10 Best Concrete Driveway Cleaners 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Concrete floors not just look amazing but they are also very sturdy and durable. Most of us have our driveways made of concrete and this is also true for the Garage Floor. The concrete makes it quite sturdy and at the same time, the chances of the floor breaking because of a tool minimizes. The problem with concrete floor is that it can attract dust really quick. You will notice a lot of dust, mold and even mildew sticking to the concrete floor. If you own a pet then we are sure that you understand the struggle here. The problem is that the regular wash can’t help you much in cleaning the concrete floor.

So, what is the solution here? Well, it is not hard to maintain your concrete floor if you have a good quality concrete driveway cleaner stocked in your garage. These liquids work amazing and they can leave your concrete floor with a shine.

Yes, it totally makes sense to purchase concrete driveway cleaner but we know that it is hard to choose the best one for yourself. To help you, we have listed some of the best concrete driveway cleaners for you and you can check out the list below. This will help you in making the choice easy and you will be able to purchase the best concrete cleaner. So move on to the next section and check out the details.

Best Buy Concrete Driveway Cleaner Reviews

In this section, we are going to talk about the top 10 concrete driveway cleaner for you. We will also go ahead and share a short review with you so that you can judge the product and understand what sets it apart from the other concrete driveway cleaner available on the list. These cleaners can help you in getting a clean concrete floor without a pressure washer as well. So go ahead and check out the listings below.

1. Chomp Pull It Out Oil/Stain Remover for Concrete, Grease, Remover for Garage Floors & Driveways

Chomp Pull It Out Oil

First on our list is the concrete cleaner from Chomp. This is quite a versatile cleaner which can be used on concrete, pavers, stones and even on the garage floor. The fact that this is such a versatile cleaner gives it a place on top of our list. It can very effectively remove the stains of oil and Greece from the pathway. The best part about this cleaner is that it doesn’t use acid or bleach which can harm you and the environment.

To use this cleaner, you need to spread the cleaner on the impacted area and you need to leave it to dry. As the cleaner dries, it removes the contamination and cleans the area. You can simply brush away the cleaner after it dries out. If there is a spillage in your pathway then you can spread it on your pathway and it will not only make it clean but it will also ensure that there is no risk of an accident while you are walking or driving. You can use this cleaner for the small as well as large stains and be assured that it will work effectively.

2. Terminator-HSD Eco-Friendly Bio-Remediates

Terminator-HSD Eco-Friendly Bio-Remediates

Next on our list is a cleaner from Terminator. This is specially designed for cleaning the concrete. All you need to do to remove the stain is that you need to sprinkle it on the stain and sweep it off after some time. This clean is perfect for concrete, asphalt, porous stones and even soil. One such advantage of this cleaner is that it can effectively remove the stains of oil, fuels, solvents and even hydraulic fluids. This pack is available in a 2 Lbs. packing and it is enough for long term usage as well.

You can use this on small as well as large stains and the best part is that it is very easy to use. The only drawback that we noticed with this product is that it requires a certain level of patience to clean up the stuff. This is mainly because of the fact that the company claim that the cleaner allows microbes to eat the oil which is one of the safest methods to clean the spillage or stains.

3. CAF Outdoor Cleaning EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

CAF Outdoor Cleaning EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

CAF is quite a popular brand when it comes to cleaning and the next product on our list is from CAF. This is a waterless concrete cleaner which can effectively remove the oil the packing is available in 3 Lbs., 12 Oz. and 36 Lbs. The way that this cleaner work is that it breaks down the long hydrocarbon chains in the oil and therefore restoring the surface like new. The cleaner works even on the old oil stains which is one of the greatest advantages.

As per the information available, it is quite an eco-friendly cleaner since it doesn’t use water and it removes the oil stains with the help of the mechanism called bioremediation. You can use this cleaner even if you do not have a pressure washer. To use the cleaner, you just need to spread it out on the oil stain and leave it for some time. After a fixed period of time, you can just dust off the cleaning powder and you will certainly be very happy with the results.

4. ACT Concrete Cleaner Eco Friendly Removes Oil Grease Mildew Stains

ACT Concrete Cleaner Eco Friendly Removes Oil

If you have a pet and if you are looking for one of the most versatile cleaners then this can be the end of your search. Check out this cleaner from ACT and you will be surprised to know that this can eliminate the stains of oils, fluids, anti-freeze, grease, gum, pop, animal waste and even molds. Moreover, this stain remover works on multiple materials which include concrete, ceramic, pavers, marble, metal, wood, plastic, soil and other materials. All this makes it one of the most versatile cleaner.

The packing available is 2.5 Lbs. and you will be happy to know that this pack can cover an effective area of 250 sq. feet. There is no need to rub or scrum while you are using this cleaner and this is because you just need to sprinkle the dry formula and leave it for some time. The formula is safe for humans, pets and even plants as it uses microorganisms to eat away the stains. This formula is made in the USA and the manufacturer also provides a guarantee on the formula. Apart from this, the cleaner works very effectively as well.

5. RadonSeal Efflorescence Remover – Cleans Efflorescence, Mortar Haze, Lime Deposits, and Rust Stains

RadonSeal Efflorescence Remover

Check out the concrete cleaner that we have at number 5. This cleaner is available in liquid form and it is available in a pack of 1 gallon (3.9 L). You can use this cleaner on Bricks, Concrete and even on Masonry. Apart from removing the regular stains, it is also very effective in removing salt deposits, rust stains and even lime. You can use this on the brick wall and you will get the desired results. Talking about more details, the formula is water soluble and it has low odor as well. You can use it outdoor as well as indoor.

Another advantage of this concrete cleaner is that it works very quickly because of the fact that it is available in liquid form. You can simply spray this on stains or you can apply this with the brush. There is no need to neutralize the formula after application. Talking about the effectiveness, it is known that this liquid is as much as 70% more effective than glycolic acids and 50% more effective than phosphoric acid. You can certainly consider this for purchase.

6. GlobMarble Concrete Cleaner – Super Concrete Renovator (SCR)

GlobMarble Concrete Cleaner

Next on the list is a liquid concrete cleaner from GlobMarble and this one is available in a pack of 1 Gallon as well as 5 Gallon. You can choose the package as per your requirements. This particular cleaner is eco-friendly but it is slightly acidic which helps it in removing the stains. It can easily penetrate the concrete as well as any other cement-based surface to clean the stains. You can remove the mortar stains, scales, rusting, algae and other such mineral deposits from the concrete with help of this cleaner.

To use this cleaner, you need to dilute it as this is a pure concentrate. You would need to mix this with water in the ratio of 4:1 which means that you would have to use 4 parts of water with 1 part of cleaner. Once this is done, you can spread it over the concrete surface and then wash the cleaner off with a hose or a pressure washer. You can even scrub the surface with help of a broom in order to get better results after the usage.

7. Concrete and Driveway Cleaner

Concrete and Driveway Cleaner

If you are still looking for something better then you can check out this cleaner from Krud Kutter. You will be able to use this with the pressure washer and it should be noted that this is a concentrate which should not be applied directly. It can easily clean oil and grease stains and 1 gallon of cleaner can actually make 11 gallons of cleaner because of the fact that this is a highly concentrated form of the cleaner. You can use this cleaner on bricks, concrete, asphalt and masonry. The chemicals used here are all biodegradable which are not harmful to plants or animals.

You would not be able to use this without a pressure washer so you need to ensure that you are only buying this if you have a pressure washer. The way this cleaner cleans is very effective and we assure you that you will be happy with the results. Moreover, you would not have to leave it for a long time since you will be using it with a pressure washer. This gives instant results to the user.

8. Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Concentrate

Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Concentrate

On number 8, we have another cleaner that can be used with the pressure washer. This one is from Zep and if you choose to order it online then you can choose between a pack of 1 or a pack of 4. This cleaner can very easily remove oil stains and grime stains. You can use this cleaner with pressure washer and you can use it on surfaces made of asphalt, bricks, stones and even concretes. This means that it is a perfect commercial cleaner for walkways, patios, driveways and even parking lots. A single 1 gallon bottle can give you a total of 20 gallon cleaner as you need to dilute it for use.

To use this, you can simply dilute it and load it in the pressure washer. Once that is done, you can start spraying the liquid and after a short wait, you can rinse the liquid. Ensure that you do not use it on wood or any surface that is painted.

9. Dometic D1215001 Concrete Renew

Dometic D1215001 Concrete Renew

Next on our list is a cleaner from Domestic. This is known as a Concrete renew solution because of the fact that it can really be very effective in cleaning the concrete. This has a deep clean formula which can clean the motor oil, grease and even antifreeze. The solution can be used on almost any kind of surface which offers a lot of versatility to you. A single pack contains 946 ml of liquid which we believe is enough for you to use in a month. You would need to dilute it as it is a concentrate.

The cleaner is eco-friendly and it can clean the surface effectively. It is one of the best for cleaning any hydrocarbon based spillage. The results are evident from single usage onwards and we assure you that you will be happy with the way it cleans your driveway. Certainly, an affordable option that you can choose.

10. EZ Waterless concrete Oil Stain Cleaner for Garage and Driveway

EZ Waterless concrete Oil

This is the last product on our list and this one is a waterless stain cleaner from EZ. The company advertises that it works in just about 3 minutes to remove the stains from the concrete. Moreover, to use this stain remover, you just need to sprinkle it on the stain, wait just 3 minutes and dust it off with a broom and a dustpan. Easy, isn’t it? The good part about EZ cleaner is that it works even on age old stains and it also removes them very safely without the use of any harmful chemicals.

You can use it easily on the garage floor, driveways, and concrete surface and even on sidewalks. It works quite effectively and impressively. You can surely go ahead and choose this cleaner and we assure you that you will be happy with the cleaning capabilities of this powdered cleaner.

So, these are the best concrete driveway cleaners available in 2020. Some of them are available in liquid form and some of them are available in the form of concentrates as well. You can purchase the one which you like. If you would like to get more information about any specific product then you can also visit the product page and you will find the information that you are looking for.

Things to look at while buying Concrete Driveway Cleaner

Purchasing the concrete driveway cleaner can be difficult because of the fact that most of them look the same. What do you do in such a case to ensure that you are buying nothing but the best? Well, check out this buyer’s guide below and this way you will get an idea about what to look for while you are choosing the concrete driveway cleaner. Here are more details about the same.

  • Effectiveness

The first thing that you need to check is the effectiveness of the cleaner. To understand more about the effectiveness, you can look at the reviews and you can check out with your friends as well. A quick search can give you a lot of reviews and at the same time, you will be able to get information from the reviews on the product page. Ensure that the cleaner that you plan to purchase is effective enough to clean the surface.

  • Safety

The second thing is the safety of this quite an important factor to be considered. Check out the contents of the package and ensure that the cleaner is not made of acid or any strong chemical which can harm you in anyway. The cleaner should be okay around the pets and it should not release any kind of fumes or toxic vapours. Apart from this, ensure that the cleaner is safe to use even from bare hand and this will reduce the chance of injury in case of any spillage.

  • Fragrance

For most of us, the fragrance is quite an important thing. You can check if the concrete driveway cleaner has a pleasant fragrance or not. This will help you in choosing the right driveway cleaner and the one which you would love to use. You will find all the general fragrances in this and it is quite a subjective choice here.

  • Eco-Friendly

Next thing to consider while you are purchasing the concrete cleaner is how eco-friendly the product is. People have started paying a lot of attention to it because of the fact that cleaners can often harm the bio-diversity of the water bodies. You can ensure that there are no pollutants in the cleaner that you are purchasing and it is safe for use for the environment as well. To check if your cleaner is eco-friendly, look at the markings on the product.

  • Versatile

Versatility is the key here and you can check out for the products which are not specific to a type of flooring and a specific color. The concrete floor will have a different design, composite, texture, color and even a different density. Ensure that the cleaner can be used everywhere and avoid buying the ones which are for a specific type of flooring. This way you will be able to buy one type of floor cleaner and you will be able to use it as and when required.

  • Quantity and Packaging

Check out for the quantity in a single packing and also look at the kind of packaging the company offers. You can opt for 1 gallon bottles or even smaller depending on the usage and you can choose the quantity as per your usage. Apart from this, check for the packaging available. The bottles are a lot more convenient to use but they are harmful to the environment. You can also check out the refill packs as this creates a lot less waste than a plastic bottle.

  • Cost

The last thing to consider is the cost of the cleaner. These cleansers can be available in a wide range of price and you can choose your budget before you go out for shopping. There are certainly going to be some trade-offs but again, we would say that the budget is quite important when it comes to choosing any product that you need.

How To Clean Concrete Driveway

Here we have the best ways how you can clean concrete driveway very easily and quickly.

Cleaning with soap and water

If you want to clean a concrete driveway straightforwardly, then for this you can use soap and water. For this, take a bucket or a container and put some soap in it. For this purpose, you can use dish soap. Now fill this bucket full of water. When you shake the water of the bucket, it will generate foam.

Now dip a scrubber or a brush in this soapy water. After that, take the dipped scrubber or brush and scrub it on the concrete driveway. Please try to rub in a circular motion. Rubbing in circular motion also removes soil trapped in small concrete pits. After that, clean all the soapy water from a water pipe.

With a power wash

You can accelerate the concrete driveway cleaning process with a power washer if you do not want to spend too much time to clean your driveway. And the dirt has very sticky on it. Then a power washer can give you the best result in limited time.

Now, if you have chosen a power washer for cleaning the concrete driveway, then make sure that the power washer is in its lowest setting. For you, keeping the pressure at 2500 psi will the right step.

A power washer is a potent machine, so please use it will full care. There is no problem in staying on the safe side.

Washing with chemicals

For chemical washing, we will suggest that use Trisodium phosphate (TPS) or Chlorine Bleach for it. You can buy both chemicals from any hardware or home improvement store.

When you are working with Trisodium phosphate (TPS) then, please wear protective glubs on hand and eyewear for protection. Use TPS when there are oil and other similar strains on your driveway.

This equation is beneficial for you, take only 1 cup TPS of every 1-gallon water. After that, use any sprayer to spray this liquid on the driveway. After spray, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then scrub the driveway with any brush and wash the whole driveway with water.

Also, for cleaning with Chlorine Bleach, you can use a similar process that you used for TPS. But the only difference is, take only 1 part of bleach for 1 part of water. And leave it for 10 minutes only.


It is now time for us to conclude the article and we have listed all the possible information about the concrete driveways cleaners. We have listed some of the best products available in the market presently and we have also listed a buying guide for you. You can choose the products and purchase the one which appeals the most to you. Check out the deals on the products and order one for yourself today.

Ensure that you have ordered at least a month’s supply as per your usage and the area of concrete floor. This will surely help you in maintaining your driveway like a new one.