10 Best Moving Blankets 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Are you planning a house move? Are you concerned about the safety of your goods while you are transporting them? Well, moving blankets can prove to be a handy purchase in that case. These are the blankets that can protect your stuff from getting damaged during the house move. If you are not sure what they are or if you have never heard about them in the past, then let us tell you they are thick and soft fabric, which protects your furniture from abrasions and scratches. A lot of people take them on rent from the transporters or other service providers around them, but they are available at a very cheap price if you wish to buy them.

If you had plans to rent the moving blankets, then you must drop those plans and purchase them for yourself. This will help you in saving money. It is especially a good decision to buy moving blankets for the people who often move their homes. If you are now planning to purchase your own moving blankets then this page is especially for you. We have listed some of the best moving blankets available in the market for you and you can check them out all. You can purchase one of the products listed below and you will also end up saving a lot of money during the home moves.

Best Buy Moving Blankets Consumer Reviews

In this section, we are going to talk about the best moving blankets available in the market. You can check out the reviews of these moving blankets. If you have them, then you might not even have to rely on transporters to transport your furniture. You will be able to load them up in your pick-up or your trailer and transport it safely. So, without wasting any time, let us go ahead and check out the reviews of the top 10 best moving blankets available in the market.

1. Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Moving Blankets

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Moving Blankets

Talking about the first product on our list, we have a set of blankets available in all types of quality. You will find these in textile quality, Pro quality, Deluxe Quality, and Supreme Quality. All of them are available in a pack of 12 blankets and the standard size available is 72 inches x 80 inches. It should be noted that the weight of the pack varies from 22 Lb. per dozen to 65 lbs. per dozen. They have a zig zag stitching that binds the polyester padding. You can buy the Pro Blankets as they are going to serve the purpose for you while moving the furniture.

They are professional grade moving blankets and they feature reinforced double-lock cotton stitching for you. You can use them from any side, and you will get ample of protection. The corners are also finished very nicely and hence you do not have to worry about these moving blankets getting spoiled after the usage. If you are planning a house move by yourself, then you can order these moving blankets today, and you will save a lot of money for yourself. The brand also sells moving kits, which can prove to be handy during the home move.

2. Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets

Sure-Max Moving Blanket

If you are looking for premium blankets in mid-range, then you must have a look at these moving blankets from Sure-Max. These are professional quality oversized blankets with blankets measuring 80 inches x 72 inches. They can easily protect your furniture and appliances from scratches, nicks, moisture, dirt and other such damages. Moreover, these moving blankets have superior cushioning, and that makes a lot of difference while you are in the middle of the house move. The zig zag stitching of the moving blankets makes sure that they hold of the padding consistently.

The pack includes 12 blankets in total and the weight of each blanket is around 2.75 pounds.  These moving blankets are very durable and you would not experience any tear during the long term usage as well. The material is breathable and another good thing is that you will be able to use the moving blankets from both sides. You can opt for these blankets and we are sure that you will be happy with the quality of these oversized moving blankets from the Sure-Max brand.

3. Uboxes Moving Blankets – Textile Skins

Uboxes Moving Blankets

A lot of people need medium-sized moving blankets. They help them in packing their stuff in a better way. If you are also looking for medium sized moving blankets then have a look at this pack from Uboxes. These are available at around $40 and they are textile skins. The size of blankets is 54 inches x 72 inches and in addition to this, each blanket weights 1.66 lbs. These are great for the people who would like to do the home move without any help. You can use ropes or straps to keep the moving blankets in place.

The material of these moving blankets is soft and they are highly durable. They are good enough to protect your furniture from any kind of dents or scratches. You just need to ensure that you wrap up the moving blankets properly around the furniture. Apart from this, you can also protect large items from getting bumped into each other if you use these moving blankets. They are moving blankets with the highest user rating, and that is the reason why you are going to love them. You can also wash them easily without worrying about shrinkage or shedding.

4. Stalwart Furniture and Appliance Moving Blanket

Stalwart Furniture and Appliance Moving Blanket

If you are looking for highly reliable moving blankets, then have a look at these from Stalwart as well. They are slightly more expensive than the other ones available in the market but they are available in a pack of 1 moving blankets as well as 12 moving blankets. These are available in red or blue color and you can choose the color while ordering these moving blankets for your family. The material used here is recycled cotton. This not just makes them eco-friendly, but they also offer the best protection to your appliances, furniture, vehicle or anything that you are transporting.

A lot of people prefer this moving blankets as they are made of recycled material. The zig zag stitching makes them durable and it ensures that the padding doesn’t move around. The corners are also secured and the edge of these moving blankets doesn’t get damaged. After the home move, these moving blankets can be used for other items like to cover the couch, vehicle, add soundproofing or to provide protection to your storage boxes.

5. WEN Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets

WEN Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets

Wen is one of the most popular brands when it comes to moving blankets. The quality of these moving blankets is just amazing and hence you can consider these without a doubt. The size of these blankets is 72 inches x 80 inches. Apart from this, you will find a pack of 6moving blankets or a pack of 12 blankets. You can buy the pack as per your requirements. These moving blankets are made of 100% polyester and they have a lot of internal padding to ensure that your furniture or appliances do not get damaged while moving them.

These moving blankets are double stitched, which means that they are very durable, and they have a good amount of strength. One of the good things about these moving blankets is that they can be washed in the machine. Since they are easy to clean, you can use them for multiple alternative things. Because of this, you get the right value of money when you purchase these moving blankets. The weight of each blanket is 3 pounds, which means that this has a good amount of padding for optimal protection.

6. Nova 12 Moving Packing Blankets

Nova 12 Moving Packing Blankets

At number 6, we have a pack of moving blankets from Nova Microdermabrasion. Moving blankets are one of the most important things that can help you in moving the furniture without any damage. These blankets are very flexible and hence they offer you a great deal of versatility while you are packing the items. These pads are made of non-woven polyester fabric over coating batting. Because of such design, these moving blankets from Nova offers optimal protection. They will ensure that your fragile furniture is protected from dings, scratches, dents and other such things. These blankets also have a zig zag stitching to hold the cushioning in one place.

The quality is similar to those of professional-grade moving blankets and they are multi-purpose blankets. The usage of these blankets is not just restricted to the home move you will be able to use these blankets for your pets. They do not get damaged from the claws of the pets. Apart from this, you can also use them to protect your vehicle or you will be able to use them for laying down on the beach or when you are out in the park for a picnic.

7. XtremepowerUS Deluxe Moving Blankets

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Moving Blankets

Next, moving blankets on our list are from XtremepowerUS. This is available in a pack of 12 blankets and you also have an option to choose a pack of 4 blankets. Just like many other moving blankets on our list, they are also multi-purpose blankets. They are one of the safest possible options. The weight of the blanket here is approximately 5 pounds. The blankets are quite oversized and they are available in premium quality as well. They ensure total protection from any kind of damages. You get optimal protection from nicks, scratches, and dirt during transportation. They will also protect your furniture from bumps during transportation.

The quality of cushioning is good and the zig zag stitching ensures that the cushioning stays in places when you are transporting heavy material. These moving blankets are reversible so you will be able to use them in any direction. The double lock stitched fabric improves the life of the moving blankets. You will also be able to wash them in your residential washer to keep them clean. Because of this feature, these moving blankets can be used for many other purposes as well.

8. Mega Mover Heavy-Duty Moving Blanket

Mega Mover Heavy-Duty Moving Blanket

Are you not willing to buy the pack of moving blankets? Well, there is an option for you. You can choose these moving blankets from US Cargo Control and they are heavy-duty blankets. These blankets have a weight of 7 pounds each, which means that they have a lot of padding in them. The mega mover moving blankets are soundproof and after the home move, you can use them to soundproof a room. One drawback of these moving blankets is that they are not machine washable, which means that you will not be able to use it with pads or you will not be able to use these for the beach towel. The padding, however, is good enough to keep away the moisture while you are using the moving blankets.

If we ignore this downside of these moving blankets then they are quite good. The padding is good enough to protect any kind of appliance or furniture. Overall, this is a great product for the people who think that they would not need to wash them. It is also intended for the people who have a lot of heavy appliances or heavy furniture to move during the scheduled home move.

9. ZENY 12 Moving Blankets Packing Blanket

ZENY 12 Moving Blankets Packing Blanket

At number 9, we have moving blankets from Zeny. These are high quality moving blankets that are made of polyester binding and cotton batting. These blankets have double stitching to restrict the movement of the cotton padding. These can be used to wrap the furniture and this way, you will not have to use expensive bubble wrap which offers lower protection and which is also not eco-friendly. This set comes with a total of 12 large blankets and they are good at offering all kinds of protection to the goods.

Getting into more details, these moving blankets are also multi-purpose moving blankets that can also be used to protect the floor, use in storage, protect the vehicle and as a pet padding. The material used in manufacturing these moving blankets is resistant to dirt which means that you will not have to worry about washing it frequently. The weight of each blanket is 2.9 pounds. After you are done using up the moving blankets, you will be able to store them easily and you can use them again when you move your house in the future.

10. Somide Moving Blanket

Somide Moving Blanket

Everyone loves multi-purpose moving blankets because of the higher utility factor. If you are looking for such moving blankets, then this should be the end of your search. The size of the blankets is 72 inches x 54 inches and they are primarily made to protect the furniture from the scratches. The moving blankets have superior cushioning which is because of the cotton batting. The thickness is good and it is also a lot better than many other competitor products. One thing that we love about this moving blankets is that there is no bleeding even when the moving blanketsare completely wet.

A lot of moving blankets have a strange gasoline smell but this one doesn’t have such issues. You can easily wash this one in the machine and there are no restrictions at all. The stitching has 6 threads per inches and this adds on to a lot of value for the user. You will able to use these moving blankets for storage, camping, hunting, soundproofing, and picnic and even as a dog blanket. There are different size options available as well which offers you with required versatility. Overall, this is the best that you can purchase.

How to Choose the Perfect Moving Blankets

If you are buying the moving blankets for the first time, then we are sure that you might be facing some confusion in regards to the options available. We are going to help you in clearing this confusion by sharing some of the factors that you can consider while buying these moving blankets. Have a look at them one by one.

Types of moving blankets–There are majorly 3 types of moving blankets available in the market. This includes the Skins, Economy and the Premium. The Skins are the lowest quality available and they are also very cheap. They are unpadded and hence you can use them for low cost material. The second types are Economy moving blankets which are a combination of woven and non-woven fabric. The most expensive and the best ones are the premium ones which offer the highest level of protection. They have good padding and very good stitching as well.

The number of moving blankets– You can check the number of moving blankets available in a pack. This depends on your needs. To give you an idea, you will need around 12 moving blankets to pack the stuff for 1 standard bedroom. You might need less as well depending on the amount of furniture you have.

Size of moving blankets– You can also check out the size of the moving blankets. The two sizes available are medium and small. The medium ones have the dimensions of 72 inches x 54 inches while the large ones have a dimension of 72 inches x 80 inches. You can choose the ones which you think have a higher utility for you.

Material– Also, look at the material that the moving blanketsare made of. You will find the woven fabric or polyester but when we say material, you also need to check out the levels of padding. You must also check out the stitching quality and you must also check out the softness of the material. All these things will matter a low while you are choosing moving blankets.

Alternative Uses– If you do not move your home very often, then you might be wondering what you will do with so many moving blankets. Well, most of the moving blankets would have an alternative use. You will be able to use them for soundproofing the room or will be able to use them to protect the storage containers. You will also be able to use these blankets as Yoga Mat or for protecting your car. A lot of people end up using these moving blankets as pet beds which is a good idea.

Brand– While purchasing, you must also pay attention to the brand of the moving blankets. Ensure that you invest in a good quality brand and you invest in something that can protect your furniture from the shocks.

Cost– The last thing to check is the cost of the moving blankets. You can check if renting the moving blankets makes more sense or if buying moving blankets makes more sense in the long term. Consider all the alternative uses as well while making this decision.

Bottom line

We hope that you have been through the list of top 10 moving blankets available in the market. If there is something that you really like or if there are moving blankets that you found worth purchasing, then you can visit the webpage associated with the moving blankets. This will redirect you to the Amazon page of the moving blankets where you will be able to check more details, check price, photos, and even user reviews of these moving blankets. All these factors can help you a lot with your purchase.

With this, let us now conclude the page. If you know a friend or a family who is planning a house move, then you can also share this link with them and they will be able to benefit from our research in regards to moving blankets.