10 Best Incense Sticks 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

We know that different fragrances can show different effects on our bodies and the way we think. It only happened because our sense of smell has a direct connection with our minds. Believe it or not, but the sense of smell is the most important type of sense for our body. Where pleasant fragrance can give a signal to our mind to relax the body, and a bad smell is enough to disturb your focus completely. It is the main reason why we bring this post for you, where we are going to talk about Best Incense Sticks. Yes, Incense sticks are the best and cheapest way to provide an excellent and aromatic environment to a place or even for you.

Nowadays, many people prefer to use these incense sticks to fight against anxiety problems. It’s only because some scientific studies show that good and aromatic fragrances can help humans to become more focused and relaxed too. Not only this, but there are many different types of incense sticks present in the market that you can buy for many kinds of purposes. For example, in the market, you will find out incense sticks, especially for activities like Yoga, Aromatherapy, Meditation, etc. Usually, a packet of incense sticks does not be going to cost you too high. In addition, a regular pack can last more than a week, but it also depends upon how regular you use them. But there is some confusion still present, and we are talking about hundreds of varieties and brands of these types of sticks. But you don’t need to worry because you are reading this post, and here we have included ten best incense sticks options of 2020. Read about every single of them, and you will automatically come to know which type of incense sticks more suits you.

1. Nag Champa 12 Packs Of Incense Sticks

Nag Champa 12 Packs Of Incense Sticks

It is the most popular type of incense sticks pack, not only for this post but also it is so popular in the market. Do you want to get an idea of how popular this pack of incense sticks is? If yes, then just take a look at its wonderful ratings on the online stores. Here this combo included a total of 12 packs. And each pack has included twelve to fifteen incense sticks. One thing that we have noticed is that here the manufacturers have provided excellent quality of sticks. If you are using incense sticks regularly, then you might be familiar with the brittle type of normal sticks. But there is no such case with these incense sticks.

If you are looking for a complete package of these sticks with almost all aromas, then we want to suggest this combo first to you. The company has provided 12 packs, and each has a completely different fragrance of sticks. There are fragrances mentioned on each box to let you know what the purpose of those particular boxes of sticks. Despite all the features, now’ let’s talk about the cost of the combo. So, it will give you a surprise that you don’t need to pay more extra to buy these all 12 packs of incense sticks.

2. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Sticks

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Sticks

On the next spot of this list, we want to introduce the Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Sticks to you. Do you know what the best part about these incense sticks is on the second spot? If not, then we want to tell you that these are not standard machinery built incense sticks. In our view, you will also be going to love this point about these sticks that these sticks rolled with human hands to shape the structure. Now you might be wondering why this is the special point about the incense sticks. Right? To answer this, we want to tell you that the standard type of sticks made with machines can become brittle with time. If you are using these types of sticks for a very long time, then you might know these little points.

But there is no such case with these hand made and pure incense sticks. If you are a person who loves activities such as yoga and meditation, then we want to tell you that these sticks can provide a perfect aroma to stay focused while doing yoga and meditation types of activities. However, these sticks seem perfect for the aromatherapy too, so if anyone of you wants to use them, then just go for it.

3. NewAge Smudges and Herbs Mini Sage Wands

NewAge Smudges and Herbs Mini Sage Wands

Do you want to know what the next item on this list is? It can surprise you that on the third spot of this list, we haven’t added any proper looking incense stick’s pack. So, now it is time to introduce the NewAge Smudges and Herbs Mini Sage Wands on the third spot. In the packet, you will get three sage wand bundles with well and tight packaging. We will explain later how this sealed packaging will help you while burning the bundles. First of all, let’s talk about the purposes why many people prefer to use these sage wand bundles. Most of the users use these sage wands because of some spiritual reasons. It’s because they believe that burning sage wands can clear or remove the negative energy from any place. Along with this, some users also noticed some dramatic changes in their life after using the sage wands. You can also check out the regular user reviews by going through the review section.

Now, if you are wondering about how to use these bundles, then here we go. The manufacturers have suggested using the bowl or shell to burn these bundles. Also, do make sure to keep the fan on the below-average speed because it will help the fragrance to spread properly in your house.

4. HEM assorted incense sticks

HEM assorted incense sticks

On the next spot of this list, we have a bit of premium quality’s incense sticks. Here we come up with the HEM assorted incense sticks. The combo has included the six-packs of the different fragrance of sticks. The total weight of all combined sticks is up to 120 grams. In our suggestion, these 120 grams of incense sticks seem quite enough if you are a regular user. We are saying this because each stick that you will get in the pack with going to last longer than you think. Usually, a normal or decent type of incense stick can continue till 10 to 15 minutes. But if you are going with this fourth option of this list that you will get sticks that will last and provide fragrance until 30 to 35 minutes easily.

The manufacturers have used the excellent quality of sawdust to make these incense sticks. If we talk about the aroma that you will get is the most strong but relaxing. If you want to feel fresh in your working space, then we want to recommend this combo pack to you. Here you will get some great fragrances that can give you good, positive feelings that will change your mood within a few minutes.

5. Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh Incense-Sticks

Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh Incense-Sticks

Again we have another very trendy or famous incense sticks on this list. This time we come up with the Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh Incense-Sticks. Before going forward to any other detailed things, we want to tell you that these are the natural incense sticks. Many people prefer these sticks to get natural aromas because the manufacturers added some natural raw material to make these sticks. The pack of these natural incense sticks included up to 100 pieces or sticks. Usually, you need to pay a bit of extra money to buy these sticks because of their premium and natural materials.

The fragrances that you will get here are the Frankincense & Myrrh. In our suggestion, if you want to do some spiritual works or if you are a spiritual person, then these are the perfect sticks for you. The manufacturers are providing these incense sticks for all countries. And they claim that each stick that included in the box have made by a human. Their workers usually use the essential oils with some relaxing aromas to roll the incense sticks. And if you are afraid of the black smoke that many normal incense sticks left behind by the time burning, then don’t worry because here you will not going to face this issue.

6. Karma Scents Premium Incense Sticks

Karma Scents Premium Incense Sticks

Are you especially looking for the hand-rolled premium quality of incense sticks? If your answer in a positive way, then here we come up with what you want. So, on the sixth spot of this list, we have added the Karma Scents Premium Incense Sticks for you. Also, it is obvious that these are the premium quality of sticks that means to buy these sticks, you need to spend a bit of extra money. But in our suggestion your this investment will be going to be worth it because of the amazing aroma that you will be going to get with these incense sticks.

Here you will get the round-shaped and long length of boxes; in these six boxes, you will get a total of 180 hand-rolled sticks. The length of all sticks is perfect, or you can say it is more than enough because each of them will burn till 35 to 45 minutes. In our view, this burning time is just insane because very few manufacturing companies offer this type of incense sticks. Like we mentioned earlier that here you would get six different boxes, it means each with a different aroma. But for more convenience, the manufacturers have provided different colors as well to give you a hint about the aroma of each box’s sticks.

7. Morning Star Cedarwood Incense Sticks

Morning Star Cedarwood Incense Sticks

If you are reading this post with full concentration, then you might know that we have listed some great options that provide an insane burning time. After keeping this requirement, on the seventh spot of this list, we want to introduce Morning Star Cedarwood 200 Incense Sticks. Here you will get 200 sticks out of the box, and each of them is capable of providing great aroma till 25 to 30 minutes without any problem. Almost all normal quality of incense sticks only last till 10 to 15 minutes only; it happens only because of their bad quality of raw material plus the way the manufacturers make them.

The only difference that we have noticed is present on the basis of holding these sticks. It’s because there is no holding space present, it’s just all the incense sticks. Actually, this is not a problem because this is why you will get a long-lasting performance by an incense stick. But to help in the holding, the manufacturing company has provided a holder out of the box. This holder will allow you to attach three sticks at a time. We will recommend these sticks if you like the Japanese incense sticks.

8. Oakland Gardens Premium Incense Sticks

Oakland Gardens Premium Incense Sticks

Did you like the previous spot of incense sticks? If yes, then we are sure that you are also going to love this one. We are confident because there are many similarities present between these sticks. First thing first, here you will get 100 sticks in a box, and each of them has the capability to provide a great type of aroma to you. Along with this, we also want to tell you that these are other natural types of incense sticks. If you really like to use the natural sticks, then make sure to look at this pack too.

The manufacturers have also mentioned about the ingredients that they have used to make these natural sticks. First of all, they have indicated that they usually use the wood pulp for the base, and on that, they apply the incense punks to make a fully aroma loaded stick. The fragrance of each stick feels more fresh and mild. If you like to use the mind relaxing aroma type of incense sticks, then this pack of 100 sticks is only for you. Also, because the manufacturers are providing these sticks for the whole world, that is why they have listed up to 45 different fragrances and color options for these incense sticks.

9. Wildberry Incense Sticks

Wildberry Incense Sticks

If you want to feel the raw aroma, then don’t forget to look at this incense sticks option. On the ninth spot of this list, we have added the Dragon’s Blood – 100 Wildberry Incense Sticks. These sticks also gained a lot of popularity because of their amazing but strong fragrance. The Wildberry is the most famous company in the whole of America for its good quality of incense products. They also export these incense products to other countries all around the globe.

The best incense sticks are the Dragon’s blood, but there are three other aroma options also available for all buyers. According to the user’s review, each stick that you will get out of the box can last up to 45 minutes. The best part is that these sticks don’t leave any black smoke behind. You get the long-lasting performance from these sticks only because of their extended length.

10. Incense by Oakland Gardens Wedding & Home Decor

Incense by Oakland Gardens Wedding & Home Decor

In the last position, we bring incense sticks with many fragrances. This pack has included a total of 100 sticks. But it is not necessary that you will only choose from a single type of option in terms of the number of sticks. There are 50 to 1000 stick packs present on the online stores by the exact same manufacturers. Anyways here we have the Premium PATCHOULI Incense sticks. When you burn a stick from this pack, then you will feel a slight sweat but a relaxing aroma. We have listed this sweet smell of incense on this post because many people love to use this type of fragrance in their workspace.

One hundred hand-made or hand-rolled sticks have the capability to serve the fresh aroma/fragrance till 25 to 30 minutes each. The company claims that they have used two kinds of oils to make these sticks. The first oil type is fragrance oil, but the second type of oil is essential oils. We are recommending this product to you only because of those essential oils. It’s because we know that essential oil helps to promote the hormonal changes in our brain to relax the whole body.

How To Choose Perfect Incense Sticks

We can understand if you are still wondering about the best options related to incense sticks. It only happens because there are too many varieties that are present in the market for these sticks. But if you are reading this post, then you don’t need to worry about it because we are going to share some most important points with you. Make sure to consider these points before making any buying decisions related to incense sticks.

Purpose Of Uses

If you are a regular user of incense, then you might know that different fragrances or aromas can provide different types of benefits. Some people use incense while doing activities such as meditation, yoga, etc. But on the other hand, some people only use incense sticks to bring some freshness to their working place or even at home.

Before buying any type of incense, you need to figure out your purpose of uses or requirements. After that, only look at those options that can fulfill your requirements, or you can use them for your work or home.

Incense sticks with aroma or fragrance of Lavender, Pine, Vanilla, and Jasmine can promote relaxation signals to the human brain.

Where incense options such as Citronella, Cinnamon, Rose, Vanilla, and Potpourri can be great for room freshening.

Stick’s Length

The length of a stick also matters a lot because it has a direct connection with the burning time of a particular stick. It means the more extended the stick you buy, the longer it will be going to last. In the market, you will find out many sticks with a length of around eight to ten inches only. This type of shorter sticks can only provide the fragrance for only 10 minutes or a little more.

But in our suggestion, you should always choose a longer length of incense stick option. Make sure that your desired sticks have a length of at least 12 to 14 inches. In this post, we have tried to add only the longer length of sticks.

Natural Or Synthetic

We know that many people have some kind of allergies with a particular substance. The same applies in the case of incense too. So, if you have any kind of allergies with any element, then do make sure to avoid the synthetic built incense sticks. The synthetic incense only uses the perfumes and a particular type of mixture of chemicals to last longer. But these synthetic incense can cause breathing problems. So, in our view, make sure to avoid these types of sticks for the most time.

In this post, we have added many natural, plus hand-rolled incense sticks. Yeah, we know that some of them are quite expensive, but it will be going to the worth it that you spend your money on that. It’s because, in the end, you will get a fresh and aromatic workspace.


Are you facing a lot of confusion about choosing the best type of incense sticks for you? If yes, then do make sure to read this in-depth post about incense’s topic. Here we have listed ten best incense sticks options of 2020 that you can buy right away. Also, we have provided an in-detailed guide upon this topic to share some extra details that each user should need to know before making any buying decision.