10 Best Emergency Light For Home Use 2020

Power cuts may not be a common phenomenon in all places. Yet it gets annoying and difficult to live without light. Power cuts can usually happen during natural calamities like hurricanes and earthquakes. In this situation, you must have a light near you that is easily accessible. Emergency lights are one and the only way to ensure you don’t live in the dark, even in unforeseeable situations.

In a time of crisis or otherwise, having an emergency light at home is very handy. There are many benefits to having an emergency light at home. In the time of long power cuts, an emergency light helps us navigate through things and find the essentials. We indeed have inverters at home, which help lights on even during power cuts. But worst scenarios when power failure extends for long durations, these inverters stop working and leave you in the dark. Further, inverters are expensive, and not everyone can afford it. The next best alternative is an emergency light, which works even during long power cuts and is affordable.

In the market, we can find different types of emergency lights. These lights vary in terms of features, sizes, and modes of operation. As the options increase, so does the confusion of what to buy. So in this article, we aim to reduce the confusion by sharing ten best emergency lights for the home. An emergency light keeps you ready to cope with anything that could happen during a crisis or in the dark. The article also lists the features of the product with buying tips. Read on to know more about emergency lights for the home.

1. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

The first emergency light that we will be discussing today is Vont LED camping light. This emergency light is super bright and portable in design. The light is a must-have an item in your emergency kit. The emergency light is equipped with 30 crazy bright LED’s bulbs. The light cuts through the dark and provides required brightness even during the stormiest and dimmest night.

The unique design of the emergency light is very helpful for carrying it during travel or other outdoor activities. It is operated on battery, which provides 12 hours of lighting. The design of the emergency light is such that you need not require a switch or button to turn it on. This easily accessible and usable light is an ideal gift for any friend or relative. The light can be collapsed or expanded based on the requirement. The best part of the emergency light is the size when it is collapsed; the light is as small as a phone. The size and compact design of the emergency light fit any backpack or handbag.

The next important feature that you need to know about the emergency light is its construction. Light is made of aircraft – graded material, which is strong enough to withstand a 10 feet drop. The built of the emergency light can also withstand and work even when submerged in water. These features of the emergency light are mainly because of its premium quality material.

Finally, the last feature of the product that you need to know is the warranty. The emergency light quality, durability, longevity, and performance are assured by the company by providing a lifetime warranty.

2.  Gearlight High-Powered LED Flashlight S1200

Gearlight High-Powered LED Flashlight S1200

Gearlight is an emergency light that is mid-size for home and outdoor use. The emergency light by gear light is designed to provide blinding brightness. The mid-size and design of the emergency light resembles a flashlight, but it is solidly built. This powerful emergency light can be carried anywhere you go, as this is compact and sleek in construction.

In three words, Gearlight emergency LED flashlight can be described as Bigger, better, and brighter. A beam of the emergency light is ultra-wide that illuminates even the darkest corner. The power of the light is such that it can brighten up an entire room. In other terms, the light is 12 times brighter than an incandescent light.

Gearlight flashlight is a battery operated by 3 standard AA batteries. It is also compatible with rechargeable batteries. One significant feature of the emergency light is that it includes 5 settings that can be used to entirely focus an area or zoom out to light a larger area.

The construction of the emergency light is durable as it is made of premium quality materials. Gearlight flashlight is considered to be indestructible as it can withstand 10 feet drop or submerging in water. Other features of the emergency light are anti-roll, versatile and tactical tail for single-hand operation.

3. Amerelle Emergency Lights for Home by Amertac

Amerelle Emergency Lights

Amerelle emergency light for home was designed with an intention to encourage people to be prepared during a crisis. Amerelle line of products includes its light is known for its quality, innovation, and distinctiveness. The use of Amerella emergency light is very different. You need to install these lights in your home, which will turn on automatically during a power cut. Amerella emergency light is a combination of emergency flashlight and power failure light. With Amerella emergency light, you will never have to be in the dark.

The emergency light needs to be charged to function. A fully charged emergency Amerella light runs for 8 hours long. This is a necessity for any home during blackouts, storms, and other natural calamities. You must keep this light hooked to an outlet as the front panel of the light turns on automatically during power cuts.

One other feature of the emergency light is that it can be easily converted into a flashlight by closing the chargeable port and removing it from the outlet. The quality of the product is premium and strong enough to withstand wear and tear, resulting from extended usage.

4. Capstone Lighting 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite

Capstone Lighting

Capstone lightning is a multi-purpose emergency light for homes. These lights are designed by the company to ensure all your lighting needs are fulfilled during any given situation. The capstone lightning includes 2 premium eco-lite that act as a night light, flashlight, and work light. The emergency light is rechargeable; it comes with a plug-in induction charging base.

Capstone lightning is sold in the pack of two. It is a perfect device for any situation. The light can be used in homes and garages. The light turns on automatically during power cuts. It provides 15 hours of lightning on a full-charging capacity. The lights included in the capstone are very bright that helps you see through the dark.

 Since the emergency light doesn’t require any batteries for functioning, it makes an ideal choice for your emergency kit. It can also make a perfect gift for your loved ones and friends. Lights by capstone can be used indoors and outdoors. Ten super bright LED lights of the emergency capstone lighting is an absolute necessity for night light functions. One important feature that we have to mention here is the shipping package of the product, which is friendly and includes less wastage.

5. DEWENWILS Rechargeable LED Emergency Flashlight for Hurricane

DEWENWILS Rechargeable LED Emergency Flashlight

DEWENWILS is a company by the young generation. The enthusiastic manufacturers of the company aim at making electrical products and other lightning professionally. The products of the Dewenwils, including lightning, are of premium quality. The company aims to provide its customers with direct factory price and amazing customer services.

Dewenwils LED emergency flashing is multifunctional. The design of the product provides you with both night light and bright motion-sensor light at a single price. This emergency light can be used as a soft light in the children’s bedroom or nursery and as motion sensor light in the hallway and basement. The emergency lights consist of a rechargeable battery to keep you safe during a power failure.

The handling of the DEWENWILS emergency light is simple. The product is lightweight and includes switches for controlling the product. It is made of 3 super-bright LEDs offering 20 white illuminate lights for up to 30 meters. The life of emergency light is up to 8 hours with a bright LED flashlight and 16 hours for warm light on a full charge. The light is ideal for any emergency situation like blizzards, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

6. LFI Lights LED Emergency Light Standard

LFI Lights LED Emergency Light Standard

LFI emergency lights by Light fixture industries have been added to the list for its efficiency and security. This emergency light has been preferred by many as it lasts long, low in maintenance, and not heavy. The emergency light of LFI lights is made of NiCad batteries that are easy to maintain and with premium performance.

LFI is an easy and efficient emergency light that provides optimal lightning. The lights can be used even in a damp location; in other words, the emergency light is water-resistant. The sleek and compact design of the emergency light further makes it simple for use. The bulbs of the emergency light are LED and include a push-to-test switch.

The construction of the LED light by Light fixture industries are sturdy. The induction method of molding is followed by the manufacturer for building the outer body of the emergency light. It consists of two – fully adjustable glare-free lighting heads for better performance. Heads of the emergency light can be adjusted to target any specific area.

7. Hykolity LED Emergency Lights with Battery Backup

Hykolity LED Emergency Lights

Hykolity LED lightning products are considered to be a pioneer among lightning fixtures in the world. The emergency lightings manufactured by the Hykolity are known to provide brighter, better, more accessible, and hassle-free lighting. Hykolity has a tremendous understanding of LED light, which has made it one of the recognized brands in the industry. Hykolity emergency lights are also known for their economical prices and outstanding customer services.

The construction of the Hykolity emergency lights meets the standards set by CEC and DEO. The lights are made of flame – retardant, injection-molded, and impact thermoplastic material. Design and make of lights make it convenient for placing on the stairways, doorways, and restaurants and homes.

The emergency lights by the Hykolity can be installed either on walls or on the ceiling. The heads of the lamp can also be adjusted to the desired direction for allowing the light to target a specific area. Hykolity of the emergency light can be used for indoor location and even in damp areas. It uses long-lasting and efficient ultra-bright white LED lights. Heads of the light are equipped with 12-series parallel white light with a built-in backup battery and 5 years of warranty.

8. SPECTSUN Led Emergency Lights for Home

SPECTSUN Led Emergency Lights

SPECTSUN emergency light is best in class as the product is certified by UL and complies with FCC regulation. The quality of the emergency light is further guaranteed by the 5 years warranty provided by the manufacturer. Spectsun emergency light provides an opportunity for its customers to use the product for a month, and if they are not satisfied with it, then they can get their money back.

The battery backup of the emergency light is fantastic; it can last up to 27,000 minutes with full-charging. Headlights of the SPECTSUN emergency light can be rotated to 180 and 360 degrees, respectively. The built of the emergency light is of premium quality; the robust construction makes it last longer.

Further, the emergency light has undergone 1000 tests to ensure it automatically lights up during power failure. SPECTSUN emergency light can be wall-mounted, and the installation of the light is easy and economical. The light is suitable for both commercial and residential use. Of all the products manufactured by the company, SPECTSUN LED emergency light for home has the best and most bought product by the customers all over the world.

To conclude, the three major features of the emergency light are 50,000 hours working time, 300 times cyclical charge, and 90 minutes of emergency operation.

9. Corded Emergency Light

Corded Emergency Light

Corded emergency light by carpenter lightning is included in the list for its design and quality. The light contains LED bulbs, which increases the performance and lighting of the product. The LED corded emergency light by the company has been the most popular product by the company so far. The features of this emergency light are cost-effective.

The corded emergency light by carpenter lightning includes a 10-feet long plug-in cord set. It is designed to turn on automatically during power cuts. Heads of the emergency light, in addition to containing LED bulbs, can be pointed in any forward direction. 90 minutes battery back –up is provided by the emergency light because of its MINI-SQ-L-W-CS nickel-cadmium battery.

Plug-in cord of the emergency light makes it very convenient to use it places of home or otherwise where electricity is not easily available. Built and construction of the emergency light also needs a mention here. It is made of thermoplastic, which is of good quality. Materials used in the construction of the emergency light are flame retardant. It is safe to use emergency light during natural calamities. The unit of the light consumes only 1.1 watts of electricity and almost zero power during AC current flow.

All in all, emergency light by carpenter lightning is a simple and universal designed product.

10. Ainfox 6Pack LED Emergency Exit Light

Ainfox LED Emergency Exit Light

The last emergency light that we will be discussing today in our article is from Ainfox. Ainfox is a dual-headed emergency light that is great in class and design. Before we learn the features of the emergency light, let’s know about the manufacturer.

Ainfox is a company that was established in the year 2015. The company is a leading and emerging company that aims at providing quality products to its customers. Ainfox lighting is a well-known product with approved features.

Ainfox LED emergency lighting is UL and CUL listed. The emergency light is water-resistant and is 0 degrees to 40 degrees indoor damp listed. The emergency lighting is made of glare-free LED light heads, which are fully adjusted. Emergency light by the Anifox is innovative and easy to install in minutes. The light is also suitable for the wall- mounting and is made of durable thermoplastic ABS housing material.

Finally, the emergency light by Anifox provides a minimum of 90 minutes of operation. It also comes with a 5 years warranty for electrical parts and 3 years warranty for battery.

How To Choose The Right Home Emergency Light

Blackouts and power cuts are the time when we realize the importance of an emergency light. Finding essential things in the dark is impossible, but with emergency light by our side, you can easily navigate through the dark. With hundreds of emergency lights available in the market, it gets difficult to find a perfect one. Hence, we are sharing important features to consider when buying an emergency light for the home.

  • Battery operation time

First, an important feature that you need to check when buying an emergency light is its battery time. Emergency lights that can operate for a long time should be considered. This is because in case you are stuck in the dark for a long time, you need a light with longer battery life.

An ideal emergency light is one that provides good power, battery, and less energy consumption.

  • Brightness of the light

The next important feature that you need to consider when buying an emergency light is brightness. A light with a long duration is important, so is their brightness. The bulb used in the emergency light plays an important role in the brightness of the light.

You need an emergency light with LED lights that are brighter and don’t easily get burnt. LED lights work well with emergency light and last –long while consuming nominal energy.

  • Power source of the emergency light

The life and brightness of the emergency light depend on the power source. Usually, emergency lights contain two different power sources, namely, battery and plug-in charging. Further, the battery life of the emergency light is also judged on how fast it charges or discharges.

Look for emergency lights with batteries that have faster charging time like solar panel charging. The ease at which these lights can be charged also plays an important role in determining the power source of the light.

  • Automatic function

One other feature that emergency lights these days have is the ability to turn on automatically. In other terms, this also can be called motion – sensor lights. Leaving an emergency light plugged-in for charging with automatic turn-on during blackouts and switch –off on full charging.

  • Focus of the emergency light

The ability of the emergency light to focus is an additional feature found only in a few models. This feature of the emergency light enables it to focus on a singular point.

  • Quality of emergency light

The build and quality of emergency light are also important features to consider when buying the product. Avoid picking a cheap plastic emergency light that is not made of quality parts. Sturdily built and premium qualities of the material are important for the life of the emergency light.

  • Water-resistant

The last feature that you need to consider when buying an emergency light is its power to resist water. There is no definition for an emergency; you may have to use a light when underwater or when raining; in each of these cases, you need an emergency light that is water-resistant to prevent it from corroding.

Bottom line

Emergency lights are handy devices to handle any critical situation. These lights are made of quality material, practical features, and sturdy design. Some of the emergency lights mentioned in the article include adjustable heads for directing the light towards any specific area. With this, we conclude the article on the ten best emergency lights for home. The article also includes a link to the online store with a buying guide for easy purchase. We hope that you find the best emergency light for your home with the help of this article.