10 Best Moving Straps 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Sometimes it feels very hard to shift or rearrange heavy items like heavy furniture, refrigerator, other heavy objects, etc. Believe it or not, but doing this type of heavy task on your own is not suitable or right for you if you have some kind of back pain issues. Even while lifting heavy items, you can feel substantial force at your knees too, and it can also cause some serious injuries. To avoid this type of risk, you should need to hire some workers. If not, then don’t worry, there is another very convenient option that is also available.

Here we are trying to mention the Moving Straps. Do you know what a Moving strap is? And how it works to help you in the shifting or rearranging tasks? If not, then read this post full of your concentration because you will be going to get a more natural way to do this type of heavy task on your own. In the market, you will find out mainly two types of moving straps. The first type is “Two Person Moving Strap,” and these types of straps are most common in the market. It usually built with two harnesses; this means two people can wear it full of its benefits. After wearing or setting it up, you are now ready to lift heavy items. Just put any heavy object in the middle of the harness, and that’s it. Now you can easily move that item without having any problem. Forearm Forklift is another example of a moving strap, and it works exactly the same. But to use it, you need to fold or cover around your forearm.

So now, if you come to know how beneficial it is for you to use a moving strap. If you have decided now to buy a moving strap, then here we have listed ten best moving straps that you can buy in 2020.

1. Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

It is the most famous moving strap of this list, even in the market as well. The first position taker on our list is the moving straps from Shoulder Dolly. You can get a firm idea about this product’s popularity by looking at it’s higher ratings. Nearly four thousand people gave up to four stars of rating out of five stars. It is only because the Shoulder Dolly company is in this field for a very long time, and they are providing value for money moving straps. In our view, this is the main reason why so many people suggest to buy moving straps from Shoulder Dolly. On the first spot, we have a fantastic type of moving strap that allows you to keep your arms and hands-free for other movements.

In other words, if you are going with these moving straps, then your shoulder will work, and your arms and hands will rest. You will get two harnesses inside the box and a middle strap to lift heavy items. To use it in a proper way, you need first to wear the harness. And also, the second person should need to wear the harness as well because this is how it will work correctly. The harness and the strap will be going to attach with a hook-like structure. This structure will allow you to adjust the strap instantly. The width of the harness and the main strap is wide more than usual. So, there is very little chance of slipping the harness and the strap from your body and from the item that you are lifting.

2. Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps

Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps

Do you remember that in the introductory part, we mentioned about two major types of moving straps? We are saying this because here we have the second type of moving strap on the next position of this list. So, now we have a Forearm Forklift type of lifting or moving strap. It is different from the standard type of shoulder lifting straps. It’s because you need to wear it or cover it on your forearms, on the other hand, you need to wear the harness for the shoulder moving strap. In our suggestion, if you are not lifting too much weight, then you can try this type of moving straps. It is because at the end, while lifting the heavy items, the weight will distribute on your arms only.

But don’t worry because the ergonomic design of this type of strap will allow you to lift the heavy items with proper lifting techniques. So,  you will not be going to feel too much lifting force. The primary material of construction is polypropylene. That’s why the overall weight is very light of these straps, and the material is very strong as well to lift heavy items. Not only this, but there are options also present to maintain or adjust the overall length of the strap. It depends upon you which length is more suitable for you. Other than this here, the company listed 14 different color and pattern options, which means you can choose these moving strap according to your style or color preferences.

3. Nielsen Products Shoulder Moving Straps

Nielsen Products Shoulder Moving Straps

If you are looking for the normal type of two-person shoulder strap, then you can also take a look at this pack. Here you will get two good quality of harnesses. A good and long strap also is present. Remember that here you will not going to get anything fancy in this moving strap’s pack. But don’t worry, this moving strap will get the work done more straightforwardly. You may know that shoulder moving straps are popular because of their weight distribution technique. So, if you use the shoulder straps to lift or shift any heavy item, it is a guarantee that you are not going to feel too much weight. And the same you can expect from this third position of moving strap of this list as well.

The best part is that each harness of this moving strap pack has a special feature. We are talking about the easy and instant connector of the main strap. If you are using this type of straps for the first time, then don’t worry because this feature will allow you to handle it easily. If you don’t want to get into the attaching the main strap, then here is a piece of good news for you. It will only take 30 seconds to attach the strap to the harnesses. In the guide section, the manufacturers also mentioned about the brief and in-detail instructions for everything that you need to know.

4. Thenewallhere Shoulder Lifting Moving Straps

Thenewallhere Shoulder Lifting Moving Straps

Are you ready to see what is in the fourth position? If yes, then here we go, so on the fourth spot, we have added Thenewallhere Shoulder Lifting Moving Straps. Thenewallhere is another excellent brand name because it not only provides the two persons with moving strap options. This brand also has listed the one person lifting strap too. Make sure to check out the one person lifting strap as well, but for now, here we are only going to talk about the standard shoulder strap by Thenewallhere. First thing first, with these shoulder straps, you will not be going to suffer from back pain or even from the knee pain. We are telling you this because there are many normal and useless moving strap present that can cause serious back problems.

The primary or middle strap is highly durable because the manufacturing company claims that they have used the metallic fibers inside the strap. In other words, you will get two types of fiber material jointed with each other. They did this because this is how a strap can provide its full potential. If we talk about how much weight you can lift with the help of these straps, then we want to say that it is perfect for lifting 600 to 800 lbs. For more convenience, the company has provided the extra-long length of the middle or main strap too. So, you can change the length according to your task.

5. JCHL Moving Straps

JCHL Moving Straps

Are you running out of budget to buy a moving strap for your heavy item shifting task? If yes, then here we have something special for you. We are saying this to you because you do not need to invest too much of your money to buy this pack of moving straps. Believe it or not, if you are looking for moving straps for the standard type of tasks, then this is the one that you should need to buy. Here in the pack, you will get two pieces of harnesses, because it is a two person’s moving strap. Not only this, but there are two main straps that are also present out of the box. From our point of view, if you don’t want to buy the advanced features of straps, then this seems a perfect option for you.

The width of the middle strap is perfect, and you will not going to get any issues regarding it. But the width of harness’s straps is a little bit less than other harnesses of this list. It may give some slipping problems to you. If you can handle this, then definitely this is a perfect product for you. The manufacturing company also has offered a solution for it, they have provided and rough surface on these straps to avoid the significant slips. The two-strap design is perfect for handling or lifting heavy items without having any back pain or shoulder pain issues.

6. Moving & Lifting Straps By UMIEN

Moving & Lifting Straps By UMIEN

Are you looking for a full kit to complete tasks like shifting or rearranging items? If yes, then here take a look at what we have for you. On the sixth spot, we have added the Moving & Lifting Straps By UMIEN. Now you might be wondering what is unique in this product? Right. For your information, we want to tell you that here you will get more than one piece of equipment or items out of the box. First thing first, here you will get the main item that is the harness and the middle strap for lifting objects and arranging one place to another. Both harness and the strap have the quantity of two pieces out of the box. Not only quantity, but the quality is also awe-inspiring as compared to other straps plus harnesses of this list.

There are four gloves or two pairs of gloves also available in the box. But do you know what the best part of these gloves? Here you will get the non-slip gloves. In other words, each glove has some sticky structures on the outer layer; this will help you to grab any heavy item firmly. The pack also included the extra four super sliders. According to use, all things are perfect for the rearranging or shifting task. Also, the strap allows you to lift up to 800 lbs of weight without any problem. Overall, in our view, this seems a perfect deal for you if you want to complete this task with ease.

7. TEZCRT Lifting Moving Straps

TEZCRT Lifting Moving Straps

Again on the seventh spot of this list, we have quite a similar type of moving strap product to the third number of moving straps. If you are looking for a good quality of lifting straps, then this is a perfect choice for all of you. So, on the seventh spot, we have TEZCRT Lifting Moving Straps on our list. First thing first, the appearance of these straps are very impressive, because here you will get excellent and punchy colors. In our view, this color combination of these moving straps looks stunning at first glance.

The harness is perfect for better lifting because both straps of this harness are on a specific angle. That’s why this angle makes sure to distribute the weight in a proper way. Ultimately you will be going to feel a very less amount of force on your shoulder and back part while lifting heavyweight of items. The main straps of this product can adjust to a higher difference. It will give you a choice to adjust it according to your task and preference. The material of these straps is polypropylene, that’s why you can expect far better durability as compared to other regular moving straps. The manufacturing company of these straps provided two color options, where the first one is the orange and black combination. And the other one only comes in the black color variant.

8. SuperSliders Moving Straps

SuperSliders Moving Straps

Again on the next spot, we have another forearm forklift type of moving straps. These straps are of premium quality of straps. It means that you need to spend a bit more money to buy these premium moving straps. First of all, let’s keep everything aside and talk about the build quality of these straps. The manufacturing company of these straps provided an excellent build quality; this happened only because of the premium fiber material. In our view, these straps seem perfect for long term uses. Other than this, there is nothing to complain about these moving straps. Now let’s move on to other essential features of these straps.

The first thing that you are going to notice after taking a first look at these straps is their fantastic pattern and color combination. The manufacturers provided the orange color with a black lining on the outer part. Believe it or not, this color combination looks just stunning. The length of each strap is perfect for heavy lifting tasks, so you won’t going to get any issue related to its length. The other good thing is that you can adjust the length of these premium straps too. The company claims that by using these forearms forklift straps, you can lift up to 600 lbs of weight without having any problem.

9. GOOACC Moving Straps

GOOACC Moving Straps

Are you looking for the most comfortable option in the section of moving straps? If your answer in a positive way, then these straps packs are only for you. Comfort is a significant factor that can reduce the risk of getting injured while lifting heavy things. On the ninth position of this list, we have another excellent example of a shoulder based moving strap. First of all, for better protection and comfort, the company has provided the cushioning or extra support to the upper part of the harness. This additional support or cushioning will give you more comfort while carrying the heavy item. Also, it will play a significant role in distributing weight in a larger area.

The package included two harnesses and the main middle straps. Let’s talk about the quality of these two items first, so you will get an excellent build quality that will be going to last longer than you think. To hold or attach the middle strap to the harnesses, here you will get a unique mechanism at the endpoint of every harness. This mechanism will give you full control to adjust or lock the main strap. So, you can adjust that main strap according to your requirements. Other than this, the pack also included two gift items the fist one a storage bag, and the second one is a pair of gloves. These items are also going to help you to do this task in a more convenient way.

10. Ciaoed Furniture Moving Straps

GOOACC Moving Straps

If you are making a purchase decision related to moving straps only because you want to shift or rearrange the furniture of your house, then you should need to take a look at these furniture oriented moving straps. On the last spot of this list, we have decided to add the Ciaoed Furniture Moving Straps. Again this one another excellent example of the shoulder based moving staps. In this package, you will get two harnesses out of the box. These are not regular harnesses, because here you will get an excellent level of build quality, plus the angle of the staps seems perfect for reducing the force on your shoulder and back while lifting something very heavy.

This option will allow you to move your forearms and hand freely while lifting something like furniture. It is also very important because you can control or complete the task in the easiest possible way. It is a guarantee that when you use these straps for your lifting task, then you will going to feel very light as compared to other normal straps.

How To Select Perfect Moving Straps

Do you have chosen which moving strap option you need to buy? If not, then here what to do. If you are in this type of condition, then you should need to take a look at this brief but in-detail buying guide. Here we are going to talk about some very important and considerable points about moving straps. Every user or buyer of these straps should need to know about these points.

  • Types

There are mainly two different types of moving straps present in the market. We have already mentioned those types in the introduction part of this post. But let’s discuss them in detail, so, the first on is the two-person shoulder moving straps. These types of moving strap allow you to lift the heavy items by using your shoulder, not the hands or arms. The most significant benefit that anyone can notice in these straps is that here you will get freely move your hands or arms. The second type is the Forearm Based Moving Straps. These straps require you to wear it on your forearm. So, your arms are going to feel all the force while lifting the heavy things.

In our suggestion, you should choose the shoulder moving straps. We are telling you this because the shoulder moving straps ensure that you will feel the lowest possible force on your back. It is how there are very little chances that you will get structured by a cramp or other back injuries.

  • WIdth Of Straps

We know that width plays a great role in distributing the overall weight of an item while lifting. So, make sure always to choose the maximum possible width of straps. Also, there is another important section where the width of a strap matters a lot. We are talking about slipperiness. Usually, low width of straps can’t secure the item from slipping. But some moving straps providing company are providing the rough surface of straps to avoid the slips.

But in our suggestion, you should always choose or select the wider moving straps to avoid any slips and the injuries that can happen by those slips. There are many excellent and more extensive moving strap options we have listed on this list, so you can go and choose one of them.

  • Length Of Straps

We mentioned in the earlier point that the width has its own importance while choosing the moving straps. Similarly, the length also a matter of concern too. It’s only because the length of a moving strap will decide the gap between the floor and the item that you are lifting. If you are carrying or taking any heavy item through an unequal surface, then this thing matters a lot. So choose a perfect length of the strap according to your choice.

But if you are not sure about what the length to choose for your moving straps, then don’t worry because most of the company usually provides the adjustable options. So, you can change or adjust the length of the straps according to your task.

  • Material

If you want to use your favorite moving strap for long term uses, then this is the point that you should always check before making any buying decisions. There different types of material options present for the moving straps. But in our suggestion, you should need to go with the normal polypropylene built moving straps. If you remember, we have also added one option that providing the metal fibers inside the strap for extra durability and long-lasting uses.

  • Price

If your budget is not allowing you to buy the premium quality of moving straps, then don’t worry because this post is all about you. Here in this post, we have added several straps with almost all the essential features. But the best part of this post that there are many straps present that you can buy at a very low price point too. It means that you do not need to compromise with any significant features in those budget-friendly moving straps.


Are you feeling tired of scrolling the whole internet for the best moving straps? Then you do not need to worry because here come up with ten best moving straps that anyone can buy. Other than this, we have also listed the brief but the in-detailed guide that will give you a great idea about which moving strap should you choose.