There is no issue with the hygiene of the product. Even, it is made up of premium quality stainless steel.

5. iDesign Eva Plastic Toothbrush Holder Stand for Bathroom

iDesign Eva Plastic Toothbrush Holder

If you have a beautiful looking bathroom and you want a beautiful design but don’t want to spend much, then iDesign Eva Plastic Toothbrush Holder Stand for Bathroom is the best choice. It has a shiny design that gives you a glossy finish. It has storage to store four brushes at a time. It looks like a cutlery stand, but the best part is beautiful looks.

It is available at a very cheaper price point, which can ensure the best purchase without having a single issue. Even having a clear finish will give you a classic look. The issues are, lesser storage, trouble while keeping toothpaste, and other stuff. So, if you want a toothbrush holder only, then this is a genuine choice; otherwise, it is a less practical choice.

No doubt that Classy design looks a lot more impressive. As this product is made up of resipreme plastic for higher durability, you can expect a genuine purchase. The compact size to ensure easier storage and easy to use design made for four people gives you reliability about a great deal. Even, this toothbrush stand looks very impressive due to the smooth finish.

6. I&HE Premium Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

I&HE Premium Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

Our next product of choice is from a well-known brand and due to the positive reviews about their product. Well, I&HE Premium Bathroom Toothbrush Holder comes for a very affordable price point, and it has enough storage space for many toothbrushes, toothpaste, and electric trimmers also. Considering the design, there is no issue with the hygiene of the product.

It is easy to clean, and you can store various items of need. Even the storage compartment easily handles electric brushes, which ensure the best use of the same product. Apart from these factors, the lower price of all kinds is an additional advantage. That’s why you can grab this deal without having a single issue for sure. Hygiene is not any kind of issue with this deal.

I&HE bathroom toothbrush stand is absolutely made up of food-grade stainless steel. It comes with an easy to clean design for proper hygiene. The use of anti-slip foot made up of silicon for safer use. You can consider it a perfect size for a nuclear family. With enough storage compartment for easier use. The best part is a versatile product of choice with safety features.

7. Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Due to the large storage compartment design, Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder is a multipurpose designed product. You can use it for toothbrushes as well as it can be placed in the kitchen, home office, and several other places. It has enough storage for six toothbrushes, and you can also keep toothpaste into the same, which makes it one of the great deals.

Considering the design and features, you might feel like it is a classy product, but there are a couple of flaws. It is not a toothbrush holder, particularly because the bottom part is closed, so water starts collecting inside the jar. Such things cause issues related to hygiene. You have to clean the glass jar very often because it magnifies all the dirt and other things.

This stand can be used in the bathroom, office, and kitchen due to versatility. The best part is, it is easy to grab choice due to the premium-looking design. Having this enough storage for toothbrush and toothpaste gives you peace of mind during the purchase. Even, it has a great built quality to ensure durability. The only flaw we found in this product is hygiene because water holds at the bottom part.

8. HYRIXDIRECT Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder

HYRIXDIRECT Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder

In the category of great design, amazing features, and genuine build quality, HYRIXDIRECT Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder is one of the reliable choices. It comes with plenty of features included in the box. The color finish looks very premium. There is a black color finish on the stainless-steel body to prevent it from any kind of rust.

Apart from durability, it has enough storage compartment to fulfill the need with ease. You can easily put a couple of toothbrushes, and there is space for toothpaste also. Such things with genuine built quality ensure the best purchase of all kinds. That’s why you can rely on this deal over the selection of any other product. Even it looks like a great deal considering the number of reviews about it.

Who doesn’t love to have Large size for electric toothbrushes also, so you can expect the same from this deal? It comes with multifunctional storage space makes it easier to use. Even, this product can keep your counter look clean with the genuine design. Among every other product, one of the best parts is, non-slip design and stay stable. Even having the Premium build quality with a black color finish from the same makes it look impressive deal.

9. mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer Holder

mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer Holder

In the section of stylish storage option, going with the purchase of mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer Holder is the best choice. It comes with the storage space for four toothbrushes and one for toothpaste. There is no issue related to the hygiene part of the toothbrushes, which ensure safer use.

Considering the built quality and metal finish, you can easily ensure higher durability from the same product, which can easily make you grab this deal without having a single issue. Even having the compact design mean, it requires less storage space, and your bathroom shelves look very clean due to the same thing. If you don’t want to take the risk, then there is no need to worry about this amazing deal.

Considering the Genuine built quality to ensure higher durability will give you peace of mind during this deal. This product can easily match with décor of your home due to glossy finish. Even, Price is very affordable and better to consider as compared to the other deals for genuine build quality. The only things we didn’t like about this product are poor storage for toothpaste. Hygiene related issue as water stuck at the bottom part of the toothpaste column.

10. Nowyeh Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

Nowyeh Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

In the section of unique design and amazing build quality, going with the purchase of a mid-range product is definitely the best thing, and you can easily rely on the same. Nowyeh Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder is a toothbrush stand with storage for toothpaste in the center. You can easily store six brushes in the same.

It is made up of stainless steel, which ensures higher durability of the product. The good design also ensures that it doesn’t collect water at the bottom part. So, this thing gives you the best hygiene. It is having silicon non-slip feet allow it to stay in one place without moving too much from the shelves. The last thing is, it is absolutely easy to install; that’s why you can consider the same.

Considering the Easy to clean design and its dry up very quickly, you might love this design over others. It comes with the Non-slip feet to keep this holder in one place for sure. It has an impressive built quality to ensure genuine durability. The only thing we hate about using this product is the high price. The second thing is, reaching for toothpaste is a bit typical when all the toothbrush columns are completely full.

Toothbrush Holder – How to Choose a Great Deal?

There are many trustworthy brands out there, so before making any decision, check out all the basic things. Here we are mentioning some critical factors that you should not avoid before buying any toothbrush holder

Holder capacity – If you are buying a holder, keep in mind how many brushes should be carried in it. This will help you to invest a lot less. If you are choosing a single brush and toothpaste holder for your private washroom, then it will be much affordable. On the other side of your family has more people than the one with five or six brushes would be helpful. The less you spend after, the more space you will get.

Price range – There are many varieties in brush holders as compared to other products. Choosing the one with the best quality and life can be much more difficult than it looks like. There are many products with different structures and materials. The one with stainless steel costs more than the plastic one. Different brush holder comes with their own qualities, like the one with the plastic body can provide a cap that can help you protect the brush from bacteria and germs. You can easily compare the prices to your budget according to the product that will suit your needs.

Stable and relatable – Holders come in two different types, one which will stand and the other one that will hang on the wall. If you are buying the standing position, you have to choose the one that is more stable on the surface that you are putting it on. If the stand is not stable, there will chance of falling, which can make the brush full of germs. Use extra protection like brush cover to avoid these kinds of complications.

Material – There are many brands which come with different material in brush holders. The one with the plastic body can be a good choice for those who want a light body and a more superior design. On the other side, if you are choosing the one with stainless steel, that will provide you more satisfaction because of its metal body. Silicon material is normally used in holders that are compatible with electronic brushes. If you have any confusion about fading or get rust on the metal one, feel free because the material of steel that is used in these kinds of products is certified from water tests.

Design and flexibility – There are many options available in the market, so you can choose the one with the design that will suit your home decor, like any other furniture this product will not just accommodate but also make an aesthetic appeal. On the other side, if you want to use it for other things like a shaver, toothpaste, and tongue cleaner, you can choose the product with more flexibility as the different prices on these holders will lead you to more superior designing.

The above given are five of the important aspects that you can consider while purchasing an elegant option. Make sure you will purchase according to the members or relatives who visit you so that they can also feel comfortable.

How To Clean Your Toothbrush Holder

IT is equally important to keep the toothbrush holder as clean as new as it can be a worthy space for the bacteria to build. So, apart from keeping the toothbrush in the best possible health, make sure that your toothbrush holder is also completely clean. In case you aren’t sure how to clean toothbrush holders, here is a list of simplest and easiest ways to keep the toothbrush holder cleaner than ever before.

Method 1: Hot water and soap

The first method we are going to talk about is one of the easiest and most widely used methods of cleaning the toothbrush holder. This method needs two things one is hot water and the other one is the liquid dish washing soap. You can easily choose any soap according to the availability and your choice. Just mix the soap in hot water so that enough lather can be created. Dip the toothbrush holder in the mixture and leave it there for at least half an hour. Once done, scrub it with a soft brush that doesn’t scratch it. Then rinse it in water thoroughly and your toothbrush holder will be as shiny as new again.

Method 2: Mouthwash

Another popular way to clean the toothbrush holder is to use the mouthwash. This is one of the quickest and efficient ways to clean the toothbrush holder. Have enough quantity of mouthwash in a bowl, and dip the holder in the bowl. Keep it there for a few minutes and then rinse it after scrubbing like in the first method.

As the mouthwash contains anti-bacterial properties, you can easily rely on this method to completely disinfect the toothbrush holder like a pro.

Method 3: Vinegar

In case you don’t have enough quantity of the mouthwash or aren’t too keen to use the mouthwash to clean the toothbrush holder, the best way to disinfect and clean the holder is to use the vinegar. Vinegar is a well-known cleaning agent used in various ways to keep things clean and shiny as new.

Like other methods, you will need to dip the toothbrush in the vinegar solution and live it for a few hours. After this, rinse it thoroughly with water, and you will have a bacteria-free and clean toothbrush holder without making many efforts.

So, these were the three most popular and easy ways to clean the toothbrush holders at home without using any harsh chemicals that can damage the shine and material of the toothbrush holder. Try them, and get a clean toothbrush holder at home with ease.


The best toothbrush with a great design will assure you better hygiene, reliability and will be more versatile can be a hard choice for some. A good holder for a toothbrush can be beneficial. First, it keeps your brush hygiene and also combats all the germs. Furthermore, it keeps all the required things at a single place and also keeps the brush dry faster.

If you are looking for a brand product that will suit your needs, the above given are some of the best options that will help you to choose the right product according to the features and the one in your budget.