10 Best Lamp Oil for Indoors 2020 – Expert Reviews and Guide

Summers are around the corner; power outages will begin. Imagine you are stuck in a power outage situation, and you run out of the current supply of the battery-operated lamps! It sounds like a scary situation. Isn’t it? If the power outage gets extended, you might end up being in the dark for hours. In such situations, oil lamps come handy. You need oil lamps to accomplish your household tasks during the dark hours. But the question is “Which brand of lamp oil is suitable for your Lamp or lantern?” Need not to worry, we have the answer to this question.

It is very important to select a good quality lamp oil. Low-grade lamp oils may produce Carbon monoxide (CO). Now, the question arises, “what is Carbon monoxide?” Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless but dangerous gas. When you use kerosene oil for kindling your lanterns or lamps, carbon monoxide is produced. That is why it is better to buy pure, clean-burning lamp oil. Exposure to carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Breathing high levels of CO can lead to nausea, weakness, headaches, confusion, dizziness, disorientation, sleepiness, and vomiting.

Choosing the right lamp oil for indoor usage can make a lot of difference between an odor free home and a possible death from poisoning. You should wisely select on the oil that you will burn inside your home. With a wide variety of brands available in the market, it becomes difficult to select a lamp oil brand with excellent quality. For the same reason, we have written this article, we have prepared a list of 10 best lamp oils that you can purchase for your Indoor purposes. We have also provided the buying guide that will inform you about the essential pointers that are needed to be kept in mind while buying the lamp oils. Go ahead and read the information carefully.

1. Lamplight Ultrapure lamp oil

Lamplight Ultrapure lamp oil

The ultrapure lamp oil from Lamplight is perfect for indoor lamps; it burns without causing any smoke. Unlike other lamp oils, the Lamplight lamp oil does not consist of any bad smelling compounds. The lamplight lamp oil is suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses. Also, the pricing of this lamp oil is affordable.

As the name suggests, the ultrapure lamplight lamp oil is made up of a hundred percent pure paraffin oil. Being a 100% pure paraffin, the oil burns purely clean. You can use this oil for lighting the oil candles and oil lamps. The paraffin liquid is known to give a soothing and glossy look to the surroundings. In addition, the Lamplight lamp oil comes in a spill-proof and easy-to-pour bottle. However, the oil freezes at a heat higher than the one required for paraffin.

2. Ner Mitzvah 1 Gallon Paraffin Lamp Oil

Ner Mitzvah 1 Gallon Paraffin Lamp Oil

The Ner Mitzvah Paraffin lamp oil is first processed, refined and then distilled. The oil undergoes the entire process 2 times more than the traditional kerosene oil. The aim is to produce a light source for outdoor and indoor uses. Yes, you heard it right, the Ner Mitzvah paraffin lamp oil is so powerful that it can also be used for outdoor purposes like pool parties or outdoor barbecues. Whether you have to glow the centerpieces at your friend’s wedding or your birthday party, this oil is just perfect for every outdoor Venue. The oil can be used with any kind of wick. It produces a flame that is entirely free from smoke and odours.

The Ner Mitzvah Paraffin lamp oil can be used for multiple purposes such as for lanterns, candlesticks, lamps, in centerpieces, or on a dining table lamp, and so on. Moreover, this lamp oil comes in a variety of five different colors so that people may use it to customize the glow according to their tastes. Purple and red color evokes romantic beauty while blue and green create a calming atmosphere.

3. Firefly clean fuel lamp oil

Firefly clean fuel lamp oil

Firefly clean fuel lamp oil is created to fulfill all the lamp oil essentials of your home. As compared to the paraffin and kerosene oils, the firefly clean fuel lamp oil burns longer. In fact, the oil has been tested to check the burning time and it is found to be 30% longer than the other oils. When the oil is ignited carefully with proper steps, the smoking can be restrained. Improper usage can lead to harmful smoking. If the height of the wick is too high or the wick is contaminated, even the purest oil can cause smoke. Make sure to use a clean wick and keep its height as low as possible.

The firefly clean fuel lamp oil is free from unwanted odors. Hence, the oil is perfect for such homes where people’s pet peeve is a bad smell. Also, the packaging of the oil is excellent, it is electronically sealed, which prevents leakage issues. The oil is not only suitable for indoor uses but it can also be used for outdoor venues. The firefly clean fuel lamp oil is best used with lanterns and oil candles. It is not suitable for tiki torches and LampeBergers.

4. Sterno Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil

Sterno Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil

If you are looking for an odor-free lamp oil, then the one from Sterno could be the best choice for you. The oil burns steady and clean, which makes it one of the best choices of lamp lovers. The quality of this lamp oil is superb and it produces a very bright flame. A bright flame with a clean-burning! What else do we want? The Sterno 30644 liquid paraffin lamp oil is pretty commercial, and it performs its job perfectly.

The brand provides two variants of the lamp oil bottle: a 1-gallon bottle and a 2-gallon bottle. According to the requirements, People can easily select whichever size they need. A 1-gallon bottle of Sterno lamp oil is available at a much affordable price. Those who suffer from asthma and allergies can select this Sterno liquid paraffin lamp oil without any hesitation. However, the oil burns slower than the other oils, but comparatively, it burns longer. So, when using the Sterno lamp oil, you do not need to refill your lamp, lantern or candle again and again. Also, oil is much safer than kerosene.

5. Maison Berger Sandalwood fragrance oil

Maison Berger Sandalwood fragrance oil

Maison Berger brings you the oil with unique enchanting fragrances. Something that is specifically manufactured in Europe. The oil has been designed by famous designers that are embraced by some important figures of the art community (Picasso, Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau and Colette). It is a kind of LampeBerger which is used to purify the indoor air. Fair enough to be called an attractive and functional accessory. The LampeBerger Is designed to add a contemporary or elegant finish to every home. It effectively eliminates all kinds of undesirable odors from home. You can use the LampeBerger when hosting the guests because it adds a beautiful scent wherever burned.

Furthermore, Maison Berger offers you a wide variety of 49 different colors including the Forest mist, exquisite sparkle, fresh eucalyptus, extreme orange, fresh mint, fresh linen, lemon flower, green apple, majestic sequoia, new Orleans, oriental comfort, pumpkin delight, sparkling zest, so neutral, ocean breeze, timeless rose, summer rain, under the fig, wildwood, winter wood, zest of verbena and the list goes on. Each of them has a unique, pleasing smell. It is probably the best thing that is offered by a brand.

6. The Dreidel Company Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil

The Dreidel Company Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil

The lamp oil brought to you by The Dreidel Company burns very clean and pure. It is a kind of tiki torch fuel that is refined after being processed. The oil produces a powerful but clean flame. Unlike kerosene oil, the Dreidel Company’s liquid paraffin lamp oil is free from harmful soot and other polluting compounds. The oil is perfect to be used in torch style candlesticks, lanterns, to Kindle Shabbat candles, in centerpieces and many others. You can even use this lamp oil to decorate the special outdoor events or parties, to light up the aisles, pathways and stairs. It would be fair if we call it a multipurpose lamp oil.

You can even mix essential oils with this lamp oil and put in the lantern kept on your study table to add an ambiance of fresh aroma. This can soothe your mind while studying. The pricing of this liquid paraffin lamp oil is reasonable. Plus, the oil does not produce any undesirable odor while burning. This means that you can use this lamp oil in your grandmother’s tiki torch without any worries. We believe she’ll definitely love this product.

7. Candle Charisma Paraffin Lamp Oil

Candle Charisma Paraffin Lamp Oil

Candle Charisma brings you one of the cleanest burning lamp oil. It is a kind of liquid oil wax which is made using high quality refined liquid waxes. The premium blend lamp oil is odorless and virtually smokeless. Unlike the kerosene-based lamp-oils, the Candle Charisma paraffin lamp oil does not leave any harmful soot or residual odors. No soot, no smoke! What else do you expect from a lamp oil while burning a lamp inside your home? All these characteristics allow this paraffin lamp oil to get a very good rating from the existing customers.

You can use this Candle Charisma Paraffin lamp oil to light your torches, lanterns, candles, Shabbat candles, Menorah lamps, and whatnot. In addition, the Brand specifically designs the lamp oil bottles, which come along with a safety cap, this ensures that the oil does not spill out. The product is exclusively manufactured in America under the guidance of experts. You can easily rely on this lamp oil without any doubts or hesitation.

8. Sophia’s Redolere Lamp Oil

Sophias Redolere Lamp Oil

If you are a survivalist, a prepper, or just a person who wants to have a soothing, pleasant aroma inside the home, you cannot do any better than Sophia’s Redolere Lamp Oil. This lamp oil is designed to spread a pleasant aroma inside your room. As soon as you ignite your lamp using Sophia’s Redolere lamp oil, you will start to feel a pleasant sandalwood aroma around you.

It is a kind of fragrance oil that is specifically designed for catalytic fragrance lamps. However, this oil cannot be used in reed diffusers or regular oil flaming lamps. Still, you can use it in your fragrance lamps. It will give you a long-lasting fragrance to overcome any type of bad smell.

9. Aladdin Lamp Oils

Aladdin Lamp Oils

The Aladdin lamp oil is the most versatile lamp oil that you will find in the market. It can be used to kindle any kind of lamp. The oil undergoes an entire process of distillation, which ensures 100% purity. It is free from all the harmful toxic substances that are present in most of the lamp oils. Therefore, people with respiratory issues can choose this Aladdin lamp oil without worrying about their health. The oil burns so clean that no smoke arises while burning.

During the burning process, the Kerosene oil leaves an unpleasant smell and oily substance, whereas the Aladdin lamp oil burns without leaving any type of odor or substance. The oil is clear and does not carry any coloring substance. You can even give this to your mother as a gift, we believe, she will not end up being disappointed. This Aladdin lamp oil has got the highest rating in longevity. The product is definitely a good value for money.

10. Wolfard Glass Lamp Oil

Wolfard Glass Lamp Oil

If you are a person who wants to have a safe choice to keep your home lit in the time of an emergency, we just feel you cannot do any better than the Wolfard Glass Lamp oil. It is one of the cleanest flaming oil, with nearly no identifiable odor even when the wick of the lamp is turned up high. The Wolfard Glass lamp oil is probably the best oil to use indoors. It is accessible at the time as an oil blend created particularly for tight indoor rooms. The oil leaves no oily residue or smell. Also, it burns very quickly so do not hesitate to order a big sized bottle.

There are different color options available; you can select the desired color according to your preferences. After you’re done using the lamp, you can easily extinguish the flame with the help of a flame snuffer. So, go ahead, buy your stocks and get ready for the ridiculous power outages during the upcoming summer months. We assure you would end up being content.

Some Important Things To Consider Before Buying Lamp Oil

In some regions, Power outages happen very often. It becomes challenging to perform the important tasks during the power outage hours. At such times, most people kindle candles or lanterns to perform their chores. If you are someone who is purchasing lamp oil for the first time, you might be confused. Here is a small buying guide that will inform you about the essential pointers that are needed to be kept in mind while purchasing the lamp oils.

The ingredients of the lamp oil: It is very important to look for the ingredients that are used to manufacture the lamp oil. There are many brands who sell lamp oils with toxic substances. Using a bad quality of lamp oil can lead to unnecessary smoking, which is harmful to human health and the environment as well. Nowadays, people prefer buying paraffin lamp oils. Paraffin oils are known to be pure.

The quantity of the lamp oil that is needed: usually, one gallon of lamp oil can last up to 512 hours. 0.5 Ounces of oil are burned in one hour. However, the lamp oil consumption also depends upon the type of lamp, the height of the wick, the size of the wick, and several other variables. Using this information you can calculate the amount of lamp oil that is required at your home.

The manufacturing date of the lamp oil: It is important to select recently manufactured lamp oil; this is because oils degrade with time which can ruin the quality of the lamp oil. Using decade-old oil can lead to respiratory problems.

Considering the type of lamp oil: there are various types of lamb oils that are available in the market. Let us take a look at them:

  • K-1 Kerosene: K-1 Kerosene is one of the popular choices of lamp oil fuel. It is easily available on the market and affordable as well. However, the presence of sulphur in Kerala K-1 kerosene can lead to unpleasant smell while burning. While using K-1 Kerosene, You need to have proper ventilation inside your room.
  • Paraffin lamp oil: Paraffin lamp oil belongs to the same family of k-1 kerosene. Although, the paraffin oil is a purified one. Therefore, as compared to kerosene, the paraffin lamp oil burns clean without producing any undesirable smell. Also, it does not produce any pollutants. We recommend our readers to select the paraffin lamp oil to ignite the lanterns of their homes.

Considering the price of the lamp oil:  Price is probably one of the essential pointers to consider while purchasing the lamp oil. Paraffin lamp oil is expensive as compared to kerosene. However, paraffin lamp oil is considered to be better. You can select according to your budget.

Considering the colour of the lamp oil: Some people prefer selecting colored lamp oils for their candles and lanterns. This adds fun and also makes the room attractive. Different lamp oils come in different colors. You can easily find one of your choices.

Considering the fragrance or scent of the lamp oil: Some lamp oils come filled with enchanting fragrances. After burning such lamp oils spread aroma inside the room. If you are a fan of pleasing smells, then you can select a lamp oil of your favorite fragrance. There are numerous brands of lamp oils that offer different types of fragrances to customers. Select a good smelling lamp oil and relax inside your room.

Reviews: Checking the reviews before purchasing the lamp oil can be an excellent idea. There are numerous websites from where you can read the reviews of existing customers. Checking the reviews will give you a better idea of what is perfect for you.

Bottom line

The market for lamp oils is growing day by day. There are hundreds of brands that manufacture lamp oils. Choosing the right quality of lamp oil is very essential. Low-quality lamp oils consist of toxic compounds such as sulphurs, carbon monoxides, etc.Such lamp oils may lead to disastrous health problems are burning. No person would want to cause harm to their loved ones. You should always select a pure and eco-friendly lamp oil. There are different types of lamp oils being sold in the market. Selecting the correct type is quite tedious, especially if you are new to the world of lamp oils. Paraffin lamp oils are considered to be better than the K-1 kerosene. If you have read our article, you will be able to select the lamp oil of your choice. We hope you select a good quality, less harmful lamp oil for your beautiful lamps.