10 Best Candle Lighter 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

As a housewife or even an ordinary person who loves the kitchen knows the importance of the lighters. To light candles and to start the gas stove, these lighters are safe an right way to do that.

These candle lighters are very helpful when you don’t want to use the matchboxes. Using matchboxes is now an old and risk ful way to light candles, starting the gas stove, and even for camping purposes. Lighters are an advance, smarter, and risk-free way to do all those things.

Let us take an example of how lighter can help you in daily use. If we talk about daily works like starting the gas stove, lighting candles, grilling something on the barbeque, and for other reasons, a lighter can help you more as compared to match sticks.

Because match-sticks or matchbox is not windproof, waterproof, and not long-lasting as well. You can’t expect more from matchsticks. But on the other side, the lighter will not give you a chance to complain about it. With lighters, you can do your daily tasks very easily and quickly.

Imagine that you have gone out camping somewhere. And if you need to light a fire there, in this case, the lighter can prove to be very useful. Perhaps in this situation, due to a wet match or due to excess wind, you will not be able to light the fire.

Now the question comes that there are many types of lighters available in the market. So, how will you come to know that which one should you buy?

Don’t worry; this is why we have come up with this post that will show you which lighter you should need to purchase. Here we have the top 10 recommendations about Best candle lighters. So, you can easily select one of them by knowing their features.

And also, remember one more thing that at the end of this post, we have a quick and ultimate buying guide about Candle lighters.

1. RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter

RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter

If you are looking for a candle-lighter that can give you all-round experience, then this one is only for you. This lighter has a bunch of exciting features inbuilt. First of all, the design and build quality are just amazing. This lighter feels premium in hand.

It comes with LED indicator lights, and you can charge it by a USB to type-c cable. The RONXS company promises that you can use it for more than 500 use of full charge.  Also, you will get a USB to the type-c cable inside the box.

The other very important feature is its long and flexible neck. This lighter comes with a 3.7 inches long and very flexible neck. That is the pure metallic neck, and you can rotate it 360 degrees. The adjustable neck is a handy feature for daily uses.

It is a guarantee that you will not face any problems with this candle lighter. In this candle-lighter, you will not see the flames and neither any fule like butane. So, this is a risk-free candle lighter. And it has the 6-second power off the system in it. When you leave this lighter for 6 seconds, it will automatically turn off.

And it has the wind and water splash-proof design that will protect the electric pulse of this lighter. So, this is how you can use this lighter in wet and intense weather conditions. Overall this is a perfect lighter that has all the required features inbuilt and will not find any problem.

2. SUPRUS Lighter Candle Lighter Electric Arc Coil

SUPRUS Lighter Candle Lighter

On the second spot, we have SUPRUS Lighter Candle Lighter on our list. This lighter has a convenient and portable design. You can carry this candle lighter wherever you want. Overall this lighter feels quite premium in hand.

The design is highly safe and protective for the consumer. This lighter has a safety lock system. So first, you need to switch the safety lock, and after that, you can press the ignite button for lightning the candles or starting the gas stove.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then this lighter should deserve a place in your backpack. Because of its lightweight and portable design, you will not face any problem regarding this lighter.

Because this lighter is work on electric pules, so this can work in very harsh conditions like coastal area, and stormy conditions as well. If you have this lighter in your backpack, then you can light the fire whenever you want and wherever you want.

Along with all advance features, this lighter has all the necessary functions as well. Like there, you can see the LED lights or indicators that can indicate actual battery levels and charges. There are 4 LED lights present int his candle-lighter so you can quickly check the battery levels without any problem.

We know that butane is very harmful to the environment. But here in this lighter, there is no need for butane because it is working on plasma technique. And also, you will get a USB to type-c cable to charge this candle lighter.

3. Boncas Flexible Arc Lighter USB Candle Lighter

Boncas Flexible Arc Lighter

Again on the next spot, we have another lighter that has a long and flexible neck. You can use this lighter for almost all the lighter-required tasks. It has 3.7 inches of the very adjustable neck that mean you can rotate it in 360 degrees. This long and flexible neck allows you to keep away your hand from fire and sparklings.

And this lighter is supporting to environment-friendliness. You may have seen a lot of lighters that use butane and other chemicals to produce the flame. But those types of lighters are very harmful to the environment and indirectly harmful to us.

Also, it has a premium build design that looks amazing. The overall look and feel of this lighter in hand are fantastic. Overall this lighter deserves 5 out of 5 ratings. Not only this, it has the safety system/lock inbuild to protect the consumer from any issue with this lighter.

If your little child reached this lighter, then don’t worry because it has the safety lock. So, it won’t be going to turn on until you turn on it yourself. And accidentally, if it will turn on, then this lighter has the automatic off system as well. With this auto-off feature, it will off after 6 seconds.

Other than essential features, this lighter has all the basic required features inbuilt as well. Like charging and battery level indicator LED lights, and it comes with a USB cable.

This lighter is very lightweight and portable so you can carry it for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, etc.

4. Haino Rechargeable Candle Lighter

Haino Rechargeable Candle Lighter

The issue with regular lighters is, their ignite can burn your fingers or hand accidentally. That is why you should avoid the ordinary flames and start to use the plasma candle lighters because the plasma lighter is less risky and more useful than standard lighters.

If you are wondering for a lighter that should risk-free and you can use that lighter in harsh conditions as well, then this lighter is only for you. Because this lighter is splash and windproof. So this lighter will also help you in severe weather.

This lighter comes with 3.7 inches rotatable neck. This flexible neck allows you to keep away your fingers and hand from the flames. If you are an environmental lover, then you should buy this lighter because this is a very environment-friendly device. While a standard lighter that works on butane consumption, and this process affects the environment and not healthy for the environment. On the other hand, this lighter works on plasma tech that means this lighter doesn’t have the harmful chemicals.

Now let’s talk about the design of this lighter. In short, it is an amazing and premium looking lighter that gives you a great in-hand feel.

It is premium looking but very lightweight lighter as well. The design is convenient, and you can carry it in your backpack, purse, or pocket as well.

This lighter comes with a USB cable for charging and five LED lights to indicate the levels of the battery.

5. Candle Lighter By TACKLIFE

Candle Lighter

This lighter has an efficient USB rechargeable Li-ion battery, built-in electric lighter, ignites more than 300 times with one fully charged slot. It’s better for your life without fearing the fuel or electricity would vanish. The 8.7-inch lighter with a 3.8-inch long neck, which also makes it easy to light candles, stoves, BBQs, coal, etc. And to keep your hands burn safe.

This Arc Lighter electrical system is free of smoke and flame, butane, and health risks, and automatically shuts the lighter off by 10 seconds, expands the lighting and energy saving.

The compact lighting system is easy to carry everywhere. It is suitable for camping, gatherings, traveling, and indoor or outside hobbies. You can use it for Candles, stoves, barbecues, beer lambs, flares, BBQ is also handy for warmth.

The arc-lightning system has no fire. It is flame-free and smell-free, secure to use daily; it is ideal for burning in windy and rainy weather with the wind-resistant functionality.

Please use the user manual for this lighter.

Maintain the child’s lights out of reach. Don’t let the USB interface touch water. Otherwise, the power supply will not work correctly. Be careful to avoid overloading.

Drag and drop the security switch to use BLACK POWER BUTTON, slide it down while recharging or not being used. By doing this, you can save your kids or pets.

6. TROPRO Electric Arc Candle Lighter

TROPRO Electric Arc Candle Lighter

On the next spot, we have TROPRO Electric Arc Candle Lighter on our list. This lighter looks like a pen. If you want a lighter that can last longer, then this is only for you because this comes with an ultra-long battery lifespan.

The overall design is very compact and made up of premium metal material. That is why when you take it in your hand, it will give you a topnotch premium in-hand feel. In terms of design, this lighter will not disappoint you at all.

This lighter should be the first choice for environment lovers if you are an environment lover than you should need to consider it once. Because of plasma technology, it doesn’t need the butane or other harmful chemicals to produce the flames.

The retractable ignition head is another important feature of this lighter. This retractable ignition head works like and safety system. When you are using this lighter, the candle-lighter head will come forward, and when you turn off this lighter, it will automatically hide inside it.

The company claims that it comes with an internal cooling system, but they didn’t specify what kind of system used inside it. Other than these features, you can expect all the essential elements to this lighter, like you can find four LED lights for battery level indication. And the safety lock is also present here. Because of this safety lock, if you want to start this lighter, then you need to do three steps that are mentioned in user manuals as well.

7. Candle Lighter BY ST-Transfer

Candle Lighter BY ST-Transfer

The lighter’s adjustable neck will meet the needs of your different possibilities, which include ideal fires, fireplaces, burners, gas ovens, outdoor campsites, and a bbq. The newly upgraded electric lighter works as the best lighting device in lousy weather, which makes it easy for you to use it in all weather conditions.

You can see how much power the battery has. And you can see the battery levels through the LED lights in real-time. When the battery charge is full, the 5 LED lights are triggered. You can get more than 500 times uses with these lighters because it has a Long lithium battery for excellent capacity.

The protection lock shields children from the fire center by clicking the on / off switch. The lighter is about 3.7 inches long with adjustable on the collar to hold fire away. Includes a versatile front line with 360 ° rotating to enable entry to hard to reach areas in a different direction. Due to its size and shape, Vansware’s long lighter will light candles and ignite from a safe distance.

The flameless lighter has the following characteristics designed to ensure your protection, security against pressure, security against all harmful things that a lighter can bring. And safety for short circuits, and overheating.

Arc lighter shows battery volume in real-time. When 5 LED lights trigger the barrel, that means that now the lighter is on the full charging level. You can expect below 3 hour charging time with fast charging capability.

8. VEKSUN Flexible Neck Plasma Arc Lighter

VEKSUN Flexible Neck Plasma Arc Lighter

On the next spot, we have VEKSUN Flexible Neck Plasma Arc Lighter on our list. This arc lighter has higher ratings on online stores. Other than higher scores, you can buy this lighter at an affordable price. This lighter will cost you well less as compared to other electric arc lighters.

Here you will get a 9.3 cm of the long and flexible neck. With this long and adjustable neck, you can do things that are hard to do with normal without neck lighters. And because of its flexibility, you can rotate it full 360 degrees.

The design is very compact and elegant that looks quite attractive. Because of its small and sleek design, you can carry this lighter in your purse, backpack, and even in your pocket as well.

When you are going with this lighter, then you will get safety feature firs. Because while purchasing a lighter, safety is a significant point to keep in mind. This lighter offers you a safety lock system to keep away the harmful part of this lighter from your children and pets.

This arc lighter has the inbuilt 280 mAh inside it. That is precisely a lithium-ion battery. The company claims that you can expect 1000 sparks from this lighter.

9. Eitou USB Electronic Candle Lighter

Eitou USB Electronic Candle Lighter

Fo the purpose of lighting candles, this light should be a perfect one for you because it has all the necessary features that an electronic candle lighter required. With this lighter, you can perform all the regular tasks that also you can do with other arc lighters.

This lighter is an eco friendly arc lighter. Because of this, lighter doesn’t use the butane and other harmful chemicals for nature.

This arc lighter works on the plasma tech. That is why it doesn’t need to consume harmful chemicals like butane to produce the flame. Because of its eco-friendly nature, it is the top priority of nature or environment lovers. They can use it outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and picnic. And also, anyone can use it for day to day life uses as well. And there is nothing to complain about this lighter.

With all these capabilities, it comes with a long-lasting battery. And a USB cable to charge it, and the LED lights indicate when the charging process complete.

10. REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter

REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter

If you are wondering about buying a lighter that looks like a pen, then this electronic candle lighter is only for you. It feels far more premium as compared to other standard flames. The only missing feature is the flexible neck. This lighter doesn’t have an adjustable neck in its design.

But without a flexible neck, its portability increases. It has a very compact and sleek design so you can carry it in your pocket as well.

This one is also an eco-friendly electronic candle lighter. Because it comes with plasma tech, that means it doesn’t consume the harmful chemicals.

With this electronic candle lighter, you will get all the necessary features already inbuilt. And you don’t need to compromise with any features except the flexible long neck.

So, here all the recommendations end regarding candle lighters. These were the top ten choices of candle lighter that every expert will suggest to you.

Now it is time to share with you an excellent, quick, and ultimate guide that will help you to choose the best candle lighter from hundreds of options.

Candle Lighter Buying Guide – Important Features To Consider

There are several points that you should need to keep in mind before purchasing any candle lighter. Some features can be beneficial for you if you choose correctly, and some are for safety and environment-related.

  • Put the safety feature first

It means that whenever you decide to buy and lighter for home use or even for other reasons, you need to put safety first. When you select a lighter the compare that lighter with other lighters that are present in the market. And choose the option that is providing you more safety.

Now here safety means that choose lighter that is providing you lock mechanism/button or system. If you select a lighter with a safety lock, then it will keep the harmful part of the lighter away from your children and pets.

  • Choose an Eco-friendly option

If you are a nature/environment lover, then definitely go with a candle-lighter that is providing you eco-friendly promise. So now you may be wondering about what the mean on Eco-friendly lighters? The standard lights consume chemicals like butane to produce flames. And those chemicals are very harmful to the environment and indirectly for us. If you are very connected with nature, then you should never use standard lighters that consume toxic and risky chemicals. Even an average person should use these eco-friendly lighters as well.

  • Build Quality

The build quality of a candle also lighter a critical point. Because in the market, there are too many candle lighters present that providing you different types of build quality.

We suggest you go with a metallic build. Because metallic build will give you more premium and long life to your lighter, even a good quality of plastic should be your second choice if you don’t want to go with metallic flames.

  • Overall Size

If you don’t want to take the risk with flames, then this will be an essential point for you. Because in the market, several types of lighters present are offering you different overall lengths.

If you want to use a candle lighter for home use, then go with a lighter that providing you maximum overall length. Because here, portability doesn’t matter. And yo are a lover of outdoor activities like hiking, picnic, and camping than you can avoid this point. Because in the care of portability, you should choose a lighter that is smaller in size and very portable.

  • Charging

If you are purchasing an electronic candle lighter, then it is apparent that you will need to charge it when the battery drains. We suggest you go with a fast-charging option. Standard electric candle lighter takes up to 3 hours for a complete charge.

But on the other side, when you choose a lighter that supports the fast-charging, then it will take far less time for charging as compared to the standard electronic candle lighter.

  • Also, look for additional features

If you selected a lighter that is already fulfilling your requirements, then you should also look for other functions as well. Features like extra LED lights, a little handle on the backside for hanging purposes. Also, choose a lighter that is offering you the maximum number of charging uses.

Looking for additional features is a smarter way to purchase any product online or even in the offline market.

These were some essential points that everyone should need to consider when buying a candle lighter. Here we covered all significant aspects that a lighter should need to fulfill.

This brief and ultimate buying guide that will help you a lot when you want to purchase a candle lighter for home use or even personal use. Always consider these points first that we discussed in this guide, and you will not going to disappoint after purchasing a lighter.

How to Use a Candle Lighter

So here we are going to look at the exact process to use the candle lighters. But remember that the method may differ or it can depend upon the type of lighter you have if you have the ordinary candle lighter with two switches then congrats because you are ready to go. And here on post, we are going to talk about the candle lighters that usually comes with two switches.

  • First of all, hold the lighter in your hands with an ideal grip, and remember to keep the lighter tip away from the wick of candle approximately 1 ½ or 2 inches.
  • It’s because mainly all the candle lighters present in the market right now, process the long length of flame, and the overall length may differ model to model.
  • If you are lighting up a jar candle, then you have to place the tip of the lighter away from the exact same distance as we mentioned earlier, but only keep in mind about the jar shape and depth.
  • Now the actual lighting process starts from here, if you have the two switches of candle lighter, then you have to light it up in a different manner as compared to the standard single switch lighters.
  • In most of the double-switch candle lighters, you will get one safety switch, and another is the main ignition switch/button.
  • After all these things, now press the safety switch/button first. Or if you have another variant of candle lighter which comes with a sliding switch, then press it and move it in toward direction.
  • When you press or slide the safety switch /button on its place, then you are ready to go for the ignition of the lighter.
  • Now simply press the main button for ignition of the lighter, in most of the lighters you will find out this switch as a trigger button.

Safety Tips:

Always make sure to keep away the candle lighters from your children and pets because it can cause severe burning damages.

Yeah, we know this may sound very straightforward for most of the people but believe it, or not this is the most important thing or precaution while using candle lighters at home.

The next tip is that always make sure to lit the lighter less than 30 seconds. We are saying this because more than 30 seconds of lit can make the candle lighter tip too hot.


In today’s post, we talked about 10 Best Candle Lighter 2020. Because there is too much confusion when you are buying a candle lighter. There are several types of flames present in the market that are offering different kinds of specifications.

That is why we came up with this post, where you will see the top ten recommended and choices by experts and regular users. We suggest you choose a candle lighter from these top suggestions because these choices will never disappoint you in the future and also will fulfill all your requirements as well.

After that, at the end of this post, we have provided a brief and ultimate buying guide that will help you a lot to make a great decision.