10 Best Recessed Lighting 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room. The difference between a lively or dull place is the kind of lighting you use in the room. A lot of people have now started using Recessed Lights at home and commercial establishments because they look clutter-free. In addition to this, they are power efficient and they can easily be installed in the false ceiling. These lights also look better when we compare it with the traditional bulb setup. There are different types of recessed lights available in the market. You will not only find them in multiple colors but you will also find the options where the color can be changed with the help of remote control.

It can really be said that these Recessed Lights have actually replaced the old generation lights. From the commercial properties to the residential ones. You will find them everywhere. These lights are highly versatile and hence it becomes easier for you to use them. With a long life associated with the LED Lights, you would not have to worry about the replacements as well. If you are renovating your property, then this would be the best time to update your recessed lights and buy the new efficient models.

In this article, we have listed some of the best Recessed lightings that you can install at your place. All of them have been carefully chosen after a lot of consideration so go ahead and check them out now. The expert has also shared a review of these listings so that it is easier for you to choose the best lighting solutions for your property.

1. Sunco Lighting 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight

Sunco Lighting LED Recessed Downlight

Let us start the list with one of the most affordable and durable products on our list. This recessed light is from Sunco and it is available in many different options. To begin with, you have 5 choices of color. These colors include Soft White, Warm White, Cool White, Day Light, and Daylight Delux. You also have an option to choose between the different pack sizes. The options available are a pack of 1, a pack of 4, and a pack of 12. These lights use cutting edge technology to light up your home. The wattage here is 13 W, but it is equivalent to a 75 W light. This means that you end up saving a lot of energy bills.

This light also offers you with a good amount of adjustability as it comes with an E26 adapter as well. This light also has a dimming capability so you will be able to control the ambiance of the room as per your needs. The brand offers a 7 year long warranty on this recessed light so that would assure you about the quality of the light. The installation is simple and there isn’t much that needs to be done for the installation. The beam angle of this light is 90 degree and it is also damp rated. This means that the beam will cover a large area on the floor and you will need fewer lights per square feet.

2. Lithonia Lighting WF6 Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light

Lithonia Lighting WF6 Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light

Another amazing product that we have for you is from Lithonia Lighting. This is specifically for the people who are looking for the lights with a colored rim. The available optionsare black, white, bronze, and nickel. There are also 5 size options available that determine the lumens. Lastly, you can also choose between a low lumen and a high lumen option. The lights are very safe and they are also very easy to install. You just need around 2 inches of clearance between the ceiling and the false ceiling. You can even use them at wet locations and airtight locations. It has a good IC rating that makes it durable for humid places.

Another thing that we like about this option is that these lights are dimmable. This means that you will be able to control the output and you will be able to dim it down to 10%. As per the brand, the operational life of this Recessed Lights is 36,000 hours and if you use this light 6 hours a day then it is going to last over 16 years. The brand also offers a 5 year warranty on this light that covers any manufacturing defect or failure during this period. The wattage of this light is 13W and these are also very energy efficient when it comes to saving electricity. So, go ahead and choose the model that you like.

3. Globe Electric Recessed Lighting Kit

Globe Electric Recessed Lighting Kit

At number 3, we have a set of Recessed Lights from Globe Electric. You get a lot of variability in these lights and this starts right from the pack size. You have a choice between a pack of 1, pack of 4, pack of 10, and a pack of 20 Recessed Lights. Apart from this, you also have an option in terms of the styles. There are a total of 6 style options that are available in Bronze, White, and Nickel Color. It is also available in round and square shape.  The trim of these lights is adjustable so that offers you the ability to focus the direct light at a point. You can easily highlight a sculpture, painting, or furniture with the help of these lights.

The installation process is easy and it involves only the Push N Click system. It is also easy to adjust the lights. These Recessed Lights are IC rated and you can use them with LED Bulb as well. The construction of these lights is very durable since the brand uses galvanized steel for manufacturing the lights. The brand offers a total of 5 year warranty on these lights which covers any type of defect or issue. If you are really looking for state of the art Recessed Lights then you can opt for this setup and you are going to love it. Go ahead and choose the style that you like and order a pack today.

4. TORCHSTAR Basic Series Dimmable Slim LED Downlight

TORCHSTAR Basic Series

Next on our list is TorchStar and this is also considered to be one of the most reputed brands in the market. The Recessed Lights from this brand are worth consideration. They are not only good looking but they will also illuminate your room very efficiently. A 10W light can replace an 80 W bulb so you end up saving a lot of electricity. The diameter of the light is 4.7 inches and the light has a thickness of just 0.47 inches. The warranty offered on this product is 5 years. There are color options available here, which include Soft White, Warm White, Cool White, and Daylight. Talking about the Daylight variant, it has a capacity of 650 lumens and it has a 110 degree beam angle.

These lights are dimmable up to 5% to 100% of the total capacity. There are also three size options available that include Baffle, Classic, and Premium. The light is ETL certified and the brand uses aluminum material to manufacture the light. Since this is IC rated, you would not have to worry about the insulation or the heat generation. For the installation, you will most likely not need a technician as you will be able to do this all by yourself. These Recessed Lights come with a heat sink that ensures a better heat dissipation. Using these units in a damp location is also very safe.

5. Bbounder Lighting LED Recessed Downlight

Bbounder Lighting LED Recessed Downlight

If you are looking for recessed lights that can be installed in a Damp area then you can check out this listing from Bbounder. These lights are available in a pack of 12 lights and they are very durable. These lights not only offer you with eye protection but they are also dimmable between the levels of 5% to 100%. The offers you with enough flexibility with these lights. The Color Rendering Index is greater than 990 and they have a usable life of over 50,000 hours. In addition to this, the lights have been rated with a 1000 lumen. You can also choose between the three colors which are Warm White, Daylight White, and Cool White.

These lights are suitable for the trim between 5 inches to 6.5 inches. The lights can be installed in closets, hallway, doorway, bathroom, and even in the basement. The light is resistant to corrosion, and it is perfect for roofs. The brand offers a 5 year long warranty on these Recessed Lights and that will cover up for almost every issue that you face during this time.The lights are also IC rated so there is no fire hazard while you are using these lights even for a long time. The brand uses the latest technology for manufacturing the lights, which makes them the safest option for the users. With a tool-less install system, the lights are one of the easiest to install.

6. Philips 801274 LED Downlight Recessed Lighting Fixture

Philips 801274 LED Downlight Recessed Lighting Fixture

If you are looking for a premium product, then you can buy these recessed lighting fixtures from Philips. These lights are available in two sizes, which include 4 inches and 5 inches / 6 inches. The best part about the products from Philips is that these products are very innovative and they are engineered for the comfort of the people. You have an option to choose between 3 styles for this light and this includes Daylight, Soft White, and Warm Glow. As per the information available, the fixture uses 80% less energy than the regular incandescent bulb. The brand also assures you that the life of these fixtures is as much as 35,000 hours. These lights also have a high color rendering index, which is yet another advantage of opting for these lights from Philips.

The lights are flicker-free and they also have a dimming option. This way, you can dim the light to a soft comfortable color that doesn’t irritate your eyes. Philips has always been the synonym with quality. The warranty offered by Philips on these fixtures is limited to 5 years and this is surely a long period to cover. Lastly, the wattage of the individual light is 10W. You can check out this recessed light by navigating to the link listed above and we assure you that you are going to love this product. This Recessed Light is the best that you can buy.

7. LED Recessed Lighting Recessed Light

LED Recessed Lighting Recessed Light

Are you looking for some funky lights that can be controlled with the help of the remote control? Well, here is an affordable set of recessed lights for you. You will be able to control the colors using the remote offered with them. This is available in a pack of 10 lights and each light has 16 color options for you. The beam angle of the light is also very wide. To give you an idea, the beam angle is 120 degrees and this means that there are less number of lights required in a large area. The brand offers a remote control that you not only control the lights but also the modes of the light.

Another good thing about these lights is that you will be able to control the intensity of the light. You can either dim it or you can increase the intensity with the help of the remote. The 4 modes available in the light are fade, smooth, flash, and strobe. You can set this with remote and the lights remember the last setting that you choose. The best part is that the brand provides you with 10 remote controls with the 10 lights. You can use them in office, hotels, home and almost anywhere else. As per the brand, the lifespan of these lights is 50,000 hours but you do not get any warranty on these recessed lighting units.

8. ANC Recessed Ultra-Thin LED Panel

ANC Recessed Ultra-Thin LED Panel

Next, we have a Recessed Lights from ANC and this is an ultra-thin lighting setup from the brand. The diameter of the light is 4.7 inches and the diameter of the upper base is 4.1 inches.  The thickness of the light is just 0.4 inches. These lights are also dimmable and they have a capacity of 550 Lumens. You have an option to choose between Daylight White and Warm White. In terms of the wattage, you can choose between 9 watts 4 Inches setup and a 12 watt 6 inch option. Both are available in a pack of 4 for you. The lights are dimmable, and you can dim them down to 10% of the original capacity. Apart from this, they are suitable for most of the places in the house.

You can install these Recessed Lights in the bathroom, kitchen, cabinets, and all other places as well. These lights are vapor proof so you do not have to worry about a damaged light after a steamy shower. The usable life of this light is over 50,000 hours since they are LED lights. The warranty offered on these lights is of 5 years so this makes purchase risk-free. You can consider this option for your home and you can install it anywhere. With a wide beam angle of 110 degrees, you will need a fewer number of lights for every square feet area.

9. OSTWIN Directional Recessed LED Can Gimbal Light Fixture

OSTWIN Directional Recessed LED Can Gimbal Light Fixture

At number 9, we have a pack of recessed lights from Ostwin and this is yet another brand that you can reply upon. The available options here are a pack of 1 unit, 4 units, and 12 units. Apart from this, you will be able to make a choice when it comes to color. The available options are Warm Light, Bright Light, and Day Light. The light comes with E26 and TP24 adapters, which makes the installation very easy. The sprint loaded clip ensures an easy mounting capability and the matte lens ensures that the light disperses easily. The head is rotational and it can also be tilted to an angle of 25 degrees.

These lights can be installed at a damp location and it also comes with a 5 year long warranty from Ostwin. The wattage of these lights is 15W but the lights are comparable to a 120 W bulb. The lighting capacity is 1150 lumens and these lights are also dimmable. The beam angle of these lights is 90 degrees, and the lifespan here is 50,000 hours. When you install these lights, you experience no flickering and they turn on instantly. Overall, this is a reliable product that is available at an affordable price. You can opt for these lights from Ostwin and you would not have any complaints in regards to the quality or the durability of these Recessed Lights.

10. AmazonCommercial Recessed Downlight

AmazonCommercial Recessed Downlight

Some time back, Amazon also entered this space with its homegrown brand called Amazon Commercial. This brand majorly caters to the needs of commercial customers. Fortunately, we have a product available from Amazon commercials as well. These are available in Day Light and Warm White Color. In addition to this, you can choose between a pack of 6 lights of 12 lights. As per the brand, the durable life of the lights is 35,000 hours and this is equivalent to 16 years with a 6 hour usage daily. Many lights take a little time to reach the full intensity but this light provides you 1200 lumens as soon as you turn it on.

We would recommend you to opt for the warm white color as it ensures that you do not strain your eyes. The diameter of the downlight is 6 inches and you can easily install it in office or residential complex as well. It has a dimmable feature as well and it is also rated to be used in the wet area.  With such features, this product found a place on our list. The products from AmazonCommercials are very durable and the brand offers a warranty on this set of recessed lighting as well. For any other information, we request you to check out the product page as this will help you in getting the detailed specifications of the light.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Recessed Lighting

Buying recessed lights can be slightly tricky. If you already have the lights installed in the false ceiling, then you would need to be extra careful about what you choose. To help you further, we have listed this buying guide for you, which covers all the pointers that you would need to check while purchasing a recessed light.

Shape and Size – Recessed Lights come in all shapes and sizes. You must consider the type of shape and the size that you want. It is a very important factor if you are replacing the existing lights. You will have some flexibility here if you are installing the Recessed Lights for the first time.

Luminous Intensity, Life – You must also check the brightness of the Recessed Lights. The brightness is usually measured in the lumens to take special note of it. For your bedroom, you might want a warm light with a lower Lumen. You must also check the life that the brand promises.

Color and Dim Function – Today, you will find many Recessed Lights that come with multiple colors. You will be able to change the color of the light with the help of a remote. You will also notice that many Recessed Lights comes with a dim functionality. Both these things are worth having in your lights as they provide you with a lot of flexibility.

Type of Bulb – Another factor to be considered is the type of bulb. To be honest, do not opt for anything other than LED lights. They not only have a longer life but they are also very power efficient. In addition to this, the LED lights do not generate heats as the bulbs do.

Ease of Installation – One another important factor to be considered while buying the Recessed Lights is the ease of installation. See if you need professional help. You can also check how easy it is to make the connections while you are installing the lights.

IC Rating – You must also check the IC Rating of the Recessed lightings. This is important to check because this will ensure that the heat stays away from the heating issues. Avoid buying anything that is not IC rated as you can never be sure about the quality of such lights.

Distance Between two lights – Another important aspect around the recessed lighting is the distance between the two lights. You can check the exact this and based on the number; you can decide the total number of lights you will need to install in the room. This can also vary with the amount of light that you need in the room.

Price – The next factor to consider is the price. The right approach would be first to estimate the number of lights that you need and then think about the total budget. This way, you will be in a position to order bigger packs and the fact is that most of the brands would offer you some kind of deal on purchasing a bigger size.

Brand – You can also check the brand that you are investing in. This will help you in ensuring that you are buying a quality product. The quality aspect is very important as you do not want to invest in a product that has a fire hazard associated with it.

Warranty – The last thing to consider is the warranty policy associated with the recessed lights that you are choosing. This will help you in getting a replacement if the light malfunctions because of some technical issues with the light.

Bottom line

This was all about the Best Recessed Lighting Solutions for the resident as well as commercial properties. They are some of the most reliable lights available in the market so you would not have to worry about the quality concerns or anything. If there is a model that interests you then quickly check out the Amazon Link associated with the light. This will help you in checking out the deals and the various options available on the lighting products. You can also review the buying guide that we have listed for you as this will help you in understanding the factors that need to be considered while you are investing in a new set of recessed lightings. For any other information, leave a query in the comment sections and we will shortly get back to you.

Thank you and do share the page with your family and friends if they are also planning to upgrade the lighting solutions at their property.