10 Best Safe for Home Use 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Are you looking forward to purchasing a safe? Are you a first-time buyer? Are you confused about your choice of safes? Need not to worry; we have answers to all the above questions. When it comes to protecting our assets, there are limited options available. Some people like to dig a hole in their backyards; some rent a deposit box in the bank while others just like to purchase a safe. A home safe is the best way to protect the precious belongings, a home safe gives quick access of belongings to the users, and that is why people prefer purchasing a safe. A small home safe can protect pieces of jewelry, cash, crucial documents, and other collectibles against fire, water and theft damage, it can also prevent the accidental losses that are likely to happen in homes. In a perfect parallel universe, there would not be any need for safes to existing. But, unfortunately, we live in this real world where safes have become quite a necessity of almost every house and office. Safes are not new; some archaeological surveys have proved the existence of safes to be as old as 1200 years.

Since we live in the age of technology, there are numerous brands and models of safes available in the market. Choosing a single product is quite a difficult task, especially for first-time buyers. To ease your difficulty, this article is written for you. We have curated a list of some of the best safes that can be purchased for homes and offices. Each of these safes has distinctive features. We have also included the buyer’s guide to help the readers. The buyer’s guide is intended to inform the readers about the essential pointers that are needed to be kept in mind while purchasing a safe.

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1. AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box

AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box

If you are looking forward to purchasing a safe for your money and valuable jewelry, then the AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box is one of the best options for you. Made with durable steel, this safe box is resistant to hits and falls. The floor of the safe is carpeted, which eliminates the chances of damage and scratches. However, safe is not waterproof or fireproof. The safe features an electronic lock system, which also comes along with two override keys that come handy at the time of emergency. One can easily reprogram the safe with the help of its digital access. The safe has a compact construction of 0.5 cubic foot which is sufficient to store a number of items such as passports, legal documents, cash, jewelry, and other items.

Whether you head to your daily work or leave for a long holiday vacation, the AmazonBasics Security Safe will give you peace of mind ensuring the safety of your possessions. Moreover, the interior shelf of the safe is entirely adjustable and removable. The safe comes along with mounting hardware that is required for bolting the safe to wall, shelf, or floor.

2. SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe

Imagine, there’s a fire in your room and you have to run away, but you have kept your money and other precious items in a fireproof safe. Nothing will give you peace of mind at such a hard time apart from knowing that you have successfully protected valuables from fire. The SentrySafe safe can give you that contentment. This safe is totally fireproof and waterproof as well. The safe is ETL Verified, which means it can withstand a fall of 15 feet at the time of the fire, the safe remains closed even during such situations. The safe also has a waterproof nature, which means you can protect your stored valuables from water. Such safe comes handy for people who live in regions that are prone to floods. The safe features a set of combination locks (factory set).

This enhances the security of the stored items. This type of lock is considered to be the most unfailing form of securing items. The lock is mechanical; hence it does not require any battery for its operation. So, you need not worry about battery life which is the most problematic issue that arises when using a battery operated safely. Plus, the combination safe features steel construction, drawer, tray, 6 live-locking bolts, hinge bar (pry-resistant), and hardware for bolting.

3. AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

AmazonBasics brings you another efficient yet elegant safe for your home. The AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe has got a high rating in its sturdiness and ease of use. The safe has a capacity of 1.8 cubic foot which is perfect for your home. You can even keep this safe in your office to store all your essential documents safely. The safe is absolutely easy to operate which means you can quickly gain access to your valuables at the time of emergency. Plus, the safe comes along with an emergency back-up key that comes handy in certain situations. The safe is constructed using a heavy-duty carbon-steel, this enhances the sturdiness and toughness of the safe.

It has fourteen gauge steel body and eight gauge steel door. You’ll hardly find a safe with such a strong body. To ease the process of mounting, this comes with pre-drilled holes in it. You’ll also get hardware to ease the process of wall and floor mounting. Apart from being sturdy, the safe also has a beautiful black colored exterior that has the tendency to add elegancy to the place where it is mounted. AmazonBasics grants a one year warranty to its customers that increases the reliability of the product.

4. SentrySafe X105 Security Safe

SentrySafe X105 Security Safe

Many people require a large-sized safe inside their rooms but some of us would be fine with just a small-sized strong box that will store all our crucial documents and precious jewelry. In which case the SentrySafe X105 Security Safe is a brilliant solution for you. This safe may seem a bit smallish to you but it’s definitely not short in terms of security. The safe possesses a 0.98 cubic foot capacity and a weight of 24 pounds. The walls of the safe are constructed with steel, while its door is twice as thick. The interior portion of the safe is carpeted to keep your valuables protected. For enhanced security, the SentrySafe X105 Security Safe features a Tether Cable that can be used to secure the safe with a fixed object inside the room. Moreover, the safe has live-locking bolts that offer an advanced level of protection against unauthorized users and thieves.

The X105 Security Safe often features one removable shelf to help the users keep their belongings well organized. Plus, if you purchase this safe, you will get a bolt-down kit along with the safe. The brand tends to offer a one year warranty to the buyers. One of the best things about this safe is probably its ability to get hidden without any trouble. Go ahead, bring the safe to your room, and thank us later.

5. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe Box

Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe Box

Yuanshikjoffers you the safest way to store your valuable belongings. The Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe Box is a kind of mini safe that not only protects your belongings but is also easy to carry in times of need. You can store your cash, jewelry, crucial documents, noble metals, and other essential items inside this safe without any hesitation. The safe construction of steel, which means the safe will stand firm against all sorts of percussions. Yuanshikj is your best alternative to the expensive home safes. It will keep your belongings out of the hands of the robbers while also offering you easy access via the reliable keypad system. You can program the keypad according to your entry code, and if you are in a hurry and want immediate access to the safe, then you can even use the enter key.

The safe comes along with 2 entry keys, one for you and another for your wife. The instruction manual will help you understand the operation procedure of the safe. The Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe is a battery-operated device and hence the brand offers 4 batteries at the time of purchase. Plus, the magnetic lock feature automatically locks the safe with no extra effort. Considering all the above points, it is concluded that the safe is perfect to meet all the security requirements of your house.

6. Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe with Keypad

Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe

The keypad feature in the Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe is customizable and can be changed as much the user wants. The safe has a display that keeps the user updated on the status of the safe’s battery level. The LED display also lets you know if the safe is locked or not. IT is a kind of digital safe that can be mounted in your business or home, the safe has a portable size so you can take the safe along with you to a hotel or in the car. The safe is equipped with two override keys, this means you’ll have easy access to your safe even if you forget the keypad lock code.

One of the remarkable features of the Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe is that the safe gets automatically locked after three incorrect entries of the code, and the safe alarms by making sounds for 20 seconds. If the code has been entered more than 3 times incorrectly then the alarm will sound for 5 minutes. Therefore, no thief will be able to steal your valuables easily.

7. Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic, Extra-Large safe

Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic

This extra-large safe is another product from the Stalwart brand. Stalwart has been a trustworthy brand in the world of safes. The Stalwart digital Safe-Electronic extra-large safe is so large that one can store his/her jewelry, heirlooms, cash, passports, documents, and so many other things without any hesitation. The safe assures that your belongings and valuable assets are kept in a protected place so you can have peace of mind while sleeping. It is digital safe that can be installed either on the floor or on the wall, wherever you want it to be installed.

The safe features LED display and an automatic lock system. The safe even alarms the users if there is an attempt of theft at any time. The keypad can be set with a lock code. In case you forget the passcode, you can have access to the safe with the help of the override keys or you can reprogram the keypad lock system with the help of an expert. The safe has excellent tough construction. It also comes along with mounting hardware.

8. TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Safe Box 

TIGERKING Security Home Safe

The TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Safe box consists of two security modes: The standard security mode and the Maximum security mode. In the standard security mode, you can use the code to lock the safe while in the maximum security mode, you can use the key as well as the code to lock your safe. The exterior of the safe has been sprayed with electrostatic powder spectacular spray. The specialty of this spray is that it is rustproof, scratch-resistant, oxidation resistant, and has a smooth finish. The safe has an attractive look as well. It is equipped with LED lights and has a sturdy steel construction.

The safe features 6 live bolts and the thickness of the safe wall are 5 mm, all these features add extra security to the safe. One of the promising features of the safe is its touch screen control panel. The touch screen is specifically designed to give a rapid response when touched. If the safe feel any violent vibrations or if the wrong passcode is entered for more than 3 times, then the safe will alarm by making loud noises. The safe even allows the users to program two separate codes.

9. Hurbo Fireproof Home Digital Security Safe Box

Hurbo Fireproof Home Digital Security Safe Box

If you are searching for a fireproof safe for your home, then the Hurbo Fireproof Home Digital Security Safe box is perfect for you. This means the safe can protect your essential documents and pieces of jewelry from fire. The safe is constructed using thick and solid chrome steel; it is a kind of heavy-duty steel that adds to the security of the safe. The safe consists of pre-drilled holes that increase the ease of installation. The same pre-drilled holes can be used to mount the safe on the floor or walls. The brand also offers 4 AA batteries which can be used to control the digital control panel.

The Hurbo Safe provides peace of mind to the customers by ensuring protection from robbers and thieves. Moreover, the key lock is easy to operate, you can program your lock code without the help of an expert. Every person does not need a bank vault in their room, sometimes people just wish to have a safe place to hide their precious items, and by all means, the Hurbo fireproof safe box is efficient to meet your needs.

10. Lovndi Security Safe Box, Digital Safe

Lovndi Security Safe Box

The Lovndi Security safe box, digital safe is one of the most brilliant looking yet sturdy safe. The safe has a capacity of 1 cubic foot. It is a type of electronic safe that features a biometric lock system. The safe is equipped with a high-end fingerprint scanner that can detect your fingerprint as soon as you put your finger on the scanner. 2 override keys are offered by the brand to help the users in the time of emergency. You can even use the password reset button to reset your lock password; the button is hidden inside the safe at the back of the door.

The Lovndi Security safe box is engineered to exact details, it is not going to succumb against any kind of brutal forces or bar driven assaults that are mostly done by the robbers. As soon as the safe encounters vibrations or incorrect passcodes, the safe will start beeping the alarm sound to inform the users about the attempt of robbery. Unlike other mediocre safes, the Lovndi Security safe box offers a large capacity to the users for storing their valuable possessions. It is larger than most of the regular home safes that are available in the market.

Things to consider when buying a safe for home

Most people store their precious belongings inside a safe, safes are made to protect our crucial items from robbery, fire, and natural calamities. A safe is available in numerous range of sizes, functions, and shapes. It can be used for both commercial or residential purposes. Purchasing a safe can be a quite tedious task if you are doing it for the first time. There are a few essential pointers that are needed to be kept in mind while making a purchase of a safe.

Let us discuss a few essential pointers so that you select a good safe for your home or office.

  • Types of Protection

It is very essential to consider the type of protection that a person wants in his/her safe. Safes are available in a variety of lock systems. They are as follows:

  1. Keyed lock: One of the most standard and basic lock systems is the keyed lock system. You would find so many safes in the market with a keyed lock system. In this type of locking, there is no need to remember any combination or codes, you can call it the simplest way of securing the belongings.
  2. Combination Lock: The combination lock system comprises of a 3 number combination. In this type of locking system, batteries are not required.
  3. Electronic/ Keypad Lock: The electronic/keypad lock is a kind of digital locking system. Such types of systems require a 1 to 8 digit password for opening the lock. If you purchase this type of locking system, you will also get a unique feature for multiple-users.
  4. Biometric Lock: The Biometric lock system is an ultimate locking system. Users can incorporate their fingerprints into the safe for accessing the safe. You can easily find biometric safes in the market.
  • Consider the capacity of the safe

Another important pointer to consider while purchasing the safe is its capacity. One should always be sure about the size of the safe that is required by him/her. Safes are available in a number of sizes, you can select according to your requirements.

  1. Small-sized safe: A small-sized safe is also known as a mini-safe. You can purchase a small-sized safe if you want to store the following items: cash, passports, pieces of jewelry, small collectibles, and spare keys.
  2. Medium-sized and large-sized safe: You can purchase a medium or large-sized safe if you are looking forward to storing your paper documents, cash drawers, hanging folders, large collectibles, and binders.
  3. Extra-large sized and upright safe: The extra-large and upright safes are easily available in the market. You can buy such safes for securing a large number of documents, firearms, and other essential data.
  4. Tip for selecting the correct, safe type: One of the simplest ways to determine the size of safe that a person might need is by piling up and measuring the stuff that is about to be kept inside the safe. Safes of between 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet capacities are usually purchased by most people.
  • Consider if the safe is resistant to fire or not

You might be aware of the fact that fire is one of the biggest concerns of safe buyers. Therefore, one should always check if the safe is fireproof or not, if not, then do not buy it. We recommend our readers to select a fireproof safe to prevent any future hazards. The Interlek and UL rate the fire-resistant safes on the basis of the material the safe will protect and how long the safe will protect it. For your instance, the safes that have been rated to protect paper documents should not exceed 350 degrees of temperature on their outside at the time of the fire. If you want to store your DVDs and Computer disks, then purchase a safe that has been rated not to exceed more than 150 degrees on the inside. The information related to the temperature is available on the safety manual and on the packaging. Most of the home safes offer a 30 to 60-minute protection from fire. Always check and read the fireproof feature of the safe before purchasing it.

  • Consider if the safe is water resistance or not

The water resistance feature of a safe is very crucial for people who live in a flood-prone region. The protection from water is an added characteristic of the home safes that are theft or fire-resistant. The water resistance feature of the safe also comes handy at the time of water line breakage. Always buy a safe that is water-resistant, especially if you live in an area that is more prone to flooding.

  • Consider the Burglary Protection

Different types of safes offer different levels of burglary protection to the users. Always check the burglary resistance ratings before making a purchase of a safe for your home. A commercial safe may have a different burglary resistance rating than the home safe. Most of the safes also come along with bolt-down kits that will increase the problem of thieves who are in a hurry. You can even purchase a safe that has the capacity to be anchored in concrete flooring or concealed in a wall. This will enhance the safety level of your belongings. Make no mistake; do not take any chances while purchasing a new safe.

  • Consider the price of the safe

There is a saying “you get what you pay for”, this saying might be true to some extent. However, if you search hard, you may find an excellent quality safe at a reasonable price. When buying a safe, try not to purchase a low-priced one as you would not want to risk your valuable belongings.

Bottom line

We are aware of the fact that so many people face troubles while purchasing a safe for their homes to keep their possessions protected. To resolve the problems of such people, we decided to put this fantastic article about home safes, where we have listed the ten best safes for the home that you can give a thought to while making a purchase of the safe in 2020.

We have highlighted the products that would seem interesting to our readers. We hope you select high security safe for your home and protect your precious assets from thieves and robbers.