10 Best Light Bulb Changer Pole 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

If you are having trouble while changing or cleaning the light bulb in your house, light bulb changers can be a massive upgrade to manage all these problems. There is a huge variety of bulb changers in the market that you can choose from. A good light bulb changer comes with extensions, which makes it easy to reach without the ladder. In this kind of home appliances related to electricians, you have seen that there are high prices.

However, research before buying these products can be worth your time. A good quality light bulb changer comes with so many helpful features like powerful suction, bulb cleaner device, and different kit sets. Different clip-on features help the person to use it by their needs. Some of the light bulb changers come with an additional feature, like changing a broken bulb. As compared to other products, bulb changers, which are made of plastic, are cheaper than the high-quality rubber so the plastic can be a better choice if you have a tight budget.

After consulting, we have made a list of the ten best light bulb changers according to the usage, durability, and versatility.

Best Buy Light Bulb Changer Reviews

A huge number of light bulb changer companies are offering their products for an affordable price. Selecting the best one is a bit typical, and being focused on high price is definitely the poor option. So, we made a list based on effective working and affordable prices. Let’s get started and have a look at the best options –

1. STAUBER Best Bulb Changer with Pole

STAUBER Best Bulb Changer

In the list of best light bulb changer, one of the genuine deals is STAUBER Best Bulb Changer with Pole. It comes for a genuine price along with a long rode, and the effective suction cup on one end. Changing the light bulb is very easy because of having a quick lock and the quick release button, which makes everything easier for you.

Even, you are also able to change large-sized bulbs with ease due to having a 12 inches long pole which makes everything easier. The suction cup is extra sticky, which ensures the best use. That’s why you can rely on it and get rid of all the issues with ease. It has threaded pole security, which ensures the best use of the same.

Due to having the Bulb Cleaning device, you don’t have to worry about putting a ladder to clean the same. When there is dust on the bulb, changing it with the suction cup is not possible at the same time. You can also find that there is a powerful bulb screw, which makes it easy to use, and changing bulb isn’t going to take much time. That’s why you can rely on the same.

2. Bayco LBC-600SDLB 11-Feet Light Bulb Changer Kit

Bayco LBC-600SDLB 11-Feet Light Bulb Changer Kit

One of the unique designs which can easily fulfill the need and provide you all the advantages with ease is Bayco LBC-600SDLB 11-Feet Light Bulb Changer Kit. This doesn’t have a suction pump, but it feels way safer option, and it is an affordable option also. Due to these reasons, you can rely on the purchase of this unit.

For the replacement of any household bulb, there is a gripping handle that holds the bulb, and you are able to change whatever you want. Even, it is available for a lower price point which ensures the best purchase in all kind. There is a long rode which lets you change the bulb from a far range.

The only issue with this product has a poor grip over the bulb, which can easily make you think whether to buy this product or not. Sometimes, you may have to spend extra time because bulb slip in the holder and applying extra pressure can break the LED bulb into pieces. So, you should stay selective and complete everything with ease to avoid getting into any issue.

3. Ettore 48450 Bulb Changer Kit with Pole

Ettore 48450 Bulb Changer Kit

Due to the lower price, plenty of attachment units, and sturdy build quality of the whole unit, you can easily go after the purchase of Ettore 48450 Bulb Changer Kit with Pole. It has a long handle, and you can adjust the holder. It works on broken, fuse, and different sized bulbs so you will not face a single issue when preferring this option. Changing the bulb is absolutely easy.

Considering the design and build quality, it seems like a great choice because there are plenty of units added into the box which ensure the best purchase for sure. You can easily rely on the build quality and prefer grabbing this unit without any issue. Having the Includes 11 feet REA-C-H extension pole makes you feel safe when changing a bulb.

This five-piece kit is for the half price of our top pick, then why it isn’t in the criteria of best? Well, the built quality is not that good. And, the failure rate is there. You can easily check our reviews to know about them. People found an issue with the suction cup unit because that skip bulb, and it falls down from a height.

4. Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit

Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit

For large-sized LED bulbs, our next suggestion is definitely great, and it can easily fulfill the need with ease. Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit comes for the same price as the previous product, but it has several additional features to impress you. This kit includes several items, and Kit includes recessed bulb changer is a really good one to help you out.

You can attach this unit to any standard thread pole and get all the benefits. Well, the manufacturer is not offering the pole in the box, which makes it seem like an expensive choice as compared to the other products. This kit is also used in the tactical outdoor re-creation and such other levels. There is no need to worry about the safety factors with this product.

Considering the build quality, there is no need to worry about the durability of the product; that’s why you can rely on the purchase without having a single issue. Keep it in mind that you stay selective in approach to avoid getting into any kind of issue, and you can easily rely on the same to avoid getting into any kind of issue.

5. DOCAZOO 5-12 Foot DocaPole Light Bulb Changer Pole

DOCAZOO 5-12 Foot DocaPole Light Bulb Changer

In the section of reliable bulb changer pole, you can go with the purchase of DOCAZOO5-12 Foot DocaPole Light Bulb Changer Pole. It is a great option for a high price, but it has all the basic attachments that you need. It comes with a long pole, and that is also very safe to use without any issue. Keep it in mind that you check the manual before getting started.

Even the suction cup is very sticky and powerful; that’s why the manufacturer got it patented for the US-made premium suction cup. There is a small thread on the side to adjust whether it can take a new bulb or not. Due to this reason, you can easily rely on the purchase of this unit over other ones.

The only issue with this product till this date is price. Otherwise, you can easily go with the purchase of this unit. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor bulb replacement. Having such a long pole means you are able to get rid of several issues. Be selective during the first use to avoid getting into any issue. The reading manual will ease up the work for you.

6. Designers Edge E3001 Light Changing Kit

Designers Edge E3001 Light Changing Kit

With an advantage for changing broken bulbs, this bulb changer has an 11-foot telescoping metal pole. It also provides a suction cup and baskets to change small and large bulbs. There is plenty of packs option available in the same that’s why you can consider going with Designers Edge E3001 Light Changing Kit for affordable deals.

Due to the premium build quality and great design, you can consider it. There is a genuine sized rode offered with the same, which makes it a highly reliable choice for sure. Even it comes with the SAFELY extract hard to reach bulbs, which enhances the safety features. The chances of getting shocked by the electricity are very lower so you can prefer it without any issue.

Having 11 feet tall pole is the great thing about, and you are getting the combo for such a low price, which makes it a great deal. The durability of the pole is a point of concern; otherwise, everything is great about this deal, and you can prefer it without having a single issue for sure. The versatile use makes it one of the reliable deals in all kinds also.

7. GREATEST Light Bulb Changer Kit

GREATEST Light Bulb Changer Kit

It comes with three pieces set, which can be convenient to use with any kind of bulbs like a floodlight, FCL, fluorescent, and many more. With more stable controls, you can easily put the bulb out of the holder without facing any issue. It also comes with an extension pole, which is 12.6 feet long, which can be securely attached to the pole.

The material that is used in this product is aluminum, which is much stronger than others. Super sticky suction cup makes it easy in less wobbling. It also comes in handy by providing easy lock twist design with snap-in suction to make the best out of it.

You can use the suction cup for the bulbs which have a broad face and also the two size claws securely fit around any bulb which has a wider face. Just be careful when you change the CFL with this bulb changer, CFL can break easily. Be patient while changing so that there will be fewer chances of any mistake.

8. Eversprout 6-to-18 Foot Light Bulb Changer and Extension Pole Combo

Eversprout 6-to-18 Foot Light Bulb Changer

One of the premium units in all kind which can easily fulfill your need as compared to the other option is Ever to sprout 6-to-18 Foot Light Bulb Changer and Extension Pole Combo. It comes for the reliable price point, and there are plenty of features added to the same, which makes it a highly reliable choice over other ones.

It has a long-rode, a great quality bulb holding changer, and a better grip. Even, you can choose the rode sizes as per the need, which ensures the best option. The built quality is highly reliable, and the chances of getting electric shock are negligible with this unit. Isn’t it a highly reliable fact about this product?

It comes with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee and many other features, but the only con about this product is with a price. We think that it should be competitive in terms of price. For a lower price, we can think about giving it the first spot for sure. If you want the best, then there is no other option than this one, and you can rely on it without any issue.

9. Duracell LBC-600SDL Bulb Changer

Duracell LBC-600SDL Bulb Changer

Duracell bulb changers save up time while changing the large bulbs and the that is burned. With a large steel pole that goes up to 11 feet, it comes in handy for those who have normal ceilings. Poles have standard threads to accept all washing accessories.

With finger suction, you can easily grab a small and big bulb with proper care. On the other hand, it also comes with a small suction cup that can be attached to the bulb from front to get it out simply. As compared to other product reviews, this product has less rating because sometimes the bulb changer is not capable of giving you proper control over the bulb.

Also, it can be tricky sometimes to remove the suction cup after attaching, but on the other hand, this product seems sturdy and well-built as compared to some out there. This product is also easy to assemble and can be durable for those who have a round bulb of different sizes in their homes.

10. STAUBER Best Bulb Changer with Power-Latch Extension Pole

STAUBER Best Bulb Changer with Power-Latch Extension Pole

With three different sizes available, this product works like a charm to anyone. As compared to others, STAUBER bulb changer is more portable as it can fit in the side drawer. With the help of 20 feet version, you can reach tough places in ease. With a powerful suction cup, the grip of the bulb changer is much better than some of the other products.

It comes with an additional power-latch pole package. People who bought this product have always given a positive review because the quality of the rubber at the handle doesn’t feel cheap. Compared to other products, the STAUBER bulb changer comes with at effective price point with genuine quality.

 It has a powerful thumb screw which locks the pole securely. This product also offers three different packages. The first one, which comes with a kit, has three different suction cup for all types of bulbs. The other one comes with only large suction, which can be used normally with any kind, and the last one is an extra-large suction cup, which is for full-size bulbs.

Bulb Changer Buying Guide – Factors to Know about

Choosing a bulb changer that can suit your needs can be a terrifying process, so choose the according to the reviews, quality, and price can be a smart play. People think that there is nothing to look much before buying a bulb changer. However, you need to be sure that the changer is really capable of holding the bulb. If you don’t consider it before buying, you will end up wasting your money. There are plentiful methods to know about the product that you are devoting to.

Some of them are:

  • Type of bulb changer – There are normally two types. The first one, which is the spring finger, and the other one is the suction cup. Spring finger changer is the one that looks like a hand holding bulb. These are normally better than the suction cups because it holds the bulb better, but on the other side, the turning can be a big issue in this. Suction cup changers can be a better choice if you want to change different types of bulbs. The suction cup bulb changer comes with different cups that can be helpful in that.
  • The material used – The materials that are used in bulb changers are plastic and high-quality rubber. If you want to buy a quality bulb changer, make sure you check that the suction cup is made of high-quality rubber so that it would be helpful in turning the bulb easily. As in the last, quality plays a vital role; without the quality suction, the chances of wobbling can be increased. On the other side if you are going for the finger bulb changer, make sure the fingers are made of high-quality steel. Steel fingers will be helpful for more fiction in handling.
  • Extension poles compatibility – Bulb changer can be used with extension poles so that you reach high places. Some of the bigger brands offer to use any quality extension to make it easy for you. Make sure that you buy a reputed bulb changer so that it will be stick with different suction gears and extensions. If you prefer any other extension, there will be chances of uncertainty. Also, make sure that the product is easy to assemble so that you can use it properly.
  • Size of bulb – It is important that you should check the size that the bulb changer is compatible with according to your needs. If there are heavy lights in the room, the one with a heavy compatibility option should be preferred. Most of the branded option provides this facility, but you should keep this factor in mind.
  • Reviews – By checking out feedback from other users, you can know about the pros and cons, which will definitely help you grab the best deal. Make sure that you stay selective and look after several numbers of reviews to sort out the best deal for your specific need.

There is huge variety out there in light bulb changers but, make sure you check all these factors like price, quality, and the type that you desire so that it would not just increase your knowledge but help you to buy the right one.

How to Use a Light Bulb Changer for High Ceilings

To use a light bulb changer for High Ceilings, you need to follow this step that you can see below.

The first step is power off the light bulb before changing it. If you do not follow the first step, then it can be dangerous for you. Remember, keep the safety first in any work related to electricity.

After power off, give some time to the light bulb to cool down. If you are changing bulbs like incandescent light bulbs, then you have to provide a chance to that light bulb to cool down. After that, you can start the next step to changing the light bulb.

Now here is the most crucial part, that is removing the old bulb and replace it with the new one.  You can do this step or task in two different types.  Either you can use a ladder for this step, or an easy way is, you can use a light bulb changer instead.

Most of the light bulb changer has a pole that is around 11 feet tall. But if you are replacing the bulb form High ceiling that is taller then 15 feet, then you can use a ladder to stand on it.

As you know that light bulb changer comes with different types of bulb adapters. With those adapters, you can change most of the bulbs.

Now attache on of the adapter with the pole and start changing the light bulb. Remember one thing in mind that kindly keep the pole stable if you can. By stabling the pole, there is a low risk of bulb breaking.

The bulb replacement also depends on what type of bulb you were using. In the market, there are various types of light bulbs present that come with the different attaching system. For example, some light bulbs have push attachment, or some have the screw attachment.

So while changing the light bulb, make sure that which locking or attaching system present in your old light bulb. Now properly fix the changer on the light bulb and safely remove the old light bulb by pulling back the changer.

After that, fix the new light bulb on the light bulb changer. Then carefully attach the light bulb to the high ceiling.

Remember, don’t forget to add the release string if you use the suction cup handle. After the bulb attaches to the high ceiling, then carefully remove the suction cup.

After using these suggestions, you will able to change the light bulb from the high ceilings.


With a list of all these 10 best light bulb changers, you can choose the one according to your needs. As we all know that everyone has their own requirements so, the above-given buying guide can enlighten the right one according to your needs. Before buying any product, make sure you make a budget so that you can easily choose the right one.