10 Best Can Crushers 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you the person who loves the soda cans. If you are, then it is evident that your recycle bin might be full of empty soda cans. We know that most of Soda making companies only use aluminum cans. It is because companies can turn old soda cans into new soda cans by recycling them. And you very well aware that this kind of recycling process is beneficial for the environment. The aluminum cans recycling process is not only for companies, but even you can also contribute to this recycling process as well. For this, you can simply use the can crushing technique to help this process.

And one more thing is that you are not only doing this for the environment; you also do it for yourself as well. Now the question might be wondering your mind that how you help yourself by doing can-crushing? Right. We know that a Soda Can is utterly full of Soda when you buy it. But after drinking all the Soda of soda-can there nothing left other than the air. The thing is to remember that a Soda-Can does not change its shape even after that is empty. So, our point is clear here that because Soda-Can does not alter its original form, that is why it takes too much place in your recycle bin. But you do not need to worry about this problem because we have a great solution as well in this post. We are talking about Can Crushers.

A Can Crusher is a tool that can reduce the size or change the shape of an empty Soda-Can. Doing Can-Crushing with the help of a Can Crusher is very easy for any person. Also, it can crush a Can into a tiny size that this is how you can store more Soda Can in your recycle bin. And in this post, we have listed the top ten best Can Crushers that you should buy in 2020. It is our guarantee to you that after reading this post, you can buy a perfect Can Crusher for your self.

1. The Crusher, Aluminum Can Compactor

The Crusher, Aluminum Can Compactor

On the very first spot, we have The Crusher of our list. Anyone can get an idea about the work of this product only by its name. As it has a simple but powerful name, it also has the same in the field of work as well. It does not have anything very fancy, but it can do the task pretty well. In the design of this Can-Crusher, you will only get a handle part with a Can crushing base.

The material of this product is pure stainless steel metal. So, in terms of durability, you won’t be going to get any issue. Not only this, but the handle of this Can crusher is also effortless to hold. Because it has an excellent grip, to use this Can crusher, you need to mount it on any wall of a frame. After installing, you can use it without any problem. Now let’s talk about how you can crush a can through this Can Crusher. So, first of all, take the empty Soda Can then put it in the Crusher’s base that also called the crushing bottom as well. Now grab the handle of this Can Crusher after that pull the handle down. That is it, Soda-Can crushed successfully. With the help of this Soda-Can Crusher, you can break the Soda-Cans between 12 to 16 ounce. You can reduce the size of an empty Soda-Can by its original size to one inch.

Because it is straightforward to use and sturdy Crusher, that is why it has higher ratings and positive reviews on online stores.

2. McKay 16 oz Metal Can Crusher/Smasher

McKay 16 oz Metal Can Crusher

It is a Can Crusher with a big handle. So, if you want to be on the safe side while crushing the Soda Cans, then you might consider buying this one. Usually, you can break a Soda Can with pulling the handle up. But wait, this is not compulsory for everyone. If you feel very uncomfortable while pulling the handle up, then you can quickly turn full 180 degrees. By turning it, now you can Crush Soda Cans by pulling the handle down.

Again it has the wall mount features. So, mount it to the wall and tight all the screws after that use it as you want. This Soda-Can Crusher can handle over five times of force that requires to crush a Soda-Can. Also, it has the body that entirely made from stainless steel. And because of its stainless steel body or frame, this is going to be a very sturdy and long-lasting crusher for you. With the sturdiness or reliability, it also provides you a very safe Soda Can crushing experience as well. It is all because of its handle; the handle is very long. That is why this handle can keep your hand and fingers away from the Can Crushing Base. With this Crusher, you can crush Soda-Cans between 16 to 12 ounce without any problem. You can reduce the size of a Soda-Can by 80% only using this good quality’s Can Crusher or Smasher. There are many color combinations present for this Soda Can Crusher, but we will suggest you go with the red and black colored Crusher.

3. Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher

Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher

If you are looking for a very high-quality Soda Can Crusher, then you should need to buy this one because this one is offering you a high premium look. Not only this, but you, if you are going with this, Can Crusher, then you will get a bin to collect crushed cans as well. The container that comes with this Can Crusher can hold up to 50 cans. It seems a remarkable storage capacity of collecting bin. The design of the collection bin is also beautiful because you will get the American flag printed on this collection bin.

Now let’s talk about what you are going to get unique in this Soda Can Crusher. It is a total metal frame Can Crusher. So, you can expect a very stable and sturdy use of this Crusher. On this Soda Can Crusher, you can put five to six times more pressure because it can easily handle it. We are talking about the strength or force that you need to set for crushing single Soda Can. Here you will also get a special kind of mechanism in this Crusher as well. And because of this mechanism, it can make Soda Can Crushing much easier even a child also can crush a Soda Can with this Crusher. But don’t worry, there is another mechanism present called ‘Saftey Stops.’ This mechanism is beneficial to keep your child’s finger away from being crushed by Crusher. From the point of safety, it is an excellent crusher as compared to other normal Can Crushers.

4. Basic-Industries-International Multi Can Crusher

Basic-Industries-International Multi Can Crusher

If you are wondering about buying a Can Crusher that can save your time, then you should need to buy this one. Here in this Soda Can Crusher, you will get the feature to crush multiple Soda Cans at a time. It means you don’t need to put every single can after breaking the previous one. But here you can fill various Soda-cans in this Crusher and then start your crushing work. It will automatically remove the previous Soda-Can and also puts the new Soda Can for crushing.

It is how you can continuously keep doing your Can Crushing work without any problem. We know that it is very irritating for you when you need to put the Soda can every single time in the Crusher to crush it. In this situation, this Multi Can Crusher is going to help you a lot. This Cruiser comes with the right metal frame. And because of the metallic structure, you can expect excellent durability from his Soda Can Crusher. If you want a Multi Can Crusher at a meager price, then this one is only for you because this Crusher is offering you high specifications at a shallow price point.

Now let’s talk about the design factor of this multi can Crusher. Here you will get the wired design in this Crusher. Also, it is very lightweight as well only because of that wired design. The crushing system is working horizontally. So, before buying this Crusher make sure that you are comfortable with horizontal crushing or not.

5. MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher

MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher

On the fifth spot, we have MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher on our list. If you don’t want any mess up, then this Can Crusher is only for you. We know that there is a risk while crushing the Soda Cans. In most crushers, you will not be going to get any unique mechanism for safety purposes, especially in cheap crushers. But here you will get something significant from the safety point of view. This Crusher can hold the while crushing it. So, you can leave can in it and it will not be going anywhere, so don’t worry about that.

It has the round crushing base where a usual Soda Can perfectly fit into it.  It is like a chamber type of structure that will make sure that nothing goes wrong while Crushing a Soda Can. But the thing to remember is you can only crush Soda Cans, not the aluminum bottles. The design of this Crusher is straightforward and elegant. Also, the design looks very premium because it has a shiny finish. The construction material of this Crusher is stainless steel. So, in terms of durability, you don’t need to compromise with this Soda Can Crusher. You can only use this. Can Crusher only by mounting it on the wall. After fitting, you can utterly crush any Soda Can between 16 to 12 ounce. The handle of this Crusher is like and lever that has a good grip as well.

6. Pit Bull TAIC0688 Can Crusher

Pit Bull TAIC0688 Can Crusher

If you are looking for an ordinary Can Crusher without any kind of fancy thing, then you should consider buying this one. Here you will get a simple design that can provide you normal or decent performance as compared to the fancy crushers.

Also, because there is nothing exquisite in this Crusher, that is why it is going to cost you very minimal as compared to other crushers that have some extra features.

Because you only get the crushing feature here, that is why it will not fair if you expect far more from this cheap and straightforward Soda Can Crusher. But don’t worry about the material of this Crusher because here you will get the material frame. So, the point is that you don’t need to compromise in the material section. Other than the material, here you will also get the metallic built handle as well. It is a very sturdy handle in terms of durability. The handle is long enough to protect your fingers from any accident while crushing the Soda Cans. Not only this, but you also get a cover on the handle. That cover is there to providing you more comfort with a better grip. This one has the wall mount facility to offer you more convenience while crushing cans. The Can Crusher can crush cans between 12 to 16 ounce. While cruising 12 to 16-ounce Cans, you will not get any problem.

7. Ram-Pro Can Crusher & Bottle Opener

Ram-Pro Can Crusher & Bottle Opener

Are you looking for a Can Crusher with the benefits of a bottle opener? Then this Pram-Pros’s Can Crusher is only for you. Not only this, but you can buy it at a very cheap or affordable price point as well. The price point is another reason why so many people recommending this Crusher. It is providing great features as the premium crushers at a meager price. That is why this Can-Crusher is so prevalent in the market.

The overall length of this Crusher is nearly 13 inches; also, it is 4 inches wide. The Soda Soda-Can Crushing base is a length of 7 inches that is perfect for a normal-sized Soda Can. This Crusher has a body or frame of heavy-duty stainless steel. So, because of the excellent quality material, you are going to get high durability from this Crusher. We are saying this because there is everything in metal and no other material. If we talk about the Soda Can Crushing, then you can do it in only three steps. Seriously it will take very little time to crush a Soda Can. First, take a Soda Can and put on to the crushing base after that grab the handle and pull it down. Now the crushing completed successfully. The third step is, pull the handle back and through that crushed can into the recycle bin.  You can easily break 25 to 30 Soda Cans in a single minute.

8. Pittsburgh 62951 Multi-Load Can Crusher

Pittsburgh 62951 Multi-Load Can Crusher

Again we have the Multi-Load Soda Can Crusher on our list, but this time it is Pittsburgh 62951 Multi-Load Can Crusher. Here you will get many different things as compared to the previous Crusher. All the difference in the design section only. Where the former Crusher only came in the wired design.

But this one has the load panel with good design; the crushing base is like other standard crushers.

Also, here you will get only one part that is full of metal, that is the crushing base. Other than the crushing station, there is only a handle left behind. Handle’s material is the excellent quality of plastic so that you can expect a decent performance from that. Now let’s talk about the main thing of this Crusher, and that is Crushing the Soda Cans. It can hold multiple Soda Cans at a time. The various numbers mean that it can hold up to five cans. So you don’t need to put every single Soda-can one by one. Put the five Soda-cans and start crushing after the Cans finishes, then fill the bucket again. This Crusher has only the horizontal crushing system. So, if you are not compatible with horizontal crushing, then you can skip this Crusher.  For crushing, you need to pull the handle up and after breaking pull it back. It completely works on the gravity to fill the next can on the crushing base. You can crush 12 to 16 ounce of standard Soda Cans with this Crusher.

9. Can-ram Aluminum Can Crusher

Can-ram Aluminum Can Crusher

If you want to save your lot of time or don’t want to waste your whole day while crushing the Soda Cans, then you should go with this Crusher. We are saying this to you because this Crusher can crush 10 Soda Cans in only 10 seconds. That is way to fast as compared to other Can-Crushers.

But the only section where you need to compromise in this Crusher, that is the construction material. In this Crusher, you will not be going to get any metal in the main body or frame. There you will only see the plastic material. But there a piece of good news is also present for you. The content that you will get in this Crusher has a good quality of long-lasting plastic material. So, with this good quality plastic, you can expect an above-average life span. Now let’s talk about the holding capacity of this Soda Can Crusher. Here you will get a prominent basket-like structure. This basket-like structure is capable of holding up to ten Soda Cans at a time. So, you don’t need to fill every single can one by one every time.

Because it can hold more Soda cans, that is why it is the fastest Can Crusher of our list that has the most significant holding capacity. Not only this, but here you will also get the horizontal can crushing system with wall mount feature as well.

10. Ram-Pro 6 Aluminum Can Crusher

Ram-Pro 6 Aluminum Can Crusher

We have another product or Crusher from Ram-Pro on our list. If you love the multi-load Soda Can Crusher, then you are going to like this one also. It also has a metallic crushing base. But there is only one part where you will get plastic, and that part is the handle of this Crusher. But the quality of that plastic is awe-inspiring. The manufacturer company also gives the guarantee that this plastic material will not be going to disappoint you.

The size of this Crusher is average, as compared to other Soda, Can Crushers. But you can put a normal-sized Soda can in this crushers. The design of this Crusher is also very safe because the crushing base is present inside the frame. So, there is no change to get injured by this Crusher. Also, to support or give more safety, this handle has a long enough handle as well. There is a mount feature that is also present so you can mount this Crusher on the wall. But the thing to remember here is that you can install this whole Crusher vertically. For mounting, you need to fit it from the are of crushing base. Because this Can Crusher only works horizontally. The screws and bolts are present in the box, so you don’t need to buy extra screws for mounting purposes.

SO, these were our and regular user’s recommendations related to Best Can Crushers. After reading about these products, you might able to make an excellent decision to buy a perfect Soda Can Crusher. But if you still wondering about a perfect one for you, then you should need to read our ultimate guide on Can Crushers.

Can Crusher Buying Guide – Features To Look

This buying guide is going to be all about the significant and most considerable points of the Can Crushers. If you don’t have too much knowledge on this topic, then this buying guide will help you a lot in this situation.

  • Different Types

In the market, you can see different choices in the Can Crusher. But you only need to look at your requirements to buy a good one for yourself. Various types like single Can Crusher mean that a Crusher that can crush or hold only one Soda Can at a time. But there also multi-load crushers present in the market as well.

As we said before, it ultimately depends upon you. If your requirement is not that much, then you can buy an ordinary Can Crusher. But if you want to crush a big bunch of Cans, then we will recommend you to go with a multi-load crusher. And it would be more beneficial for you if you choose a crusher that can hold the most cans at a time.

  • Safety

This point is to apply on almost all the product that you buys. Putting safety on the very first sport can make you a very smart-buyer. Because there is nothing important than the security of your self.

Same here you need to do in case of Crusher as well. See where you are getting more safety as compared to other Can Crushers. Go with an option that has the highest safety systems or mechanisms. Also, you need to invest some extra money to buy the safest option, but that is going to worth it as well.

  • Depends On Material As Well

Yes, you got it right that buying a Can Crusher is also depends on the material as well. We know that Soda-Can Crushing is a substantial work that needs some force or power to crush a Soda Can. That is why if you go with a standard or bad quality of material, then that Crusher not going to last very long.

Instead, if you choose a metallic built crusher, then it will provide you more durability as compared to the normal one. That is why if you are investing your money, then always choose good quality material.

  • Price Of Crusher

If your budget is allowing you to buy a premium crusher, then you should need to buy it. But if your answer is not, then you should look at more options and need to do some more research as well.

We know that there are many types of crushers present in the market, even in the online market. Some of them are offering you high specifications at a meager price. If you find a crusher like this, then you need to look for the points mentioned above or features in that particular Crusher. If that Crusher is fulfilling these points and all your requirements, then you can buy it without any hesitation.

Final Word

This post was all about the Can Crushers. If you are interested in buying a Soda Can Crusher, then this post will be going to help a lot. Not only this, but at the end of this post, we have also provided a brief but definite guide for buying a perfect Can Crusher.