10 Best Console Tables 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

A console table is mostly a small table that has sort of curved legs. The name is kept console as it resembles one.It is basically designed in such a manner that you keep it against a wall. Be it an entryway table or a table to showcase your art collection; console tables have this knack of adding a beautiful layer to the aesthetics of your home. These tables give a lot of versatility to your house and décor.These products are a great piece of furniture that demonstrates a combination of both style and function. You never truly realize the value these small tables can add to your house. Tables work equally well in different places of the house, including entryways, hallways, bedrooms. Not only that, they usually help you save a lot of space. These are versatile products to be used both in the house as well as in the office.

Consoles work best when paired with other elements of the décor, such as the wall or the couch. They can be used as an area where you can keep your books and make it look elegant. It can also be used to place the different keys of the house. Some other benefits of console tables are that they can prove to be great storage options as there are drawers. Sometimes storage can prove to be quite a headache for homeowners mostly because they mess up the whole ambiance of the place. Console tables are compact and will, therefore, help you save a lot of space.

The main difference between consoles and centerpieces are the size of each piece of furniture. While consoles are meant to be small and compact, centerpieces are large in design. The latter is mostly used to grab attention towards them.

Decorating a home is a huge task and a table is an important element in the look you imagine for your house. Here we suggest the ten best options for console tables, which will add to the aesthetics of your house.

Best Buy Console Tables Reviews

The following are the top 10 console tables for your house…

1. Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table

Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table

The first item on our list is a classic console table with a design that is fit to be a part of any good décor. The product is available in a variety of finishes. Convenience Concepts uses the superior quality of wood as well as hardwood for giving it the elegant design. They have also added a glossy finish to the end product. Hence, the décor of the house looks elegant as well as modern. It is known to feature a unique design. Besides, thelines are clear and sharp. The entire table is 39.5 inches in length and 11.75 inches wide. Also, the table is conveniently designedto reach a height of 31.5. Thus, the makers have taken all the care to make it convenient for use by all types of people.

There are adequate storage options. The table has a variety of finishes you can choose from, making them the perfect choice for any décor. It also goes a long way in ensuring that they look good in front of design in the house. Convenience Concepts has ensured that their products are designed as such that they are easy to assemble by potential buyers. The weight of the table is a big plus too. At 25 lbs you will be surprised at how sturdy the table is. It is also one of the budget offerings on our list.

Some customers have complained that the table has that typicalsmell of paint to it. Besides, the stickers on the table leave a bit of a mark.

2. LeickFavorite Finds End Table

LeickFavorite Finds End Table

If you require a table that will fit in small condos while also enabling them to look good, Leick Mission has the perfect table for you.Coming in at a footprint of 10″ W x 30″ D x 28″ H, the table is perfect for small and compact spaces. Not only that, but it also adds beauty to the place. The table has a solid ash tabletop. This, in turn, gives them the durability tables need to have. This oak veneer table has a rich finish. This gives an overall natural look. The table can be used both as a coffee table or an area to display different types of items. These are, therefore, quite versatile.

The table features a durable wood drawer box. This can be utilized to improve the storage space in the house. The narrow 10’ footprint ensures that the table will comfortably fit in at any space. The table can easily be assembled by first-time buyers. Hence, these are quite convenient products in the market. Customers have also commented that the table looks better in real life than in pictures that you don’t see often.

The table can be small for hallways and will fit in more in rooms or office spaces.

3. Yaheetech 2 Tier X-Design Console Table

Yaheetech 2 Tier X-Design Console Table

The next suggestion on our list is a sturdy and modern looking console table from Yaheetech. The makers have designed it to give a classic X look. This, in turn, gives it a chic look, while also making them compatible with any type of design in the house. The table is made of high-quality material. These are non-toxic P2 certified MDF shelves.  This speaks volumes about the quality of the product. The company claims that the upper shelf can handle weight up to 36 Kgs while the lower shelf peaks at 26 Kgs, making them practical for any sort of use. Thus, the weight is quite adequate.

It is easy to maintain the console table. You can just clean it with the help of a damp cloth. The table is also very user friendly and easy to assemble. The height of the table is perfect for an average person. It is a versatile product and can be used as a coffee table, a plant table, as well as a bedside table. Thus, this is one of the most sought-after brands in the market.

Some users found the table difficult to assemble due to improper placement of screw holes. This is only for a minority of customers because most of them found no such issue.

4. Linon Home Dcor Console Table

Linon Home Dcor Console Table

The next suggestion on our list is the compact yet durable console table from Linon. The table is elegantly designed with a classic and chic touch.To give a modern look, the makers have given a tobacco-like finish. The design is eye-catching. It also offers adequate space for storage. There are two drawers along with a lower shelf.As per the company, the top shelf is capable of accommodating up to 100 lbs while the lower shelf is marked to accommodate 50 lbs in weight. Thus, you are free to place quite a few items on the shelf.

The table is compact and helps to save space. The availability of two drawers along with the lower shelf adds to the utility of the product. The design of the table is such that it can be placed anywhere in the house and will fit in comfortably. It looks both versatile as well as modern. This is one of the best looking tables in the house.

Most of the customers have faced issues with the assembly of the product. For one they are no written instructions, only diagrams which make it harder for non-professionals to understand the process.The absence of pre-drilled holes makes the alignment all the more difficult.. Having said that, there are a lot of positives that cannot be ignored and those that make the product one of the most sought-after in our list.

5. Safavieh Vintage Grey 2-Drawer Console Table

Safavieh Vintage Grey 2-Drawer Console Table

The next suggestion on our list is a vintage look console table from Safavieh. If you are someone who likes all things classic and wants to get that Shakespearean feel in your home, this is the table for you. Solid pine wood has been used to give the required finish to the table. There is a couple of pull out drawers. The color is such that it would absolutely fit in with the grey and white walls in your home. This console table measures: 35.8 -Inch wide, 13.8 -Inch deep, and 29.5 -inch tall. This is quite in line with some of the other products in the market.

The table is perfect for all decors and is designed to give a modern look to the house. Besides, the use of superior quality material makes it look sturdy and provides durability. This is one of the most sought- after tables in the market and comes in a few color options. Each of the color options is suitable for any form of aesthetic. Customers have always been satisfied with the ease of assembling the table.

The drawers do not use metal sliders as per a few customers. There are grooves cut into the wood to make the drawers slide. This, in turn, might loosen over time due to wear and tear. The lack of a lower shelf might also put off some potential buyers.

6. Baxton Studio Dauphine Traditional French Accent Console Table

Baxton Studio Dauphine Traditional French Accent Console Table

The French are known to be stylish and have a certain class to them and so do their products. Some people are immediately attracted to everything French and if you are one of those people, Baxton has brought the perfect table for you.  This is a perfect table that will give your space that modern yet vintage look.There are a couple of lower shelves and a single drawer. Baxton has used durable MDF for the construction of this table. This, along with the Mindi wooden top makes it highly durable and it also stands out in the crowd.The table is perfect to be placed in the entryway or beside your fireplace. The handles of the drawerare made of metal, which has a black finish for that elegant look. Dimensions of the table are 31.5 x 10 x 29.8 inches.

The use of MDF makes the table durable and long-lasting. Besides, the table has enough space for storing different items. Customers have found the assembling of the product to be fairly simple.

The drawers have been the recipient of complaints. Buyers have found them to be a little finicky and found the opening mechanism of the drawers to be poor.

7. International Concepts Unfinished Shaker Extended Length Console Table

International Concepts Unfinished Shaker Extended Length Console Table

For all the DIY fans out there, International Concepts is selling unfinished console tables. If you want to put in your ideas and give way to your creative side, this is the best table for you. It is made from hardwood. Hardwood, as we know, imparts the much-needed durability to the product. As per the makers of the company,you should apply sanding to prepare the surface for your ideas. The table has dimensions of 16 x 60 x 30 inches and is one of the biggest ones to be featured on our list. The table can be designed as per your requirements and can be placed accordingly.

The unfinished console table will bring out the creator in you, and you can customize it as per your choice. The table is extremely sturdy and durable. The assembling of the table is also extremely simple and the quality is top-notch. The table is quite versatile as well.

The lack of drawers and shelves in the table is a downside. Also, the table is bigger than some of the other brands in the market and is not suitable for small spaces.

8. P PurloveConsole Table

P PurloveConsole Table

The next product on the list is the console table by P Purlove. If you are looking for an elegant design, then this is one of the best in the market today. This is a versatile product, which can be used as a sofa table, console table, etc. Besides, it can be used in different places in the house. You can use to keep it in your hallway, as well as in your office. The material that goes into the making is such that the table is strong and sturdy. The table is weighed around 110lbs.

The best part about the console table is the design. It is also very spacious and is designed to have two large drawers. There are also a couple of shelves which makes it extremely spacious. Besides, it is very convenient to assemble all the parts. The customer care of the brand is also considered to be one of the best in the market. In case of damage during transit, the parts can be returned. This is an extremely good looking table which will help you in the long run.

All the customers who have bought the table have usually been very happy with the product. It is elegant, spacious, and longlasting. The design is also not spread across a wider area. Hence, it can fit into small space easily. It will be perfect for your home. It will also make a great gift to friends and family.

9. Holly & Martin BaldrickConsole Table

Holly & Martin BaldrickConsole Table

The next product on our list of the best console tables is the one offered by the brand Holly and Martin. This is one of the best in the market as far as saving space is concerned. It is known to take very little space in the house. This brand is also known to offer some of the most affordable furniture. Besides, the design is elegant looking. The shape and designs of the furniture make them look slender and helps to save space.

The materials used in the making of the console table is such that the tables will last for a long time. Apart from that, these materials further will help to make the room look contemporary and modern. You will fall in love with all the different rooms in the house. Besides, the table can be installed in different parts of the house. Irrespective of that, they have the capacity of making the same look elegant. The different places where the table can be installed include the entry gates, the rooms, or as well as the hall. You can easily use it for your office as well.The matte finish of the table further adds to the beauty of the product.

Weighing a little over 40 pounds, the console table by Holly and Martin makes for a great addition to your home. Not only that, but it will also make for a wonderful gift to your friends and family. This is undoubtedly one of the best console tables in the market today.

10. Stone & Beam Ferndale RusticConsole Table

Stone & Beam Ferndale RusticConsole Table

Last but certainly not the least, the last product on our list of the best console tables for this year is the in-house brand from Amazon called Stone & Beam. The materials that go into the making go a long way in helping to make the product strong and sturdy. Apart from that, this is a durable product as well. Thus, it helps to give you value for every penny spent.It is an extremely convenient brand. It comes all assembled and does not require further assembly.

The makers are quite confident about the quality of the product. This explains the three-year warranty period given by the brand. The maintenance of the console table is also extremely simple and easy, to begin with. You just need to use a cloth and then wipe it. The console table has a good storage capacity as well. This means that there are enough drawers that can be used to store several household products. There is an adequate space where you can also keep extra keys to the house. This table is made in such a way that your home will get a traditional yet stylish and rustic feel. Each console table is unique in its way. Each has variations of knots as well as the type of wood and pine used.

With all its features and style, this is one of the best products in the market today. It can make your home look better. Not only that, but it will make for a great gift to your friends and family. There are sure to love this brand of console table from Amazon.

Thus, the above are the top 10 brands of console tables that are worth spending on for this year. Console tables make for a great accessory for your home. You can make use of it for renovating your house or any other space as well. The console tables are a great addition to your home and you should make a wise choice while going for it.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Most Effective and Reliable Console Tables

The top 10 are the most reliable and trusted brands of console tables for this year. These are great additions for both your home as well as office. However, when you have so many choices at your disposal, it is imperative that you get confused. To help you in your decision, we have included a comprehensive buying guide in the section below. The following are the factors that should be kept in mind when you go to the market to purchase a console table:

  • Size of the Table

It is important that you consider the size of the table. Console tables can be used in different places of the house. You need to make sure that the size of the console table is as per the area that you decide for the table. For this, you must take appropriate measurements of the space. If that is not the case, then the table will become an overhead for you and will not serve any purpose. For example, if you are looking to keep the table in the hall, then you must consider the fact that the guests who come in the house do not directly bump into the table. There should be some space kept so that people in the house can move around adequately.

  • Styling

Most of the people buy console tables to design the house in an adequate manner. The table that you select should be such that you can accommodate it along with the design in the house. Hence, due attention should be given to the styling of the console table.There are different ways in which you can style the console table. For example, if you do not want the table to look messy, you should always place a divider in between different boxes. Similarly, a tray or dish can be used to place on the table where all the keys can be kept. If you find that there are a lot of empty spaces in the console table, then small plants, etc. can also be adequately kept. Hence, just bringing a good console table will not be enough. You have to make sure that the design is nice and will suit the overall décor of your home.

  • Material

When you go to the market to buy a console table, you must understand what the type of flooring is. Depending on the floor type and floor color, you should decide how to select the console and how to select the decorations that go into it. For example, if the floor on which you want to install the table is such that it gives a very modern look, then you should ideally go for either a glass console table or a mirrored one. Thus, it is important to consider this factor as well.

  • Durability

Another important factor to consider is the durability of the table. The materials that go into the making should be such that the table is strong and can bear the weight of the decorations. Durability will also ensure that every penny that you spend is worth it. Always go for strong materials and makes the table unbreakable.

  • Cost

Finally, it is important to understand the true value of a console table in terms of its price. Hence, the cost is an important factor. There are many brands in the market. Each is different from the other. Each has its features and characteristics. The products are priced as per these characteristics. Hence, you should consider the price as per the characteristics of these products. Do not go for the ones which have too many additional features. You might not need everything that you are looking for.


We hope that the above article has been helpful to you. You shall now be in a position to decide which is the best console table for you. While all the above top 10 products are trustworthy and you can choose any one of them. However, as always, we will advise that you read about each product in detail and then make a decision. There are links attached to each product.

You can click on those and then do thorough research. This way you shall be able to select the best option that you have.