10 Best Fire Extinguisher For Home 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Every year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports several accidents caused by fire. In between 2013-17,as many as 354,400 home structure fires had been reported. This explains the volume of fires caused.Today, fire accidents have become more and more common. Thanks to the ever-increasing dependability on electricity. Cooking, heating, smoking, intentional fire setting are considered to be some of the most important causes of fire. Due to this, there is a huge loss of innocent lives and property.

Fire brigadier known to arrive after an average of 240 seconds. It might seem small, but this time is so crucial that it can create massive damage. There are different classes of fire as below:

Class A: Fires on materials such as wood or paper

Class B: Liquid fires that are usually spread through various combustible liquids

Class C: Spread through the very common wirings

Class D: Fire on metals

Class K: Fires that arise from cooking oils or fats.

We must take precautions at home in case such accidents do occur. The best way is to keep fire extinguishers at home. These can help to prevent the massive spread of fire effectively.

With many different types of home fires, there are many choices for fire extinguishers. Different types of fire extinguishers are meant for different types of fires. There are two most popular kinds of fire extinguishers for homeowners – Multipurpose and Dry chemical. Multipurpose fire extinguishers, as the name suggests, can be used to fight any types of fires. On the other hand, the dry chemical fire extinguishers solve only Class B and C fire issues. It might be difficult to find the one which is best suitable for your use. This article is exactly what you need to solve your problems. We have listed the best fire extinguishers currently available in the market. A detailed analysis for each one is also included. To make your work even easier we have also added a buying guide at the end.

Best Buy Fire Extinguishers For Home Reviews

The following are our best picks for this year…

1. First Alert 1038789 Fire Extinguisher

First Alert 1038789 Fire Extinguisher

It is extremely important to keep a fire extinguisher handy to prevent fire-related damage and injury. First Alert is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to fire extinguishers. The first product on our list is their 1038789 Fire Extinguisher. This US Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher is highly durable. It has a complete metal design. It is known to use the commercial-grade metal valve. This adds to the quality of the product.

The best part about their feature is that it is budget-friendly. If you take the help of experts,you will be able to use it for more than one time. The extinguisher also comes witha child safety feature. Hence, the makers have installed a metal pull pin. This has a safety seal, and it goes a long way in helping to avoid accidents. Thus, you can be assured about the safety of your children when you invest in this product. It is a versatile product despite its low cost. It can be used to extinguishthe fire on a variety of objects, including paper, wood, trash, and also the ones spread through cooking oil, apart from other objects too.

First Alert is known to use materials like aluminum. This, in turn, means that the product is not as tough. However, this feature not only helps in keeping the cost low but also makes it lighter. This will help the older adults in your house to use them.A disadvantage with the extinguisher is that the cost of recharging it is almost the same as buying a new one.Thus, it makes sense to simply buy a new one when required instead of going through the hassle of recharging.

2. Kidde FA110 Multi- Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Kidde FA110 Multi- Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Another budget-friendly fire extinguisher option is from Kidde. This fire extinguisher comes with a wall-mount and is also approved by the US coast guard. The extinguisher provides multipurpose protection and is effective in the different classes of fire, including Class A, B, and C type fires. The extinguisher uses a dry Chemical to put out fires. This is considered to be highly effective. The materials that go into the making of it make it lightweight.

The extinguisher is easy to use. It is priced at around 20 dollars and is one of the most budget-friendly options available in the market. There is a read gauge that provides you with an idea of the pressure and some other useful information.You will also know the exact time when the same will be required to be replaced.

Unlike the First Alert Extinguisher, this is not a rechargeable one. Also, the use of lightweight aluminum makes it prone to being easily damaged due to mishandling. Some customers have complained that this product from Kidde may not always be a reliableone.As per one user,the product stopped working merely after four months from the date of purchase.

3. First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

This easy to use portable fire spray is ideal for putting out small fires on paper, fabric, wood, electrical appliances as well as other equipment. It can fight Class A, B, C, and K fires.This can be considered an ideal product for your kitchen. The charge time is as much as four times greater than some of the other brands in the market. It has a nozzle design that uses a biodegradable spray. This goes a long way in helping to make it a much more convenient product.

The main advantage of the spray is its ease of use and the higher discharge time. The coverage area is wider. Thanks to the design of the nozzle.The bio-degradable spray is also extremely easy to clean up. All you need is to wipe off the area with a damp cloth. It has a compact design of 9.65 inches and weighs around 22 ounces. This, in turn, means that it is easy to store. You can also carry it conveniently from one place to another.

The main complaint buyers have with the product is that the nozzle sits pretty tight. There is no indication on the nozzle as to the direction it sprays in.

4. Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

One of the most highly rated budget extinguishers in the market is the Kidde 21005779. The extinguisher comes in an aluminum cylinder. This, in itself, speaks volumes about the quality of the product. The extinguisher is rated with a discharge time of 13 to 15 seconds. The range it covers is also higher. This helps to make it one of the most effective products available in the market today.

This product from Kidde uses a multipurpose technology. The chemical used can help to extinguish different classes of fires. The cylinder is also fitted with a gauge so that you can keep a close watch on the same. The cylinder is lightweight, which helps older adults and teenagers use it comfortably if required. The extinguisher also comes with a wall hanger which helps in making the product easily accessible in times of need. The extinguisher is also rechargeable.

The main disadvantage with the Kidde 21005779 is that the use of an aluminum cylinder makes it less sturdy or strong. Also, the cost of recharging is higher when compared to some of the other brands. Apart from that, this is one of the most effective and sought-after products in the market.

5. First Alert Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

The next suggestion on our list is a compact product from First Alert. This is 2.7 pounds in weight. Hence, it is quite lightweight. It can effectively be used to put out the B and C class of fires. The product has a metalhead. The small size impliesthat it is small enough to fit in any kitchen cabinet. However, the design is such that the label will easily be visible. The extinguisher makes the use of sodium bicarbonate to extinguish fires. This is what makes it highly effective.

The company provides a ten- year warranty on its product which makes it more reliable. The product comes with a possibility where you can easily check the pressure. There are instructions to help prevent it from getting damaged from water as well.

The cylinder comes with a safety seal made from metal to prevent any kinds of accidents. Some fire extinguishers use chemicals that are toxic in nature and poison food along with other materialsthat come in contact with them. But since sodium bicarbonate is non- toxic, this is a perfect product to store in your kitchen.Then main complaint consumers had with it is that it is inefficient in putting out grease fires and also not for use in Class A fires.

6. Amerex B500, 5lb ABC Dry Chemical Class A B C Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B500, 5lb ABC Dry Chemical

The next product on the list is again offered by the popular brand Amerex. Although bulky, this is quite a reliable fire extinguisher. The Amerex B500 has a 5-pound solid steel cylinder.This, in turn, is known to hold the dry chemical powder, which is efficient enough to put out any sort of Class A, B, and C fires. It is thus a versatile product. The extinguisher has a 14 sec discharge time. This is considered one of the best.

This extinguisher is undoubtedly the most reliable and effective product in our list. These may be expensive for a few people. But they are known to offer great value for the money spent. These are rechargeable. The all-metal design gives them a sturdy feeling, which is lacking in other extinguishers.This also helps to impart durability to the product. The fire extinguisher can release the dry chemical with high pressure and at high speed.

They may be bulky and quite expensive for a few customers. However, these are very effective and long-lasting. You should keep that in mind as well. They are dynamic as well. Hence, they are one of the most sought-after brands in the market today.

7. Mini Firefighter All Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Mini Firefighter All Purpose Fire Extinguisher

This 12.5-ounce spray type extinguisher is the next one on our list. Despite its small size, it is highly effective.It is a versatile fire extinguisher and can be used against A, B, C, and K class of fires. Thus, the fire extinguisher worksagainst not only the common types of electrical fires but they also act effectively against fires caused by oils and fats. The spray uses a special type of chemical. This is known to be non-toxic as well as non–irritant. Apart from that, it is also environmental-friendly. The product extinguishes fire from its very core. This further eliminates any chances of reigniting of fire.

Its small size makes it handy. You can easily carry it from one place to another. It is also easy to store. The chemical foam is non-toxic and can easily be cleaned after every use. Compared to the rest of the extinguishers, this one is one of the most versatile in the market. It can easily be used against Class K fires too. The extinguisher is compact enough to be carried in your car glove. This means that it can be kept in your vehicle as well.

The main disadvantage of using the Mini Firefighter is the bad odor it leaves behind. Customers have complained that it leaves a vinegary smell which is very unpleasant.

8. AFO Fire Ball, ABC Fire Extinguisher by Casa Lo Chef

AFO Fire Ball, ABC Fire Extinguisher

With a weight of a little less than 3 pounds, the fire extinguisher by Casa Lo Chef is next on our list of the best fire extinguishers. This is a versatile product that can be used on different types of surfaces. This implies that you can easily use it in class A, class B, as well as class C type of fire. For those who always want to use products that are safer for the environment, you will be glad to know that the material that goes into the making are completely safe for the environment.

The best part about the product is that the response time is less. Fire will stop quickly. This is thus better than some of the other brands that are in the market today. The chemicals that are used to extinguish the fire are also free from harmful toxins. It can easily be used in different parts of the house, including the kitchen, the garage, the boat, and other areas. The main component used is the SGS approved powder. This, in itself, is enough to validate the safety of the product. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also quite affordable as well. The makers also boast of free maintenance for a period of up to 5 years. A few people like to attract a lot of attention to what they install in the house. Well, a good-quality fire extinguisher is the one which can be noted from even standing far behind. This product does not fail you in that regard as well. The adhesive has a bright red color, which will help you identify the fire extinguisher from far behind.

As per a few customers, however, the temperature in which the fire extinguisher works may be an issue. However, overall, this is one of the most affordable and sought-after products in the market today.

9. 10lb ABC Dry Chemical Class A:B:C Fire Extinguisher

10lb ABC Dry Chemical Class

The next product on the list is the fire extinguisher by the brand Amerex. This product comes with an extensive manual. The manual can be read and the fire extinguisher can be used adequately. The product is quite a versatile one. It can be used in all the different classes or types of fires. The chemical that goes into the making of the fire extinguisher is known to be one of the best. It is due to this that the product is highly effective. Mono ammonium phosphate is used. This, in turn, helps the fire extinguisher to react in just a few minutes.

The manufactures have given a guarantee of around 6 years for the product. The steel cylinders which go into the making are highly dependable. The construction of the product is such that it is highly durable. Metal valves are used for construction purposes. Thus, it makes the fire extinguisher solid and strong. The product has one of the least response times in the market. This makes it highly recommended. Apart from that, it is extremely easy to handle and use. The labels are available in different languages so that everyone is able to read the same. Finally, these fire extinguishers are known to adhere to all safety and quality standards.

Customers who have ordered and used this fire extinguisher in that past have all been extremely satisfied with the product. Thus, this can certainly be your go-to brand for the fire extinguisher.

10. Amerex B417, 2.5 lb A B C Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B417, 2.5 lb A B C Fire Extinguisher

Last but certainly not the least, the fire extinguisher by Amerex is on our list of top 10 fire extinguishers. Like most of the other brands mentioned on the list, this is a versatile product and can be used in all different types of fires. The response time is also one of the least in the market. It responds in a little over 10 seconds. The make of the fire extinguisher further makes it highly durable. This is the most sought-after brands of fire extinguishers available in the market today. There is a wall bracket and the material used is aluminum which is highly rated.

The fire extinguisher can safely be used on different categories of materials such as wood, liquids, as well as different other types of equipment. Apart from that, this is a user-friendly product and does not require high maintenance. You can easily understand how to use it, and this can certainly be your go-to brand for all the right reasons.

The consumers who have used it have been extremely satisfied with the good and superior results.

Thus, the above are the top 10 brands of fire extinguishers that you should look forward to purchasing in the year 2020. Fire extinguishers are important for your home and you should be careful while choosing them.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Most Effective and Reliable Fire Extinguisher

Well, you must have a good-quality and handy fire extinguishers at your home. These are important for all households. However, with so many options at your disposal, selecting the one that will satisfy your requirements is not an easy task. It is for that reason that we have come with a comprehensive buying guide. This guide will certainly go a long way in helping you decide which is the best product for you. Hence, do keep the following factors in mind when you go to the market to purchase a fire extinguisher:

  • Size of the Fire Extinguisher

To begin with, it is important that you choose the correct size of the product for your home. The size and weight of the product should be such that it is sufficient to help you get rid of the fire in the house. You might be tempted to buy a very heavy extinguisher, to begin with- for example, a one which is 10lbs. However, you should also consider the fact that this would be too heavy. It will be difficult to carry this fire extinguisher. You can keep multiple types at home. This, in turn, will ensure convenience as well as safety for your home.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors that you should keep in mind. These types of products are vulnerable and you have to ensure that the materials that go into the making are safe. There are different factors involved in this regard. You might have to go for the regular inspection of the product itself. For staying up-to-date with the safety standards, we recommend that the manual should be read carefully. Most of the good quality fire extinguishers come with a ready manual.

  • Uses of the Fire Extinguisher

As seen in the top 10 products, the majority of these are the ones that can be used on different types of components-be it class A, class B, or even class C. However, each of the types has its distinct features, pros, and cons. Before selecting the one you should weigh all the different options that are available for you and then make a decision. If you are looking for covering all the possible portions and products, you should definitely go for a multipurpose fire extinguisher that can be used on everything. However, for specific types of products, there are products to satisfy specific needs as well. A few people also like to explore the option of keeping the ABC unit for all the products, while also having specific types.

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance

You will want to invest in a fire extinguisher that is easy to use and maintain. As such, go for the one that offers this benefit to you. You should decide to go for the one in which it is easy to go for the refilling of the product. Easy refilling offers a lot of convenience. Having a product that has a pressure gauge will certainly work to your advantage. Good-quality fire extinguishers come with an instruction manual.All the instructions are well recorded in these manuals and it will be ideal if you have the manual handy. It is also imperative that you read the available manual thoroughly and follow the steps. Also, do remember to refill the fire extinguisher if you have used it even once to extinguish the fire in the house.

  • Cost

The price or the cost of the product is yet another important factor when it comes to choosing any product that you invest in. Today, many brands are available in the market. Each boasts of features and benefits that are different from the other. You should remember that with each additional feature, the cost will also increase. Not all features will be important for your needs. You should choose something that is required by you and not get attracted to additional features which might not add any benefit whatsoever. This way you shall also be able to save a lot of cost. Hence, choose something that falls within your budget.


We hope that the above article has given you a good insight into some of the best available fire extinguishers. The buying guide will further help you in making the right choice. You might be struggling to choose the best fire extinguisher for your home; we will suggest that you go through each product and then decide. Also, there are links to the products so that you can dive into the details of each and make an informed decision. Whether you want to go for a multipurpose fire extinguisher or for a specific dry chemical one, there are options available for all your needs. Do a thorough research and then choose your option wisely.