10 Best Handheld Steam Cleaner 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

You can’t use a standard vacuum cleaner for tiny plus detailed cleaning tasks. But many people prefer to use chemical materials and other detergents to do these small cleaning tasks like kitchen table cleaning, bathroom mirror cleaning, dealing with bed bugs, etc.  If this is the case and you want to get rid of the chemical material such as ammonia plus other detergents, then it will be useful for you to get a handheld steam cleaner to your home. In our suggestion, the handheld steam cleaners are a perfect replacement for these chemicals. We know that every time when we do a cleaning task with the help of chemicals, then those chemicals leave a residue layer on many surfaces sometimes. And these chemicals can cause many illnesses and allergic reactions to your kids, pets too.

Like we mentioned that handheld cleaners are the perfect replacement for doing these small/tiny cleaning tasks. But other than this, it is an environment-friendly way as well. We are saying this because handheld cleaners only use the heat plus steam power to kill the viruses, germs, remove grime, to kill the bed bugs. And nowadays, you will get the very compact/small-sized handheld steam cleaners that will allow you to store them in a very compact place. This is how storage is not an issue, but the price can be an issue for people who are on a strict budget. Right? If this is the case, then don’t worry because we bring ten best handheld steam cleaners for you at many different price points. So, if you have any interest in knowing about or buy a steam cleaner, then do make sure to read this whole in-detailed post about this fantastic topic. We have tried our best to explore every single point about every single steam cleaner of this list. This will help you to make a strong plus confident buying decision related to handheld steam cleaners.

1. PurSteam World’s Best Steamers Handheld Steam Cleaner

PurSteam World's Best Steamers Handheld Steam Cleaner

On the very first spot of this list, we want to introduce the PurSteam World’s Best Steamers Handheld Steam Cleaner. Actually, this is the most popular handheld steam cleaner of this list, that’s why we have decided to put it on the first position of this list. And if you have any doubt about its popularity as well as usefulness, then you can take a look at its online store ratings. This got amazing or insane ratings of up to four thousand people. First of all, this is the multipurpose use of the steam cleaner. You can use it for bathrooms, kitchens, any other dirty surface, mattresses or beds too. Even if you want to use this steam cleaner for outdoor use, then you can definitely go with this one.

Other than this, you will get a fantastic premium build quality in this cleaner. The manufacturers have tried to provide their best possible to make this cleaner solid plus useful for regular users. However, the whole body of this cleaner is build-up with good/durable plastic material for better, but long term uses. This steam cleaner comes with nine to ten different but quite useful attachments. These attachments are helpful to reach and clean very narrow areas. Even some attachments are perfect for a particular use, though. If you want to know what a specific attachment is for, then make sure to read the user manual that the company has provided out of the box.

2. Bissell Shot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

Bissell Shot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

Again we have another pretty handy steam cleaner on this list. So, on the second spot, we have added the Bissell Shot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner on this fantastic list. But first, we want to let you know that this one is a premium type of handheld steam cleaner. It means if you have decided to buy this steam cleaner, then you might need to pay a bit extra or more as compared to the standard type of cleaners. And don’t worry if you are spending your money on it then it will be going to completely worth it because of its amazing/extremely useful features. Firstly you will get a very compact small size of premium looking steam cleaner out of the box. Also, because of its small size with a lightweight design, this will become easy for you to use in your day to day cleaning tasks.

The manufacturing company of this cleaner says that it is able to provide the hot steam at a very high pressure to clean hard dirt plus other things from any surface. If you are going with this option, then here is the good news for you because there you don’t need to use any chemicals while using this cleaner. The tank capacity to fill the water is up to 6.6 oz; in our view, this seems perfect for this sized cleaners. You will find seven different but useful attachments of this cleaner out of the box. Each of those attachments is present to compete or help you to complete a particular cleaning task.

3. Steamfast SF-210 Steam Cleaner

Steamfast SF-210 Steam Cleaner

Do you love to buy the premium quality of products? If yes, then here in the third position, we have a premium steam cleaner for you. So, on the third spot, you will find Steamfast SF-210 Steam Cleaner on this list. One thing that we want to say to you is that it will take you a bit extra investment, but in return, it can offer a lot to you. There is a six-ounce tank present inside this cleaner. After filling it with water, you are ready to go for a cleaning, but first, you need to heat it up. The manufacturers of this cleaner claim that this will only be going to take three minutes to heat up the water; after that, it can serve high pressure of steam. Not only this, but you can use it for 8 minutes because it can provide sufficient steam for cleaning till 8 minutes. After that, you need to refill it will water to use it again.

The pack has included six different uses of versatile accessories or attachments for this steam cleaner. The primary attachment is something that looks like a long nozzle to spray the heat up to 12 feet. Other than this nozzle, you will get some other useful attachments that will help you to perform smaller cleaning tasks. The smaller compact design of this handheld steam cleaner will give you maximum possible portability to hold it in hands for a long time. Also, you will not be going to get any significant issues to store it because of its compact size.

4. Handheld Steam Cleaner by Comforday

Handheld Steam Cleaner by Comforday

This steam cleaner might seem like a very simple one, but believe it or not, this comes with amazing features that you will not be going to find in any ordinary cleaners. On the fourth spot of this list, we want to introduce the Handheld Steam Cleaner by Comforday to you. At first glance, it looks very simply designed cleaner. But the truth is just opposite to its looks. This is the most advanced version of a handheld steam cleaner, that is why it will cost you slightly high as compared to other steam cleaners of this list. The company has mentioned too many uses of this cleaner; this is clearly indicating that it is a multipurpose type of steam cleaner. You can use it for your bathrooms, kitchens, car seats, any type of surface, pet toilets, BBQ grills, etc. No matter what is the purpose of using this cleaner, but it will provide you an excellent level of detailed cleaning.

This cleaner offers or comes with nine handy attachments to help you perform different types of cleaning tasks. All these accessories are fully compatible with this cleaner to enhance the performance, also to make it a multi-uses cleaner. The design of this steam cleaner looks pretty the same as a normal sprayer. It’s because of its highly compact design that seems perfect for carrying. The lightweight of this cleaner also supports its portability, so you can hold it for a long time cleaning.

5. Vapamore MR-75 Amico Steam Cleaner

Vapamore MR-75 Amico Steam Cleaner

On the fifth spot, we have the Vapamore MR-75 Amico Steam Cleaner on our list. Before talking about its specifications, we want to tell you that it is the most expensive steam cleaner that you have seen until now on this list. Also, it will be worth spending your money on it because it offers impressive specifications with the excellent build quality. If you are primarily looking for a steam cleaner to remove the hard stuck dirt plus other things like grease or glue, then this is a perfect option for you. We are saying this because it is powerful enough to remove these kinds of hard dirt or grime from any surface. Also, it is a perfect but chemical-free cleaner to sanitize any surface or place with the help of pure and hot steam.

The overall design of this cleaner is not that compact, but it has the capability to clean with full power. The design looks very simple as well as easy to use of this cleaner. It’s because the manufacturers want to make a steam cleaner with high power plus easy to use functions. There is an average size of the tank present inside the cleaner where you can put up to 250 ml of water. It will only take around three to four minutes to heat or turn the water into steam. It will automatically let you know when it is ready to use by turning the indication light from red to green.

6. Haan Allpro Handheld Steam Cleaner

Haan Allpro Handheld Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for a steam cleaner with a long time cleaning, then here is the one for you. On the sixth spot of this list, we have added the Haan Allpro Handheld Steam Cleaner. Like we mentioned earlier, it is a long time cleaning steam cleaner. Which means you can use it for a long time with one time filling of water. Usually, the usual type of steam cleaner will offer around 5 to 10 minutes of cleaning time. But this is offering an exceptional cleaning time of up to 15 minutes. This thing is only possible because it comes with a larger capacity of the water tank.

More water means more steam; it is the simplest equation while using a steam cleaner. To heat up the whole tank’s water, it only takes two to three minutes. After properly getting filled with steam, you can use it for normal to very detailed cleaning tasks. It has the ability to heat up the water or steam up to 212 Fahrenheit. This type of hot steam is enough to kill several micro-organisms such as viruses, bacterias, etc. Not only this, but if you use the 212 Fahrenheit of steam for cleaning of mattress or pillows, then it is a guarantee that this hot steam will kill all the bed bugs without any problem. The design is straightforward and easy to use of this handheld steam cleaner. With the different accessories, you can do the cleaning tasks with more efficiency.

7. McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner

This is the most stylish looking steam cleaner of this list. So, on the next spot, we want to introduce the McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner. Let’s keep everything aside for a moment now let’s talk about its fantastic looking design. The company has provided a rich-looking black colored plastic body. To enhance the overall look, the manufacturers have added the yellow-colored strips or part on the body. And because of the yellow-back color combination, this seems a perfect but very attractive type of steam cleaner. This is the cleaner that is too lightweight and very compact, ultimately all these aspects supporting its portability. This point might give you a surprise that here you will get six-ounces of water tank despite a very compact design.

It comes with a great technology that can heat up the fully-loaded water tank only in three minutes. Which means you can use this steam cleaner after three minutes of filling water. The steam’s pressure also a considerable thing, here this cleaner is able to provide a very high pressurized steam. To control and use the steam according to the cleaning task you are doing, and here you will get 11 different attachments and other accessories out of the box. The primary attachment allows spraying the steam up to 15 feet of length. This is how you can get an idea about its pressurized steam’s power.

8. Goplus Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Goplus Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Did you like the fourth number of the handheld steam cleaner of this list? If yes then guess what, here we have another similar looking and similar specification of the steam cleaner. So, on the eighth spot of this list, we want to introduce the Goplus Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner. Like we mentioned that it looks exactly the same as the previous number of cleaner, but still, here are some other differences present on the basis of functionality. First of all, this is a full power version of cleaner as compared to the previous one. Usually, it only takes nearly two to three minutes to heat up or turn water into proper steam. The company says that it comes with the power of 1050W that makes it a super-fast heat-up handheld cleaner.

It can produce steam by heating up the water till 284 Fahrenheit. With the help of this much-heated steam, it can easily kill all the viruses, bacterias, and other micro-organisms. But the best part is that here this cleaner doesn’t use any chemical material or elements to perform the cleaning tasks. The company has provided five different sizes of nozzles with this cleaner. Besides, some other helpful accessories also come with this steam cleaner. Now let’s talk about some design perspectives, so here you will get the more punchy and bright red colored body as compared to the previous steam cleaner of this list.

9. Handheld Steam Cleaners 2050w

Handheld Steam Cleaners 2050w

The power consumption of this handheld steam cleaner is slightly high as compared to other cleaners of this list. Do you know what does power consumption affects the cleaner’s performance? If not, then let’s discuss it more deeply. So, it will consume more power to provide better performance to complete whatever task you are doing with it. Here you will get a high power consumption, which means it has the ability to turn the water into steam by heating up. But the main point that we want to address is that it will only take two minutes to complete this process. It means you will be able to use it after filling the water and turning the power switch on.

It is light and compact enough to carry with you, which allows you to complete the cleaning process in a fast and efficient way. The compact design also helps you to store it wherever you want, and there is no such issue present with this cleaner. The package included three small sizes of nozzles and two big sizes of nozzles. Not only this, but some other useful accessories also come with this steam cleaner. So, you can use every single attachment and accessories according to the situation and tasks.

10. SteamClean Handheld Pressurized Cleaner

SteamClean Handheld Pressurized Cleaner

For the last position, we want to introduce a budget-friendly handheld steam cleaner to you. It is a budget-friendly steam cleaner that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with some essential features. However, in our suggestion, this seems a perfect option if you don’t want to invest your money on premium quality and expensive steam cleaner. There are every single, and significant features are present in this pressurized cleaner to provide you a value according to your spent money.

The tank of this cleaner has a capacity of 250 ml, which means before start cleaning with it, you need to fill at least 250 ml of water in it. For this, just open the upper cap or screw that present on the top of the cleaner. Then take the jar that comes out of the box, now measure the exact amount of water in it. Then after inject or fill that water in the cleaner. Now it is ready to use, but before turn on the main electric switch of this cleaner. Then it will take only three to four minutes to turn the water into pressurized steam.

How To Choose A Perfect Handheld Steam Cleaner

After putting all ten best handheld steam cleaners in front of you, now it is time to share with you a brief but in-detailed guide on this topic. Here we are going to talk about every single point about the handheld steam cleaner that a buyer should need to consider first.

Overall Size

This is the first point that we want to discuss with you about these steam cleaners. It’s because we are talking about handheld cleaner, not the normal cleaners. That is why the size and weight of the overall product matter a lot while choosing the best steam cleaner. It’s because at the end we are looking for a compact and highly compact cleaner options, that we can carry and store wherever we want. Right? So, while keeping this thing in mind, we have decided to put the best out of best on this list.

This post has only included the small and compact sizes of handheld steam cleaners. There is not a single big size of cleaner present on this list. So, if you are reading this post to make a solid buying decision, then don’t worry, you will get a perfect and easy to carry/hold steam cleaner.


If you have chosen any steam cleaner of this list, then you will definitely get many accessories with your desired cleaner. Basically, attachments allow you to do the cleaning process according to your needs and according to the situation. Suppose if you are trying to clean a very narrow place, then you can’t clean it with spraying the steam from a bigger attachment. To complete this type of detailed cleaning, you need to attach the small size of the attachment or nozzle with the cleaner.

The main point is that no matter which type of steam cleaner you are going with. Just make sure that your chosen cleaner offering enough and necessary attachments or not?

Water Tank Size/Capacity

The time of cleaning with a cleaner also depends upon the size of the water tank or its capacity. It simply means that more water equal to more steam. If you want to choose a perfect and better performance of cleaner, then make sure to consider the tank size options too. Many ordinary steam cleaners offer only around 150 to 200 ml of water tank capacity. But here in this post, we have added almost all options that are offering up to 250 ml capacity of the water tank.

Other than this here in this post, we have also included the largest capacity of the steam cleaner. So, if you are looking for this type of cleaners, then do make sure to look at that cleaner too.

Pressure And Temperature

The temperature of the steam directly has a strong connection with the proper sanitizing too. If you have purchased a good quality of steam cleaner and if that cleaner does not heat up the steam too hot, then it is not perfect for cleaning. A good handheld steam cleaner must have the ability to provide at least 212 Fahrenheit of temperature to the steam. The higher temperature can kill germs, viruses, bacterias, other micro-organisms, etc. with better efficiency.

The same applies to the pressure as well, because if a cleaner sprays high pressurized steam, then it is able to remove hardly stuck dirt and other material like glue, grease, etc.


If you want to buy a steam cleaner, but you don’t have enough budget to buy it, then you might not be going to consider your desired cleaner to buy. Right? But if you are reading this post, then this does not apply to you. We are saying this because here in this fantastic post; we have listed ten best out of best handheld steam cleaners of 2020. But the best part of this post is that here you will find out all the price points of cleaners. Also, we have added some low budget options that cost you too low, but still, they are offering great valuable features to all customers.


If you are reading this post to get some best suggestions to buy the handheld steam cleaner, then congrats because came on the right place for it, after reading this post you don’t need to scroll the whole internet to get the best suggestion about these steam cleaners. The ending part of this post also has included a brief guide about this topic.