10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

When you are at home, you would always like to have fresh air moving in and out. However, along with cool breeze, there is a high chance of attracting various kinds of insects or bugs into your home. Ultimately to avoid them, we all avoid to open doors. To solve this issue Magnetic Screen Doors are introduced.

Magnetic screen doors just act like a door but is designed to look like mesh. They allow fresh air to enter into house yet doesn’t allow any types of insects like mosquitoes or flies to enter which is exactly what you are looking for. In addition to that, these doors need not be touched to open or close. You can go through them. This is especially a good news to families who have kids and pets. You do not need to open or close doors for them and do not need to restrict them. If you are carrying something, you can directly go through the door without turning a knob or handle.

Furthermore, these magnetic doors are very easy to install and doesn’t require any screws of any type. It can be easily fitted with any door size. Hence, it is beneficial to use these magnetic screen doors. For your convenience, in this article we are going to mention the benefits of using magnetic screen door and a user guide too. As there are many magnetic screen doors available in the market, we have composed a list exclusively for you to look at and you can easily select one of them of your choice.

Best Buy Magnetic Screen Door Reviews

With our extensive research we have consolidated top 10 magnetic doors available for 2020. Go through the products to select the best one.

1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Our first recommended magnetic door is from Flux Phenom. They have always worked on providing the best to the customers. This magnetic screen door has sufficient size and can fit up to 38 inches by width and 82 inches by height. So, these can be fit easily for your patio, front, back, garage, sliding doors instead of a fixed screen door. With 26 magnets in total present as magnetic cubes and strips, it is very easy to open and close the door without much effort.

The door can be easily detachable or rolled up when you do not need it in some season. You can use your door for keeping the bugs, different kinds of insects out effectively. Also, you do not need to exclusively touch the door to open or close it. This makes it easy for pets to move around without forming any scratches. The material of this mesh door is highly durable and have some extra security using loop and hook adhesive strips which comes with the door. The door can be easily installed with the assembly kit provided with the door. This magnetic door is black and looks invisible which makes it look good at your home.

2. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

The full frame sealed magnetic door from iGotTech is the perfect screen door with strong mesh design. This magnetic door can be fit even if you have a door size of 34 inch by width and 82 inch by height. To provide that extra security, every inch of the door is sealed with hook and loop strip. They are durable and strong and doesn’t allow to fall off the door. 1 inch of overlap is required over the door to fix this hook and loop seal.

With the strong seal, a single bug or insect is also is not invited inside the house. This is the main purpose of using a magnet screen door. With so many magnets present in the door, up to 26 magnets, are especially present in the edges to strengthen the door more. This doesn’t rip out or tear the door that easily. Also, gaps do not form in the magnetic door. This helps to keep every possible insect outside without allowing them inside. In addition to that, the installation of this magnetic door is quite easy and a video is also presented to you for making your process easy.

3. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

The next product from our list is from Homitt Direct which produces magnetic doors exclusively keeping customers in mind. The magnetic door size is quite comfortable and can fit up to a maximum size of 37 inch by 82 inch normal door. The material of this magnetic door is of high quality and has the high density which doesn’t allow the door to tear or break when you start using it.

As the full frame of the magnetic door is hook and loop seal type, they fit to the door completely than the small strips that usually fall off or are difficult. With the full frame strip, they can be easily detached from the door when it is off season. This can be done easily and without tearing. This magnetic door is made of durable polyester fabric which gives the door strength and can be used harshly. It is lightweight and hence children and pets can easily go through them. Along with the powerful magnets placed at significant locations, there are 8 gravity pieces at the bottom which doesn’t allow the door to open by strong winds. These come with pins which makes the installation perfect and hassle free.

4. Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out

Magnetic Screen Door

The next magnetic screen door is made of polyester mesh material which is the best one to allow fresh air into your house. Also, when you walk through the door, the insects or bugs will not be able to enter into your house causing irritation or diseases. There are many magnetic doors in the market which have small strips to attach the door. These are not reliable and may fall off. However, for our magnetic door, it comes as a full strip making it easy to stick on. There is also a Velcro type strip which is attached to the door. This also comes in full frame rather than the small pieces of strips.

As the magnetic door is made of polyester mesh fabric, it is lightweight and small kids or pets can easily go through the door without much support from the elder in the family. With the Velcro strip, it is very easy to install this magnetic door. In addition to this, you will get pins to further increase its security. There are handy snaps present on the sides so that you can hold the sides when you have to use the door more like when you have a party or relatives at home, this comes handy.

5. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

There are many materials that are used to create magnetic screen doors. Magzo’s magnetic screen door is made of fibreglass mesh. The concerns that are usually raised by customers who use magnetic doors are that they get blown open with wind. However, with Magzo magnetic screen door, you do not worry about this problem as this door has a sticker hasp design at the centre and bottom of the screen which is windproof and strongly stops the door from being easily blown open with wind. These doors are pet favourites, as they can move around in and out of house whenever they want without the help of a person. The door opens and closes perfectly when your pets move.

The installation of this magnetic door is quite simple with a highly adhesive full strip and extra pins are also supplied for the extra support and security. As these magnetic doors are made of fibreglass, they are better than the nylon ones and can withstand high temperatures, chemical corrosion or fire. They can still be in good shape even these things happen. There are many sizes that these magnetic doors are available in. You can choose one based on your door size.

6. Magnetic Screen Door – Many Sizes and Colors to Fit Your Door Exactly – US Military Approved

Magnetic Screen Door - Many Sizes

The next magnetic screen door is also made of highly durable fibreglass material. Furthermore, 60g of this material is used where a normal 30g of polyester is used. This helps for dogs and when you have many people roaming around in and out. Also, 26 powerful magnets which are 1400g make it to stick perfectly and also tightly seals the door not allowing even dirt to enter. With such strong magnets, strong winds can also be bore by these doors.

These magnetic doors can be easily installed within 10 minutes without any tools. You can simply follow the instructions and do it yourself. To protect the sides from allowing tiny insects to pass through, a strong hoop and loop fastener is present. The entire edge is now safe from any insects that try to sneak in. One more interesting factor about this magnetic door is that they are quite popular in military base camps and doesn’t allow any bugs. These are mostly used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 26 powerful magnets placed at correct positions, keeps the door tightly sealed. If you have any manufacturing defects the company is ready to replace them over the lifetime.

7. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

The next magnetic screen door is from Apalus. Their magnetic doors are reliable and have superior quality mesh material. This will not block the fresh air from coming inside. Also, the bugs are kept outside which means you do not need to use any chemicals to keep the bugs away and stop using air conditioner for cooling the environment. With this, you get natural fresh cool breeze from outside and leave your home mosquito free.

These magnetic doors can be used in different ways. They may be used as single door, slide door or double door. You do not need to separately create a pet door for your pets. With the powerful magnets at places required, these doors closes perfectly once you go through it not allowing a single insect into your home. These doors are very easy to install without any equipment. With just an adhesive tape, it gets sealed properly and can be used for many days. Once the season ends, or if you wish to wash them, you can easily remove them and wash just like any other fabric. There are as many as 28 powerful magnets present in the door which makes this magnetic door durable and long lasting.

8. Homearda Magnetic Screen Door

Homearda Magnetic Screen Door

Homearda Magnetic Screen Door provides various features making it as the best products available in market. It has durable fibre glass mesh which is very strong with premium quality. The magnets have been upgraded by adding extra features. There are gravity sticks in the bottom to make sure it doesn’t open by wind blow. It also allows to close the screen quickly. 26 powerful magnets are placed across the product making the door to close easily and to avoid slamming. The full frame installation is very easy and comfortable to install and no need of extra tools for installation. At times there can be chances of magnets not closing automatically, in that case you must adjust the width. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and if you are not satisfied, you can replace or return it getting the refund.  The total weight of the product comes around 1.4 pounds and dimensions are 14.7 x 10.7 x 1.4 inches. It fits the door size of 36” x 82” inches. The colour of the product is fiber glass.

Reviews are very good and is highly rated and recommended by user community. The reviews have been highly encouraging to buy the product.

9. Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door

Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door

Aloudly Magnetic Screen Door is one of the best products in the market. The design of the screen door is innovative, and the construction quality is also very good. It comes in two variants based on dimensions of the door. The cost of these variants is also different. It is important to measure door dimensions before purchasing the product. There are magnets inside the seam with highest quality mesh and full Velcro running the mesh. There are 26 magnets powerful enough to open and close easily. Kids and pets can easily go through without much effort. The installation is very simple and can be completed quickly in minutes. It attaches to doors securely. There is an installation guide provided which helps in installation. There are also push pins provided if it is a high traffic door. It is pet friendly as well. The total weight of item is 1.65 pounds with package dimensions 12.7 x 10.4 x 2 inches. The product comes in only black colour. It is one of the good products with features of good air flow and easy movement across the door.

It is one of the oldest products available and reviews are comparatively more. The rating for this product is very good and positive, and it is a highly recommended product.

10. Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass Mesh Screen Door with Magnets

Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass Mesh Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door Mesh uses fiberglass material for mesh and offers best air ventilation and natural light compared other products. The screen door is very tough and strong, and it doesn’t wear out quickly. Small meshes helps in keeping insects out. It has combination of 14 magnets and 12 magnetic strips which are powerful enough to attach quickly. Compared to cheap screens, it covers from top to bottom without leaving any gap. You can comfortably pass in and out without using hands and it opens and closes without much intervention. The installation is easy and simple, and it takes just few mins to complete the whole installation. All the necessary hardware is provided in the product and it doesn’t require any special tools for installation. Attach the handy hook first and move it along the door frame. There are pushpins provided in case of high traffic in the household. Even if we don’t use it, we can easily fold it and keep it aside as it won’t occupy much space. While hanging the product, hang it roughly 0.2 inches above the ground. Before purchasing the product, measure the door twice to make sure the product exactly fits.

Reviews for this product are very good and positive, encouraging to buy the product.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Screen door

As the magnetic screen door is quite new to some people, it would be good to know the benefits of this product so that you can be much clear about it and choose the right product for your home. Below are the benefits of using magnetic screen door.

  • The first benefit is the most obvious one. You can easily get in and out of the house very easily. All you need to do is touch the magnetic door, it magically opens and with the magnetic effect, it immediately closes once you pass through it. This is a cool feature when you have kids running around or pets moving. Also, if you tend to carry food outside or some other things, it will be easy to go through the door.
  • A lot of fresh air can be flowed into the house. This is especially a good thing if you don’t have much ventilation at home. You keep breathing the old air and your health gets deteriorated. Hence, fresh air flowing through your house is important. Magnetic screen door helps you with that. It allows fresh air to pass through and at the same time, you will have your privacy too.
  • Usually to get fresh air, we all open our windows and doors. However, they let inside some kinds of insects like mosquitoes flies, which bring various germs along with them. With germs, you easily get your health spoiled. However, with magnetic screen door, your problem is solved. They do not allow any kind of insects inside your home and you can have your fresh air also.
  • These doors are easy to maintain also. There is not much process involved. As removal of these doors is easy, you can just remove them. It acts like any other fabric and you can wash them easily. You do not need to worry about the magnetic property. That wont be gone if you are washing. So, you should be fine.
  • These magnetic screen doors are durable and do not get spoiled easily. It has different designs and colours in it so you can have a wide range of selection.
  • The best part of magnetic screen doors is that they are hands-free. You do not have to worry to close and open them each time you walk through the door. Just touch it, it opens and closes automatically once you pass through it.
  • These magnetic doors are affordable and you can easily get them in budget.

How To Choose A Magnetic Screen Door For Your Home

You have seen our recommended list of magnetic doors that you can buy in 2020. If you are a first time user of these doors, you might still be confused in which product to choose. You will have to know the features to consider while choosing the best door for your house. We are here to help you with providing these ideal features that you need to know before buying. Let us get started.

Magnet: It is important that the magnetic screen door should have the magnetic force. It should be strong enough to close once you pass through it and also a stronger force doesn’t allow any insects or bugs to pass through them. So, select a door which has some good magnetic force.

Force: Some of the magnetic screen doors are difficult to pass through and need a little effort to push through them. While some react quickly with a touch. It is important that you decide on which type of doors you are comfortable with.

Durability: Another major factor that is important to consider is the material with which these magnetic doors are made of. Some just are weak and tear within a short duration of time. While, some offer extra features like UV protection and are water resistant. These can stay longer and have a tough material that do not tear off easily. You need to select the one which has the durable material and if possible consider the extra features that it has to offer.

Place: It is quite important to decide why you are buying a magnetic door. Is it for your home or for any outside camps that you are planning for. If it is outside, what kind of place are you planning to keep this door. Based on these factors, material of the magnetic screen door needs to be decided. If you are going on a fire camp and live in a tent, you need a heat resistant material. If you want to set the tent in beach, a water resistant material is the perfect go.

Time Period: If you want to use these doors for a temporary purpose, there is no point in selecting a top-notch material which is quite costly. Just go with a normal one. On the other hand, if you wish to buy them for your home for long term use, selecting a good material is important.

Set-up: If you want to buy a magnetic door, it should be simple for you to install. Most of the good magnetic doors come with Velcro strips. These help for easy installation. If you want to go for more permanent doors, they can come with nails or pins. Just go with your convenience and availability.

Design: Based on your style and taste, it is important for you to decide the design of the magnetic doors. There are many patterns, designs available in the market for you and you have to choose the one which suits you.

Flame tolerable: If you plan to place your magnetic door anywhere near your kitchen, then the fabric might catch fire. To avoid that, select a magnetic door which is flame resistant.

Size: This is another important factor that you need to consider while selecting a magnetic door. Measuring your door is important before ordering this magnetic door. Because if you get a larger one or smaller one than required, you end up with insufficient or larger which does not allow the magnetic strips to meet properly. This will spoil your whole purpose. So selecting a proper sized magnetic door is important.

These nine factors are some of the key factors that you need to consider before purchasing or choosing a magnetic sheet door. If you remember them and choose your door, you will get the one that is more convenient to you and your home.


As time passes by, new innovations are made and daily products that give you convenience are being invented. These magnetic doors are also such products. Companies are striving to add new features to them in turn.

With this, there will be many products available and you will be confused on which ones to buy. This is especially difficult if you are the first time buyer of these magnetic doors and are quite new.

For your convenience, we have included a buying guide in this article and you can get an idea on what features to look at. Once you get an idea, you might go over our recommended list. If you are still confused, you can directly click the link and check for more details and pictures for clear idea. After that, check the ratings and reviews by users.

After all, the ones who use the product can give the best reviews possible. Hope our article gave you a clear idea about magnetic doors and we are sure that one of these products will perfectly suit your needs.