10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

You will rarely find people in this world who don’t like natural things. Some people want to use natural things in their home to create a simple but beautiful looking ambiance. If you are also the same kind of person, literally, you are going to love this post. Here we are talking about the Himalayan Salt Lamps. If you haven’t seen this type of lamp before, then we are damn sure that you will be going to fall in love with it. If you will buy one for yourself, then believe it or not, but the rest of your room’s decors will fade away in front of its fantastic glowing look. This is the only significant reason why so many people love this kind of natural salt lamp. But some of the regular users also claim some incredible benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Many people claim that these lamps are able to clear or purify the air, but there are no scientific proofs present on this theory. On the other hand, some of them believe that it can help you to feel good or change your mood. Well, everyone has their own theories, but we know only that these salt stones lamps look just stunning. And now, if you have decided to bring a Himalayan Salt Lamp at your home, then wait because there is something that you need to know about. In the market, there are many types of lamps present, some of them are synthetic, and some are pure original pieces.

For helping you to choose a perfect one according to your preferences, we come up with this fantastic post. Here we have listed ten best Himalayan salt lamps that you can buy right away.

1. Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp

On the very first spot, we like to introduce the lamp from the Himalayan Glow manufacturers. But don’t worry, here you will get the original or raw piece of Himalayan salt crystal. The company claims that they have imported all their salt pieces from Pakistan’s biggest mine. Overall this comes with a bit of transparency that looks amazing while you turn it on. First thing first, this lamp comes in the orange color variant. It means when you light up the lamp; then it will spread very low density of orange-colored light. We want to suggest that if you are buying this lamp then place it in a bit darker room to get most out of its look. Or even you can only use it during the night time, and it is a guarantee that your family members plus your friends will be going to love this crystal lamp.

The company has placed a low light density of bulbs inside this lamp. It means you will get only the low brightness of light from it. On the outer side, you will find out a little bit of a whitish surface. Actually, this is the identity of a pure and mined salt crystal. Where in a synthetic type of crystal, you won’t get or see anything like this. It’s very popular in the market because of its amazing orange glowing look. You can also get an idea about this lamp’s popularity by taking a look at its more than fifteen thousand good five-star ratings on online stores.

2. Levoit Kyra Salt Lamp

Levoit Kyra Salt Lamp

If you are looking for a crystal lamp to give a gift to someone very special, then make sure to look at this option as well. It is only because many people like to consider it as a very pretty gift for their friends and family members. Even if you are looking for a Himalayan salt lamp for yourself to decorate your room, then this can be a good option as well. There are many exciting features present in this crystal lamp that you won’t get in the previous lamp of this list. The one issue that many people face this kind of lamps is that there are very selective lamps present that offer the custom brightness option. If you are also looking for a custom brightness type of crystal salt lamp, then make sure to consider this one first.

It’s because here the manufacturing company offering an excellent brightness control out of the box. The bulb that the company has provided also supports the brightness controlling. For this, you just need to tap simply, and you will notice a slight difference in the brightness of the overall lamp. This is how you can change the brightness according to your personal preferences and also according to the time of day. Other than this, you are getting an amazing glowing look of crystal salt lamp at this particular price point. The bulb of this Himalayan lamp is present in the bottom of the crystal. It will show a fantastic colored effect when you will turn it on in the dark. And because of the bulb’s placement, you will notice that the upper part of the lamp is more color-intensive as compared to the bottom part. In our suggestion, this difference between the color of the base and top section just looks stunning.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp By CRYSTAL DECOR

Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you want to buy an original type of Himalayan salt lamps but you don’t want to invest a higher amount of money on it. If this is the case then don’t worry here we have something special for you on the third spot of this list. So, here we want to add the Himalayan Salt Lamp By CRYSTAL DECOR. But do you know what the best part about this listing of our post? Yes, you got it right, here you are getting two pieces of crystal salt lamp at the price of the single premium salt lamp. Some of you might be thinking that you need to compromise with the quality and looks of the lamp. According to us, you won’t be going to notice any significant issues with these salt lamps. Both crystal pieces come in the size of seven inches. If you want a smaller variant, then don’t worry because the manufacturers have also listed the six inches of versions on the online store.

You can feel that these are the natural salt/crystal piece by touching them. The surface of each lamp is very rough, that is a good sign that lets you know that these are the pieces that directly came from mines. The light that these lamps produce after turning on is in a bit of a pink tone. If you are buying the Himalayan salt lamp for meditation or relaxing purposes, then go with this option. We are saying this because this pinkish glowing light will provide you with a relaxing dim light.

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp By Crystal Allies

Himalayan Salt Lamp By Crystal Allies

Every person’s choice can vary in terms of buying crystal salt lamps. If you don’t like the traditional oval shape design of the standard Himalayan lamps, then here we have something different for you. The shape of this product of salt lamps is very different from any other lamp on this list. Even we haven’t added any salt lamp like this one on this post till now. So, on the fourth spot of this list, we want to introduce the Himalayan Salt Lamp By Crystal Allies. Let’s keep aside for a moment and let’s talk about its amazing but beautiful looking shape. At first glance, you will notice that it seems more like that some stones are present inside a bowl. But when you see it with more focus that you will come to know that these are the crystals and the whole shape is glowing.

First of all, this is a low budget section of the Himalayan lamp. But it doesn’t mean that you need to make some compromises in any part of this lamp. Here you will get everything that you can expect from a good quality of the salt lamp. When you buy one of them, then you will get the two different types of crystal inside the box. The first one is the base of the bowl shape of the crystal, and other than this, you will get some small pieces of crystals inside a pack. The assembly process for this salt lamp is not that hard; you can do it within a few minutes only.

5. Himalayan CrystalLitez Salt Lamp

Himalayan CrystalLitez Salt Lamp

This one looks very different from another standard type of salt lamp. If you are looking for a perfect option to gift someone, then do make sure to consider this item too. At the fifths pot of this list, we want to add the Himalayan CrystalLitez Salt Lamp on our list. It is the crystal lamp that comes with a few additional features. The main feature that we liked and also you can notice that it comes with an outer shell the has a painting on it. Actually, the manufacturer of this lamp has tried their best to make this crystal salt lamp looks better than any other normal salt lamps. In our suggestion, they go an amazing success as well because seriously this lamp is looking gorgeous. It is the main reason why we mentioned earlier that you could consider it as a perfect gift for your friend.

When you this package of the Himalayan salt lamp will arrive at your home, then you will get two pieces out of the box. The first one is the main crystal that has an outer but inbuilt shell. The second piece or part is the electric cord with the low light density of the bulb. It also has a base that allows you to simply put the crystal shape on it. This is how the overall product doesn’t require any installation or assembly process. The electric cord also has a particular part that is the brightness controller. So, you can control the density of light, and ultimately, the glowing look according to the time of day.

6. Himalayan Salt lamp By Spantik

Himalayan Salt lamp By Spantik

It is the only pack of this list that has included the Himalayan salt lamp that you can mount on the wall. Yes, you got it right; these lamps have the ability or functionality to mount them on the wall. So, if you are looking for particularly this type of salt lamp, then do make sure to check out this option. On the sixth spot of this list, we want to introduce the Himalayan Salt lamp By Spantik. Like we mentioned that the main feature of these salt lamps is the mounting option. Remember that here you will get two small sizes of crystals out of the box. The finishing of these lamps is on the next level because here, you will not get the raw whitish surface. It is only because the manufacturers have tried to provide polished surfaces of crystals for a shiny look.

The light is very similar to the heated amber, so if you want a design like fire, then make sure to give a chance to this product. And it’s a guarantee that you will be going to be happy after using these crystal lamps. Many people are currently using these lamps at their homes. We are telling you this because many of them shared their experiences with these salt lamps. Some say that these lamps play a significant role in making the air purified but energetic. It is also a reality that there is no proof present the benefits of this type of lamps.

7. Betus Himalayan Salt Wall Lamp

Betus Himalayan Salt Wall Lamp

Did you like the previous spot of the salt lamp option? If your answer is in a positive way, then you also going to love this one. So, on the seventh spot, we are feeling glad to introduce the Betus Himalayan Salt Wall Lamp. When you compare the features of both lamps, then you will find out many similarities between both of them. Also, there are many different features present in this one, that you won’t get in the previous spot of the wall lamp. First of all, you can buy this wall lamp at a bit cheaper price as compared to the previous lamp. According to the manufacturers, here you will get 360 degrees of light spreading features. It is only possible because the overall design of the main crystal is in the circular shape.

The only thing that is completely different from any other lamp of this list is its custom surface. Here you won’t be going to get the look and feel of proper or original wall lamp. We are saying this because the manufacturing company had cut these crystal pieces into circular shapes. Also, they have provided it with a bit smoother surface. Still, this looks amazing because of the slightly orange or the amber type of look. Many people suggest that if you are dealing with stress and anxiety problems, then you should give a try to this type of lamp. It’s because when you look at them, then these lamps will help you to get focused.

8. Himalayan Salt Lamp By VMInnovations

Himalayan Salt Lamp By VMInnovations

Are you feeling curious to know which salt lamp we have added on the next spot of this list? If yes, then this is the end of your suspense because here on the eighth spot of this list we have added the Himalayan Salt Lamp By VMInnovations. If you want the pure or natural type of crystal lamp, then this one is only for you. Here the company didn’t offer any other customization; they just took the pure crystal piece and attached it with a low light of the bulb. If you want to know what our reaction is on it, then we want to tell you that according to us this looks fabulous at first glance. You can consider the point as a plus point that the manufacturer has provided pure crystal with zero customization.

It is offering a unique feature that most of the lamps don’t offer at this particular price point. We are talking about the small dish that presents at the top of the crystal lamp. So, in this dish, you can add some drops of essential oil. When you turn this crystal salt lamp on, then with the help of bulb’s heat, this lamp will vaporize the essential oils in the air. If you are a  person who loves to do the meditation kind of stuff to stay focused, then make sure to buy this lamp. It’s because this is a complete package that allows you to meditate for a long time; the low pink light also plays a significant role in this.

9. iHome Zenergy Salt Rock Lamp

iHome Zenergy Salt Rock Lamp

A portable rock lamp is very rare in the market. It only happens because the crystal’s weight is very heavy; that is why you can’t carry any normal Himalayan salt lamp with you. But if you want any crystal salt lamp that you can easily carry with you, then here we have something for you. On the ninth spot of this list, we are feeling glad to introduce the most stylish looking iHome Zenergy Salt Rock Lamp. Like we mentioned that it is the most elegant looking rock lamp, which means here you will get a slightly different but interesting looking design. Probably many of you will be going to love this shape of the design. The design looks very similar to a giant egg, but a glowing one.

Here the company has provided the wooden base that perfectly matches the overall theme of this lamp. But this wooden base has some very amazing features; this is not a normal base. Actually, it is a proper functional speaker. That you can connect with any device or your smartphone for use, there are some tactile buttons present on the front side of this crystal lamp. Each of them has its own function or purpose, but they’re also buttons present for controlling the overall brightness of the lamp. The bulb of this lamp is present a slightly down position of the middle section. This and the egg shape of this crystal lamp, both provide an illusion like it is a glowing giant egg.

10. IndusClassic Himalayan Salt Lamp

IndusClassic Himalayan Salt Lamp

Do you want to know what we have at the tenth spot of this amazing list? If yes, then don’t worry because you will be going to know about it within the next lines. So, on the last spot of this list, we have a pack that has included the two pieces of the Himalayan salt lamp. Each has a high powered 15-watt bulb inbuilt inside. It simply means that here you will get amazing or maximum possible brightness level. But don’t worry because the manufacturing company has also provided the brightness controller if you want to adjust if according to the day time.

The bulb is present right in the middle of the crystal in each unit so that you will get a very glowing look from the overall product. Still, there you will find out some low light density or darker edges in the crystal; in our opinion, this looks great when talking about the overall look. The light color plus the dark corners make an effect like the firing amber. Before going to bed at night time, you should spend at least 30 minutes if you want to know what are the benefits of this lamp. Users who are using it on a daily basis, claims that they have noticed dramatic changes to getting quality sleep after using this peaceful Himalayan lamp.

How To Select A Perfect Himalayan Salt Lamp

Are you still wondering about the best out of best Himalayan salt lamp, then you should read this in-detailed guide upon this particular topic. Here we are going to talk about some very important points that you should consider before making any buying decision related to these crystal salt lamps.

  • Colour Difference

If you want to buy a perfect salt lamp for daily uses, then you should need to look at your requirements and color preferences. It is essential because in the market, there are many color options present for Himalayan salt lamps. Let us explain this more to you; the pink color of the salt lamp is perfect for giving a romantic look to your room or any other space. Where the orange color of glowing lamps is very famous among all the users. Many people will recommend you buy this type of lamp if you want a peaceful environment in your room or even in the working space. The red or burning fire color seems perfect for meditation or relaxing purposes. But after all, the choice is yours, so choose a crystal salt lamp according to your personal color preferences.

  • Size and Weight

Usually, the weight of a crystal salt lamp is more than substantial as compared to the normal electric lamps. The size is also a matter of concern while choosing the best Himalayan salt lamp. In the market, you will find out various differences between the sizes of different company’s lamps. Still, it also depends on your uses, if you want to put or set the crystal salt lamp at one place and you are noting going to think about its place replacement then you should go with a heavy option. If you don’t want the heavy type of lamps, then you can go with portable lamps too. In this list, we have added some compact/small sized crystal sized lamps.

  • Quality

It is the point that matters a lot, and you also need to focus more before buying a Himalayan salt lamp. If you remember that we have mentioned in the introduction section about the two types of lamps. The first one is the synthetic crystal lamps that only offer cheap build quality and a smaller lifespan. If you want to buy a long term uses of crystal salt lamps, then make sure to choose an original one. You can easily identify an original Himalayan salt lamp by just touching it and holding it in your hands.

  • Price

If you are running out of the budget, but you still want to buy a beautiful looking crystal lamp, then make sure to read this whole post till the end. Usually, the original/natural type of salt lamps cost a bit extra, but in this post, we have added some options that offering the same quality of lamps at a lower price segment. So, do make sure to check out all the above listed Himalayan salt lamps of this post.


For decoration purposes or for mind relaxing purposes, the uses do not matter if you want to buy a Himalayan salt lamp for your room. The main thing that you need to be sure about is the pure/original quality of crystal out of the box.

For helping you in this situation, we have listed ten best Himalayan salt lamps of 2020. We have listed all these ten options after looking at hundreds of different crystal salt lamps to provide you best out of best.