7 Best Electric Air Freshener For Home 2020 – Expert Reviews

What is the very first thing that strikes in your mind when you hear home? Okay! How about having a hint here? You can only feel it but cannot see it. Still, it leaves a very strong impact in your mind. There are many things on the list, out of which all of them have their importance like comfort, aura, elegance and joy. But, one of the most important aspects for a home to be called exquisite in every way is the smell of your home.

Humans have a very strong sense of smell which involuntarily makes them attracted to the things or people who smell good. The first thing that comes to our notice when we visit someone’s place is the smell of that house. From that very day, that smell gets retained in our memory and that too in an uncontrollable manner, it makes us assess the ambiance of that particular place.

Would you like to go to a place that smells nastily unbearable? No right? In day to day activities, we do a lot of stuff that generate sweat from our body. If you have a joint family living at a single place then it is very obvious that these smells will build up at your home. Not only the sweat, bad odor can also arise from cooking, spilling of oil and other outdoor activities. If you have your home near a sewage plant or industrial area, it is quite common to have a bad-smelling home.  You won’t be able to notice that smell at your home because you are habitual to it. But the person who is coming from outside would apprehend it.

To avoid these embarrassing situations, we are going to talk about the best electric home air freshener available in the market. These air fresheners are exclusively designed to alter the quality of air in your home. They are built up with a unique mechanism of micro fragrance particles that disperse in the air and change their entity from liquid to fine gas components. Some of them are also capable of removing pollutants from home. Thus in this way they ensure safety, health and cleanliness to your home. Air fresheners come as a gratuity to our family. Now you can invite people to your home at any time without giving a second thought about the aroma of your place.

So without any further delay, let us get started with the top 7 electric air fresheners for home. They include the following products listed below:

 1. Air Wick Pure Freshmatic Automatic Spray Starter Kit

Air Wick Pure Freshmatic Automatic Spray Starter Kit

Air wick pure and freshmatic automatic spray starter kit is one of the most top-selling products in the air freshener category. It helps to keep your home fresh smelling all day long. It comes in a beautiful packet that contains 2 refills, 2 AA batteries and a gadget. You just have to fit the refill in the gadget and that’s it! Your home is ready to smell good. Every single refill has a life duration of approximately 45 days, depending upon your use. If you are using it in low power, then it can last up to 60 days. You just have to plug in the device and it will do the rest of the work. It is an automatic device that releases the burst of fragrance. It has a property of neutralizing the bad odors; it is possible because of the presence of summer glee along with the richly infused essential oils in it. It has the fragrance combining subtle vanilla, sweet melon and white floral. Other than this it has more varieties of fragrances like lavender, fruity, fresh, gourmand, linen, tropical and floral. Isn’t it amazing? This quality makes this product more desirable to the customers because it allows them to choose the product according to their preference in smell.

Now let us talk about assembling this device; you just have to twist open the gadgets, insert the refill and twist close it again. After this you have to insert the batteries provided and set the mode according to your convenience. It is not only used in drawing halls or living rooms, it can also be used in washrooms, laundry, kitchen and office. The device complements your home and it has an angled activator that provides fresh aroma to disperse in every angle. The price is quite high as compared to other products. This device is a must buy and offers complete value for price.

2. Febreze Plug Odor-Eliminating Air Freshener

Febreze Plug Odor-Eliminating Air Freshener

The Febreze plug odor eliminating air fresheners helps to aggravate your sense of smell in a hygienic way like no other product. This product is highly affordable and offers the same quantity as other electric air fresheners at a very low cost. It has an odor clear technology that creates a perfect, free from bad odor aura inside your room and makes your living less hard. It does not only masks the bad odor, it swipes the bad odor away. Not only that, but it also has a unique feature of releasing two alternative scents that can work up to 45 days, if operated on a low setting. This makes it more fascinating to the customers. All you need to do is just to plug in this Febreze air freshener into any outlet and start cleaning the bad odor of your washroom, living room, kitchen, laundry or wherever you desire. This product is made without the use of highly inflammable and propellent ingredients like phthalates and formaldehyde; instead, it comes with the freshness of natural and fresh gloomy flowers and aromatic essential oils. It promises to give freshness up to 1200 hours and lasts for days and days.

This product has a variety of options, like high traffic or open area. You can choose according to the surrounding where you reside. There are different versions of the plug, but the refills are compatible with all of them. Febreze not only makes air freshener for home. They also manufacture more air freshening products that can also work in laundry, car and small spaces. Handle it with care because it can be irritant to the eye. It has a quantity of 26ml. Highly affordable and comes in a very stylish design.

3. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug-Mount Odor Eliminator

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug-Mount Odor Eliminator

Do you want to restore the spring freshness of your home in the summer season? Finding it very difficult? It is not. All you have to do is get a Hamilton beach true air plug mount odor eliminatory to your home and you are all set to restore the gloomy freshness. It has a piece of impactful machinery designed with activated carbon filter than enhances the good odor by pulling the bad odor and neutralizing it and in return releasing the fresh and sweet fragrance. It has a plug-in outlet which consumes 110 volt. It is very beautifully designed to aggravate the elegance of your room. It is very easy to analyze that when is the need to change the refill. One refill usually lasts up to 3 months! Isn’t that enough? You can’t get something better than this at such a price and a durability of 90 days! it does not mask the odor; rather it prefers to eliminate them.

There is a quiet and small fan fitted inside the outlet, which pulls in all the bad odors and ensures the spreading of the good odor in every possible direction. It is very convenient to use this product in the washroom, drawing room, living room or kitchen. It works very effectively to remove the smell generated by kitchen and household wastes. It has an average price and delivers a very smooth, light and fresh scent to your home.

4. Glade Automatic Air Freshener for Home and Bathroom

Glade Automatic Air Freshener for Home and Bathroom

This glade automatic spray comes in a package of two, a spray refill, two AA batteries and a holder kit. It offers a wide variety of use; it is convenient for the customers to use it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any other small or large space. Glade air freshener comes with an airy innocence and whisper of crisp that enables the users to inhale fresh and pure air. Bad smell around and inside your house can prove to be related to some health issues also. Some people often develop hyperosmia due to this. It is very essential to eliminate the cause of bad odor. But it is not possible to eliminate them. That is why we have brought this amazing product to freshen up your lungs and body. This device is an updated version and is newly designed according to the comfort of the users. The new modification includes the battery unit in it. It can provide freshness and spread pure air up to two months or 60 days, depending upon the mode of use. This device arrives in two designs; clean linen and cashmere woods.

Both of them excel over other ordinary air purifiers. It easily enables the users to control the holder kit. It offers 10 percent more control as compared to Airwick. This has shown to build up confidence in our users. They serve such an uncomparable and unique fragrance that it has developed trust in the customers for years. It contains a hint of citrus and lime fruits that fills up your home with rejoicing. The essence of watery melon provides uplifting energy and you stay active all day long. It is a very good product for its price.

5. SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser

SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser

This product is specially designed, taking care of your comfort and amenity. The SVAVO automatic LCD fragrance dispenser is enabled with modern home techniques and design. It fully serves to complement the luxurious look of your home. This electric air freshener enables the customers to set a timer according to their requirements. In case you are going out of the home and you have a plan to return home along with friends, then you probably don’t want your home to smell bad. This is why it comes with an automatic timer. You can set the fragrance spray frequency and interval time between one to sixty minutes. Not only this, but it also has some settings related to variability in days. You can set the mode in low, moderate and high. The working mode that are available are: Monday to Sunday, Monday to Friday and Monday to Saturday. You can also set the time anywhere from 12 am to 11.59 pm. the looks of the dispenser resembles a remote which comes with a display unit in it.

It provides extensive use; therefore, it can be used in hotels, restaurants, trains, office, home, bedroom and even luxurious and classic washrooms. It needs two AA batteries which are not provided in the set. The LCD shows the battery level and stops working if the battery power goes below 2.3 volts. This can serve in two ways, either it can be mounted in-wall, 5-8 ft above the ground level or it can simply be kept in the table or anywhere according to your wish. It has a great and responsive complaint committee. It also offers a warranty of one year and a money-back guarantee of ninety days. It comes in a set of three; an aerosol dispenser, installation screw set and a user manual. It is very easy to install. Though the price is on the higher side but it comes with various pros listed above.

6. TimeMist Classic Metered Aerosol Fragrance Dispenser

TimeMist Classic Metered Aerosol Fragrance Dispenser

Fragrance serves an overlooked purpose to our homes. That is why we are bringing to your notice an extremely classically designed electric air freshener from time mist. This is a metered aerosol fragrance dispenser. As the name suggests, it will be taking care of the amount of fragrance and liquid dispersed according to your needs. Depending on your use, this air purifier lasts up to one month to three months.  It comes in two sizes; a single piece and a piece of six. There is a hinge provided at the upper half of the device that makes it very easy for the users to hang it and easily accessible. A push-button is also provided. You can either use 2AA batteries or 4AA batteries depending upon your duration of use. If you want it to last for 2 years then use a 4AA battery.

It offers a limited lifetime warranty. you just need to set it and then you are free to do your daily chores. Therefore it comes with a set and forgets mechanism. If you have a very stinky room due to your roommates or pets, then definitely go for this one. We highly recommend this device as it is also Amazon’s best choice awardees.

7. Renuzit Snuggle Scented Oil Plug-in Air Freshener

Renuzit Snuggle Scented Oil Plug-in Air Freshener

This electric air freshener device from renizit smells so inviting and extraordinary that your guests would love to spend their whole time with you. It has got a special touch, which smells as good as it feels. This product comes in a variety of smells like super-fresh original, relaxing lavender, linen escape and enchanting tropical. The best part about this product is that it has a universal refill space that accommodates refill from most of the big brand air fresheners like air wick and glade oil scented air purifier. It contains a scent that is very light and calming. It Is richly infused with essential oils in it. This makes the aroma of your house very delightful.

It is very easy to operate on a low setting and most recommended to be operated in low mode. This comes in a very cute packaging which makes it very famous and liked by all the children. It comes in various sizes like a packet of one two or five. It is also available in two kits. All you have to do is to remove the cap, insert the warmer inside and your house is all set to smell good.

There are various electric air fresheners available in the market which makes it quite difficult for the customers to choose one. Therefore, we are inserting a buying manual below:

Electric Air Freshener Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

  • Type

Many types of electric air fresheners are available in the market. Buyers often get confused even after knowing their requirements. To make it more precise let us look at the types of air fresheners. All the plug-in devices can contain either liquid, wax or gel refill. You can select according to your needs.

  • Design

Modern homes are very well assembled and organized. Then why should you compromise the luxurious design of your room due to an air freshener? This is why we are presenting you with various kind of classic design which can be selected as per your room’s theme and design.

  • Durability

Durability is one of the most vital factors while purchasing anything from household material to electronics. We always want to buy a product which is long-lasting to avoid the drama of changing it now and then. We have mentioned in the details of the product, their durability starting from one month to three months. A major factor influencing the durability is the mode of use.

  • Fragrance

The main objective of buying an air freshener is to remove the bad odor. What is the reason for buying an air freshener if it as all the other properties other than good fragrance? It will all go in vain. We have presented you with several products which have wide varieties of fragrances, from very soft and light ones to a very strong one. They have the joy and delight mixed with your favorite fruits and flowers. What are you waiting for? Let us make our surrounding more fruity and blissful.

  • Utility

It wholly varies from customer to customer. Some want to use it all day long, while others prefer to use in only in the evening time, yet others will plugin only when they have some guests awaited. You can buy the most preferable one according to your use.

  • Machinery

Knowing the mode of action of the device before buying it is very important. This will enable you to solve little problems related to the device at home. Most of these devices are diffusers. They work by dispersing the particles present in the refill to air. This ensures the fresh airflow. Also, some of the machines are automatic which permit the users to set a specific time or day up to when the machine can work; after that time it will turn off automatically. So you don’t need to stress on your memory every time.

  • Price

There is a wide range of variations in the price of the products ranging from 4$ to 25$. The costlier is the product; more are the amenities it provides. If you want for basic use then we would recommend going for the ones which are priced average.

  • Room size

Considering the room size is very important before purchasing an air freshener. Many times it is written in the product description that what is the air freshening range of that particular product. It also affects the air freshening power of the product. For example; if you use the same air freshener in a small room it will bloom up your room with a sweet fragrance more, but if you use the same one for a larger room it will be less effective.

  • Ingredients

Ingredients play a major role in deciding the quality of the scent. For example, essential oils and citrus fruit extract and flower extracts, all are considered natural and safe. While some products have artificial and hazardous inflammable particles which make it more dangerous to use, especially if there are children at your home.


Summing up to the magical story of fruity fragrances and scent, we just want to assure you about the safety and long-lasting freshening effect of these products. Go ahead and start filling your cart. Happy shopping!