10 Best Carpet Tape 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Every person’s lifestyle depends on his home and everyone wants to make his home beautiful and attractive. A person’s real personality can be identified by the lifestyle and beauty of his home.

Carpet plays an important role in home decoration today.  Nowadays, in almost every house, small and big, carpet is getting space.  Carpets are available in every style, pattern and color to match any decor.  Carpet generates thermal insulation and resistance when attached to the floor surface, which retains hot air for a long time.  Also it produces less sound in walking than normal floors. It provides a comfortable place to sit on the floor and enhances the decor of the house or room.

Earlier carpets were made only from them, but at present, they are also made from synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyester etc, as these fibers are less expensive and of different variety than them. Various quality carpets are used in industrial and commercial establishments such as retail stores, hotels as well as small, large private houses.

Despite being available in different quality, the carpet sometimes bursts from nowhere during use or does not fit into the spaces as it wishes.  Sometimes more than one carpet has to be attached for use. Which requires carpet tape. Carpet tape serves to keep the carpet fit in the correct shape.

Carpet tape is available for carpet to be laid on all types of floors. It provides excellent viscosity on both smooth and excavated surfaces. This carpet tape can be used to hide scratches from furniture and other accessories in addition to carpet and to fix torn door mats. Its viscosity quality is very good, it stays in place for a very long time, once it is pasted it can be removed as per the choice. Removing this carpet tape does not leave any marks or residue on the floor or furniture.  It can also be used for lifetime.  It can be easily applied and removed by hand.

Carpets or doormats of your home are cut or ripped due to injuries caused by falling due to falling feet of your family members, children, elderly or pets.  Carpet tape protects your family from a sudden accident.  It is suitable for all types of wood, tiles, vinyl and carpet.  It can also be used in other decorations at home. Carpet tape can be used in many ways and can be applied dry or moist everywhere as desired. In which your family can be protected from slipping or other hazards, as well as make your orderly and beautiful.

Important things 

  • Carpet tape can be used indoors, outdoors and rough, smooth for all types of flooring.
  • Corrupted or broken floors or accessories can be protected for lifetime.
  • Accidents caused by damaged carpet, doormat or floor can be prevented.
  • It can be easily applied by hand and removed, there is no trace of any kind of stains on removal.
  • After using carpet tape the decoration of the house is good.

Types of carpet tape   

There are two types of carpet tape 

  • Single Side Carpet Tape

These are on one side of the floor or tiles, they are temporarily pasted.

  • Double Side Carpet Tape

These are on either side of the floor or tiles, they are usually permanent.

Main Uses of Carpet Tape – Although carpet tape can be used in many ways, the main use is to set the carpet or area rug or mat in one place, bonding the torn parts of the carpet fragment and two or more carpets. The folding is done in a single carpet.

This causes all exposed areas of the floor to be reshaped, scratching furniture or changing the floor to a new look. The mutilated doormat is also reused.

 Best Buy Carpet Tape Reviews

We will give you some important carpet tape information to maintain your home decor and keep your family safe, follow below if you want to know.

1. The XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape

The XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape

This is a variant of carpet tape epiphema. It is durable and heavy duty tape, which will protect the carpet or rugs from curling, sliding and moving.  This brings your carpet into reposition and does not damage the flooring material. It provides excellent adhesion to both smooth and rough surfaces.  The adhesive quality of this carpet tape is more than 6 months.  It can be easily applied and removed by hand.  By applying this tape, your floor and carpet are completely protected. This makes the carpet easily secure to their family and pets by being completely stable.  By applying this, the floor did not deteriorate even after moving the items on the floor such as the chair table.  It has super strong bond capacity.

High tensile strength, safe silicone composite adhesive, use for indoor and outdoor. The tape can be used by simply rolling the tape with a paper cover on both sides and cutting it to the required measurement, which creates strong bonding in a pressing position.

2. Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape 

Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape 

This is professional grade, heavy duty and industrial strength carpet tape. This guarantees to be twice as strong as other tapes in the market.  This carpet tape is a strong, long lasting and holds every surface securely and can be easily installed. Suitable for all types of flooring, stairs, tiles, stones, wood rugs. It is considered excellent for durable and long lasting high traffic areas such as stairs, marriage hall, kitchen etc.  It is stick on two sides. Permanently laying over entire areas with carpet and tiles both inside and outside the house makes it easy to install on a staircase.  Fits vinyl, wood, tiles, cement, leather and carpet surface.  It does not matter where you are using it.  It keeps fast, extra strong, preventing shifting, which easily fits permanently on the floor like kitchen, garage, fake grass etc. If you trust quality then you can see sugarman creation. This tape works perfect for homes as well as being perfect for the propulsion space.  Designed with high tension string and extra strong adhesive, this multipurpose tape can be used to hold hang posters, welcome mat, stable your pets food bowl etc.

This tape is making from one of the best quality company, who are stay behind of you for your satisfaction. Very strong,hold yet it is possible to pull up to reposition. According to buyer this tape is A big time saver.

3. YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape 

YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape 

It is the super strong double sided heavy duty tape in the carpet tape market. It serves to keep the bathroom safe. It has a lifetime guarantee; if you are not satisfied then you can return it is a type of outdoor carpet tape, which you can reattach to it after periodically cleaning and rearranging. The most important feature of this tape is that it sticks very well each time and escapes easily with a light knife.

This carpet tape adhesive has no any impurities, its adhesive is extra strong, so its stick well and stay stuck.This tape is really good for down area rugs to keep in place and vacuum. Easily reusable corner stickers.

4. IPG Double Sided Indoor Carpet Tape

IPG Double Sided Indoor Carpet Tape

This tape is used only for indoor. There is excellent adhesion and good initial tape, which is fitted permanently with the surface. Do not use it with foam tiles unless you want to apply it permanently. It can be strong but does not come off easily. It is permanently stable and enhances the beauty of the house. It is also useful for applying on two side corners. its design is very special for all types of surface in indoor .

if you buy this tape, it is good investment for you. Permanent bond for variety of surface. By adding to two surface has special application. Both side making in polyethylene.

5. TapePlus – Professional Rug Tape Double Sided 

TapePlus - Professional Rug Tape Double Sided 

It works for both indoor and outdoor surface. It is very easy to bonding and is also easily removed. This tape is completely safe for wood, tiles, stones, mats and carpet. It does not leave residue behind.  It can make its grip especially on any type of surface. its very easy to use by hand , easily remove also. its provide safety for your kids and loves one. it’s have good adhesive power which very tight binding in your carpet.

For using hide of break area surface .Easy to lift and re stick to the carpet and maintain. It is super wide, double stick white tape, so remove it very carefully.

6. Harculas Double Sided Carpet Tape

Harculas Double Sided Carpet Tape

Great for all surface is reusable. They have military grade strength, residue does not come out. It works for both dry and moist surfaces. Strong adhesion capability prevents sudden accident. Designed with high tension string and extra strong adhesion if you have floors or to use it with carpet then you should know that this tape will leave your sticky residue and will make your beautiful floor even more beautiful. It is perfect for carpets, rugs, mats, tiles, marble, hardwood floors, stone, piquet, vinyl and concrete. It also works in moist areas of your home such as bathrooms, basement etc, where water is collected, so you should leave the worry of slip in wet.

By use this tape you can easily prevent unnecessary falls, slipping and tripping . Sticks like nothing else. The tape put the position than has not moved. According to buyer it is very strongest carpet in the market.

7. iPrimio – Never Curl Double Sided Extra Thick Rug Tape with Mesh fabric

iPrimio - Never Curl Double Sided Extra Thick Rug Tape

This is the strongest tape yet because it gives aggressive grip and more bases. This prevents your carpet from slipping. It does not damage its surface in any way compared to other carpets nor leave any residue. It works on all types of surfaces. its prevent your family for all types of loss from stair and floor.

Work well and looks fine, better, thicker and stronger tape. It is super useful for various household jobs. According to buyer this tape is life saver.

8. Double Bond Double Sided Carpet Tape 

Double Bond Double Sided Carpet Tape 

It is made of mesh fiber cloth with durable sided adhesives. It can easily stick to any type of surface with hotmeIt adhesives power capability and leaves no residue in its previously planted spaces. This is a very good tool. This is useful for your professional project and home improvement.  This tape is perfect for every type of surface. Steel cabinets can also be strips easily. It works on the principle of easy install, easy work and easy remove. It also has the capability of heavy stick, strong and decorative rugs.

Sticks many types of surface and conforms to uneven surface. Easy to stay strong base for wardrobe or woodworker part. This type is heavy, stronger and holds all decorative rugs in any place.

9. Kraflex – Carpet Tape -Indoor Gripper Tape Double Solid Adhensive

Kraflex - Carpet Tape -Indoor Gripper Tape Double Solid Adhensive

Children or the elderly who injure themselves while jumping or walking on a loose carpet, you should not worry anymore, because this carpet tape is made of anti slip non skid technology, which holds your carpet firmly.  is.  It is indoor and outdoor. Both work in any environment on the surface.  This is better than unreliable carpet glue and works for both dry and moist areas of your home.  It is combined with unique fiber web backing, which makes the entire carpet easily sticky.  It is considered to be the fantastic carpet for wood floors, tiles, concrete and marble.

It is fantastic carpet tape for wood floors along with laminate, tiles, concrete and marble. This tape has unique yellow adhesive, it is long term repairs part on your household. Prevent you for little slip or fall due to bath mat. This tape stick is great than use for dry and moist both place, if rainy place change time to time.

10. CIMSMPRT – Rug Gripper – Reusable carpet anti curling non slip area sticker 

CIMSMPRT - Rug Gripper

This carpet tape is designed with a smarter, corner focus. Which is designed as a triangle gripper with grip on three sides. This tape is great in appearance. Its material is made of silica gel which does not damage the floor or carpet in any way. This tacky grip polymer protects you, your family’s children, the elderly from the dangers of slipping on a loose carpet. After using this carpet tape on the floor for a long time, it can be cleaned and reused by removing it from the tape.  It is commonly used on the four corners of the carpet and also fits with all surfaces.

Super adhesive force, can tightly absorb the ground .Continue cleaning under carpet is very easy and slipping problem is absolutely solved after using this tape. Suitable for all types of flooring, it is very convenient to use. According to buyer this product makes life easier.

Carpet Tape Buying Guide  – Important Features To Consider

There are some buying guides that can be followed while purchasing the best carpet tape, which will help the user choose the right product to enhance your home décor and keep you safe from accidental happenings with your close ones.


The quality of the product itself increases the demand for the product. The buyer should always keep the quality of the product in mind while buying the product. This product should be able to properly lay on the floor, hide the tattered floors, and also be able to connect two or more carpets together.  Also it can be easily removed without any trace.


Carpet tape should be of strong adrenitive power, so that once applied, it will remain in its position, neither leaving it or tearing.  There are many products in the market that have this type of quality, but always strong and high viscosity tape should be preferred.

Review check 

Before buying any type of product, you should always check the review of that product.  The reviews given for the product through different people can give you a true and accurate description of that product. The review also helps you in assessing the correct price of the product.  Correct information on the quality and usage of the same product in every site can be obtained through review.  According to the review you are likely to suffer a loss if you buy

It can be as low as 90 percent, so before buying any product, please do a review through different sites.

How to Use Double-Sided Carpet Tape?

Carpets keep moving from place to place and to keep them still in one place, you can make use of the double-sided carpet tapes.

Here is how you should be using them…

  1. The first thing to do is you just need to do is just unroll the folded carpet that you want to install in your house. You should leave it like that at least for an hour so that it will relax and stretch out well.
  2. The second step is to roll back the carpet halfway again.
  3. You should now start sticking the tape on the floor of the room. You should stick it to all the exposed areas of the room. You should also make X shapes with the help of the tape strips. You can do for every foot for the entire six-foot-long room or the entire room perimeter. You should only stick the tape to the floor and do not remove the top protective layer of the tape. Before you do this, you need to make sure that the floor is completely dry and there is no water on the floor.
  4. Now you should unroll the folded carpet in the taped area to check if it covers the entire carpet area or not. Now you should again roll the carpet completely till you see some of the double-sided carpet tapes.
  5. You should start applying tape to the other half area of the room just like you did to one part of the carpet area.
  6. You should now trim or cut down any extra material of the carpet. You should trim it to such extent that the carpet lays flat on the ground and fits on the floor properly.
  7. You should now again fold the carpet back and start peeling the protective layer of the tape. Once you are done, you should set the carpet on the tape so that it sits perfectly on the tape. You should repeat the same with the other half of the carpet.
  8. You should now run or walk on the entire carpet area to make sure that the carpet sticks properly to the double-sided tape and the tape sticks well to the floor. You should repeat this process on the entire carpet but be very careful that you don’t disturb the stuck carpet or tape.

These tapes are available in permanent and temporary methods as well. It is always good to go for temporary double-sided tape as the size of the carpet may change when you are planning to replace the existing carpet with a new one. Also, it gets tough for you to remove the permanent tape and clean the carpet. Cleaning the carpets at least once in a month or two is very important, especially when there are pets, adults and children at home. You should also clean the floor under the carpet from time to time to avoid any kind of permanent marks on the floor or when there is a spill it is important to clean it thoroughly. So, always choose a temporary tape.


It has been observed that the carpet adds beauty to the beauty of every house, and if for some reason a slight incision is made on it or its design deteriorates due to cutting and tearing, then you feel like that incision or defective design  remains worried for  Carpet tape is a good tool to remove, which reflects the quality of your goods as before. Also, carpet tape also plays a key role in corner banding from the four sides to fit the carpet according to your room. In addition, carpet tape can also be used on tiles, vinyl and wood to preserve the floor’s permanent decoration. By using carpet tape in other ways, you can also succeed in giving your home a great look.

If you also want to buy a carpet tape, then check its quality, strength and reviews before buying it, because a small carpet tape can give a new look to your home as well as keep your family safe.