10 Best Spin Mops 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Mops have been a traditional solution for floor cleaning for many generations. However, the use of mops has decreased over the past few decades. People do not like to use mope because they believe mops to be very difficult to use. Other than that, many people have also mentioned how they do not like putting their hands in the dirty water to remove excess water from the head of mops. We also believe that this practice is very unhygienic. Moreover, the process takes a considerable amount of time and may even cause strain in your hands.

However, we have a solution for this problem. The name of the solution is – spin mops. Spin mops are the advanced design of traditional mops. These mops come with a bucket which is equipped with a spin basket. With the help of it, you can easily wriggle the head of your mop without having to touch it with your hands. Centrifugal force in the spinning basket allows the head to lose moisture to a great extent. You can then continue cleaning without causing any pain in your arms and palms.

For our readers here, we have brought a list of top ten spin mops. These products are truly the best in the market. We have discussed and reviewed them one by one. Trust us; you will like spin mops a lot. Without any more ado, let us start discussing these spin mops –

1. Vileda Spin Mop

Vileda Spin Mop

On number one, we have brought you the mop by the company Vileda. The head of the product has red/grey design. Many users like this color combination a lot, and they feel bound to buy the product again and again. You can clean all types of floors with this mop. However, it will wonderfully work if the floor you want to clean is covered with tiles. Other than that, we also liked the fact that you can also wash the head of this mop in your washing machines. This can be done by easily removing the head from the rod. The best part of the product is that along with the mop; you will also receive a sturdy bucket. The design of the bucket is such that it will help you to do the cleaning more conveniently and effectively. Additionally, the wringing of mop after each wiping session can also be done very quickly. This wringing can be controlled with the foot. The carry handle of the bucket is extremely sturdy, so that you are always able to carry it around with full water inside it.

While you are wringing the mop, you will also never experience unwanted splashes of dirty water. The turbo speed action is also something that has attracted many people towards the product. Furthermore, the product is made using microfibers in the mop head. Due to this reason, wiping is always quick, and the absorbing action of the mop is also exceptional. It will catch more particles than any other mop head material.

2. O-Cedar Spin Mop

O-Cedar Spin Mop

Let us now discuss the second product on our list that we love dearly. It is manufactured by the company known as O-Cedar. We like the overall finish of the product so much that we had to include it to our list. This spin mop is yet another product that will help you in taking the cleanliness of your home one level up. The head of the mop is soft. However, do not judge its wiping action just because of its high softness. It is equally efficient as many other high-end spin mops in the market. Do you want to know what we like the most about this product? It is the head refills that you receive along with other parts. These refills are three in number so that you can replace the head very quickly once it is completely damaged. Due to this reason, you will be able to enjoy cleaning and floor wiping with this mop all year long. The bucket that comes included with everything is highly durable as well.

It does not bend or break easily. You will also never cause any accidental dents on the surface of it, no matter how often you use it. The foot pedal on the bucket is that so that you can do the wringing of the head quickly. This way, the whole process will become hands-free. You will not have to touch the dirty water with your bare hands physically. The handle is created in three sections for you to decide its length as per your needs. The maximum achievable length is 51 inches. This length is surely enough for tall people.

3. Hurricane Spin Mop

Hurricane Spin Mop

Next up, we have the Hurricane spin mop for our readers. One of the reasons we have decided to review this product is that it is an extremely functional mop. You can use to quickly clean the hardwood floor without worrying about any damage or unwanted scratches. We understand that scratches can take the look of the floor away from it. However, this product will help in avoiding them in all conditions. We also like the blue and white design of the product. Both of these colors are extremely light so that they do not hurt the eyes. Together, they make the product look sleek and adorable at the same time. This mop, along with the bucket, will help you enhance the cleaning system of your home. This way, you will be able to maintain sanitation regularly. We suggest you not to use this product harshly as it will only decrease its lifespan. You should also clean it well and dry it before storage. If you do that, you will never have to worry about the growth of unwanted substances on the mop fiber.

Wet mop fiber is also known to attract insects in dry weather. Therefore, make sure that you always dry it properly. The centrifugal technology in the bucket will always help the user in quick wringing. Additionally, the whole wiping process becomes faster if it is done with this product. We have also noticed that this mop also provide enhanced and more maneuverability than other regular spin mops.

4. Twist and Shout Spin Mop

Twist and Shout Spin Mop

We decide to bring the spin mop by Twist and Shout next on our list. This is an easy to use spin-mop, which is liked by many customers. You can also read many reviews of this product on the internet. Most of them are highly positive and will surely convince you to buy the set as soon as possible. In this product, you will get a bucket and a mop. Two extra refills do not come with the product, and that may feel less in number to some people. But when it comes to the efficiency of the mop, we can assure you that it is just exceptional. Other than that, buyers of this product will also be able to enjoy a lifetime warranty once they receive it. The product has also won many innovations and international awards. So, you may already be convinced that its quality is truly exclusive. Moreover, negative reviews of the product are only less than 2%. That does not even count when you use the product.

You will notice how the mop moves on all floors without causing strain in your arms. You can also wring it as per your requirement. You can also use it regularly to clean the floors of your homes in a fast manner. The handle of the mop does not need an extension. It is so sturdy that it will allow you to reach hard to reach places with the utmost ease all the time. You should also know that the entire product is light in weight and easy to move and carry around.

5. Tsmine Spin Mop

Tsmine Spin Mop

Won’t you be delighted to know that this product comes with six free mop head refills? Of course, you will be. We do not often see such a huge number of refills provided by any company with their spin mops. Therefore, we have added the Tsmine spin mop to our list. You can use it in your homes to properly cleaning the floors in all conditions. The handle of the mop is also extended for better usage of the product. We have often seen tall people having problems with mops, which have short handles. However, that is not the case with this product. It will never disappoint people with any height. Like many other spin mops, this mop also has a head that is created using microfiber. There are many advantages of microfiber material. But, if we are to discuss its main qualities, then they would be – absorption speed and enhanced yet soft wiping. You will also like the fact that the bucket in the set also has the provision of wheels on one side. Wheels always provide excellent and fast portability to the product.

You will never have to carry the weight of it because the pair of wheels will always perform their job of movability well. The cost is also not very high; therefore, there are many buyers of this product. The same buyers have also rated the product very well on almost all e-commercial sites. Additionally, the design of the product is highly considerate. You will be bound to like the telescopic and adjustable handle of the mop at all costs. Furthermore, this product can also be used to clean hotel rooms.

6. Simpli-Magic Spin Mop

Simpli-Magic Spin Mop

Are you looking for the sleekest spin mop? If yes, then this mop can be that product for you. The wringer basket in the bucket is created using stainless steel. As we all know, stainless steel is one of the most durable materials one can ever find in products that are supposed to be used regularly. Therefore, you might already have an idea of the excellent longevity of the basket. Other than that, stainless steel is also used here, creating the handle of the mop. Many people find it truly disappointing when the handle of their mops breaks. However, this product will never create such problems for you. You will also like the fact that the bucket of the set also has an inbuilt soap dispenser. With such a provision, you can also wash the floor of your homes without requiring a lot of water. Other than that, this dispenser can also be easily removed if you are someone who does not want to use it.

You will also receive three additional mop heads with this product. All three of them are multicolored so that their identification is always easy for you. A little bit of assembly is required once the product reaches you, but this process is very easy. You can even do it if you are buying a spin mop for the first time. Furthermore, the bucket of the product has small wheels in its base, and the handle on it also slides quickly. Therefore, you will never have to bear the weight of water in your hands at any time.

7. AmazonBasics Spin Mop

AmazonBasics Spin Mop

One can never deny the fact that AmazonBasics products are just the best. Along with providing exceptional longevity, these products are also affordable for the general public. Therefore, we added their spin mop to our list. Its review was truly necessary because we want our readers to experience the ease of floor cleaning that it provides. Along with the mop, you will also receive a bucket like many other mop sets on our list. However, the size of this bucket is standard and regular. Therefore, we would advise you to use it in your homes. The water receptacle in the bucket is also something that attracts many buyers towards it. Other than that, the wringing mechanism is so functional that you will never have problems with it. The mop will last many years at your home without getting damaged even if you use it regularly. You can use this mop on all types of floors.

However, make sure you do not use water while you are wiping wooden floors. This way, you will be able to prevent your floors from deterioration. Additionally, many people also believe that using this mop daily will help control the growth of germs on the floor. If you have kids wiping and cleaning the floors of your homes must be an essential practice for you. It will surely help in protecting and boosting the immunity and health of your children. Additionally, whenever you press the mop on the cradle, all the extra moisture will be taken away. Due to this reason, you will be able to perform wiping with great ease.

8. Prime Trendz Spin Mop

Prime Trendz Spin Mop

This mop and bucket set has always been in huge demand amongst buyers from all across the country. We also like the product to an extensive degree. One of the reasons why many people appreciate this product is its rotating head. This rotation is very smooth and is in full 360 degrees. Therefore, it will help you in covering all areas of the floor without missing even a tiny part. The handle is made using plastic; however, it is extremely flexible. The mop will never cause any damage or shock to the floors of your homes at any cost. We also love that the product is available for purchase in four different colors. These colors are – green, blue, red, and purple. Additionally, the look and design of the product are also commendable. The rod of the mop has a telescopic design so that you can adjust its length as per your needs. Other than that, both the mop and the bucket are extremely light in weight.

This way, you can carry them around very easily. The entire set will help you do the cleaning of your house in an eco-friendly manner. You will also receive two mop heads so that you can replace them once there is any damage to the already present head. Buy this product now to enjoy it for years at your home. You will like its maneuverability on the floors as much as we do.

9. Zhimizhi Spin Mop

Zhimizhi Spin Mop

On number nine, we have the fantastic spin mop by Zhimmizhi. This spin mop can be chosen from three color variants, which are all very beautiful. The microfiber used in making the head of the mop will help you practice deep-cleaning of floors. Other than that, we also assure you that the product will never create even the slightest scratches wherever you use it. In the product package, you will receive several items, such as – a bucket, a pair of mop heads, a circular disc, and a mop. The material used in making the product is plastic. Due to this reason, the entire pack is priced at a very affordable yet cost-effective rate. The bucket that comes with the product is very tough.

It will never crack or break in any condition. Additionally, the mop handle can also be extended as per your needs. You can reduce the length of it when you are going to store the mops in the storage cabinets of your homes. We also like the ease and speed with which the head of the product moves. This feature helps the mop to pick all dust and dirt particles at all costs. The durability and sturdiness of this product are also highly rated by many buyers.

10. RoMop Spin Mop

RoMop Spin Mop

Lastly, we have the spin mop by RoMop for our readers. This is an exclusive and high-end product that is known for its toughness and long life in the domestic front. Many people have also purchased this item for cleaning of motel and hotel room floors. Mopping is so easy with this product that you will never ignore it in any situation. You will also never require any extra effort to achieve squeaky clean floors at your home. Additionally, the design of the entire product is very ergonomic and lightweight. This way, it will be easier to be used by people who have never used mops. What we like the most about the product is its bucket. The drying mechanism provided in this bucket is so enhanced that you will never be disappointed by it.

Other than that, it also has wheels which allow you to take it anywhere with the utmost ease. Furthermore, you also get additional items such as – scrub brush, mop pad, a pair of mop heads, and an extra handle with the product. Buyers of this product will also receive a warranty that they can claim for up to one year. Moreover, if you have any complaints, you can also return the mop and get a full refund very easily. The strong and long-lasting nature of this product will impress you a lot.

Spin Mops Buying Guide – Important Things To Consider

Are you searching the web for more economical and eco-friendly options for floor cleaning? If yes, we would like to inform you that spin mops can be one such solution. These mops do not need batteries for their operation. Other than that, you will also not need to use electricity to operate this product around your house. They are also very sturdy, so that you may use them regularly for cleaning and wiping the floors of your home.

Factors that help you choose the best spin mop 

Since we know that you are looking for a spin mop, the below-mentioned factors will help you make the right choice of this sort of product. Let us discuss them –

Color and design: Many people like to purchase neutral-toned spin mops. However, we have also seen many buyers whose choices are more aligned with colorful options. Other than color, you can also choose from different designs of the mop as well as the bucket. We have also noticed that buckets with wheels at their base prove to be more conventional than wheels that do not have any wheels. Therefore, consider both of these factors before making a purchase.

Telescopic handle: A telescopic handle is a type of handle which lets you decide the length of the mop rod as per your liking. You can make this length extremely short as well as extremely long as per your requirement. However, such handles are not always provided on all types of spin mops. Before you put any product on your list, make sure that you have considered a product that comes with this type of handle. If the length of the rod has never been an issue for you, you can also go with options that come with regular handles.

Durability: The durability of a spin mop and the bucket that comes with it can be easily known. All you have to do is look for the material used in manufacturing both the items. In our experience, we have noticed that mops with stainless steel parts are bound to last for many years at your homes. But many mops come with plastic parts. These mops can also be durable. However, you have to make sure that you do not use them in an extremely harsh and rough manner.

Mop Heads: While discussing the mop heads, we want to discuss the number as well as the type of these heads. Many options on our list are such that they come with additional heads. Due to this reason, you do not have to experience any hassle while searching for their replacement. The number of these extra heads many vary but choosing such options is always beneficial. Other than that, you should always consider buying spin mops that have their heads made from microfiber. This fiber enhances the cleaning process and is excellent in absorption.

Other features: Apart from the above-given factors, you can also consider the special features of a spin mop. These features can be anything as they are unique for every product. However, if we wish to enlist such features, we will surely mention wriggle basket material, dispenser on the bucket, number of wheels on the bucket, portability, size of the bucket, etc. You can also check other features if we have not mentioned them here.

Bottom Line

People generally use vacuum cleaners to clean the floors at their homes. However, such appliances require electricity, and when used regularly, they can also cause an increment in the monthly electricity bill. Therefore, we would suggest you go for spin mops. This product is extremely functional and will let you clean the floor of your homes very quickly. In our list, we have described and reviews ten such spin mops that you will surely like. Other than that, we have also attached a buying guide at the bottom of our list.

In this buying guide, we have mentioned various aspects and factors of a spin mop that need your consideration. Make sure you read everything carefully. This way, you will be able to select a perfect spin mop.