10 Best Outdoor Flood Lights 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Floodlights are great outdoor lights. They are broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights, used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You must have been to baseball matches or football matches where you have seen these bright lights that light up the entire stadium, well these light are known to be floodlights. We have floodlight in our backyard for security purpose as my house falls on the very end of the street where we don’t get enough street light, it is very easy for burglars to come and rob my property in my absence or due to low light after the evening but floodlights have come as a life savior for me and my family. Floodlights have many benefits one of them is if you need motion-activated lighting in your garden, villa, backyard then you must opt for these led lights. These lights are also weatherproof, which means they need low maintenance.

The led light can be customizable and can be adjusted in any position or place you want them to be installed.  These light also come with sensing modes that can help increase the security level of your property. If you are worried about the energy bill, then using this high-efficient led light will cost you less money than if you were using the halogen bulbs. Now, you must be thinking with all its benefits you just read how easy or difficult are these lights to install? Well, as I have personally used and installed them they are quick and easy to install by simply following the instruction card. You can choose whether to keep them as a standalone light or mount them on the wall. You can use these lights for indoor games like tables, tennis and outdoor games while playing badminton, football, etc or install them near your swimming pool that enhances the visibility for swimming at night.  They are normally made from less durable plastic casings but can bear weather conditions such as hot temperatures, rain, and snow.

With the increasing rate of theft, burglary, or wild animals attacking your pets and kids while they are playing outside in the evening, these lights are great and are one step ahead in protecting your family and pets. Properties with low light or no lights do have a higher chance of getting attacked or trespassed. But if we can prevent this then why not? In our article, we promise to provide the best information to all our readers, ensuring them to get the best choice for floodlights. So let’s get started.

1. LEPOWER 100W led flood light

LEPOWER 100W led flood light

If you are looking for energy-efficient, weatherproof, bright security lights, then we have your back. With the help of LEPOWER led flood light you can get super brightness as it comes with a new craft of LED chips. These lights are energy efficient as they can save up to 80% on your energy bill with the help of its surface that is made up of lumpy radial patterns this feature will also help you to save a lot of money. You can easily replace your 500W Halogen bulbs by adapting these highly efficient lights for a more bright light that can cover a large area. The FCC qualifies the brand promises on the durability and longevity of these led lights as the body. These lights are also lightweight in comparison to other lights, without compromising on quality as it is equipped with tempered glass and cross design of heat dissipation and are made with high-quality aluminum. If you are concerned about the lights being weatherproof, then the brand assures you by the IP66 rating for the material used in the making of the light are waterproof. You can use them for indoor and outdoor purposes as they are efficient in providing you a wide beam angle for about 120°beam angle with an additional feature of shadow-free, anti-glare, along with great bright light for all your usage. These lights are safe to use for its UL plug system that comes with ground wire connection, which is 59 inches long and the light works with 120V. The light comes with an average life of about 50000 hours, 8000 luminous flux.

2. LEONLITE LED security floodlight

LEONLITE LED security floodlight

The next product on our list comes with a unique dual head that functions as light heads from LEONLITE. It comes with a great motion sensor technology which can be used for commercial and home application. The manufactures promise that the light will save 86.7% energy by replacing the 150W halogen fixture you have used before, this will save not less than $715 on your energy bill. The material used by the LED light is rugged die-casted aluminum, which is corrosion resistance. The light heads are flexible and can cover up to 360°, ensuring your safety from every angle.

This LED light comes with 3 lighting modes that are on-time mode, auto mode, and dusk to dawn mode. The on-time mode is very easy to use it is like how you control the regular light also, the led light works similarly as the light bulb will work. The auto mode will turn the light while there is any motion detection this is perfect for preventing burglary or theft or wild animals from hiding to attack your pets or family. The third mode is the dusk to dawn mode in which the built-in photocell will turn the light on till dusk and will get auto turned off when its dawn this is an excellent feature which saves your energy at the same time give you relaxation from switching on and off the light. This product has been customized to deal with all kinds of harsh weather and is waterproof that has been approved by the IP65 rating. As the light will last for 50000 hours you may not worry about frequently replacing the fixtures. The brand promises on the durability and longevity of these led lights as they come with a 5-year long warranty and 24*7 technical support.

3. LITHONIA Lighting OFTH 300PR, floodlight


 The next product we are reviewing is the Lithonia lighting by a Company called Acuity Brands that have been delivering lights for more than 60 years. The brand promises to provide you high-quality materials with a white color body. Since these bright lights are great for providing security. You can fix these lights on your patio, walkways, play areas, and light commercial applications. The dual-headed light is flexible as it gives you the freedom to adjust the heads from up to down and side to side alignment. They can be perfected mounted on the wall or the corners of the structure.

These lights are durable and sturdy. This helps you save a lot of money. The material or metal used while constructing the led light is rust-resistant; this makes it all-weather friendly. The led light does come with a function similar to Leonlite floodlights, that is the built-in photocell, which will turn the light on till dusk and will get auto turned off when its dawn. The excellent feature will save your money on your energy bill and will operate without your help; this will give you some relaxation.  The lumen output depends upon the light source by the end-user. The head of both the lights is circular and it works with 120V. It weighs about 12.8 ounces and is certified by UL. The led light can be operated with a simple ON/OFF switch mode and is super easy to install. This product is with a 1-year warranty.

4. CINOTON solar flood light

CINOTON solar flood light

 This is yet another floodlight recommended and reviewed by Amazon. The Cinton solar floodlight runs on solar energy, which will subsequently reduce your energy bill but it is highly efficient. This solar light will give super brightness and will cover up to 360° with its rotatable dual heads. This light will give you maximum coverage with its built-in sensor motion and can cover up to 26 feet away from where it is installed. It consists of 14 LED lights on both sides and 16 LEDs for the wide-angle coverage.  You can install it on your patio, porch, garden, lawn, pathway, gutter or you can mount them on the wall without worrying about the lights durability as they are heatproof and waterproof as they are IP65 rated that enables them to withstand extreme weather conditions.

As mentioned, they are excellent in terms of energy-saving as these lights will auto turn off at sunrise and work all night long. Since it runs on solar energy it comes with a built-in battery of  18650 lithium rechargeable battery of 2000mAh that takes 8 hours for charging with the help of Sun. This product is known to be compacting and is similar to the size of a coke can but has been rated well by customers for efficiently emitting a bright light. The brand promises these floodlights will provide you service for more than 5 years. Using the solar light is easy as it comes with a unique key PIN that will turn on all the inner switches for activating the floodlight.

5. HOME ZONE ES00618G flood light

HOME ZONE ES00618G flood light

 The next product we will discuss has an interesting design with its three wide rectangular shaped LED light heads. This floodlight will keep your home safe with its special Home Zone security motion sensors that are equipped to provide 240° coverage and can detect any motions within the range of 50 feet from where it is installed. They are energy-efficient devices and provide ultra brightness. With its 5000K LED that produces over 2300 lumens of white light that can survive 5X more than the traditional electric bulbs. This floodlight comes with a few settings like light trimmer, motion detection range, ambient light sensitivity, and manual override features. It is a customized control ambient light sensor and timer will last from 5 seconds to 7 minutes before turning off and the manual override will continuously provide light up to 6 hours.

The manufactures have designed this light keeping quality in their mind and have used aluminum die casting with rubber sealing while constructing this light, making it a durable and long-lasting product. The materials used in this light will protect the light against extreme outdoor conditions like rain, snow, heat, etc without compromising on covering large areas with its bright light. These lights well tested and certified by CS-USA that helps you to trust the brand while you purchase. The brand also promises the lights to function for 5 years without you having to replace them. You can adjust the lights and sensors as per the requirement for its optimum performance. It is recommended to place them over the entrance to ensure your safety from trespassers or buglers.

6. EATON lighting FTR1740L by HALO

EATON lighting FTR1740L

The next product is known as EATON lighting manufactured by the brand HALO. The simple yet effective design is well constructed and can be used to set up for shallow to flush mounting boxes. These lights come with the mounting plates that allow for multiple orientations; this will help you get a perfect finishing look on the wall. The product looks the same as advertised and emits a bright light with minimum condensation and you can easily install them at home. The product is rated 4.1 by Amazon verified customers. These light come with a bronze look that will give a rustic appearance to your walls along with they are with circular-shaped dual lights. However, they are also available in white shade.  The distance between the dual lights is 211 mm, ensuring maximum coverage. They are a great replacement for your boring looking halogen lights. They are energy-efficient lights and will save 90% of the energy which will help you save a lot of money at the end of every month. However, the life span is slightly less than the other products we have reviewed, as the brand promises this light to function up to 35000 hours. The efficient light will continuously illuminate up to 1600 lumens as mentioned in the product description. These lights operate with 120volt and are not battery efficient. The product is well tested before hitting the market as it holds a certificate from UL listed. It comes with not less than 2- years of warranty with a weighs of about 1.3 pounds giving you bright light to protect your family from trespassers and buglers.

7. NUVO Lighting SF77/495 flood light

NUVO Lighting SF77 495 flood light

 The next product is brought to you is the floodlight by NUVO founded in 1966 and has produced well-known premium quality lighting. This product is considered as Amazon’s choice for its increasing demand and performance. These lights come with multiple shades giving you multiple choices of color to choose the light. The light is currently available in bronze, black, gray, and white color. The brand promises on the durability and longevity of the product, they come with incandescent bulbs, and the body is made up of the heavy-duty aluminum frame. The material used while constructing the led light is rust-resistant; this makes it all-weather friendly. These lights are known for their contemporary style.

The unique shape used while designing is known as PAR38, and they can work efficiently with 120 volts. These light are multi-directional that enables two-aiming with its positive position locking method. These lights can be wall mounted with 110 degrees wide at 21 meters to cover a large area for your security and safety. These lights can be installed in multiple places like garage, backyards, walkways, porch, and garden, as are known for their versatile usage. The product is weather friendly and can withstand all weathers like rainy, summer, winter, and autumn. The product weighs about 1.75 pounds and is tested and certified by UL Listed. The plug comes in US-stylee, making it easier for your use. They come with a minimum 1-year warranty ensuring your protection from theft, trespassers, and wild animal’s entry.

8. VIUGREUM flood light

VIUGREUM flood light

If you are looking for a floodlight that emits soft rays instead of dazzling light then you are reading the right section for that desired product. The floodlight by Viugreum designed to fulfill all your requirements.  These lights are energy-efficient lights that will not only save your energy bill but also saves the environment. It comes with a superior quality optical lens made of strong transmittance and hard scrub pc material. This helps the light energy to give its maximum efficiency in lighting the outdoor space. The manufacturers have strictly kept the quality in their mind for you to get maximum bright light with its built-in superior quality led chips used in this floodlight. These lights emit more brightness than the traditional light bulbs and are also energy efficient that helps you save 80% electricity. The light can radiate and cover up to 120 degrees.

As this product is well constructed with heavy die-cast aluminum, they are not only strong but also can deal with all-weather, this makes it a weather-friendly device increasing the life of the lamp used. This waterproof floodlight comes with adjustable metal brackets that can be easily installed on your ceiling walls, ground, and any location you prefer. You can install them in your backyard, porch, gardens, deck, and commercial places like billboards, stadiums, and factories. This high efficient floodlight is rated by IP65 and can emit 25000 lumens effortlessly. The product comes with a minimum warranty of 2-years and will last for 30000 hours for your everyday use. You can adjust the focus of the light from upward to downward direction as it works with 110 voltage.

9. SANSI outdoor LED flood light

SANSI outdoor LED flood light

This product comes from a well-established brand SANSI which has been dedicatedly producing LED since 1993. This unique lightweight floodlight is made from ceramic and PC, unlike all the products we have reviewed that are made up of heavy steel, aluminum, or glass.  These light use up to 8 light sources which is specifically designed to cover large areas.  These lights are super bright that is their 50W will be equivalent to 350 Watt of traditional lights you have used. They are also energy efficient lights and can save up to 87% on your energy bill. It uses the patented ceramic heat dissipation technology and hollow-out design that improves its cooling efficiency. This product promises to serve you for 50000 hours without you getting the chance to replace them.

They are waterproof designs and rated by IP66. These lights emit light that is free from mercury, UV, infrared, and other dangerous radiations.  You can install them in your backyard, porch, gardens, deck, pool, doorways, garage, and roof, etc. It is best known to secure your family from any trespasser, burglar, wild animals attacking you or your family from hiding in the dark. You can easily get them in a rectangular shape with a black color body. You will get 120 degrees coverage and lumens up to 3500. They will serve you for 50000 hours before you have the chance to replace them. It is easy to install whether you choose to mount them on the wall or use it as pedestal mounting or ceiling mounting, etc. The product comes with a 5-year long warranty.

10. LUTEC P6221W flood light

LUTEC P6221W flood light

The last product we will be reviewing is the floodlight from Lutec. These floodlights are made from a high-quality material that has a unique quality of flame retardance which increases the safety standards for your family.  These lights can resist UV radiation and tolerate all weather. The heat dissipation in the lamps does an excellent job and survives for a longer period. The manufactures have designed the light with reflective structures that reduce the lighting loss that provides you very bright light. The installation is quick, easy, and simple by simply following the wiring steps. It is recommended while wiring, you must correctly connect the wires with the junction box or follow the instructions as given in the menu. All the material used in the making of the light is weatherproof. It is also designed in a way that the light will be protected from very harsh weather.

You are recommended to cover every connection that connects the light and wall to prevent any mishaps from occurring. These lights come with dual lights which can be adjusted up to 360 degrees to give you maximum coverage. These light are bright enough to emit enough light for your walkways, entryways areas, secluded areas, and outdoors. You can mount them to your wall by following the simple instructions given on the menu card. The lightweight product is made up of plastic that can work with 120volt.  You can easily adjust the lights and focus them on your desired place where you may need some extra lighting. This product consumes only 15W and can provide you up to 1130 lumens. The manufactures provide a 5-year warranty or technical assistance if you face any trouble with this product.

Flood Lights Buying Guide: What Features To Consider?

Do we need a floodlight? The floodlight is a highly efficient light that can cover a large area and is widely used for illuminating outdoors. Since we have mentioned the versatility of each floodlight from different brands and their usage. We recommend you to consider several factors before you invest:

Cost: Floodlight can be very expensive so we recommend you looking for led flood lights as they produce bright light that can cover a large area. LED lamps are also more sustainable and come with a longer life span of 50000+ hours.

Energy Efficient: The best part of these LED floodlights are they are highly energy-efficient and will save 70-90% on your energy bill.

Appearance: Most floodlights come with simple, elegant looks either in rectangular shape or in a circular shape as each of them will light-up the areas you need.

Safety: These lights are made from high-quality material; however, we recommend you look for the lights which do not emit any harmful radiations.

Installation: All of these lights come with installation instruction books. You will not need to have any prior knowledge as they are simple and easy to install.

Security: We recommend you to buy a floodlight that can provide maximum bright light to cover maximum distance.

Lights: Once you figure out the kind of lighting you require, then it becomes easier for you to select the light heights and spacing, which will determine the right quantity of lights you need to install.

Material: These lights are highly durable and can bear all weather conditions. Some of these lights are specially designed for outdoor lighting which is made of heavy metal casting that can protect lighting fixtures from wind, storm, rain, snow, high and low temperatures.


With this trending technology and its discoveries, there are products like the LED floodlights which not only save energy and are also environmental-friendly. LED floodlights also offer a satisfactory quality of light to the area around yards and driveways. They also will protect you and your family from any mishaps.