10 Best Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors 2020

Hardwood flooring surely looks incredible but suffice it to say that you need to take very good care of it for the lasting service life. To invest your money in flooring is surely not so easy and that is why, when it comes of making the right rug which can protect the flooring look for the one that has pad so that for lamination or hardwood flooring at least you get better protection and safety for your family from slipping down at any moment. Here are some of the best things to understand before you make any kind of decision on buying the best rug pad for your house.

Things you must not forget – For those who are looking for the rug ad first need to know it is not just the material which you use for carpeting. It can save your lot of money and time if you choose the right one. A rug pad can serve ample of purposes. Right from insulation till comfort whenever you are on the floor you will be able to experience the difference when you have such type of rug adding. Now the crucial question that comes is how to make the choice. Well, there are no hard and fast rules for the same. Ideally, you would have to work on the research and never jump on the conclusion so far. Compare the products and then only make your decision. To make sure you are choosing the rug pad rightly, you need to see that it is dense enough to absorb the penetration that would impact the rug and floor. Your rug pad needs to have a good grip.

Advantages to know – Such types of rug pads can be helpful if you have hardwood flooring. There are still many debates over using the rug pads beneath the area rug. But frankly using rug pads beneath the rug is important keeping safety in mind.

Even if there are needless options in the area rugs to make the choice, it is important to understand that you may come across different challenges which homeowners like you and I might not be even aware of when it comes to entire house carpeting. Talking about the advantages here are not:

If you don’t have a rug with a pad beneath your coffee table or any kind of large furniture piece then there is a safety risk for you and your family. This increases the risk of slipping and falling. With a pad below the rug would eliminate the aspect of a slippery part in the rug o that there is no one falling while walking on the carpet top at the house.

There are high chances for your rug to get affected with food contaminants and even dirt particles which may cause asthma and other illness. When debris gets stored between the rug and flooring, it would tear the material of the carpet may be because of creating the pressure that would hamper the lanes and reduce the life span of the rug. With good padding, there is a protection against any of such damages which eventually also helps in maintaining the value of the investment.

Cleaning part – For your mom, it would, of course, be quite challenging to maintain the rug which would look new and great amongst the professional cleaning. There is another advantage of the pads which means it lets your mom more of a helping hand since it becomes efficient vacuuming by giving a better space for the smooth air ventilation between the floor and carpet. Since vacuum makes it easy when the flow of the air under the rug takes place, it lets you eliminate debris and dirt which can harm the fabric.

Extra cushioning – Along with the above-mentioned advantage, this rug pad is also helpful since the rug is subtle, there is extra padding that is given which is quite obvious. You eventually would realize at every step to take the area rugs. You may feel super confident while walking from the hardwood flooring as it protects the rug and this way you can get more safe condition but when you walk with the extra cushioning that would let you enjoy the rugs functioning.

Types of Rug Pad –  Rug pads are divided into different types. Talking of which to name a few are:

Polyvinyl-based (PVC): Some of the low-cost padding comes with a PVC combination which is not analyzed for the content of non-toxic or any emission of VOC.

Synthetic Latex: It comes with the short term solution. There are clay fillers that are a perfect blend of latex which can reduce down the price of the manufacturing. Clay tends to dry out quickly because of which there might be rubber flakes pile.

100% Natural Rubber: With a medium price range, there are 100% rubber pads that are made from the sap of the rubber tree which is eco-friendly and can be the safest approach to the rubber-based PVC for a better quality of air in an indoor area.

Felt Rug Pad: this is another incredible option to shortlist since it comes it cushion for the rug. Such a pad can be best for the larger rugs which can anchor the pad as it doesn’t have much grip of the rubber.

Best Buy Rug Pads for hardwood Floors

There are ample of advantages of choosing the right rug pad for your house. Listed are some of the top-notch ones that you can shortlist. The given below are highly recommended by customers and even by the sellers who have been into this market for quite a long time. If you are planning to make the decision then the given below options can be of great help.

1. GORILLA GRIP Original Felt and Rubber Underside Gripper Area Rug Pad

GORILLA GRIP Original Felt and Rubber Underside Gripper Area Rug Pad

Made in the USA, this is one quality rug pad that you can shortlist in your buying pattern. It is durable and strong and is available at the friendly value. Thanks to the environmentally friendly material, you and your family and pet all can stay protected without any allergy issues. Cleaning in most of the rug pads is a problem but this rug pad is designed in such a y that can make your job easy since simply a vacuum cleaning is sufficient. Just like any other rug pad that you get in the market, this product is also designed to offer your hardwood floor much needs support. This could be your great investment since; it is made of high quality.

Talking about some of the impeccable features, understand that this rug made is made of premium materials which are why it is strong and sturdy. When you place it on your hardwood floor there is no risk of it slipping away or moving. Besides it also has a feature of 1/4″ thick condensed needle punch which eventually increases the durability of the rug and thus offers extra protection. Available in pre-cut sizes, you can make the choice depending on the need that your house floor has got. Thanks to gripping technology and durable cushioning, using this pad surely can make your day.

2. RUGPADUSA, 12’x20′, 1/8” Thick, Basics Felt + Rubber Rug Pad


This is another top-notch quality non-slip rug pad that you can shortlist for your buying. It is made of 1/8″ Felt + Rubber from the USA, which is why you can rest assured that you are dealing with the right product. This is one incredible solution for the hardwood flooring since the rubber used for this rug pad is non-slippery and can be used in all types of rugs. Thanks to the felt surface layer, there is an extra cushion too with rubber layer below which ensures you don’t slip while walking. Talking about the cushion, it is /8’’ thick felt moderate level with rough feel to the grip rug backing

With assured customer satisfaction and lasting result, surely investing in such type of pad will not disappoint you at all. Besides the natural rubber comes with backing stops that make sure the rug from hard flooring doesn’t have any wrinkle, bunching or even sliding taking places especially in the high traffic areas. Being safe for floors, easy cleaning solution and size available at a moderate level with easy training option too, certainly dealing in such type of rug will not appoint you at all. If this sounds interesting to you then understand that buying such flooring will not repent you at all.

3. Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non-Slip Rug Pad

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non-Slip Rug Pad

This 8*10” ping rug is another incredible product that has become the talk of the town. It is trending in the market because of the best service and result of safety and non-slipping solution for the hardwood floor which so far customers have experienced. However, for the first time users to get hesitant on such issues is pretty common. But understand that such type of product can help you in protecting any kind of trip hazard and ensure that in case of any kind of accidents that are usually used because of the heel of a shoe that gets caught up on the edge can be well taken care of. There are some other advantages of using this rug pad too such as easy vacuuming, better trimming, and noise absorption and better comfort to your feet which is why to invest in it and get the desired results for long.

Moving further about the features, you can get ample of them and thus don’t be surprised to see how you get advantages within the limited budget. You can trim down the rug pad with scissors and then match it with the exact size and shape of the rug. This way only thing would breeze you the bit. The best way to know the size of the rug is quite easy. Simply ensure that the rug is one inch less than the size of the rug from all the four corners so that it will not be visible.

4. DoubleCheck Products Non-Slip Rug Pad Size 2 x10 for Runner Rugs

DoubleCheck Products Non-Slip Rug Pad

With thick padding, light in weight and high quality you can even think of this rug pad. It is extremely easy to use and the best part is there are no risks of accidental damages like a stain that is quite likely to happen. It can fit your flooring rough feel to grip rug backing and if you want you can even trim it down as per your need which is why; customers prefer choosing this environmentally friendly product. To make sure your rug stays intact even when kids are often playing on it, the pad ensures there is no risk of sliding or bunching because of incredible comfort with fine cushioning that you get.

Other than this, such type of rug also gets better support, more circulation of the air and you can even hold your rug without any risk of wear and tear which is why get this rug today and stay rest assured. There are also some other advantages of it such as, your rug can stay intact, it gets better serving life, there will not be any kind of moving rug on the hardwood flooring problem you can shape it to the size you want, it has natural microbial solution and you can wash it with your hands using mild detergent.

5. Ninja Brand Gripper Rug Pad, Size 8 Feet x 10 Feet, for Hardwood Floors and Hard Surfaces

Ninja Brand Gripper Rug Pad

This is gripper rug pad has extra padding for better comfort and which ensures that you and your family can stay and walk around the rug hassle-free. The rug pad can be best used for making the couch cushioning, mattress and even the slipping futon and that is why, if you are planning to choose it for the home, you will not be disappointed. The best part of such cushioning is it is not just functional but its sleek designs can match the home décor too. It is made of sturdy quality which means the money you put in it would give you better-extended life of the padding along with the rug in which you had interested already.

This effective rug pad is extremely light in weight which aims to keep your rug flat and in the place. You can trip it and for this select the padding which usually matches closely with the rug size that you have at your home. Now you can buy such rug and with confidence since it lets you do easy vacuuming and ensure there is no risk of pollen or allergen taking place.

6. EPICA Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad

EPICA Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad

When we look around for the quality rug what matters the most is the safety and the investment to have lasted long with better service life. However, rugs need a good rug pad which is anti-slippery especially if you have housing with hardwood floors. That is when you can consider the option of EPICA Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad. It is not just an amazing option but the fact is, you can get it at great pricing and superb functionalities that you may not find elsewhere. This product has been designed with a blend of psychics and technology being used. There is an open square physics in it which gives an instant reaction for the pressure movement that takes place all of a sudden this way it delivers with 2x suction.

Made with fine engineering, this product is surely the must-have at your place. You can block the entry of the hardwood areas to make sure you don’t slip but having this rug pad around, now you can roam hassle-free. You don’t have to be scared of falling or getting any of your family members injured when you can use this pad and keep everyone around safe. The quality is so sleek with the sturdy construction and has the reversible ads with a vacuum cleaning solution which is why you will not be disappointed in using it all.

7. TRU Lite Rug Gripper – Non-Slip Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

TRU Lite Rug Gripper

This is one of the best and the top-notch quality rugs that you can come across. With heavy-duty gripping and the best anchoring rug solution which ensures the hardwood falling is securely used this rug pad is worth investing. It is not just designed for the hardwood flooring but you can also use it for another flooring that includes lamination, tiling, ceramic, vinyl, linoleum and tiling and stoning to name a few. It can be duct or say trimmed down easily as per your comfort. The best part about this rug pad is you don’t have to put extra efforts on claiming the dust or dirt which gets accumulated as it comes with easy vacuuming technology

Now you don’t have to stop your kids from playing around the flooring made of hardwood when your rug can be installed with this quality rug pad which has a sturdy gripping solution with anti-skid protect the room. Thanks to the mesh rubber and fine PVC coating, the offers of the workmanship that has been put here are recommendable. There is also no adhesive being used that may hamper the flooring quality besides, Oriental rug that you have installed at your home will stay in place even when you do vacuuming.

8. RHF 5×7 Rug Pad, Rug Pad, Rug Gripper, Extra Strong Grip

RHF 5×7 Rug Pad

This rug pad is available in different sizes for your better comfort and choice to be made. Thanks to its non-slippery solution it is quite high in demand. But that is not it, such rug pad which is also popular by other names like rug gripper or hand wood flooring pad is made of rubber PVC material. That is why; your rug stays intact even when you plan to vacuum it. Talking about the vacuum, yes, certainly, this rug pad is easy to clean with your vacuum machine and thus, you can save a lot of your hard work and efforts. You can also enhance the griping of your rug pad while providing comfort to your feet with the extra cushioning which can be removed as per the comfort.

There is, of course, the standard size of rug pad available in the market but if you want to cut it down as per the particular shape and size, you can do so. With the extra thick cushioning pattern you can have a better rubber for gripping the floor which also would make sure there is a protective layer for the hardwood flooring against the rough area on the most of the part of the rug.

9. GRIP MASTER 2X Extra Thick Area Rug Cushioned Gripper Pad

GRIP MASTER 2X Extra Thick Area Rug Cushioned Gripper Pad

With easy installation, deep cleaning and light in weight what else would you need in a rug pad when you get it all with this GRIP MASTER 2X Extra Thick Area Rug Cushioned Gripper Pad. It is one of the thickest pad options which is available in the market and is said to be the best one too. This rug pad is made to give your area rug a better surety and help for walking on the floor especially the laminated or the hard floors which are quite common in most of the houses. It also helps to reduce down the bunching and slippery pattern which is quite common to happen when you walk around such floors.

With great thickness as compared to other rug pads that you get in the market, surely, to deal with this one will not disappoint you at all. Made with the finest open grid technology, use this rug pad that would remote better flow of the air and smooth circulation too under the rug. It is important since it protects against the mildew, odor and even mold and other harmful bacteria that may be taking place. Thanks to its vacuum friendly yet revisable solution, choose this rug pad for better safety f you family and lasting service life of your rug

10. Veken Non-Slip Area Rug Pad Gripper

Veken Non-Slip Area Rug Pad Gripper

If you are looking for the top-notch quality of the rug padding that can give you lasting result then surely it is the right place where you have landed up. Made in the USA, this product is one of the finest ones that you can come across in the market. With PVC material and non-slip protection, if you want to make your investment worth then surely this is the right option that you can consider of choosing. The best part of this rug is you not just get extra protection for your kids but even the service life of your rug gets extended a lot. This surely sounds the most interesting thing and that is why investing in it will only give you peace of mind.

Moving on to the feature, it gives you an easy installation solution, better floor protection and can be fitted with the standard size which you can certainly cut as and when needed. With no hassle of cleaning the rug, surely, using such type of rug will only benefit you and if this sounds interesting then certainly go ahead and but this non-slip rug pads that come with long-lasting quality and protect your hardwood flooring for years to come.

Buying Guide

This type of pad comes with ample of advantages as mentioned. But for the first time user, it is important to know how to make the right choice amongst the rug pad that is worth the investment that you can make.

Know the quality

 Most of the rug pads are high in VOC’s which means Volatile Organic Compounds. Such a product is made of petroleum-based chemicals like PVC which is chemically bonding to the polyurethane incising on the floor. Some come at a cost-friendly price too which costs around the synthetic rubber pads and latex material which can be made with flay fillers that can work fine at the initial stage and then turn down into dust. To choose the quality rug pad is important and can protect the potential problems that may come in the future.

Safety: This should be another concern that needs to be clear. The purpose of pad is safety. And when you are planning to buy such pad, make sure that it will keep the rug flat and protect any kind of falling and slipping from the movement of the rug.

Protection:  This is another interesting pad feature that you should not ignore. The pad that you are planning to buy that should not damage the floor surface. Some of the carpet and rugs are highly oven and of fine craftsmanship. Some come with a secondary material that can wear through the floor finishing if you don’t check it well. There is pad which can protect any dye-transfer from the rug to the floor finishing

Better extended life:  A pad can increase the rug life substantially since it would protect the fiber of the rug from getting compressed or flatten at any point in time. The rug would also protect the excess wear and tear to the backside of the rug which may come when the rug keeps getting fractioned against the hard flooring surface It is crucial to choose the rug pad which can ensure the hard knitted rugs are well protected.

How To Clean A Rug Pad?

Rug pads are very important to protect the rugs and the floor as well. Maybe they do not need as much cleaning as a Rug needs, but you are investing in the rug pads too and cleaning them is a very important task. If you are not sure about how to clean the rug pads, then here is how you can do it easily…

Shake them out:

Shaking the rug pad can help you in getting rid of the maximum dust that is accumulated on the rug pad. If it is an outdoor rug pad, then you will have to shake them at least once in a week along with the rugs and also after a strong wind or storm. If it is an indoor rug pad, then you will have to go for a bi-monthly cleaning. Even if you are having pets at home, then cleaning them regularly along with the rug is very important.

Use a Vacuum cleaner:

You can clean the rug pads with the help of the vacuum cleaners as well. You can do this at least once in two years to remove all the dust that is accumulated on the rug pad. But if you are using open weave rubber rug pads, then you need to have to worry about too much cleaning, but you should make sure that the floor underneath the rug pad is cleaned at least once in a year. This will protect the floor from getting any stains on it due to the dust that is accumulated under the rug pad.

Clean spills quickly:

Spills are something that no one can avoid and it is a part of any household. Any pet accidents or tea and coffee spills should be addressed as quickly as possible. If you are taking longer to address them then you will have to spend a lot of time to get them cleaned. You may have to do a lot of rubbing to get rid of them. When the spill volume is high, then it might have got into the rug pad along with the rug. So, make sure that you are cleaning the rug pad along with the rug. You need to first concentrate on the rug and then you should clean the rug pad, but you should never forget it.

Frequent cleaning not required:

Usually, you will have to clean the dirt from the rug once in a week, especially if you are having kids, adults, and pets at home. But your rug pad does not require that frequent cleaning. The dust will make its way to the rug pad from the rugs but you need not have to clean it weekly. You should clean them at least four times a year. That means you can make it a habit to clean the rub pads at least once in three months. If you are having outdoor rug pads, then you will have to clean them often as there will be a lot of dust in them.


Now that you are pretty much clear with the best of the rug pad options and the type that you can shortlist, make sure you speak with family members and friends who can help you get the best possible rug pad without much of the investment.