10 Best Locking Mailbox for Residential 2020

The risk of mail and identity theft over the past few years has increased terribly. We often think of installing a mailbox without any locking system since it offers easy service. But the fact do you know how much at risk of theft you are at. If not then surely this is the time you consider certain things pretty seriously. Talking of which to buy a secure locking mailbox is the most crucial one. It is one proactive approach by which you can rest assured that your identity and important mail don’t get stolen from the mailbox. It does not matter whether you are planning to install it at your residential location or need a locking rural mailbox in the country where you have other houses, you must be sure the right type of locking mailbox which you want to install at your house and which can match your needs.

The Purpose of Locking Mailbox

The most logical answer to this is precise and simple. It is the most ideal way by which you can actually protect the mail and deter identity theft. All you need to do comes to the conclusion on which type of mailbox can suit you the best. With a wide range of choices available it is always important that you know the type of mailbox that you are intending to buy and where it can be placed. In most of the houses, you will find the USPS approved residential curbside locking mailboxes. They work in a basic manner as that of the unlocked mailbox where once the postal officer despites the mail through the slot.

The best part of the cloaking mailbox service is once your mail gets into the secured locking mailbox, the incoming mail gets well protected from the mail that would have actually got stolen. Ideally considering the security purpose, it is said that such an incoming mail slot has to be short in size and must only be of the length by which the mail can be put in. For the mailbox that needs to be installed the commercial areas need to be designed in a way that would prevent from reaching the incoming mail slot. Some locking mailbox also comes with the features like anti-pry mechanism to prevent leveraged entry

Mailboxes are categorized into two styles. One is the wall mount secure mailbox and the other one is the curbside locking mailboxes which are usually on a post near the curb. Both curbside and wall mount mailbox offers better security solution and are designed for both residential and commercial purpose.

Best Buy Locking Mailbox Reviews

Talking about the mailboxes designed for the residential purpose, listed are some of the best ones that may help. If you are looking out for the right type of mailbox with a great price and sturdy quality then the list mentioned below will surely not be a disappointment to you. These are some quality, trending in the market options that you can think of buying.

Understand that before you decide on the mailboxes listed below, make a good research, compare them wisely and then decide on whether the options that you have shortlisted fits in your budget and match your need or not.

1. Architectural Mailboxes High Security Locking Parcel Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Classic High Security Locking Parcel Mailbox

The innovative yet the most improved classic looking locking mailbox can surely be a perfect thing for you. This high-quality locking system comes with the pre resistant lock bracket solution that offers homeowners better peace of mind against mail and identity theft. If you are planning to buy this one for your home then surely you will not be disappointed with using it. It comes with patented design and is made from the high technology because of which the chances of theft reduce to a great extent. With value and perfect quality, investing in such a product is worth it.

Moving further on using this product, it is one user-friendly solution. The body of the same is made with heavy 16 and 18 gauge with a steel quality which is well coated. It offers better lasting usability with good quality. Besides, the door comes with a rubber sealing because of which all your mail deliveries can stay dry and safe even during heavy rainfall season. The hardware is made with stainless steel. The whole external shroud s made from the material that resists the elements and moisture because of which, using this mailbox is worth

2. Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox, Black

Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Classic High Security Locking Parcel Mailbox

Another great user and cost-friendly mailbox technology that has been trending in the market is Mail Boss 7506, Mail Manager. This is a curbside locking security mailbox which is, of course, modern-day need. It not only ensures the whole locking mailbox solution to stay secure but also offer better security against theft. As you know most of the theft usually occurs by hand fishing and even merely by opening the screwdriver. But this mail manager is different. It is designed to offer better protection against the mail thieves and vandals. DO not worry about the durability as this product is designed to be used for long.

It has been USPS approved which means you get the complete residential locking security service. It also offers better protection against mail identity theft. Thanks to the stainless steel hinges, usability becomes a lot easier. Not only this, such a locking solution is a lot more secure and comes with an exclusive patented locking system because of which the leveraged entry gets restricted. It is made from 14- and 16-gauge galvanized welded steel construction which ensures vandalism is against it. Besides, there is an innovative baffle door that ensures even the small parcels and packages and checks box can stay secure.

3. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Wall-Mount Mailbox

Gibraltar Mailboxes

The homeowners who are looking forward to the medium or small size mailbox with a high-level of security shall surely consider this option. It is designed to meet your needs and ensure that the better and the most lasting protection are given. This unit comes with a heavy-duty plastic and aluminum solution because of which you get better durability and strength in the long run. Not just the security but this mailbox is designed to stay resistant against the rusting solution. Thanks to its crisp and safe design, you can use this door for better delivery of magazines, envelops, and even padded mailers to name a few.

Talking about the installation, there is no hard and fast rule since it comes with home exterior installation. This means, your home will not run into a mess when you would be using it. This product also comes with a medium-size delivery capacity. Considering the locking features, your mails service can stay secured since it comes with 840 cubic inches capacity. There is also a heavy-duty access door that comes with the features like cam lock and keys for better protection against theft. Along with it, there is mounting hardware included too.

4. Mail Boss Package Master Security Mailbox

Mail Boss Package Master Security

Recently Epoch Design has launched a unique model of locking mailbox which has become the talk of the town due to its integrated features and classic look. This mailbox is known to offer better protection against identity theft. The focus of the brand was to offer its citizens with an affordable yet the most secure solution that would reduce the crime of mail thieves. This product so far has won more consumers in the market because of innovative features, sturdy constructions and the fast track mounting system which adds value to the money.

Moving further, this product is also USPS approved since it has an extra-large capacity. Thanks to its high security locking mailbox solution, you can rest assured since there will not be any kind of risk associated with mail and identity theft. There is a 12 wafer disc look with the anti-pry latch locking solution. You also get a mail shield technology that protects the mail and parcels from thieves. With easy installation, stainless steel hinges, and even the powder coating finishing, this lock with high-security commercial grade door is worth the investment.

5. Architectural Mailboxes

Architectural Mailboxes

This is the most improved and innovative version over any other mail locking system that you might have come across. It comes with great quality and has a pry-resistant locking solution. These way homeowners get better peace of mind against identity theft and vandalism. Moving further, if you plan to even shop for it, there is an additional discount that you are most likely to get. If you don’t want to compromise with the quality and money is not the issue then surely this is the right product that you can consider investing in.

It has been designed with a sturdy body construction of around 16 and 18 gauge galvanized steel. Being fully powder coated before the assemble of better durability and long life, this patent design lets the small parcels and even mail bundles to be delivered. The door comes with the rubber sealing and is best suited for homes that are located in heavy rainfall areas.

6. PEELCO Wall Mount Locking Outside Mailboxes

PEELCO Modern Rust & Weather Proof

This is another locking mailbox that comes with Unique Residential Mailbox Key. This product has been trending in the market from a long time and is said to be one of the best product that you can choose. It has been considered to be one of the most incredible locking solutions that can help to protect your mails especially the crucial ones from getting damaged or even replaced. Furthermore do not worry about the accessibility to this mail since it can be accessed with a key. Not only this, you also get the most stylish look and come with the most elegant features and contemporary design that you may not find elsewhere.

If you don’t want to compromise with the money and your only concern is to choose the product which comes with powder coating and stainless steel material then surely this is the right product that you can consider. Do not worry about the installation process since it comes with easy wall mounting solution. The installation takes not more than 2 minutes.

7. Mail Boss Steel Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

Mail Boss 7412 High Security Steel Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

Recently Epoch Design has launched the mail boss locking solution which is said to be one of the best one in the market so far in terms of features, accessibility and usage that you may not find anywhere else. This product is worth investment because of its incredible features that are known to be of sturdy quality. With an extensive line of mailbox licking solution, this product comes with a purposeful design for better mail security. If you have this product installed at your home then be rest assured because all your mail are in safe hand.

Talking further, this product has a patented anti pry locking solution that comes with a feature of chrome allot and has the heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized steel construction. Thanks to the powder contained finishing; you can be rest assured that you won’t ever be the fishing victim. Besides, the hinges made from stainless steel further assures durability and ease of use

8. Architectural Mailboxes Extra Large, Black

Architectural Mailboxes 6300B-10 Oasis 360 Locking Parcel Mailbox

This mailbox is of high quality and comes with the design of two retrieval doors. It is meant for front and rear access and can let you as the homeowner get the mail without even waiting to stand on the street or road. This is one highly recommended mailbox that can hold small parcels, bundles and even the padded developers in the most secured yet locked apartment. The product is made from the cast of aluminum front fame and is said to have the enveloping door with the mechanism of heavy dirty. It is designed to be built for lasting usage and is worth the investment that you make

This highly functional locking system is USPS Approved that measures W x 11.5 in. H x 20 in. D. Not only this product comes with dual door locking system and has two easy access doors. Thanks to its Galvanized steel construction and a fully powder coated corrosion resistance solution, you can be rest assured that you are using the right product. Besides, it is Predrilled 4 in. x 10 in. mounting holes in the flows. This way the installation process becomes even simpler.

9. Mail Boss Street Safe Locking Mailbox

Mail Boss 7526 Mail Manager Street Safe Locking Security Mailbox

If you are looking forward to make a worth investment in the product that can offer better security and lasting usability then surely this is the right one to choose. This product comes with the front and rear locking solution that offers easy door accessibility. Thanks to this quality mailbox, you can be rest assured that mail theft can be protected and you can have an ease of mind when you are away from home and there might be some of the expected important mails to come.

This access doe is best to be used because it has the baffle door that accept abundant mails and even the mall packages because of which you get the true security for preventing any king of phishing act. It also has an anti pry latch locking solution with a chrome alloy tempered mechanism. Thank to the secure access door solution, you can get the commercial grade high security 12 disc wafer lock for better reliability and usability. So this sounds interesting isn’t it? The best part is it is totally worth the investment that you do.

10. Architectural Mailboxes Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes 2594GR-10 Graphite Aspen Locking

This mailbox is of great quality. The lock may look simple but it comes with the little hole at the bottom so that there is no chance of water even to get inside. It is one user friendly product that you can consider of buying.  The lock is extremely easy to remove and even reinstall even after you paint it. The product is well equipped with a stainless tell cam lock and the installation process is simple too. You need to however install it under eave and even the hardware instructions are all included. With the construction of galvanized steel, this is the best product you can think of buying.

Locking Mailbox Buying Guide – Features To Consider

  • Consider The Place For Locking Mailboxes

When you plan to buy a locking mailbox, you need to think about the type of locking mailbox that will work best for you. If you already have a mailbox near your curb then you can simply replace it with a locking one. For this, you need to speak with the postal service if you want to move the mailbox from its location like from curb to the mounting at our house.

  • Get An Idea On The Quantity Of Mail

Another factor that can help you in deciding the mailbox you want to choose understands the amount of mail that generally comes to your house. On average, it is the curbside mailbox that can hold around 1 to 2 weeks. However, there are ample of other models that can hold strongly for quiet e long time. If you tend to travel a lot then you can consider the mailbox which usually comes with a hopper door. This way even the small parcels can be put in the mailbox which can be held for 2 to 3 weeks

  • Price Of The Mailbox

Well, this is the most crucial thing that of course, you should not be ignoring. With the new models and styles of mailboxes that have come up in the market to decide on the right one can be quite confusing. But before that set a budget as you will be making more like a onetime investment in it. It, of course, has to be worth and that is why compromising with the purpose and quality does not make any sense. Basically, such type of mailbox costs $185.00, but looking at the important mail that you would be receiving, there is no harm in spending more amount since your identity and mail security matters the most. Look for the lockable mailbox which comes with a better standard as compared to the average one. Your investment is great if you choose a secure locking mailbox since it lasts for a long time

  • Know The Type That You Need

Basically, it can either be the grounded post or the mounted one. Considering the ground post it, of course, goes inside the ground which is basically cemented. It comes with a plate only at the top where you will have to bolt the lockable mailbox to the post. The end without any plate will go in the ground secure mailbox pot. If you choose the surface mounted mailbox post, there is a plate on the bottom and the top. Basically, the top plate serves the locking mailbox while the bottom one is bolted to the existing slab of the concrete or stay the sidewalk.

  • Styling

You can also consider the styling along with the locking solution. Talking of the style it is the antique brass locking mailbox that comes with eternity design which looks more stylish. It holds less mail and is said to be a sturdy one. Stainless steel is another stylish look mailbox used that has a better holding area. You can use it for the post that is installed near the ocean or where it tends to rain the most. The choice is yours. But make sure along with the style you also focus well on the pattern and purpose of the mailbox that can help.


Of course, for the very important mails, you don’t want a thief to get it so easily. Simple mail theft can put you a lot of loss and heavy paperwork. It is important that you consider the option of locking mailbox especially if you tend to receive ample important mails and then you must make sure that you buy a mailbox which is not so easy to access enough at least for the stealing purpose. To buy a locking mailbox is a huge step to secure your mail’s safe delivery. That is why make the decision wisely.