10 Best Shower Curtain Rod 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

What makes your shower-room look beautiful? Without a doubt, you know it is the beautiful curtain that is hung on the curtain rod. With all the luxury and high-end fittings in the bathroom, the less visible curtain rod should not be an exception. Every nook in the bathroom fit with the right fitting that defines your style; the curtain rod has more than one reason to be of good quality and finish.

A Bathroom is one of the rooms, you visit first at the start of your day. It is important to start your day by being able to look at a clean and beautiful place. On the funnier side, it is a place where you relax the most and your thoughts are put in place for the rest of the day. Such a place with rightly decorated items like the curtain and the rod that holds the curtain is worth spending on.

As silly or unimportant it sounds, the curtain rods are the unsung heroes we can find in a shower-room. With so many brands available in the market and with all the confusion you have in choosing the right one for your bathroom, we have come up with a list of the best ones for you. At the end of this article, we are sure you will be able to decide which one to buy. Now without wasting much time, let us walk through the list as below.

Best Buy Shower Curtain Rods Reviews

To make it easy for you to choose the best and compatible shower curtain rod, we have put together a list carefully chosen out of a very big list. We will now take you through each of them and discuss what makes them a good one to buy.

1. AmazonBasics Shower Doorway Curtain Rod

AmazonBasics Shower Doorway Curtain Rod

Amazon Basics has introduced this adjustable shower curtain rod, which is mainly for the doorway of the shower. Either you have a bathtub or a section completely dedicated for a shower, it fits in properly as per your requirement. Do you have that thought where you feel you would damage the wall due to the drill or nailing? Then you can leave away from that worry completely. There is no requirement of drilling or hammering the nails on the wall.

To set it up expand the length of the rod with a simple twist, increase or decrease the length as per the width of the doorway and twist back the other way to lock the length on the wall. This fitting will last long due to the consistent tension on it. As there is no much weight to be exerted on the rod it fits in securely. Just make sure the curtain is added into the rod before you fit it. You can put in the maximum weight of 15lbs on it.

The one we are discussing is in nickel color/finish but we also have in black, white, chrome and bronze colors to choose from. The design has been kept simple to avoid any complications. At the end of each rod, there are rubber stoppers available that fixates on the wall with much sturdiness. This model fits in the doorway or width of 54-90 inches. This is one of the 4 length variants available in this model. AmazonBasics also provides a limited 1-year warranty for the product. This one can also be used to hang window curtains too.

The rod provides secure placement on the wall, which means you need not worry about slippage. Customers were happy with it being sturdy and strong although being sleek in design. Atleast 75% of the customers who bought it were extremely happy with the product. Few customers faced issues like rust formation on the rod for being used in the shower.

2. Zenna Home Double Curved Shower Rod

Zenna Home Double Curved Shower Rod

Zenna Home brings you the curved curtain rod that is available in satin nickel, heritage brown and chrome shades to choose from. The aluminum constructed rods are rustproof hence provides a long-lasting service to you without much to worry. These are perfectly designed to be installed in the shower for the same reason. Due to its curved design, it will give you additional space in the shower. To make things better, there are two rods available in it, one to add the curtain and the other to hang in your required garments/towel to use after your shower.

The package consists of all the hardware required for the installation. Instructions are also provided within the package to make it easy for you. There is no cutting required for the installation. For the durability of the rod, it is advised to use rustproof rings or hooks. This will avoid any rust on the rings to damage the texture or quality of the rod. The one we are discussing is the nickel finish and is built to last long.

Over 69% of customers have rated this as an extremely good product as they have no complaints about it. They have experienced sturdy construction of the rod. Customers also found it easy to adjust as per the width of their shower. They found it was pretty easy to install with all the hardware provided. The only thing was that a total of 2 individuals are required to install it. Some customers did find difficulty in fitting for their showers due to the length issues. The design has a small issue where the expansion joint caused as an obstacle for the curtain rings to move properly over the rod. Some customers also suggested adding in a backplate to hide the old installation holes on the wall. Some also found the quality of the product as low.

3. BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod – Stainless Steel

BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod - Stainless Steel

Biofox Shower Curtain rods are available in multiple colors and multiple sizes to choose from. The design is very simple and conventional to suit any type of shower set. The rod is round in its construction, which is polished 304 stainless steel. The installation of the rod is very simple and does not require any drilling or nails required to be hammered into the wall. It fits on the spring tension method, where the rod is fitted with large non-slip plates at the end. This will ensure a sturdy fixture on the wall with a maximum of 30lbs of weight to manage. This is one of the top-rated curtain rods on the Amazon website.

Being number one rated the product needs to be of high quality and so it is. It is made of non-rust stainless steel, which is also super-thick for durability. The brand ensures 5-years of corrosion-free usage and also is easy to clean construction. The hand-polished surface repels all the stains that might come from water or other things like soap water or shampoo. When compared to a chrome finished surface that retains the stains, this one repels all the stain and stain marks. Simply wipe the rod with a dry cloth to clean it.

The rod is also available in other colors to choose from, like black, nickel, bronze and white. So you have a variety to choose from that fits in best for your shower set. You can apply the rod on any surfaces like the one with wallpaper, tiled wall, wooden frame and so on. The brand is very confident in its product hence provides a 1-year warranty on it. All in all, this an easy to install, durable, sturdy and long-lasting rod one can find for their shower. Around 78% of customers have rated this product to be highly durable and worthy to have the product.

4. Amazer Spring Tension Curtain Rod

Amazer Spring Tension Curtain Rod

Gone are the days when you had to drill in holes into the wall to fit in the curtain rods, be it in the shower or for the windows. Most of the products available online want to avoid the old technique of installation. So does Amazer curtain rods too! Available in five different colors to choose from, these rods are also available in different sizes. The maximum size you can get is 110 inches. Each of the sizes available is all adjustable to at least 15-20 inches. The one we are discussing can fit a doorway that varies from 26-42 inches. This is the first size available in this brand. The five colors are black, bronze, chrome, nickel, and white.

The tube diameter is 1” and hence can bear the good weight. The inner tube is around 0.85” and fits in well in the ticker tube. This is designed to adjust the size of the rod to the required width. The end of each side of the rod can be detached so that you can fit in with your choice of design. The black color has a durable finish and the color is chip-resistant. As mentioned earlier, there is no drilling or cutting required and no additional tools required to install it. Thus, it has been made easy to install with this spring tension-type of the fitting. The ends of the rod have stoppers attached which avoids any slippage even when there is water around.

It fits in very well with any type of surface, be it rough, smooth or with wallpaper on the wall. All the installation instructions have been provided with the package step by step to be followed. The metal is rust-resistant and hence provides a long-lasting usage. Once you remove the rod from the wall there is no scratch or marks left on the wall. You will never know if there was a rod installed in that place. 79% of the customers who bought this product were very much satisfied with it and they have also provided great comments on it.

5. Bath Bliss Wall Mounted Shower Curtain Rod

Bath Bliss Wall Mounted Shower Curtain Rod

Bath Bliss brand has a little different design of the curtain rod made available to the customers when compared to the standard ones. This is a single curved rod – unlike the curved double rod that we have seen in one of the earlier products. The one we are talking about now is a chrome finished rod that has a mirror finish to it. With the curved structure, it provides additional space within the shower space. The metal used in production is iron, but as iron is very much attractive to rust it is coated with a chrome finish to avoid any rust formation.

This model is designed to fit in the doorway of width between 42″ to 72″. The installation type is the conventional one; that is it requires drilling and nails to be hammered into the wall. All the required hardware has been provided within the package. Having said that, the installation process is easier than it sounds. The product is rust and water-resistant; hence you can rest assured of its quality. With its curved design, it provides 33% more space in the shower when compared to the straight ones. It is also safe to say that the rod holds the curtains and the drapes securely.

With around 58% of customers being completely satisfied with the quality and durability of the product, they find it apt for the requirement. They found it rightly priced with the easy installation process. They also commented on the durability and sturdiness of the product to be well within the expectations and its description on the website. Some also considered it to the best Amazon purchase they had. On the other end of the comment, there were at least 16% of the customers who rated this product to be worse. It could have been isolated cases where the customers found it to be made of poor-quality material. Contradicting to some of the best comments given by some, they found the installation process to be too tiresome and difficult.

6. iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod

iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod

Another curved design of the shower curtain rod means the conventional installation type. Available in 4 different colors, these would increase your space within the shower to at least 33%. This is from the brand iDesign and has some unique features other than the standard ones which we will be going through now. The four available colors are bronze, brushed, black, and white to choose from based on your requirement and the shower setting. The rod is an adjustable one in size between 41″ to 72″ based on the doorway or the shower width. It has been termed to be suitable for various locations like bathrooms, window curtains, closets, changing areas and all the places you can think of.

Not just its versatility, it is also strong in its design and also strong enough to hold the weight of the curtain, drapes of heavyweight. It is built to be rust-resistant and also durable. For this reason, stainless steel has been used as the material to manufacture it. The end of the rod has additional attachments that form as a decorative one, and hides or avoids any scratch on the wall. Installation is simple as mentioned by the manufacturer. Need to twist to adjust the size of the rod to fit the wall, then use the necessary hardware to attach it to the wall. The Matte black finish of the product gives a very stylish look to it and suits most of the bathroom settings.

Not just this product, the brand also offers many bath accessories and all of them are of the best quality possible. More than 70% of the customers have rated this product to be of the best quality and apt for the requirement. People with different size requirements bought the same one and all of them were satisfied with its fitting. The installation process was also found to be easy and quicker than most of the products we have discussed earlier.

7. Moen Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Moen Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Moen is the brand that has a variety of products to offer to its customers, starting from stylish faucets to motion sensor bathroom fittings. Not just versatility they are also very popular in the durability and sturdiness of their products. Out of the many such products, curtain rods are also of similar qualities that we just spoke now. Available in 3 different colors, the one we are talking about now if the chrome finish that suits any bathroom settings with its ability to stand out. Brush nickel, chrome and old world bronze are the three available types in the model. It forms as a decorative fitting too in the bathroom.

This is a tension mounted rod that fits most of the standard bathrooms/showers without any doubt. The size is adjustable between 44 – 72 inches and can be done with an easy twist of the rod. The decorative covers at the end of the rod provide a great style to the setting. It also conceals the appearance of any hardware at the end of it. To install, twist the rod to loosen up and adjust the length with an additional of 1-2 inches. Twist back to lock the length, and then hold the rod against the wall on both the side and then move it to a horizontal position tofit it strong on the wall. The product is built to last long and hence the brand also provides a limited life long warranty on it.

Customers have given very good comments to the product and we have seen around 62% of customers have rated this a high-quality product. They have found it to be the best one for their requirement. The installation has been praised for its simplicity by them. Contradicting comments were also found where they had issues with the rod fitting in securely to the wall.

8. HabiLife Shower Curtain Rods

HabiLife Shower Curtain Rods

Another model of non-slip spring tension curtain rods from HabiLifeis available to its customers in 4 different color variants to choose from. They are black, white, bronze and stainless steel colors and all of them are of the best quality and durability. They are also available in 4 different sizes and the one we are discussing is the smallest of them. It is an adjustable size rod that can fit it between 26-41 inches in size. It is made of 304 stainless steel, which is known to have a high corrosion-resistance quality. It can also be easily cleaned; hence no stains or marks can stay on the rod for long.

The rod has a diameter of 1 inch and can extend from 21″ to 41″ in its length. It is capable of taking the weight of heavy drapes or curtains. It can hold up to 22 pounds of weight after proper installation. The installation is quicker with ease of adjusting the length with just the twist of the rod—no drilling, cutting or hammering of nails required into the wall. The end of it holds the rubber suction cups that make sure there is no slippage of the rod when installed in the shower. The brand ensures its secure fix if you have followed the installation process properly.

9. Casa Pura Tension Shower Rod

Casa Pura Tension Shower Rod

This curtain rod by Casa Pura brand is a sleek design one with its designed rod-coverings at its end. It is adjustable between 41” to 70” in length hence can be fixed in most of the standard bathrooms without any doubt. Changing the size does not mean the capacity to bear the weight would decrease for the rod. It is evenly sturdy along the length of the rod. It is made of strong Aluminum metal, which is known to avoid rust formation and is also anti-corrosive material. It is also strong and sturdy once it is fit and you can forget about the next one for years.

It comes with an easy installation process. Adjust the size of the rod with a simple twist. Hold the rod against two walls and twist again until it has a strong grip on the wall and that’s it. Just make sure the rings are added on it before you do the fitting. There are also multiple sizes available in the product for you to choose from, the lengthiest one of them is around 98 inches. Not just shower, it can also be used in places like cupboards, windows, closets, and many such places.

10. RH Art Constant Tension Shower Rod

RH Art Constant Tension Shower Rod

With the brushed Nickel we are talking about, this model from the RH Art is the last on our list for discussion. It has an adjustable length from 42 inches to 72 inches. Made of durable and rustproof steel it has been designed to last long. This steel is also strong to accomplish some heavy-duty tasks in case of the curtain rods. The installation process is easy with the tension spring method being used in it. This method makes sure the wall is saved from the unnecessary drilling or hammering of nails. No scratches or damage need to be done on the wall for the installation purpose.

Not just shower the rod can also be used in various areas likes closets, changing areas and any other places you can think of having a curtain. With its ability to fit in different sizes its usage can also vary. It has a contemporary style with bronze finish color to it. The coverings at the end of the rod can also provide as a decorative finish to wherever it is installed. No tools are required for its installation, just twist and lock where you need to install it.

Shower Curtain Rod Buying Guide – Factors To Consider

What features are required in a curtain rod that suits your requirements? What features matters the most? Well, a couple of questions to start with we will be answering some of such questions to better your decision in buying the best one.


Where do you require to install the curtain rod? Although this article focuses on the shower curtain rod, they are also compatible with other areas. So, be sure where do you require to install it. You can use them in closets, windows, changing areas, or any other similar places where you see the curtain requirement. There are however some rods that are built only for bathroom/showers, especially those which are curved in shape.


As there is no standard width being defined for the doorway in any shower-rooms, the size of the curtain rods also has been kept flexible by most of the brands. All the ones on this list have flexible sizes between at least 15-20 inches in size. There are multiple size-combinations available in each of them and you need to choose the one that fits best for your requirement.

Material Used

Materials used in the production of the curtain rods are important to define the durability of it. Make sure they are rust-resistance and are made of stainless steel or aluminum. There are products with iron being used, but iron is easily corrosive when compared to the other materials. As the curtain rods are subject to frequent water spray they need to be protected from corrosion and rust. Choosing the right material is thus an important feature.

Installation Process

Want to avoid damage to the wall while fixing the rod? Want to be done with the installation process faster than the conventional type? Then go for the ones that have spring tension installation methods in it. It will save a lot of time in installation and also avoids any damage to the wall. No drilling, no hammering of nails on to the wall required.


Now we feel you are ready to decide on the best curtain rod that you require to purchase. The buying guide should have cleared most of your doubts to give you a clear thought process. We are sure you would have at least narrowed down the list to a couple of products and now making it easier to decide upon. Happy Buying!