10 Best Rolling TV Stands 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Are you looking for a good quality rolling tv stand for flat screen tv? Let us help you!

Technology advancement has certainly introduced ample of things in our life. Earlier with the fat box of television, we fulfilled our childhood entertainment. But now, you can watch the TV which eventually would be hanged up on the wall just like a frame. It does sound interesting but the challenging part comes is to buy the right TV stand for it. A rolling TV stand is currently the talk of the town. With modern-day appliances like mount wall TV trending in the market, the demand for rolling TV stand has also incredible. It is popular because it not just improves the interior décor aesthetics but is a great way to protect your television from any kind of damage.

There is no doubt that rolling TV stands are in the market for quite a long time but this is also a fact that first time users are most likely to get confused amongst which option to choose. Surely there are so many misconceptions that people have in their minds with regards to buying a rolling TV stand. However, the myth still hasn’t been proved and you can rest assured of the fact that rolling TV stands are the most affordable ones designed for flat screens that are available in the stores and online markets too. To get your hands on the right rolling TV stand, you, of course, will have to make good research.

There are ample of advantages associated with it. First of all, it is light in weight and compact. Being compact, you don’t have to worry about its space storage since this stand can even be carried without any hassle to other locations. Moving further, this type of stand is reliable and the most supportive option for your flat-screen TV which is why investing in such accessory is worth it.

If you are planning to buy this type of stand for your TV then surely you must also peak with customers who previously have purchased it. This will give your confidence a better boost on why choosing such type of TV stand is an ideal choice.

Best Buy Rolling TV Stands Reviews

To get a TV might be the easiest task over getting the right type of TV stand that can help it assemble in the right position. Remember, TV is one kind of delicate technology which you cannot just put in any corner wherever you like. However, you need to hang it well on the wall or place it on the table as long as it is safe. Convenience here should not be the primary concern but safety matters. That is why; TV rolling stand can be a great helping support for you. When you think of getting the right type of TV there are so many things you might be taking into account. To get things sorted for you with regards to buying a top rated rolling TV stand, listed are some of the best ones that can match your needs and value for the money. So let us drive into the reviews of the top-notch brands trending in the market today.

1. VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart

VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart

VIVO presents one of the top-notch quality movies TV carts which is best for rolling around the classroom, conference room and even in the house. This mounting bracket s designed to fit VESA 600×400 and smaller. It can hold the screens 32” to 65” up to the maximum weight of 110lbs. With great features and amazing quality, this TV rolling stand is worth the investment. Talking of the feature, this cart comes with a good and strong internal cable management system. There is also a rolling caster that eases the cart stationary. Thanks to the metal shelf it, can hold nearly 10bs.

With smooth black finding, this rolling stand can also match your home décor. It is designed to help you stay organized as there is storage shelf cable management. You will be able to store all the video and audio equipment in the tray that measures 19″ x 11.5″ tray which itself is quite spacious. Thanks to the middle shelving, there is a sturdy solution with 10-pound capacity that can hold DVD players, streaming devices, laptops, and even other equipment. Do not worry about the warranty, as you get it off for 3 years.

2. NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand

NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand

This universal mobile stand is a perfect example of money and quality that you may not find elsewhere. This TV stand comes with a mounting solution. Of course, it is comfortable with most 32″-65″ Flat and even best suited for the curved panel LED, Plasma and even LCD TVs. This rolling black steel TV cart option gives you a great chance for the educational session or business presentation that you need to conduct. Of course, it can also be used at expos and trade shows or classrooms without any hassle. Thanks to the feature of it to be mounted for your computer monitor, you can also enjoy playing video games.

Equipped with great features such as 4 brake castor that helps you tool form one room to another and flat TV panel from 32-65″ diagonal investing in this product is worth it. Other than this, it has a shelf with an adjustable height solution for AV equipment. The product can take up to 100 lbs. Thanks to the adjustable video tray; you can adjust the height above the display at the time of teleconferencing. This cart is the perfect fit for the TV brands that are available in the market with diagonal from 32 to 65 inches

3. Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart

Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart

Another great product that has become the talk of the town is Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart. This premium rolling art is known for moving your monitor or even TV to any room is it in your office or at home. The unit has been created in a way that it can fit universally to LED, LCD, and even Plasma TVs. With the flat panel display from 32″ to 65″, you can rest assured that you are investing in the right tool. This mount can utilize the from 32″ to 65″ which is usually installed in ample of a flat TV screen that usually ranges of 200mm x 200mm up to 600mm x 400mm

Taking further about the quality, this rolling stand is made from commercial grade. Because of its heavy-duty steel solution, the rolling mount has been rated with a capacity of around 110 pounds. Surely, it s one convenient option to buy because it comes with a shelf that has a height adjustment solution to hold the game console, cable box, and even the DVD player to name a few. It is also loaded with features that offer maximum stability and security for televisions from 32 – 65 in.

4. 1home Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand

1home Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand

This rolling TV stand is ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, and a business hall and even for your house. The bracket of mounting fits VESA size of around to 400x400mm which is designed for holding the screens 23″ to 55″ with a good loading capacity of 50 KG. It has the mounting bracket because of which +/ -15 degree tilt is possible to enjoy a better viewing experience from different angles. It is compact and comes with a sturdy quality because of which using it for a long time shall not be the problem for you at all with regards to the investment that you put.

The rolling stand comes with features of a good internal cable management system and a mounting plate which has the height adjustment solution. This shelf is, of course, durable and stable with a surface ideal for a gaming console, laptop, and even AV equipment to name a few. Thanks to the flexible mount bracket, it is designed to fit different LCD, LED and even the Plasma flat screen that may vary from 23 to 55 inch with the capacity to load up to 55 lbs. It is VESA compatible and is quite flexible enough to be moved around the flat screen that you have within your office, house or classroom without any problem.

5. VIVO White Mobile TV Cart

VIVO White Mobile TV Cart

VIVO White Mobile TV Cart is another adjustable TV stand that has been introduced by the VIVO brand the company certainly offers the quality assured stand which is loaded with great features. Talking of which, this product is known to be best used to farting the flat screen at your business area, home or even in the classroom. It also comes with some of the incredible features such as adjustment f the right with a better center screen height solution of 58.5″. There is a shelf that you can adjust from 17.75” to 27” along with the support role at the center.

There is a stand assembly which is convenient, simple and comes with all important hardware and tools that can help in the mounting process of the flat screen. There is also a sturdy sleek frame that comes with easy height adjustment with a center support system. With easy installation and warranty up to 3 years, this is definitely worth the product you can do the investment.

6. Yaheetech 32 to 70 Inch Mobile TV Cart Universal Flat Screen Rolling TV Stand

Yaheetech 32 to 70 Inch Mobile TV Cart Universal Flat Screen Rolling TV Stand

This is perfect mobile TV stand for you with the blend of style and quality that you may not find in most other brands of the stands. It is a perfect support for your visual enjoyment. Surely it is value for money since, it s loaded with great features. You can use it for your office, home or school and trade shows and gaming areas to enjoy watching screen. This adjustable flat TV screen can help you display the information and any kind of updates irrespective of the place. There is a metal framing with the shelves for storage purpose that offer you better stability.

This mobile TV stand is compatible with 32″ to 70″ LCD LED Flat Screens. It has the TV bracket which is adjustable and is totally worth make investment because of sturdy shelves, protective bolts tip ensure your TV don’t fall and two columns design that ensure every side of the wire gets hided well. This rolling stand can be used in Gym as well. And if you are planning to invest in this product then rest assured because it will eventually be worth the investment that you make.

7. Suptek Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand Mount with Wheels and Shelf

Suptek Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand

 Being light in weight and compact, this is one perfect stand mount TV solution that can be used in business halls, conferences, and even trade shows to name a few. It is versatile, sturdy quality and compact because of which it is quite trending in the market. Moving further, it can be a great fit for the panel TVs which usually ranges from 32″-70″ and that can weigh around 100lbs. if you are looking for security, stability, durability and flexibility without compromising with the quality then surely this is the right product for you

This product can fit the flat TV panel which can range in different sizes as stated. But the best part is for better grip there is a seamless construction with the material which is used of cold rolled steel. Thanks to its 4 universal brake wheels, this caster can easily move with the brae for better gliding. If you are worried and thinking whether it can match with your home décor then be rest assured as the black powder coating finish can surely offer you the most reliable option. Besides, there is a broad range of VESA pattern and has the integrated cable management with lockable 360°casters for better use.

8. Husky Mount Mobile TV Stand with Wheels

Husky Mount Mobile TV Stand

This rolling stand is designed to offer the quality for money that you out in. Of course, over other products it surely offers the most convenient solution and support for your TV. T has the ability to carry around 132 lbs. thanks to its heavy duty construction of steel; there is necessary assembly and better protection that you get for television. What else would you be needed in the amount that you out in this product. Surely, it is the best option to choose and if you want to make the best use of it, then avail the smooth swivel caster wheels.

Talking about the wheels, it has a brake so that minimum safety is ensured. Besides the TV arms slide side to side can fit well for better stability. The height of the TV mount can be adjusted which is why buying it shall not repent you at all. With great design, amazing performance, incredible customer reviews, surely buying such product should not harm you. Further, thanks to integrated cable management channel the tube offers the beat display.

9. ONKRON Mobile TV Stand with Mount Rolling TV Cart

ONKRON Mobile TV Stand

This is leading one in the market because of the best quality and great material that you get. This product is known to come with high quality mounting solution  for computer, monitors or the laptop and even the displays of the TV screen to name a few. The company is into the market from 10 years and needless to say it has not disappointed anyone yet. This model is the trending one because it helps with the most common diagonals be it from 32” to 65 inches. It is one easy and modern solution for the small and big business as well.

This can be used in different areas such as classrooms, boardrooms, non profits, professionals, expos, trade shows and community organizations to name a few. It is made from the sturdy metal allow frame because of which it can hold around 100 lbs screens with 4 caster wheel for better movement. There is also a top shelve for the audio video equipment and has he hide cable which is located in the stand pole. It thus ensures the things are well kept organized and neat.

10. TAVR Mobile TV Stand Rolling TV Cart Floor Stand with Mount

TAVR Mobile TV Stand

This model is compatible with different brands since it measures 30(L)x 24(W)x(50-72)(H) inches. It also comes with a height adjustment and has 8 steps feature from 50” to 72″. Thanks to the mount bracket solution, it can be tilted up and down to 15° because of which the right viewing angle can be enjoyed.  It also has the stand on wheel that has 4 different pieces of heavy-duty 360° mobile casters with brake on front side.

Considering location for usage in mind, it can be used for homes, office, board rooms, schools, hotels, airports and even lobbies. It can also be the best choice for doing presentation at trade shows and expos without any hassle.

Rolling TV Stand Buying guide – Features To Look

To buy a TV rolling stand can be a little tricky especially for first-time users When you plan to watch TV, your focus is more on the screen and not on where you will be keeping it. Such type of entertainment box requires a good supporting accessory and that is why you must consider buying a TV stand which is sturdy and worth investing your money into it. To achieve the optimal capacity of the stand you buy, here are some features that you must consider when buying such type of TV.

  • Be Sure About The Space Of The TV

If the size of your TV is smaller than that of the rolling stand, then it surely makes no sense to buy it. That is why; when you plan to buy a TV you two need to measure different things TV and TV stand. The TV needs to be measured diagonally while to measure the TV stand, it must be done across. This means if you have a 60 inch TV it will not line up well with the TV stand that has got an edge of 60 inches wide.

  • Know The Purpose Of Using It

To determine which TV stand shall work the best for you, you need to understand the features of TV which you will be using the most. Some TV comes with Wi-Fi while some have the apps that run without even getting connected to any other device. If that is the situation, then you may need a unit that has some doors assembled. Depending on the media consumption and features of the TV that you will be using, you have to make the choice.

  • VESA Size Is Important Too

VESA is needed since it is the standard measurement for most of the brands of TV that is being sold in the market. This is nothing but the distance between the four holes on the backside of the TV. Certain TV products come in long distances while some have a closer one. You need to be sure about choosing the right stand which is compatibility with the TV VESA size.

  • Warranty

If you are a user who has been looking for the right thing which you can use for the long term then it is important to buy the stand that comes with a good warranty period. It is usually offered by the company that manufactures this product. This way, shortly,, if there persists any kind of problem then you can surely get the maximum technical support with regards to the repair or even get the product exchanged without paying a single extra penny for it. To ask a seller for the warranty of the product is your right.


To buy a rolling stand should not be any hassle for you as long as you follow the features and guidance given above. The above reviews of the top brands that are being sold in the market on a large scale can also help you in many ways. To pick the right TV stand should not be a complex process if you have a clear mind on what exactly are you looking for. Understand the right option for you will be the one that would fit in your budget and matches your need. The above-listed products are quite trending in town. So decide after careful research and better comparison and then jump on the conclusion.